Quantum Frontiers

Thanks to Roob.

Don’t ask me how this is going to play out. It’s confusing enough as it is trying to get the head around multi dimensionality and parallel this and that as a theory let alone in practice. With my life over the last few months I can’t say I’m surprised something like this has appeared in the Mindlines. But at the same time I am surprised. Be Prepared.

Quantum Frontiers.


Click to access quantumfrontiers.pdf



Down the Megastream. Click Quantum.gov .

The National Quantum Iniative.





To Boldly Go or Go Boldly.


119 thoughts on “Quantum Frontiers

    1. the race for ”quantum supremacy” is why they invented ”the mandela effect” which is really just a fancy way of saying they’re cooking (forging) the books — all the archives in all the museums and libraries around the world. Even the stars if they thing they can (using electrical veils and other false light systems.) The butcher, the baker, the wicker, the Cooker. Trump, the ka sin o man who bankrupts businesses for a living and cooks the numbas to scrub his sins was selected precisely for his expertise. This plandemic is his baby even while he triggers zealots to blame ”libtards” as if those ”libtards” aren’t also under his spell and doing his bidding. He will be king. The king anti-Christ you’ve all been waiting for. Anti New Testament AI Christ.

      1. the Cook with the Q- machines. One called kek out of ja pan, a few others based around the midwest, alice of course, and all that shit on ice in antartica.

        Move over human race. Here comes the e- race, in scrubs.

        No movement no animation no relationship except through the screen. 2D descent. LOL

        1. “A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly
          And is also known as a buster
          Always talkin’ about what he wants
          And just sits on his broke ass”

          “But despite the loyal daughter’s best intentions, some of her interviews are revealing. She tells a story—which may also feel familiar at this point—about walking down Fifth Avenue with her father around the time of his divorce from her mother, when Ivanka was 9 or 10 years old. They saw a homeless man sitting outside Trump Tower. “I remember my father pointing to him and saying ‘You know, that guy has 8 billion dollars more than me,’ because he was in such extreme debt at that point,” she recalls. ”


          Kicking the can down the road. e-Racing what really happened.

          Top of the golden pyramid heap.

        2. The Matrix has declared a state of emergency all borders/dimensional bridges gateways are now closed. All sales of alcohol are hereby banned and anyone caught laughing will be tasered.


          Anyone arriving from Mars or Venus will have to be quarantined for at least 69 days. STD checks are mandatory as interspecies sex is now strictly forbidden and all tentacles to be firmly locked away.

          We are now officially on a cold war footing. No fraternising or close encounters of any kind with the enemy is allowed.

          Self-isolating means no physical contact – no hugging, kissing or sex, and you are advised to sleep separately. Washing of the genitalia and surrounding area at least sixteen times a day with a cold shower is advised.

          By order of the Ministry.

              1. TNT – you’re syncing with my stories again 😉 The Kindle version is 77p and has 137 pages. My story is called ‘What Time Do You Finish?’ and I’m putting it up at the LoL on Halloween, if you want to wait, but no spoilers 😉

                    1. ”altered” as in ”altar ed”
                      He’s been raised to the altar of his new ministry of quantum supremacy by his sickophanties.

    2. Lucifer – the ”Lord of the f ***ing lies. Electrical false light emp errors. that goes for all the democratic entities too. They are all false.

    3. Lord of the Flies
      Lord of the Lies
      Lord of the Computer Files that Lie
      Lord of the tik tok


      “Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.” Matthew 24:4-5

      “You know how to discern the face of the sky [t.e.s.l.a], but you cannot discern the signs of the times.” Matthew 16:3

      When Trump says it’s all ”fake news” this is his revelation of the method. He is not excluding himself – he’s letting you do that.

  1. F’ lies are in the overdrive….

    Who needs another bureaucratic agency to box up the cosmos? If you are “quantum”, you’re ”quantum”. If your nation is holy, it’s holy. And so forth.

    The word Nature comes from the kemetic word, NTR, which is the Divine Goddess. Funny how the faike E-Gypt ministry of truth released images of sarcophagi (cough, cough) with mummy’s inside wearing harnesses that look like they just came off the shelf of Home Depot. ”Harness NTR”. LOL!

    Too funny.

    Cringeworthy forgeries.


    1. wait for it….

      the mummies have e-DNA from the original guarded den of
      e- den next to the family room with the extra large reclining sectional with cup holders. You know, the den with the super dupa plasma screen you can see from any angle and that sees you back.

      E-Dna for the e-race of quantum supremacists with an official hyperhardrive of f’ lies.

      Isis found Osiris’s dick but he still has to grow new parables. The old ones are stalllllle.

    2. people in muzzles revealing mummies speaking muffles.

      too fucking funny!


      the hi gene
      the hiero glyphs

      hi eroZ . no need to have latex glyphs (like gloves) between u and the real world.

      if you’re sensual, you’re sensual.

      if you’re faiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike, you’re faaaaaaaaaaaaaaike and your offices and apparati are overcompensations

  2. ”the great reset” is a computer AI term. propaganda that works in tandem with fear of the sky and the rapture up to the sky (ascension).

    someone thinks they’ve ”cracked the code” of ALL.


  3. no such thing as a ”reset” no such thing as wiping clean, no such thing as a blank slate. dream on

        1. I just went into local shop with my face covered and the lady serving said ‘Where’s your mask! ‘ , I was like ‘I’m wearing it?’ and pointed to my face. She said ‘oh, sorry’. Nutty stuff.

        2. Roobster I had a Truman show moment on my way to Key West last week…… it just didn’t look real more like a film set.


          then on my way back i stumbled upon a Satanic ritual

          either that or the Tories were setting up their peppa pig party conference.

          it was called Fire in the Garden

          and I had to wear a full face mask in case i scared the locals as i had my puffy eyes wide shut.

          1. I broke my toe on Wednesday evening around my ex’s house. My foot smacked into a radiator cabinet thats been sitting out of the packet uninstalled for weeks. Thursday morning I was around there again and did exactly the same thing on the same toe! Thought I was going to pass out with pain. She won’t move it because she wants me to instal the fuckin’ thing.
            (It’s gone purple, clicky) 🙁

              1. Thanks Roo, I didn’t know that. I was born with an extra digit on my right foot. A surgeon amputated it when I was a bairn. He made a bodge of it and my foot looks a mess now.

    1. Ken



      SS Kalpana Shawla.


      And Columbia disaster and Kalpana Chawla.



        1. Swim

          What goes on up in the skies is open to all sorts of questions. I always found the name Sally Ride too good to be true.

          The Columbia disaster happened over Texas. Jenny can remember hearing the explosion in Texas on the day it happened.

    2. kind of a good reason not to jump on the shitcoin and cryptocurrency bandwagon. totally grid dependent.

  4. yesterday i meant a man with a dog named tulip. it was a big dog with a delicate name. the man told me he takes his dog everywhere with him not for the company but for the convenience. he said he just puts his kar in ”dog mode” and leaves tulip inside. like once he left her inside for four hours, he said, while he went to play gulf. i said i didn’t know there was a new thing on the market called dog mode. later my companion told me it’s because his car is electric and a tesla.


    the uni- verse is funny. locking dogs (gods) in electric ka’s for convenience. too funny.

    1. btw, the tesla was butt ugly. not worth the expense.
      imagine people buying electric ka’s for ridiculous amounts of money to ”help save the environment” while completely ignoring the reality of raping the earth of lithium for tesla batteries.
      vacuous hypocrites.

  5. not addressed to anyone here, addressed to the self-described ”watchers” and those who spy but don’t contribute:

    1. animals live in the real world and are meant to be loved and cared for. animals are to experience joy fully. they are given a bad rap. if you abuse an animal for long enough or at all, it will have sorrow and all the accumulated sorrow will remain in the cosmos.
    2. last time i checked humans are animals – not in the bad rap way the machine propagandizes – but in the multisensory beautiful way of all animals who are allowed to live and love fully without abuse.
    3. animals and humans are one.
    4. fuck with humans, you fuck with the animals. fuck with the animals, you fuck with humans. for all the humanity haters out there, your virtual signaling is superficial.

    1. Very funny….. And sad all at the same time.

      I mean, are you SERIOUS?

      WTF kind of LOSERS are you……

      Prepare to die

      That’s all I can say


            1. Who are you, “Burke”?

              I honestly don’t know.

              I can “help,” if you want to TALK to me….. I can help you understand ME. That’s about it….

              It’s all miscommunication, in my honest opinion.

  6. Parallel means never crossing. So in this moment’s zeitgeist it’s a misnomer to say ”parallel universes are converging.” Also, ”timelines” triggers a mental picture of linear time, linearity, which this moment’s zeitgeist has rubbished. Trend now is to say time is spiral (fibonacci) or circular. Circular and spiral universes cannot be ”parallel.”

              1. Hahaha!!


                I got blocked AGAIN…..

                I posted my correction:

                I signed off at 1:11 I AM

                At 8:23 PM “MY TIME,”, which is the Good Shepherd telling me…..

                It’s time to get off this CRAZY merry-go-round….


                    1. The Woman will NEVER win.

                      “I will put enmity between you and the WOMAN.” says Yahuah…

                      DON’T be a sucker and have “sympathy” for the DEVIL….

  7. Alert, today is 10/10/2020.
    10/10/2020 can also read 1122 with the zeros removed.
    1122 = 33×33+33
    And 1122 can also be shown as 33 itself.
    Astonishing Freemasonry content!
    And 1122+ mirror 2211 = 3333.
    3333+ mirror 3333 = 6666.

  8. The quantum lord’s chimera cocktail. Does it sound pro-life to you?

  9. Hurricane Delta


    The 4th Wall

    ‘Why is it called 4th Wall?

    The fourth wall is an imaginary wall that separates the story from the real world. This term comes from the theatre, where the three surrounding walls enclose the stage while an invisible “4th wall” is left out for the sake of the viewer. The 4th wall is the screen we’re watching.’


      1. I like this Frank.

        Not sure what to make of it, tho.


        In God’s Kingdom, we won’t ever have to wonder again whether people are talking behind our back or gossiping about us or are just openly MOCKING us with their double-speech….

        WE won’t have to WONDER what they really MEAN, anymore or what They are up to.

        In GOD”S Kingdom……

        We’ll FINALLY be at PEACE with one another……

        I CAN”T WAIT!

        It’s COMING


          1. This is real.

            We ARE going into BATTLE.

            Who do you want “covering your back?”

            Satan, with all his lies, and gossip, and this sick plague of psyops and SH and “Duper’s Delight” you are all addicted to?

            You LOVE telling lies.
            You LOVE your fix of “duper’s delight,” like how you get over on me.
            You LOVE… sickness.

            You LOVE continuing this LIE of “Corona” Virus ….. and you don’t even know…. it’s meant to steal YOUR crown.

            Meant to STEAL YOUR SOUL.

            Meant to steal from you the GIFT from God, Our MAKER….

            Of Eternal LIFE.

            You know why?

            Satan lost, no, THREW his ETERNAL LIFE away.

            He’s DONE.

            He’s on death row.

            And he wants you to throw it away TOO…..

            So he won’t be LONELY.

        1. Trinity

          About trust. I’ve now come to expect humans to fxxk up so don’t expect them to behave as I would probably like . But I do trust spirit. Sometimes not sure why but I do.

  10. The faike laughter of a psychopathy assisting a psychopathic agency that awards itself for it’s insanity. WFP is pure evil. Multimillion dollar contracts for the delivery and storage of dirty GMO grain that makes women and children sick, alters their DNA, sterilizes them and their heirloom seeds. I’ve seen their evil and inefficiency and duplicity first hand. I’ve seen those contracts. Sucks the life out of those who think they’re donating to a charity while sucking the life out of those the shit ”food” is imposed upon. The WFP is a land and life grabber faiking a moral high ground. Sick assholes.

    1. and whoever doesn’t see the sigil sick ”magic” of showing poverty porn images of a jolly fat ”white” man laughing without a mask while his small ”black” MASKED ”subjects” cheer and congratulate him for helping to kill and divest them, well…they’ve experienced a mudslide.

      Get these dumbslides outta here.

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