The Way Of Pao


I’m coming across a lot of open doors at the moment.

‘This is a Megastream cabinet’.



And today I came across another open door and I can’t resist an open door. This time the door to the Telephone E Change. It is a building just off the centre of Reigate and looks empty. It would appear to have been a Telephone Exchange and is now a Telephone E Change.





It’s protected by the SS.



And 1936 and the Crown.



Again I would like to mention that I see these type of buildings and symbolic openings as a reflection of what’s happening within the subconscious mind.

And Luminis is getting back to nature. Going wild.



Beautifully Illuminated.




And Look East and Turning Japanese.

Since I was with Jenny in Texas, the Universe has been pointing out a connection with Japan for both of us, which to neither of us makes a lot of sense but seems to fit with a short stay Jenny made in Eastbourne, England when she was a young girl. East Born is one of those places that seems to have links for more than a few people. Not easy to understand exactly what is being said as it seems like a foreign language at times but seems to tie in with dual personal realities I believe.

And the Power Of Pao. On my travels this strange Nissan Pao car appeared out of nowhere. Fits the pattern.

Reigate Architects and the Way of Pao.

From Wiki :

‘The Nissan Pao is a retro-styled three-door hatchback manufactured by Nissan for model years 1989-1991, and originally marketed solely in Japan at their Nissan Cherry Stores.

First announced at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1987, the Pao was available with or without a textile sun roof and was originally marketed without Nissan branding, by reservation only from January 15 through April 14, 1989. Orders were delivered on a first come-first served basis, with the production run of 51,657 selling out in 3 months.

Because of its origins at Pike Factory, Nissan’s special project group, the Pao — along with the Nissan Figaro, Be-1 and S-Cargo — are known as Nissan’s “Pike cars.”

In 2011, noted design critic Phil Patton, writing for the New York Times, called the Pike cars “the height of postmodernism” and “unabashedly retro, promiscuously combining elements of the Citroën 2CV, Renault 4, Mini and Fiat 500.”





A few years ago, I went through a period when looking at objects such as a wall from the side, it also gave the impression of looking up and also looking down. Still does when I want to. And this pic in particular has the same effect for me in a similar manner to the Paris scene in Inception. I feel I should be to walk across the side of the building.




Breaking the Fourth Wall. Where does imagination begin and end ?




From A Distance.


105 thoughts on “The Way Of Pao

            1. TTN

              I see this as very real or as anything is. Thank you. Triggered me and writing article.

              And for once got a bit of proof. Two slightly different birth certificates. And more circumstantial evidence as well. And if I’m seeing things right something so beautiful it blows my mind.



              About the colliders. I’m seeing the Texas SSC as another indication of a locked down timeline.


              1. Thats great Frank that’s incredible you have the actual worries we are all connected i have been writing a post about time and the upcoming eclipse, you had mentioned something on here I had just written…i think we were writing it at the same time, it appears to be a network kinda thing.

                One thing i do know these things have a habit of playing out in ways in which you would least expect but in a positive manner I believe.

                I don’t know if the world is ready for another me though. 🥴

                1. TTN

                  It is totally freaky ! The world will just have to cope with two TTNs. God knows how this will play out.

                  Just another example of the nuttiness in the mind or however it works. I came across the RMS Aquitania cruise ship yesterday and was having a look at that. YT then showed a live hearing of the Amy Coney Barrett hearing which I thought may be interesting and I had a look and Ted Cruz from Texas was talking. I didn’t go any further with the hearing !

                  And God doesn’t play dice.

            1. Kung Pao

              Palace Guardian.

              ‘Kung Pao Chicken in Chinese is:

              Traditional: 宮保雞丁

              Simplified: 宫保鸡丁

              Mandarin Pinyin: Gong1 bao3 ji1 ding1

              Literally it translated to ‘palace guardian chicken cubes’.

              Legend has it that it was named after the governor of Sichuan province during the late Qing Dynasty.’

        1. A maz O n the Alpha and Omega. Happy Pi e Day.

          It’s Back to Square ONE on Lockdown Day 203 in the Big Brother/Sister Amazon House. Groundhog Day

          In a repeat of March Professor Van-Tam also delivered a st ark message that the surge in cases was a ‘nationwide phenomenon’ rather than just in the North, and was spreading from younger people to the more vulnerable old generation.

          If you wake up and find yourself inside the Tier Three (Strand DNA) quarantine zone you will only be allowed out of your designated area for essential travel such as for work, education or health, but def no sex unless you are a government minister, politician or scientist in which case you still must abide by the rule of six which allows for at least two threesomes.

          Police checkpoints will be enforced on all entry and exit points backed up by the military. This will be enforced until at least Christmas and beyond. Masks must be worn 24/7 during the purge and to ensure the spread of the V disease.

          Tier Three is the magic number. If you are in Tier Three then you must be home before sunset….in case of alien abduction..or any stray vampire/zombie afraid be very afraid of your own shadow and thats an order.

          Trust in your government we are here to protect you and keep you safe and we come in peace always. V.

            1. Poor little guy…… you know what she is planning next right..


              New information just in from the Gates of Hell Foundation suggests that the final solution in stopping the virus from spreading is by castration…please go to your local government websites for more information …or alternatively go to forward slash

              Don’t be a Selfish Super Spreader…..Keep us all safe…Hurry now and get it for free on the NHS…. chop chop. Don’t keep Dr Pretty Pat hell waiting.

              1. I agree, poor little guy. My cat went to hospital this week and after complications from surgery had to have his remaining bits and pieces removed. It is so sad. I feel humiliated for him. On the drives to and from the vets I concluded I don’t agree with what we do to animals in terms of spaying and neutering. It’s like we can’t wait to slice and chop up their genitals.

    1. The Lady of the Lava Lamp…..Mars and V Wars… Mount Olympuss… a close encounter and the question is who gets to be on top.

      From October 6th till October 13th, Mars will be 38.6 million miles (or 62.1 million kilometers) away from Earth, the two planets closest approach in 15 years. The closest possible encounter between Mars and Earth happens when Earth is furthest away from the Sun and Mars is closest to the Sun. Earth’s previous closest approach with Mars was recorded in 2003 when Mars was 34.6 million miles (55.7 million km) away. The next time Earth and Mars will be that close is in September 2035.

      1. Frank as Halloween and once in blue moon approaches it appears we have to face our greatest fears, our worst nightmares let all the poison’s of the mind hatch out as you keep saying.

        the truth is they are only real if you believe they are real.

        Just two nights after Netflix dropped the supernatural horror drama series The Haunting Of Bly Manor on Friday, some viewers are already having trouble sleeping.

        After binge-watching the series, loosely based on Henry James’ 1898 novella The ReTurn Of The Shrew, Twitter users vented about recovering from the chilling scenes.

        The new nine-episodes, which are the second instalment in the Haunting anthology, have even prompted fans to cover all the mirrors in their home out of fear.

        Cover their mirrors again eh I wonder why 🤔

        1. TTN ( and anyone who is interested ).

          The poisons did hatch out !

          About fear and my perspective on it.

          Since I joined the Crystal warehouse in 1994 I’ve been on some sort of insane journey into the subconscious as well as everything else. Sometimes I wish I had been able to stay with Barclays and have wifey and nuclear family and be member of Rotary etc and die at 80 and everyone says what a good chap. But it wasn’t to be.

          I’ve gone very deeply into fear, guilt, hate, anger etc . I’ve always been told not to take it too personally. It’s not really you but the reflections from an unreal mind which then reflect an unreal world. Hopefully at some point guilt etc will be released.

          But this is what I’ve learned. The core relationship is with God and the world and our relationships reflects this which is why we end up with such weird leaders and authority figures and relationships don’t work. We fear and have a distorted image of God and try and keep God out and have created this peculiar reality as a result. It’s never really about the Other . In a sense how we view others and the world and our relationships are connected with our view of God.

          At the same time we moan about guilt and fear and death and pain but it has a purpose which is as a defence against God. And God is within rather than without and guilt and fear become a comfort zone. A wall between us and God. And what we truly fear is not the bad stuff but our spiritual Self.

          And who and what is God ? Answers on a postcard to use an old phrase.

          The Deepest Fear.

  1. The computer is a snitch and a vengeful bitch.
    It’s decided no one may be sick not even a cough or sniffle or there will be con sequences ie fake orders. Things taken out of order, exaggerated responses, hollow, graphic insertions.
    Fake supremacy.
    Lord computer is a vengeful bitch.

    Someone posted footage of disassembling a medical face diaper and at the end dug out a RFID chip or sim card embedded in the fabric. I don’t know if it’s true or not so won’t repost. However, I did decide to look at the facemasks people store in the car I sometimes share. Sure enough, the first one I picked up had ”___ Electronics” lasered into very discreetly. Most people wouldn’t even see that it’s so discreet.

    TMobile was giving out face masks with their brand emblazoned on it in exchange for people downloading a ”free app”. The number of wide eyed and frantic people who pulled up to get their chattle card before the opportunity closed was astounding. Imagine willingly offering your face as a billboard.

  2. WFP eats people.
    Going after that organic melanin to make synthetic melanin for its beast

    1. The ”hunger” they ”combat” is the insatiable hunger of the beast – which includes WFP itself. They do zipshit to nourish those they use as props.

  3. file –> life

    doctoring files
    doctoring lifes
    doctoring O+riggin’s

    trying to bury it all in a mudslide, trying to create an artificial “blank slate” using synthetic syncs pumped into the aether by tesla false glyphs

    keep trying, morons

    baby exposes cAIsar’s fools

    1. There’s More than One of Everything. But what is the mechanism that decides what shows up ?


      Tell me about your weird childhood.

      And UT. Campus and Hippocampus.

      A bit of PDA.

      1. Roob

        From about 2010 to the Olympics in 2012, I wrote a lot about Time and Stratford’s connection with the Prime Meridian. And Greenwich and Paris. Didn’t imagine it would get so personal. And as TTN pointed out today is Amazon Prime day.

        ‘The Paris meridian is a meridian line running through the Paris Observatory in Paris, France – now longitude 2°20′14.03″ East. It was a long-standing rival to the Greenwich meridian as the prime meridian of the world. The “Paris meridian arc” or “French meridian arc” (French: la Méridienne de France) is the name of the meridian arc measured along the Paris meridian.’

                    1. Leave Means Leave.

                      ‘Sir David Anthony Andrew Amess (born 26 March 1952) is a British Conservative Party politician. He has been a Member of Parliament (MP) since 1983, first for Basildon, and since 1997 for Southend West. A long-term and vocal Eurosceptic, he supported Brexit in the 2016 EU referendum and has since been a supporter of Leave Means Leave, a pro-Brexit campaign.’


          1. “Prime timing.”
            Yes! Goes along with that old meme saying ”primordial time.”
            The ”origins”.
            Seems they’re being doctored by doctoring the present which doctors the future. What do you do if you have no past? You invent a future that, as the dontroll Q-uantum supremacists say, ”proves past.” At least faike proves past.
            Back to prime timing.
            Imo when they show those bloodline charts that link all the presidents and so called royals together and then someone says,hey look, they’re kissing cousins!, they mean something like kissing cosines. Cosines are always a beat a head of sines relative to “0”. So the con with the nuclear codes can enter data a bit ahead and that data ripples through and affects all subsequent data. Like dropping a doctored digital package at the “door” of important dates/event/people in order to alter them for one’s own ”quantum supremacy.” A con (fake) sequence (order) currently con trolled by Don the Con.

            1. England got the prime meridian to go along with its Colonial Virus. It means no market in the world opens or closes before England’s does. It is the first to open and the first to close. So all numbers (data) hinges on it. It has algorithmic (thus logos rhythmic) ”supremacy”. It can fudge the numbers. Dancing nurses.

              numbers –> BM nurse

              buckingham malice nurses

              Drumpf will be King. He’s fighting England for control of the colonial virus commissioned from chinax.

              Remember when viktor always said ”welcome to the program. it came from/courtesy of china”? Now I think he knew the machine was creating characters and moving slides.

            2. “The history of “primordial” began when the Latin words primus (meaning “first”) and “ordiri” (meaning “to begin”) came together to form “primordium,” the Latin word for “origin.” When it entered English in the 14th century, “primordial” was used in the general sense “primeval.” Early on, there were hints that “primordial” would lend itself well to discussions of the earth’s origins. Take, for instance, this passage from a 1398 translation of an encyclopedia called On the Properties of Things: “The virtu of God made primordial mater, in the whiche as it were in massy thinge the foure elementis were . . . nought distinguishd.” Nowadays, primordial matter is often referred to in evolutionary theory as “primordial soup,” a mixture of organic molecules from which life on earth originated.”


              Hollow graphic inserts have no past so they must forge one.

    1. Ken

      Whatever the truth of it underlying it is an interesting question. What is the reason for the belief in God. Is it purely intellectual or a ‘memory’ deep within the psyche ? And why does it get distorted ?

  4. Dangerous AVEMARIA virus attacks Kazakhstans
    The analysis revealed that malicious software (malware) is designed to track information and record keystrokes by victims of fraudsters. The mentioned malware collects information about credentials (for example, data from e-mail, social networks), as well as data from Internet banking applications, and so on.

    Read also
    In Kyzylorda region there was a fight over land
    “AVEMARIA has the ability to introduce additional malware into the system. That is, this malware has the ability to download executable files, in other words, this means that attackers can use AVEMARIA to distribute some other malicious programs. In particular, malware is used by cybercriminals to distribute ransomware and cryptominers, ”the message says.

    The peculiarity of this malicious program is that it modifies the Windows Defender settings to prevent scanning of the entire disk on which the Windows operating system is installed, because the AVEMARIA files are hidden in the Windows directory and this allows them to be protected from detection by antivirus software.

    Popular antivirus programs that can analyze malicious activity by their behavioral nature can detect this malware and, if detected, successfully destroy it. Therefore, to ensure the safety of devices, KZ-CERT Service strongly recommends using licensed anti-virus programs, as well as timely updating the anti-virus software database.

          1. Revelation 17 explained
            “Similar to chapter 12, which provides a concise history of Satan’s efforts to destroy Christ and God’s people, including the true Church of God, Revelation 17 documents the work of a powerful, false religious system that has long deceived and ruled over numerous nations and peoples.

            ritual enactment

              1. wow. just wow, Frank.

                and look at the hand wipes on the top of her desk and the shadows of the water bottles. faaaaaaike dumslides for the fAIke mudslide being incepted.

                blue checks in project bluebird are gov pawns.

                take a look too at this ‘blank slate’ being celebrated:


                no such thing as a tabula rasa, though it is the wetdream of those with the colonial virus.

                scrub scrub scrub sinderella

  5. in addition to colonialies ing time, the land, the body, animals, nature, consciousness and the whole damn ”quantum”, those with the colonial virus also colonized God. The sheer arrogance of thinking the Divine has only revealed her/himself to the white, jewish and arab man.

  6. I can’t bear witness to children in masks. Very satanic.
    They are born perfect, with everything they need and yet their parents mask them. Very sad indeed.

      1. It’s terrible, isn’t it, Ken? It is so false. People just acting. People dying to be sick. Like they NEED to believe there’s something making people drop like flies. This isn’t even an epidemic yet alone a pandemic. Wait…it’s a pandemic in the mind. So surreal.
        What gets me is the adults allowing this to happen to their children and the elderly while thinking they’re doing good.
        How are you holding up?

        I can see a fork in the road.

        1. Here in Perth it is not a problem at all now.
          There have only been 9 supposed deaths, the last one being on May 3rd.
          The test has been shown to be totally unreliable and the creator of it has said it was not made for detecting viruses so none of the results can be relied upon. And the creator of the test died in December 2019 which is suspicious in itself.
          I see that the UK is locking down certain districts again and in the USA they seem to be selecting areas for special attention where orthodox Jews are protesting.
          Doesn’t look good.

          1. Project bluebird accounts have been saying Aus is being used as pilot case for crackdowns. Interesting that your first hand experience is very different than what’s posted. I do think the machine sends us what it wants us to hear and that we are all in internet ghettoes.

            Glad all is well where you are. It’s insanity here. Doesn’t look like it’ll end well because people are dying to be sick and dying to believe others could make them sick.

            1. Seems the computer crunched the numbers and decided people were taking one too many sick days so it decided to punish everyone

            2. Much of Australia is free of any infections but Victoria and Melbourne in particular is very different with extreme restrictions in place. News today is that the Electorate office of the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been vandalized. News also that new South Wales is not doing too well so they may be spreading the problem. Time will tell.
              Much worse in the UK and USA. I saw on the News that France has just declared a State of Emergency.
              Documented information also shows that the test kits for this virus were being purchased by governments around the world since 2017. Nice to know that our governments all have our best interests at heart isn’t it – at least 2 years before the first infections took place! Also nice to know that these test kits have been proven to be totally unreliable.

            3. They, the Satanists, do EVERYTHING by the numbers.
              Three-Tier lockdowns now in place in the UK.
              “Three-Tier” = 108 (English Ordinal)
              9 letters.
              108/9 = 6+6
              Each of the 9 (3+3+3) letters has a value of 12 or 6+6.
              108 = 54+54 or (18+18+18)+(18+18+18)
              Convert that lot to triple 6’s and see how it looks!
              108 and 1+8 = 9 or 3+3+3
              54 and 5+4 = 9 or 3+3+3
              18 and 1+8 = 9 or 3+3+3

              “Three Tier” = 135 (Reverse Ordinal) and 135+531 = 666.
              And 1+3+5 = 9 or 3+3+3
              “Three Tier” = 888 (Trigonal) where Jesus in Greek Gematria = 888.
              “Three Tier” = 88 (LCH Kabbalah) where Trump in English Ordinal = 88
              And the number 88 is very special to New Age Satanists.
              Ref the twin towers light memorial had 44+44 xenon lights shining upwards to the heavens over 33 days.
              Ref the 88 Australians killed in the Bali Bombing 1yr and 1 month and 1 day after 9/11. Perth had an 88 light beacon memorial for them on the next Australia day.

              And ONLY Jesus can save you from the coming firestorm!

      2. honestly if the air and people are that dangerous, maybe parents should keep themselves and their children HOME

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