The International Loneliness Detective

Please Project Yourself.





Filling The Whole.

‘A sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need correct.’

Don’t call Ghostbusters. Call the International Loneliness Detective.





And her Diamonds.




It’s Inside Out.


79 thoughts on “The International Loneliness Detective

  1. I love you humanity.
    I love you animals.
    I love you Earth.
    I love you Heart.
    Blissings, blissings, blissings to us all forever and ever and ever.
    No weapon formed against us shall prosper.
    God speed!

    1. If you think you are the punchline, you probably are. I Sight.

      The Observer Effect.

      ‘Can two versions of reality exist at the same time? Physicists say they can — at the quantum level, that is.

      Researchers recently conducted experiments to answer a decades-old theoretical physics question about dueling realities. This tricky thought experiment proposed that two individuals observing the same photon could arrive at different conclusions about that photon’s state — and yet both of their observations would be correct.

      For the first time, scientists have replicated conditions described in the thought experiment. Their results, published Feb. 13 in the preprint journal arXiv, confirmed that even when observers described different states in the same photon, the two conflicting realities could both be true.’

      And Point of View.

  2. LOL! Anyone else think the ”new” Melinda Gates is played by Roger Federer? FED er er. Another EMP error in the ol ray Court.

  3. Still think they are ”on your side”? Fat chance. Psyborgs.

  4. Playing with ideas.

    The First World war.

    1914-1919 ???


    Herb Albert and Herb Alpert – Spanish Flea.

    And the Second World war. Or vice versa or maybe both side by side.


    In short, the theory is that there are two parallel reality/timelines but to retain the perspective of one reality, the Mind creates one linear memory and the past is really a mix of the two. Or possibly more and they repeat.

    And becomes very pertinent when you apply this to yourself.

    In the Matrix, there were six realities.

    1. As I was saying Frank War of the Worlds is between the male world Sun/Mars/Saturn and the female world Moon/Venus/Earth which is why we had the Ice Queen Cold War….between east and west which climaxed with the Cuban Miss isle Cr isis.

      I also get the distinct feeling that the Wild Women of Wonga are also going to appear shortly 😳

      Even more insanity, love the eye patch in this…Cat the Great doesn’t want to share the throne with Ivan the Great but he does.. 50/50 in 2020 he says…. no more male dictators like Ivan the Terrible or Amazon Killer Queens like Bloody Mary.

      This is about all of us …we are all like actors, avatars or hosts in Westworld, just playing out our roles and reading and writing from a script… we think we are behaving and making decisions freely …we are not… we are all stuck in this never ending re-run about a bad romance…and a family caught up in a crown (corona) cold war.

      To the controllers of the game/matrix time loop can we please call a truce, take a break or have a TIME OUT I look and feel like I have been in the ring for 12 rounds with Mike Tyson and get the make up dept over here pronto along with the drinks trolley.

      1. TTN

        I’ve come across something very freaky personally as well.

        The Universe is saying there are two Franks with two birth certs. I have two fathers and two sets of brothers and a twin nephew. And maybe more.

        And it likes the Sick Joke. You can’t see clearly now. Happened with mybroken shoulder and the Doctor looked at me and he said ‘You’ve broken your Humerus’. And MJ’s elbow as well.

        You must be Joaquin.

        I was discussing the other day with Jen about ‘The Script Is Written’. As I understand it this is the past and it’s over but at the same time in linear time there is still a choice about when. And the core relationship is with God.

        1. Frank you mean like two Jeff Lynne’s….you must be freaking out. I realised the two family’s two worlds scenario when I was studying Genesis as there were two families with the exact same names.

          My theory is at some point probably during the first Fall the world/mind spilt apart then after at the Flood it split again and they went into the Ark in pairs as in DNA twin pairs…then at the Tower of Babel it was divided once more it even states clearly, “To Eber there were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg for in his days the earth was divided.”

          and yes it seems we are the punchline or the butt of the joke.

          I received a disturbing pic of a body of my friends cousin who was burned to death by a drug cartel in Brazil. It happened on the same day as my cousin died. Then I remembered I had two cousins who died young by being burned to death and the sick irony is one of their name’s was Cook ….my own post from five years ago was sent to me yesterday the title pic was an advert which says 2 for 1 at Vision Express….and mentions the Joker.

          Very funny… only I am not laughing too much at the moment.

          1. I get it about the I. Can’t describe the pain when I broke the shoulder bone. Not Humerus but I was put in a situation and there was no choice but to accept healing.

            This is totally freaky. I’ve been led down this path for about last three months or so. Basically everything seems the same but there are clues that it’s not and I’m looking at a personal dual reality. If it comes up for anyone else good luck ! They’re not in competition I don’t think but running parallel to each other and occasionally join. And I experience both as one ‘Frank’ without consciously realising the other. I say consciously because I’m pretty sure I’ve been sending messages to myself ! There’s a part of us that knows and understands this stuff I believe. It makes sense of some of the weirder things that have happened in my life. And both live within the psyche and you end up with a mix of memories.

            As an example one birth cert shows my father as DC Tremayne which is the one I remember and the other as GE Tremayne. And two different names for the name of the house I was born. Either Gateways or Sandhills. And a load more as well with my brothers. Also remembering 911 on a Monday when it was officially a Tuesday.

            1. “They’re not in competition I don’t think but running parallel to each other and occasionally join.”

              CRISS CROSS

              CRISS(T) CROSS

              1. Anon brilliant like the flash video I posted below where they work as a team to make it back home.

                And Christopher Cross the bridge between two worlds… the big apple and the moon.

                and Peter (Christ) Bishop at the crossroads with his twin tower Olivia Dunham going to the cross over

                Who knew the cross was a device for crossing time/dimensions any wonder there was an earthquake and an eclipse.

                The Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End of Time they do make a lovely couple….you can’t tell where she stops and he begins.

                1. You are in good company Frank with MAD EYE VAN.


                  time flies……… backward …only once in a blue moon.

                  Halloween 2020 also leads us into daylight saving time ending. Revellers in the spooky holiday will get an extra hour of sleep when the official time in the U.S. turns the clocks back at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1.

                  Saving the Mad Hatter is only a Matter of Time

                  Even more rare, is that people across the globe will be able to see 2020′s blue moon, which is the first time that has happened since World War II

                  Don’t panic….Gass m ass ks will be provided please ensure you use hand in sanitiser and whatever you do keep your distance and DO NOT RUN!

                  Cl ass dis missed.

            1. Thanks Anony that is kind of you, it has been over a week now enough already.

              and in ref to the cold war the conflict between the male and the female it results in no feelings or emotions being allowed.

              It want’s us to have the feeling of being lost and alone.

              Here is an example

              Two sons were stopped from comforting their mother at their father’s funeral.

              At the start of his father Alan Wright’s service on Friday the chairs were set out separately, but he decided to move his to comfort his mother as she was “lost, empty and she was so upset”.

              When his brother followed suit, an employee rushed in and told them, “you have to put them back, I’m afraid”. ( fear of being hurt is the reason.)

              “You can’t move the chairs, you were told,” he added.

              No more musical chairs.


              1. i cannot believe we are abiding by all of this. it is sacrilegious. we are allowing ”rules” and ”command ments” to block God. Going against nature to adhere to manmade ”laws”. Those sons should have given that narc a black eye. This collaborator class is the scariest of all. Everyone’s inner not-see is being stoked.

                Funny as I was writing this about not-seeing, a group of legal finance types started discussing ”blind trusts.”



                Only animals live in the real world. Humans participate in the faaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeee.

                1. fAIth
                  if you know the Truth you live the Truth you are the Truth -the Truth has become you- and faith, like hope, is irrelevant.

      2. a ”cold war”. Brilliant, TTN.
        and ”cold play”.
        it was all yellow – the solar plexus.

        if you think about it it seems gigantic but our minds are stuck in ten glyphs called numbers and 26 glyphs called letters. as many combos as that can produce, it is still finite. no one we bounce around in echo chambers. no wonder consciousness can’t break out of the script. especially when the glyphs keep getting dangled like rawbits and tor arcs with their meaning imposed from on high. the danger of a single language….. the danger of base ten numbus.

        trump has a lady ancesTOR supposedly named christ. and mary. yeah right. he don’t. just art of the script. christ invokes cross which is X which can be a hex. the why the right brain/left brain crisscrosses. can leave you cross eyed when enough demigods wave false light in front of you and encourage you from birth to hate yourself and your body (”born sinners”, ”take the anti – bodies”, yada yada yada).

        diagnosis. dia gnosis. diagonal gnosis. cross gnosis.

        diagnosis (n.)
        “scientific discrimination,” especially in pathology, “the recognition of a disease from its symptoms,” 1680s, medical Latin application of Greek diagnōsis “a discerning, distinguishing,” from stem of diagignōskein “discern, distinguish,” literally “to know thoroughly” or “know apart (from another),” from dia “between” (see dia-) + gignōskein “to learn, to come to know,” from PIE root *gno- “to know.”

        diagnosis: white raw bit fear of eroZ + alien-nation. it’s a color thang. in the way that you think and in the way that you don’t. color is a glyph too. RGB died (the screen light). CMYK (print light) looking for a way in. CY MK ultra. Push away from the screen, put the newsprint down. Look around.

        Trust your body. Head to toe.

        1. fabulous insights about the division and mind splits in genesis, TTN.

          diagnosis —> ”know apart from” . embeds, incepts a split.

        2. CHI an

          a CHI virus of the brAIn

          “Decussation is used in biological contexts to describe a crossing (in Latin, the roman numeral for ten, deca, is an uppercase ‘X’). In Latin anatomical terms, the form decussatio is used, e.g. decussatio pyramidum.

          Similarly, the anatomical term chiasma is named after the Greek uppercase ‘Χ’ (chi). Whereas a decussation refers to a crossing within the central nervous system, various kinds of crossings in the peripheral nervous system are called chiasma.”

          1. why are there 12 months and 12 cranial nerves and 12 disciples and so forth but only base 10 math. what happened to the other 2 ”glyphs” that would help make us whole in the form and shape that we are now?

            e- raced.

        3. “Would you like to convert the CMYK color to a RGB model ?
          This is a free online color code converter, transform a color hue to another color model, supports three color models, CMYK, RGB and HEX, they can be converted to each other.”

          CMYK to RGB and HEX
          RGB to CMYK and HEX
          HEX to RGB and CMYK

          1. everyone thinks ”ascension” happens by monitoring the screen.
            all ascension chatter is onscreen.

            time to get grounded. push away from the cube i cull.

  5. I was watching a YouTube video as ya do and it automatically went on to show the Bob Dylan song about the assassination of President John F Kennedy on 22/11/1963, “Murder Most Foul”.
    With the current situation in play with President Trump and CV-19 and all the animosity towards him from the Left I thought I would look at some dates in the near future.
    Then 23/10/2020 sprung up being 11+11 days after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on 1/10/2020.
    From 22/11/1963 to 23/10/2020 = 20,790 days.
    From 22/11/1963 to 23/10/2020 = 2,970 weeks.
    Oh, both the same 2+7+9 digits = 6+6+6.
    Oh, both divisible by 33.
    20,790/33 = 630.
    2970/33 = 90
    Oh, both divisible by 18 or (6+6+6).
    20,790/18 = 1155.
    2970/18 = 165.
    Let’s look at the 2,970 weeks.
    2,970 = [(18+18+18)x(18+18+18)] + (18+18+18) weeks.
    Yes folks, 9 bundles of (6+6+6).
    And now 20,970 days.
    20,970 = 18x 1165 days.
    Yes, 1165 bundles of (6+6+6) days.

    What does it all mean?
    It is entirely up to you but the fact that both the days and the weeks have the same 3 digits and are divisible by both 18 and 33 has to be worthy of watching 23/10/2020.
    And of course the day# for the 23rd of October is 297 as well!!!
    Now you have 3 lots of the digits 2, 9, 7 all linked directly to JFK’s assassination via 23/10/2020.

    297 = 99+99+99
    279 = 93+93+93.
    297 – 279 = 6+6+6
    279+297 = 576 = (8+8+8)x (8+8+8)

    1. Also, 2, 7 and 9 on a calculator or any keypad form a triangle or perhaps a V.
      The numbers between them are 4, 8 and 6 which also add to 6+6+6.

      1. 486 and 468.
        486 = 18×27
        468 = 18x 26
        Therefore 486-468 = 6+6+6.
        486+468 = 954 = 18×53 of course (26+27 above)

    2. Ken

      The war memorial pic and glitch got me thinking about end of the First World war.

      Interesting numerological date this year with 11/11/2020.

      His Story.

      The armistice was signed at Le Francport near Compiegne in France on 11/11/1918.

      ‘The Armistice of 11 November 1918 was the armistice signed at Le Francport near Compiègne that ended fighting on land, sea and air in World War I between the Allies and their opponent, Germany. Previous armistices had been agreed with Bulgaria, the Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Also known as the Armistice of Compiègne from the place where it was signed at 5:45 a.m. by the French Marshal Foch, it came into force at 11:00 a.m. Paris time on 11 November 1918 and marked a victory for the Allies and a defeat for Germany, although not formally a surrender.’

      Germ ans Quit.

      Waiting For A Train

      1. And the Face.

        One of my more surreal expereinces was at the Crystal warehouse. One of the customers had a large crystal skull which she had given a name to.

        One day she turned up and said the Crystal skull wanted a chat with me. So whilst she picked out her crystals I sat in a room for about twenty minutes on my own with this crystal skull. Didn’t register anything though consciously. It was just me twiddling my thumbs as it chatted to me. Bizarre world.

      2. I read Ottoman as Auto Man. Those emp errors that tilted toward beast tech. Those whose language (glyph reflections of their state of mind/consciousness) include such terms as ” ‘harness’ Nature”. Who speaks like that? Who puts those two words together?

    3. Ken, the left/right, dem/republican paradigm is DEAD. There is one party with a unified goal and ‘you’ aren’t invited. You are just used. Yes, they’ll stage a fake assassination like JFK’s fake assassination and the fake moon landing. Helps harvest the loosh (energy) from those stuck in the left/right dialectic. Don’t worry, they’ll probably fake kill Biden too. The actual goal is to trigger a tilt toward supreme victimization (people begging false idols for protection against cruxi-fiction) on the one hand and, on the other, extreme murderous crusades (people slaughtering their neighbors who are not, unlike them, ”the chosen”).

      These numbers are fake. They aren’t of the Divine. They are of the quantum beast (Trump’s Q and Q+++++) movement. That’s why they are so ”perfect” or, in your words, ”astonishing”. It’s the machine, Ken. Ask for discernment. Dis CERN.

      1. My guess is those who are fully under the spell of the bible program will be the most anti-Christian and the most murderous. All in the ”name” of Jesus Christ, of course. That’ll be a bloodbath.

        See Trinity’s previous post about someone promising ”to die for” Trump. Obscene! Zombie army.

  6. Quantum Frontiers

    ‘The nature of information technology is governed by the rules of the universe itself, known as quantum
    mechanics. This realization helped establish the field of QIS. Presently, new technologies that harness
    unique quantum properties of coherence, entanglement, and measurement are emerging from
    fundamental advances in QIS. Developing practical, real-world applications for these technologies that
    benefit other scientists and end-users in a wide range of disciplines is now an important frontier for
    quantum information scientists and technologists. Two major areas of inquiry are key for making
    progress along this frontier: discovering what is fundamentally possible with quantum technology,
    including practical quantum advantages and a deeper understanding of the classical-quantum trade
    space; and engaging interdisciplinary QIS researchers with domain scientists and end-users early on, to
    work together and identify potential applications for QIS technologies and concepts in government,
    industry and other branches of science.’

    Click to access quantumfrontiers.pdf

  7. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I not-iced when I was contemplating what to post, it was 10:23….

    OK, I’m not into “numbers” except when I LIKE Them.

    Psalm 23… The Good Shepherd

    Who leads confused sheep out of their confusion and so-called “sinful” snairs and “pits of guilt” BUT ALSO new age self-glorification and ego-spiritualized ecstasies of “LOVE love love!!!”…..

    into safety.

    I’m reading about Frank’s thinking there might be two of him, and elsewhere of us ALL having memories that are wrong, or what’s it, the um changing in our minds of our pasts! Oh yeah, the “Mandela” effect.

    It’s Satan.

    MY POINT, and the ONE I came on here to post alone, is?

    That the SUBTEXT of the Gospels of Jesus Christ is that there is ONE Enemy.

    Jesus did not focus on that “One Enemy” i.e. Satan, directly while teaching his Apostles. He focused more on how the sheep should behave, i.e. love your Father in heaven first and then love one another.


    Because He knew that is how the sheep would be PROTECTED from the snairs and wiles of the WOLF, by following his “commandments.”

    He WAS teaching CHILDREN after all…..

    And because Jesus knew the children, his “Apostles,” couldn’t HANDLE the truth.

    The SUBTEXT of Jesus’s message is contained perfectly in the prayer he gave his apostles to pray EVERY DAY of their so-called LIVES here in THIS PLACE we call “EARTH.”


    That’s EXACTLY what Jesus was trying to tell us with all his parables, etc etc…..

    That we are slaves to the Prince of this World (this “Matrix”) and that that “Prince” is Satan. He can enter your mind as he did Peter’s in the vid below and as Satan also entered Judas’ mind to betray the Master he loved….and when Satan enters YOUR mind to confuse you and EVEN change your memories of your “past” and your MIND.


    And that our ONLY way outta here?

    Is to honor the Creator and pray to Him to “deliver” you.

    i.e. Pray to the BIG GUY in the SKY to set you FREE.


    Who art in Heaven….
    Hallow’ed BE Thy NAME [Yah Who Ahhhh]

    THY Kingdom come!
    THY WILL be done….
    [i.e. not Satan’s!!!]

    ..on EARTH….

    as it IS in HEAVEN.

    Give us this day our daily bread …. and….


    our trespasses….

    As we forgive those who trespass against us…..

    And lead us not into TEMPTATION….
    [ie. subject us not to the final test i.e. throw us not into the Lake of Fire along with Satan, whom we have followed in rebellion against Thee!]



    From the Evil One.

    1. Trinity

      It actually seems to be very real. It’s a bit scary and mind boggling. It’s OK when its happening to Nelson Mandela or Billy Graham or whoever. It becomes a different matter when it happens to you !

      It doesn’t seem to be so much about glitches but another part of the Self that has been forgotten or shut down. That’s how I’m seeing it. Quantum Frontiers.

      1. Thanks for your response, Frank, I’ll look into your post.

        It hasn’t happened to me…..yet. But then again I see Satan all around me now, watching me EVERYWHERE 24/7… in animals, tree branches, medical staff (I got a huge “infection” much like a snake bite next to my pinkie toe on my right foot that spread, and then stumbling around on it I twisted and broke it….. you know, the foot “Mary” uses to CRUSH the head of the serpent? but it’s getting better now after almost 3 months “off my feet”) and a crazy woman (“me”) who showed up on my doorstep asking for an ambulance…..

        It’s so “crazy” that I’ve learned not to be afraid of it anymore… ???Somehow I know…. Satan can’t hurt me…..


        “Be not afraid.
        Only TRUST in God.”


  8. Trump is neither a ”Christ” by true name nor a “Trump” by name. He changed his name to Trump. Which means he’s not even a true ”trump card.” Lord of the False Files.

    Matrix means womb. He and cohorts may use machines and fancy ”tech” to induce abortions and abominations in the false matrix, but they have no power over the true womb. Sorry, fellows. Keep playing.

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