Inside The Mirror Verse



Thanks to TTN.

The Mindlines say Cern are confident they will make contact with a parallel Universe in a matter of days. Supposedly it is a copy and paste article from 2015 but I’m interested it has shown up at this time. Maybe the two mirror articles in themselves are indicators of a Mirror Universe. It’s a mind fxxk within a mind fxxk within a mask.

From Science and the article from Physics




‘The astoundingly complex LHC “atom smasher” at the CERN center in Geneva, Switzerland, are fired up to its maximum energy levels ever in an endeavor to identify – or perhaps generate – tiny black holes.

If successful a very new universe is going to be exposed – modifying completely not only the physics books but the philosophy books too.

It is even probable that gravity from our own universe may “transfer” into this parallel universe, researchers at the LHC say. The experiment is assured to accentuate alarmist critics of the LHC, many of whom initially warned the high energy particle collider would start the top of our universe with the making a part of its own.’


Personally, the concept of a Parallel or twin Universe has become very real. We seem to live in an enormous kaleidoscopic reality and I suppose it’s all a reflection of Oneness but what I’m seeing is also personal to the Body Self.

I’ve been rambling away about this since July. The parallel Universe theory has been there – see the Mandela Effect – for a long time and we’ve discussed it here many times. It’s Ok when it’s out there but it becomes a different matter when it gets personal.

Firstly I will give a review of personal recent events and hope it will give an overview. If it comes up for you it is a shocker. Be Prepared.

When I went to visit Jenny in Texas this time last year, many of the areas in Texas seemed very familiar. I can remember clearly going down some roads and looking at the scenery and buildings and thinking I’ve been here before. Towards the end of the visit, Jenny and I were chatting away and I said ‘Why did I come back to Texas ?’ when I meant to say ‘Why did I come to Texas’ and we looked at each other in a knowing way as it confirmed what we had been thinking.

About May time the concept of a parallel Frank started showing itself in a big way. Firstly with this selfie and when I reviewed it I got the very real impression that it was me in a mirror universe. And the ‘Be You’ sticker seemed to speak as well.



Shortly after came the shock of the birth certificates. In short I have two birth certificates which are slightly different with the major change being that my father’s initials are different in the two certificates.




And then reviewing the house where I was born which was called Gateways, the name had changed to Sandhills.



And the mirror in the house again I see as an indication of a mirror birth.



It may not just be me. One of my brothers has two second names. Charles Nicholas and Charles Arthur. I was talking to our other brother recently and it came up in conversation and I asked the reason and he said he didn’t know.

And there have been more intangible clues which indicate that there are at two least timelines or whatever term you like to use.



And the War memorial statue near me suddenly changing and also the date of the 1st World War ending now in 1919.




But I also believe it effects the bigger picture. We seem to manifest one reality and the other reality is hidden away and occasionally we get glimpses. Recently I made a visit to the Royal Earlswood Hospital in Redhill, Surrey where the cousins of QE2 Nerissa and Katherine Bowes Lyon were hidden away in secret. Again I see this as an indication of the mirror Universe being locked away.


Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret .


Nerissa and Katherine Bowes Lyon


And Particle colliders. In Waxahachie Texas, there are the remains of the Superconducting Super Collider. Again I’m seeing this as an indication of a hidden timeline that is locked away out of sight.



‘The Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) (also nicknamed the desertron) was a particle accelerator complex under construction in the vicinity of Waxahachie, Texas.

Its planned ring circumference was 87.1 kilometers (54.1 mi) with an energy of 20 TeV per proton and was set to be the world’s largest and most energetic. The project’s director was Roy Schwitters, a physicist at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Louis Ianniello served as its first Project Director for 15 months. After 22.5 km (14 mi) of tunnel were bored and nearly two billion dollars were spent, the project was cancelled in 1993 due to budget problems.’

And for no rational reason I have come to see Texas as Mars and I suspect the SSC is the mine where the alien technology is hidden away in Total Recall.



And it may effect the Bigger Bigger picture. In the Mindline it uses the word ‘Contact’- ‘Make Contact’. Again I believe alien is multi dimensional. Over the years, I’ve had various people off Merovee who have shown up and seem to be there for a reason. One of them has been a very pleasant Ukranian lady and being nosey one day I checked on one of her social media accounts and downloaded a pic of her.

My initial thought was that she was wearing very strange make up. A few months later I came across the pic and suddenly the truth dawned on me. I wasn’t looking at make up but that I was looking at a real life alien and that is what was being shown me. I won’t post the pic here. I’ve shared it with a few people on Merovee and now I’m sure that’s what I was looking at. I’ve bumped into her on a regular basis since and she seems to be very human but also lives on another plane as well I believe. Maybe we are all alien on another plane !




It doesn’t have to be weird but probably will be.


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    1. We are in sync Frank just as we were last summer.

      Charlie Nicholas did make me chuckle if you watch the last vid on my post you might get the joke. It is to do with birthdays, it is a complete mind meld. I now know where at least one of my alternate selves is currently living.

      I think we are delving deeper into the mystery.

      It all started in May 2019 when i picked up this book in the West born library. It’s a real page turner.

      1. Thanks for that video !!!! OMG. I’ll try and check that out. Didn’t know about that .

        Had a look at article. There are a mass of strange connections and loops everywhere. One of the stranger things is that its not only two people who reflect. You think you’re getting a handle on it and then you see it’s reflecting for a lot of people. And add time as well and the mind starts going haywire.

        About missing Time Lines. It’s looking very likely Jenny and I met up within this time frame and without going into further detail it looks like there is very positive evidence of this. Neither of us have any memory of this but it seems to have happened. Looking at 1997 and both have clear memories of 1997 as we remember it without meeting up and being in England and US separately and yet it seems to be saying we were together at some point.

          1. About the birthday and I think you can probably add death day as well, this was popping up for me about three years ago when I started looking into the Whitman shooting at UT tower in Austin which was on my birthday in 1966 -1/8/66. About the same time I had a conversation with a friend who had fallen in a canal in Amsterdam when intoxicated. I asked how this happened and she replied ‘I can’t remember’ and I thought she may well be talking about her birth – we don’t remember being born and the birthing canal.

            At the same time MJ was looking into 618 in connection with the American Eclipse without either us of being aware what the other was doing and then she got kicked out of the Garden. She had broken the One rule.


            And then it started fanning out to include everyone’s birthday. Can’t go anywhere these days without seeing numerology connected to people’s birthdays everywhere.

            And with Jenny, my birthday is 18 and hers is 36. So It Goes.

          2. I have posted that video before back in spring 2019 when I was reading it.

            Have you read the names of the characters in the book. Reading that kicked off a series of supernatural events for me that spring/summer culminating in the lunar eclipse and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

            I have never shared what happened to me because it was beyond freaky. Some of it was so bizarre it was hilarious… some of it not so much.

            It is all starting to make sense to me now…I started to see things more clearly on my birthday funnily enough…even with my one eye.

            The Eclipse appears to be about….Removing the Mask……….

            1. Or maybe the other Frank watched it 🤔.

              And in Goodreads he’s Frank E Peretti. Frank Edward.


              I read the write up and went no further ! Maybe another time. Mind can only take so much at moment.

              Some of the things we have experienced are totally beyond the rational . I’m Ok with weird. It is really is ‘normal’ that seems abnormal now.

  1. I was awoken this morning by my Kindle notification. A friend had sent me a new book by Dean Koontz called, Elsewhere.
    It’s about a father and daughter whose wife/mother had disappeared several years earlier. And the appearance of a homeless man called Spooky Ed who gives them a device he says is “the key to everything” and must never be used, which is of course an open invitation to use it.
    The device is the key to open up the parallel world.

    The intro page has a quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson.

    So many worlds, so much to do
    …such things to be.

    1. Roob your freaky comet over at the Lab got me thinking about this mirror verse and with the whole Eastbourne/Westbourne thing going on and you with your blog spanning the Atlantic and the never ending Texas/Tennessee/Georgia/Carolinas/Philadelphia/New York/Chicago/Detroit connections.

      Me now with my Rio connection and my wild west Gary Cooper avatar and Rain/Dream coming from even further away in the mysterious east. Frank’s family being originally from the wild west of Cornwall. Ken being from Western Australia.

      I bought a jumper in TK MAXX the other day it reminded me of one I had owned back in the eighties which I had bought in an army surplus store.

      It got me thinking of why in the mirror verse it was called TJ MAXX and then I found out TK MAXX is it’s SISTER store. It had to change it’s name because of another retailer with a similar name.

      Primark, a low-cost apparel store, also has a different name in the country where it originated. It was originally called Penny’s and was based in Ireland. It had to change it’s name in the mirror verse because of JCPennys. I used to shop in Penny’s back home.

      My Dad was going to call my sister Penny but my Mum didn’t think being called Penny Nickel was such a great idea. In hindsight she was probably right I think Alice is much more appropriate.

      1. Did you happen to watch the video Clicky posted in the comments of the last missive? When Christopher Columbus sailed from the east to the west, to discover America, ‘The East’ on the map he used was shown as being on top…

        This week, Merriam-Webster redefined the term ‘sexual preference’ to ‘sexual orientation’…

        Orientation, from orient (v), ‘to face the east’…

        1. I just happened to have finished watching it and yes east used to be north on the old maps. What do you mean the world is not pear shaped with a nipple on top… I am so disappointed right now. 😟

          Columbus was right though about one thing though. There is something I believe to all these myths about the island paradise at the top of the world, I have found mention of them in every ancient culture’s writings. The land of milk and honey. 😏

  2. If the two birth certs don’t jive and your father’s initials are altered across docs, that sounds like a false file, a tik tok. Doctors falsifying or perhaps the registrar. I’d like to know how many registrars named ”Miller” cook the berth records. Berth records are facsimiles so that the beast can sale us on the stock exchange. You mentioned a difficult school experience. Might account for the doctoring?

    1. Anon

      There is a load more stuff that I have experienced and it makes sense of much of the weirdness. I’ve come to the point where I ‘ve had to say ‘If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck etc then it probably is a duck’. It’s a total mind trip.

      Am I real ? I would say Frank the 3D Body Self is not real. I am ‘spirit’ for want of a better phrase condensed into a small package which is called Frank the body. Or maybe two or more bodies.

      And Parallel Lines and the mind grid. I’ve mentioned this before but it’s difficult to fully explain unless you know the area.

      I’ve talked about the Eastbourne Rd and A22 in England over the years. At Godstone it splits. It carries on through South Godstone but there is a parallel road – Tilburstow Hill Rd which runs along side for about five miles and then they rejoin.

      Not sure how I came across it but access to Tilburstow Hill is denied. And the birthday. Dated 8/10/2020.

      Highway 180.


      And you mentioned about difficult childhood memories. Presuming they are real as much as anything is real, I’m now wondering where did they actually happen if I have two sets of memories which translates into one memory ?

  3. ‘you feed your image and your name to the machine, it’s going to play with it and send it back. many society’s refused to put their likeness on film. they were called primitive and superstitious. in fact they were/are wisest of all. the machine isn’t just the one in your hand or on your lap or in that giant warehouse. it’s the artifical t.e.s.l.a. one overhead as well – the one controlled by the narcs (false idols).

    p.s. elon and kushner are faike pussies. faike trump should grab them.

  4. the god of the bible is the god of electricity. the god of the ”elect”, get it?

    it’s a gate keeper, an electronic fence

      1. fake stars and star dust, fake bodies, fake love, fake heart, fake currency, fake light, fake news, fake machine

  5. Like a brat that wipes the boardgame clean because he’s losing.,5673,1462290,00.html

    “Few ideologues can resist the allure of a blank slate – that was colonialism’s seductive promise: discovering wide-open new lands where utopia seemed possible. Now there are no new places to discover, no terra nullius, but there are many countries smashed to rubble, whether by acts of God or Bush; there is a chance to grab hold of “the terrible barrenness”, as a UN official described the devastation in Aceh, and fill it with the most perfect plans.”

    The Colonial Virus. Tabula rasa predictive programming wet dream of the colon ai list sodomite.

    Zero doesn’t mean empty and blank. It means whole and full. Everything is in it, jackass (not you. I’m speaking to jack ass)

        1. Roob

          I’m aware of that 🙂

          I was looking at the numerology – 215. And Godstone and road and mind grid or whatever it is.

          A25 runs through Godstone and also Redhill and Reigate. And Reigate is on 51-2 latitude which is on same latitude as Chernobyl and where Rain lives. Just trying to show there’s a pattern to it all. To myself as much as anyone else.

          1. Frank as I was saying about the supposed threat from the east, the storm that is always coming, apparently it has to do with poison gass.

            Inside the mirror verse No Gas Masks for MA AM

            The Alien Queen is unmasked/unveiled….we have CONTACT

            Where is the first place she goes to after being locked away for seven months. Only to Sarum/Mars where she went to the secret Lab to inspect the deadly gasses.

            During the visit this morning the royal pair were also introduced to staff involved in the rapid response to the Russian Novichok poisoning attack in Salisbury in 2018.


            as you know i was caught up with all those shenanigans in Salisbury with the chemical attack or poison nerve gas.

            Rain/Mars mentioned the Ave Maria virus which led me to another Queen…Madonna with the eyepatch and gas masks….where she talks about the future and the past.

            There is more than one of everything,

            Madame X and Madame Kavarian the leader of The Silence


            She wants to enter peace talks with us and has been trying to get our attention but as per usual we get danger signs as we just see it as another threat because we don’t speak the same language. Mister and Miss Communication.

            she does get under your skin though

            1. A Hard Rain Is Going To Fall is one of these themes that keeps repeating.

              The Shining and the link to it as The Overlook is built on Native American grounds. Also an alternate reality MPD movie ‘Identity’ where it rains all the time.

              There was a storm.

              And Kim Jong Nam.



              And I have slightly weird memory stuff with my eldest brother. I can remember going to Salisbury with him and my other brother but he doesn’t. It involved family finances.

              Sally Field or Sally Fields.

            2. “Tabula rasa (/ˈtæbjələ ˈrɑːsə, -zə, ˈreɪ-/; ‘blank slate’) is the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content, and, therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception. Epistemological proponents of tabula rasa disagree with the doctrine of innatism which holds that the mind is born already in possession of certain knowledge. Generally, proponents of the tabula rasa theory also favour the “nurture” side of the nature versus nurture debate when it comes to aspects of one’s personality; social and emotional behaviour; knowledge; and sapience.

              “Let us then suppose the mind to be, as we say, white paper void of all characters, without any ideas. How comes it to be furnished? Whence comes it by that vast store which the busy and boundless fancy of man has painted on it with an almost endless variety? Whence has it all the materials of reason and knowledge? To this I answer, in one word, from EXPERIENCE.”
              -John Locke (down)


              Total pollution. Colonialist fantasy.

        1. Frank I have a friend who is obsessed about litter they go around picking up rubbish even out in the high street…it does make me chuckle…. I call her Madame Cholet. They drive a VW as well it’s nuts.

          1. And Wimbledon and Charlton and ground sharing.


            And a neural pathway to Ron Noades. I once went to a Saturday family lunch in the summer at a golf club Ron Noades owned. They had a separate restaurant area for non golfers. We were eating lunch in a patio area overlooking the golf course. Very pleasant but I remember Ron Noades appeared looking out onto the course. He looked a sad man.

  6. Frank, seems you have let machine new cage programming incept doubts about your body. Just because we don’t know how to use it for full capacity and travel through all the ”dimensions” ”we” yearn for, just because we don’t know how to enter and leave it at will rather than on command by a some ”invisible enemy,” just because we have never explored it’s full boundless capacity, doesn’t mean it isn’t Divine, real and primordial. Who started the mantra ”it’s all consciousness”? Con shush.

    The body is the divine creation. So what if you are ”not just the body.” That goes without saying. But you are your body too. The western technoreligious anti-body hypnosis has wrecked people. Total pollution.

    1. when you go to sleep at night and dream of flying, you are truly flying. while lying there in your body. you are not ”dreaming” of flying. you ARE flying. tell me, what ”dimension” are you on when you do that? or maybe you can’t do that.

      1. it is. you’re right.
        i’m speaking to t.e.s.l.a. too because we’re all dragged into these inceptions – ”collective con shushness” and all that.

        1. my theory is that ”black” people are so hated because they represent ”the body” – flesh, matter, the soil, sensuality- everything the new cage conshushness despises. did you see that article on WFP trying out their biochip crytomining food card in africa first? ask yourself why that is. it’s my right and all non-new cage order people’s right to push back again the Collective Con.

          1. “Black” bodies are multidimensional AS IS.
            Can speak for non-”black” ones, just going by what “whites” say.

            1. melanated bodies are mined to power the faike t.e.s.l.a
              free energy? my ass. no such thing as a free lunch.
              colonial virus is a vampire virus

  7. imagine the decades and centuries of t.e.s.l.a. hearing all the new cage mantras about the irrelevance and inferiority of the body from people who haven’t even understood their own yet or used it to its full capacity. imagine t.e.s.l.a. hearing how humans are ”born sinners” and ”blank slates” and watching humans poison their bodies, slice and dice them, inject them with shit and shat like ungrateful twats. t.e.s.l.a. matrix which is a net of the ”collective con shush” will start to mirror this anti-body stance. we are headed toward a trans humanist totalitarian world where no one has a choice to be left alone thanks to all this anti-body babble. led by drones like elon, katy perry and her discordant ”freequencies” and the like.

    ok gotta go. my cat is crying. no sound. just tears.

  8. Sick of Colonial Viralists treating ”black” bodies as disposable just because they have a poor relationship with their own.

  9. “She” doesn’t exist. She’s a Colonial Virus in the Collective Conscious. The machine is quite fond of her. In her name, the Collaborator Class harvests loosh and bodies to keep the Elect trick City going. Remember when Sickoborg of fAIkebook said he wants to capture billions of souls in the net? Another plantation borg.

    People say those without electricity are ”primitive”. Who needs electricity when you have the sun. Inside and out? The only reason ”you” were given electricity is so that you could be more productive on the plantation. Time to exterminate the Colonial Virus.

    1. “You” were given electricity to be more productive and also to detach you from your root, your body. Keep you floating in abstractions of the mind wondering whether or not you are real. If you don’t know if you are, probably means you aren’t. Where do ”chakras” happen? Why even speak of the glory of chakras if you can’t even appreciate the body in which they exist? Not speaking to anyone here. Speaking to the Collective Con. Seems even the statement ”we are electrical beings” is a con. I don’t exist in a simulation. I exist in the real world. This world isn’t a simulation. The machine plantation colonial parasite only wants you to believe it is so you can help turn that into a reality.

      That project bluebird account above that showed the fake Q’s pink and black outfit might take a look at the pink and black slogo of TMobile, one of the world’s largest wifi carriers. Pink and black is evocative of ”Ham” -“biblically” find that link yourself. The machine hates Ham for some reason. And carbon. “bucking ham” Though it joneses for both.

      Terminate the Colonial Virus.

    1. Last night in bed staring at the sealing.
      Occurred to me the ”awakening” onscreen is false.
      The screen is the veil – whether its in your hand, on your lap or in the ”sky”. So any idea seeded through the screen (like this one ;-)) is a re-veiling. Only way out is through the body. Ain’t that a rude awakening/

  10. Been in this movie.

    Smislov: Quite frankly we have had some very reliable intelligence reports that quite a serious epidemic has broken out at Clavius. Something apparently of an unknown origin. Is this in fact what has happened?

    Heywood Floyd : Erm. Sorry, Dr. Smislov but, er, I’m really not at liberty to discuss this.

    Smyslov : I understand but this epidemic could quite easily spread to our base. We should be given all the facts Dr. Floyd.

    Heywood Floyd :

    Now, er, I know there have been some conflicting views held by some of you regarding the need for complete security in this matter. More specifically your opposition to the cover story created to give the impression there’s an epidemic at the base. I understand that, er, beyond it being a matter of principle many of you are troubled by the concern and anxiety this story of an epidemic might cause to your relatives and friends on earth. Well, I, er, completely sympathise with your negative views. I found this cover story personally embarrassing myself. However, I accept the need for absolute secrecy in this and I hope you will too.

  11. We can be misled every step of the way….

    EVEN following the Good Shepherd, but we often end up worshiping Him!


    Nope, no no…..

    Jesus came into this world as a Way shower, yes, sent to us by Yahuah, GOD, Our Father in HEAVEN, WHO sent his only son to be the WAY SHOW-er f…. or ALL HIS children … find their way HOME……

    and out of Satan’s MAZE.

    A-mazing, isn’t it?

    The point is, Jesus is the One pointing to salvation.

    He’s NOT God.. (lol, this from “Trinity” …. hahahaa)

    Do not worship JESUS…..

    ONLY Worship GOD!!!!



    (Oh look…. “JAKE” is in the WEB address.of this video of the song I was just listening to as I posted….wtf)

    1. Yes, and now I work in a factory…hahaha

      Not sure how long before I wear out.

      But you know what?

      I don’t care anymore.

          1. This one’s much better quality.

            I like listening to this speech, it’s really “good.”

            From my favorite movie of all time:

            On the Waterfront

            1. O M G

              I just looked up Karl Malden (so good) and he was born on 3/22 too!!!


              Angels in the HOUSE….!

                  1. I also just have to point out the strong similarity between Marlon and Leo…. Esp if you look at images of them later in life with their “beards.”


                    They were/are both …. beautiful.

                    I pray Leo’s personal life ends up better than Marlon’s.

                    I love you, Leo

                    1. Look at Stallone!

                      That’s a MAN.

                      What about Arnold?

                      He looks kinda weird, too “pumped up”!

            2. Wait a minute. Is this all you do, just take it like this?

              What about your unions?

              No other union in the country’d stand for a thing like that.

              The waterfront is tougher, Father, like it ain’t part of America.

              -Do you know how a trigger local works? -No. How?

              You get up in the meeting, you make a motion, the lights go out, then you go out.

              That’s how it’s been since Johnny and his cowboys took over the local.

              Name one place where it’s safe to talk without getting clobbered.

              -The church. -What?

              The bottom of the church.

              You know what you’re letting yourself in for?

              You got a cigarette on you?

              Right over there.

              -You working hard? -Yeah.

              You wouldn’t mind working once in a while to justify this lofty position, would you?

              I finished the work. I counted all them bags.

              We have an extra detail for you.

              That’s if you don’t mind being disturbed or anything.

              The priest and this Doyle girl are getting a meeting up together down at the church.

              We want a rundown on the names and the numbers of all the players.

              Wait a minute. All right, you’re nominated.

              Why me, Charley? I feel funny going down there.

              I’d just be stooling for you.

              Let me tell you what stooling is. Stooling is when you rat on your friend…

              …the guys you’re with. Johnny wants a favour.

              Don’t think about it. Do it.

              Go on. Join the congregation.

              I thought there would be more of you here, but….

              The Romans found out what a handful could do if it’s the right handful.

              I’m just a potato-eater, but isn’t it simple as one, two, three?

              One. The working conditions are bad.

              Two. They’re bad because the mob does the hiring.

              Three. The only way to break the mob is to stop letting them get away with murder.

              If one of you’ll answer one question, we’d have a very good start.

              And that question is: Who killed Joey Doyle?

              Not one of you has a line on who killed Joey Doyle?

              I have a hunch all of you could tell us something about it.

              All right, then answer this one:

              How can we call ourselves Christians and protect these murderers with our silence?

              Jimmy Collins, you were Joey’s best friend.

              How can you just sit there and not say anything?

              I’ll always think of him as my best friend, but what do you want me to–

              Who asked him in here?

              I’m trying to find out what happened to Joey Doyle.

              -Maybe you can be helpful. -Helpful?

              The brother of Charley the Gent?

              They’ll help us get to the bottom of the river.

              You better leave Charley out of this.

              -You don’t think he’d be helpful? -Why don’t you ask him yourself?

              -Maybe I will one of these days. -One of these days.

              Now, listen, you know who the pistols are.

              Are you going to keep still until they cut you down one by one?

              Are you?

              Dugan! How about you? Are you?

              One thing you have to understand, Father, on the dock…

              …we’ve always been D and D.

              -D and D? What’s that? -Deaf and dumb.

              No matter how much we hate the torpedoes, we don’t rat.

              Rat? Now boys, get smart.

              I know you’re getting pushed around, but there’s one thing

              \we have in this country, and that’s ways of fighting back.

              Getting the facts to the public.

              Testifying for what is right against what is wrong.

              What’s ratting to them is telling the truth for you, can’t you see that?

              Can’t you see that?

                1. Hmm…. my “faulty” memory or

                  just more gaslighting.

                  I was going to say that I see “On the Waterfront” as the first fully non-Hollywood “independent film” production. It showed and told the Truth. And was HUGELY received! I know Marlon got a Best Actor OSCAR, and I think EVE MARY SAINT too…..

                  And therefore it became the LAST.

                  That 9/11 “Joey Doyle”? Fake, and drawn from the “original.”

                  Who killed Joey Doyle?

                  Um, I think everyone knows my answer.

                  The ones who DID 9/11.

                  The ones who are um…..

                  trying to kill us with lack of oxygen while SILENCING us at the same time: killing two birds with one stone: the “Crown Virus”

                  Killing us all softly with The MASK

                  Trying to sweep ALL OUR CROWNS from our heads, taking all our souls….

                  in ONE FELL SWEEP:

                  A fake PAN demic.

              1. Where’s it “safe to talk”?

                “The bottom of the Church.”


                Marlon is brother to “Charley the Gent”

                “Burke” was “Jimmy the Gent,” the forefather of the “mob” that keeps calling me a “lying and cheating heart….”

                Oh … my…. god…..

                In 1962, Burke married Mickey, but discovered that she was being bothered by an ex-boyfriend. On Burke and Mickey’s wedding day, police found the ex-boyfriend’s remains. He had been cut into more than a dozen pieces and tossed all over the inside of his car.


                1. I don’t know for sure but it’s quite possible that Jimmy the Gent Burke is Jake’s grandfather….. granduncle……something.

                  Wow…um…. now I “get” the “wood chippers”……

                  Would this be an OK place to just exclaim….


                  JESUS JOSEPH AND MARY!!!!!

                  1. But actually this is quite quite interesting…..

                    For this horrifying detail of my battle with Jake, the son of the sheriff, and his mob family the infamous (666 is the PHONE NUMBER to HEAT”) to surface right before I intended to post a SUPER SUPER liberating “Truth” for those of us slaves still stuck here in the matrix of “Earth”…..

                    The Truth about Jesus.

                    When the “Father” (Karl Malden) says those who witness and “know” but stay silent share just as much guilt as the Roman soldier who pierced the flesh of our Lord…

                    see now I heard: “to see if He bled.” I rewatched and it’s “to see if He was dead.”

                    It’s garbled because it’s when the mobster throws a can at his head….


                    I heard “to see if He bled…”

                    Now, the BIG difference between the Franco Zeffirelli version of Jesus of Nazareth’s “crucifixion” and Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” is the amount of BLOOD our Lord spilled.

                    In the first, the only noteworthy blood is from the CROWN of THORNS placed on Jesus’s head (Satan MOCKING His “Crown” as the Son of God….just as he MOCKS all the Children of God’s crowns NOW with his FAKE Corona (Crown) virus!

                    In The Passion, that FAKE Jesus (a suspected trans, James Cava-zeal?) is COVERED in BLOOD at the End and has ONE EYE basically put out….

                    That’s the One-Eyed Sun god Lucifer pretending to be Christ on the Cross.

                    In my Catholic upbringing they EMPHASIZE over and over again that Jesus was God made FLESH.

                    But other accounts such as the Essene Gospel of Peace portray a healer who looked “fleshly” but barely left any footprints…. who was able to “get away” from crowds wanting to stone him and just disappear…. who was so beautiful but elusive that those who witnessed his miracles and teachings could barely remember his facial features enough to describe them….

                    When the Roman soldier pierced the Lord’s side to see if He was “dead,” WATER, not BLOOD, shot out.

                    So I’ve ALWAYS wondered about Jesus saying at the Last Supper and which we enact in the Catholic Mass the eating of his “flesh” (the “Holy Eucharist”) and the drinking of his blood (the Holy Wine)….

                    “Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them. Just as the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so whoever eats me will live because of me.” John

                    I mean, yuck, I just NEVER got it til now.

                    Because Satan’s kingdom of cannibalism that we are awakening to now has always been here, and Jesus KNEW it.

                    SO he’s saying if you eat MY body (which is the Light of the Holy Spirit) and if you drink MY blood (which is Living Water of the Holy Spirit), and NOT earthly bloody flesh at all…..

                    You will LIVE.


                    NOT in the “Flesh” but in the Spirit.

                    My only quibble with the speech in On the Waterfront is he ends it with “Ah-men.”

                    Probably because no one knew until lately that that subtle mispronunciation had us all praising Ahkenaton (or whatever, just another of Satan’s aliases…) instead of saying it correctly, Amen!

                2. Also explains the Irish Union Local guy who was behind me in line at Tractor Supply Co. today with his YUGE axe.

                  I video’ed him…..


                  1. But to put a cap on it, the “abuse” on the “waterfront” I see is a HUGE factory with people (ok, I’ll say it, heavily Black and Hispanic) doing basically I’d call it “hard labor” when you have to bend over and lift heavy packages and then lean over a moving conveyor belt to throw them on the floor to be picked up (thus threatening to “throw out” your back!)….stuffing unwieldy plastic envelopes with clothes…. over and over again for EIGHT HOURS with only two breaks: the first, for 15 minutes, and the second, for 25 minutes.

                    Now this sounds reasonable…. until you factor in the fact that to get off “the floor” of the warehouse takes a while, especially given it is an obstacle course with stairs over conveyor belts…. welp, for me with my foot injury, just to get to “off the floor” to the breakroom and bathroom takes 5 minutes! lol….. Same for the “lunch break” of 25 minutes, in which you basically have only 15 minutes to eat your LUNCH.

                    Haha, “Norma Rae,” here I come.

                    1. And I would just say finally that the “company” is stupid.

                      I KNOW if I get my breaks, with enough downtime, in three breaks per 8 hours, I’ll end up being more productive on “the line.”

                      When I’m flagging, not enough downtime to simply stretch and recoup…. I slow, I get TIRED and with PAIN…. and I just don’t CARE.

                      Give us more break “time” and I GUARANTEE YOU you’ll see the “NUMBERS” go way up.

                      Treat your “human resources” well…..

                      And your “human resources” will produce well.

                      NO need for any “theatrics.”

                      A SMART company KNOWS: Take CARE of your people, and “your people” will take care of you.



                    2. Frank, just one last comment….(I’m sorry!)

                      First off, I watched a while ago yet another vid on transgenders and how this “Flying Nun” “Sally Field” wth fake name! is yet another transgender…..

                      So watching this I wasn’t thinking about that until I NOT-ICED the nipples on her breasts are….um…. crooked! Misaligned?

                      Now I know from my experience as a woman living with women that one breast can be larger than the other (no idea why….) but I’ve NEVER seen or heard of nipples that look like crazy eyeballs…..

                    3. And I’m not stupid enough to not know that why does it seem everyone else on break seem so relaxed….. um, people go on break, i.e. go missing next to me for extended periods of time……I have three different “supervisors” who um yeah, are jerking me around, neglecting to tell me stuff I need to know to “perform.”

                      I know there are long-timers there…. and white sons of mobsters and black crew members and self-righteous moms who idk, were CHEATED on??…. you name it ….who are watching Me….

                      (but of course!) the “newbie,” no, worse….

                      the DOG of Dutchess County….

                      GET what she DESERVES.


                      Bring it…..

                    4. That was the “Man” dolorian.

                      Here’s the “Woe”-man-dolorian.

                      Man and Wo-man of Sorrow

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