You Only Live Twice

This maybe a bit predictable now but seems appropriate.

Feline It ? Pure energy.








And ‘You Only Live Twice’.



In the last article Happy Birthday I talked about my two different birth certificates. And yesterday, I came across another anomaly with my birth. I checked out the house where I was born – ‘Gateways’ – which is on the birth certificate and it is now ‘Sandhills’. Again, there maybe a rational reason ( or the normal description of rational ) such as simply a change of name but I think not.




The Sands of Time.



Along with a host of other strange and weird things from my past that don’t quite add up, its looking like I have at least two pasts. And I would be surprised if the same process didn’t apply to others. A personal Mandela Effect. For the sake of argument, I will say I have two pasts. So what is going on ?

The first theory is that there are two separate timelines. At the time of birth, I split in two and the two Mes carried on their way in separate realities without knowledge of each other and experiencing our different experiences.

My second theory is some form of mirror or kaleidoscopic Universe and we have mirror experiences which reflect and refract.

And a third theory is that my mind is aware of the the different Mes but to give a ‘rational’ explanation, it combines the two lives and so I have experienced two lives which merge with each other but only one past or memory is held in the mind. Or maybe the mind chooses what it wants to remember. And maybe a collective past is somehow involved as well.

There are probably other theories in a similar vein to Sliding Doors but I think in order to make sense of the present reality the theories have to be taken seriously when out of the blue, life suddenly takes a different path to what was anticipated.

From the ending to ‘Another Earth’.




Be Prepared.


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    1. Durham, like Flynn, Trump are fictitious characters. Durham is always shown with air breathing out his nostrils (hot air balloon) and Flynn looks like a used car salesman who hasn’t made his quota and hides his hangover behind tinted shades. Don’t you see how ridiculous all these “superheroes” are now? Doesn’t it all feel like an adult version of child’s play w/o the true power and imagination of child’s play?

      My fam watched the convention last night. I just heard bits and pieces as I went in and out of the room. Sheer propaganda. I am always reminded how juvenile the adult mind is when I see commercials and conventions where they put so much effort into entertaining w song and dance. Like why do we need singers and dancers and scripted anecdotes to make choices in life? It’s all so silly. And so so fake.

  1. FWIW. Yesterday I was listening to Of Monsters and Men ‘Crystals’ song on my computer. Whilst it was playing I went to put some coffee on and when I returned the source code for Crystals had appeared from now here on the screen.


    There ain’t half been some clever bastards.

    5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse.

    Famous alien-hunting telescope slashed to pieces in mysterious midnight accident.

      1. Roob

        Never heard of him. Thanks.

        Looking at AOL wiki seems to be a familar story – Verizon Media.

        US Online.

        ‘AOL (stylized as Aol., formerly a company known as AOL Inc. and originally known as America Online) is an American web portal and online service provider based in New York City. It is a brand marketed by Verizon Media.’

        And The Source. Great name ! And the birth as well.

        The Source described itself as follows:

        ‘It’s not hardware. It’s not software. But it can take your personal computer anywhere in the world.’

        ‘Where do they get these crazy names. First the Ordinary Boys and now this’.

        1. I came across AOL last night as I was looking up “tik tok”. Apparently TikTok was an app originally built by AOL. It used the tcl/tk programming language. The i stands for “instant messenger.” Reminds me of the idea of i-ntuition, the instant messenger. Tcl/tk was GUI (graphic user interface) which imo is embedded in the names of current salacious newstories (guiliani, guiffre, etc).

          Tik is also a Hebrew word meaning “bag” or “file” as in computer file. And tok is Hebrew for “oppression,” “fraud” and “deceit.”

          I went down this path bc kan(y)e says he wants to create “Jesus tok” and since he speaks w jared avaryday I’m sure the Hebrew ain’t lost on him. Raising an artificial, plas tik Christos. Forgetting the body is the ultimate “tech”nology. Doesn’t get higher than this. All other tech is wannabe.

          1. Jesus tok

            1. Remember when someone here said that thanks to “Jesus” there is “everlasting life” and that “Jesus” is operating script run off Saturn? That made intuitive sense -the beginning and the end in a constant loop of same old same ol. Everlasting because it just keeps your mind and spirit locked down in contradictory narratives. Like traumatized children.

              You must ask if most of the world is now Christian by choice or brutal force, and all Gods but Jesus have been violated and slandered, why has there been so much injustice, violence, chauvinism and misery? Even monkeys only need 100 to make a change in the entire monkey population.

              It’s dangerous to put all your eggs in a broken basket and all your songs into broken records.

            2. Kan(y)e is a good example as to how anyone can invoke any word and go through motions of devotion to the Divine but that doesn’t make them holier than thou.

          2. guiffre = re: FF GUI (insertion of a false file)
            guiliani = AI in l’ GUI

            false nAIR Ra tives sucking the chi

    1. That source code thing is fascinating, Frank. So strange and fascinating. I know you can see it if you hit certain buttons but if you didn’t then do cool!! Did you read through it?
      One day I had MV open and then put my phone done. When I picked it up again there was dialogue I did not make typed into a comet box. It said something like what are we going to do now? How do you want this to end? I thought you were police.. I was like 🌜🌛

      1. Anon

        The song was playing on YT and I left it to play whilst I made coffee. I returned and the screen was full of code. I thought the computer had gone into meltdown or something but then I realised it was its own page and had its own address.

        And the source code for Crystals suddenly appearing from now here caught my attention to say the least . I downloaded it today and had a look. Nothing really jumped out though.

  2. Last night I had vivid dream after vivid dream. Many scary. And so detailed and graphic.

    For one, Lady Gaga was merked.
    Another had something to do w Chelsea which I saw clearly as Chalees (chalice).
    Then all of buckingham burned; it was irretrievably over.
    Then the Divine played with clouds and sang to children who sang back in all languages of the earth. That part was quite beautiful.

    1. There are things called “digital twins”. The electronic AI disrupting and high jacking human aura. Twitter is full of them. They tell you what to say and what you want to hear and hope that you take the synthetic sync and rebroadcast it, make it “real.” When t rump said he’d drain the swamp and then used the kek movement whose logos is a frog to help him, he meant he was going to drain the life out of his followers. He’s a user. People say he’s a hero with godlike status but if they’re honest all they have to look at is his name calling, the way he built his “wealth” and managed properties and the way he manipulated ppl’s hatred of the other to build a wall that kills the nature along it, acts as a frequench barrier (at least psychologically) and helps ppl launder money and cover financial sins.

      The Ma’ath is in. Trump, Ivanka, Melania, Kushner and co are plasTik. They are frauds. Have you seen IV’s last video to a graduating class? Think that’s a human behind the gloss? Think again.

      Tick tock, frauds!

        1. Poor kan(y)e. They electrocute him when he goes off script and throw him back in the world to make a fool of himself chasing prosperity religion and a plastik Jesus. As if a plasTik wife weren’t enough.

          1. Did you see the latest GUI kan(y)e released with *black* bodies all in red on the hills of Y-o Ming and those creepy military planes? Like…military planes for real? Who wants to guess if the choir got out alive?

        2. The FF’s are responsible for what you call the Mandela effect which is nothing but an amplified form of book/bok cooking. TIK are bankrupt, insolvent but they kick that can down the road and put liens on other people’s chi in order to continue sputtering along and living “large”. It’s coming to an end.

        3. TIK need/ed “digital soldiers” because they have no life force of their own. They used them to rig the Logos and the logo-rhythms. They started by creating bots to push through the “quantum”, then hijacked the fanatic zeal of self described (and self deceived) “Christians”. ( I put Christians in quotes bc imo many who describe themselves this way are not Christian- they are digital Christians and Christians in word only. I do not put it in quotes because I am against Christos). These fanatic Qcult members had their biases triggered -the prez triggers them, checks all their cult-ural boxes- so they worked for free. Like their lives depended on it. In fact, they lost their lives in a digital swamp and are co-responsible for the violence of scrubbing books and scrubbing boks of peoples who didn’t consent.

        4. Remember when lushner went to his brotherhood counterpart in Saudi Arabia and had that FFandangle about the encryption codes of WhatsApp? Remember when the prez did that seance with his SA brotherhood around that glowing crystal ball?


        5. tik תיק
          “bag, satchel” and “file, dossier, portfolio”.

          תֹּךְ tôk, toke; or תּוֹך tôwk; (Psalm 72:14), from the same base as H8432 (in the sense of cutting to pieces); oppression:—deceit, fraud.

          remember the socalled ”steal (sic) dossier”? aka the t-rusSIA dossier?
          All FF.

          steal tesla stele stela

    2. Anti is New Testament AI.
      The s-TAIN on hue-manity
      It’s the biblical Ai in the land of Cannan.
      Cannan is body of data that is “approved” and used in brainwashing.

    1. Flashback to LOST

      “In the afterlife, the remnants of the statue, along with the rest of the Island, appeared submerged in the ocean in the world created by the collective consciousness of the islanders. An ankh and the left foot of the statue were visible.”

      1. WOW!!!
        I so see the link between digit-al artifacts and collective consciousness.
        All those bots— pushing stories to seed the next round of collective consciousness after “armageddeon.” Like tat – trump and tesla….entities being foisted into the global mind.

  3. The Q-what-hmmm Whirled is fucking weird so make of it what you will.

    Trump finally answers the Big Q-uestion last night – “I know no-thing…but apparently Q likes ME”

    And Austin Steinbart i.e. “Little Q” is gaining clout on YouTube as “[Big] Q is ME – 40 years in the future…and also appointed head of the Space Force.” (See 09:11) In another video, he mentions Space Force is SpaceX,

      1. I’m wondering if “meeting oneself ” is actually meeting someone who looks NOTHING like you.

        Trump is operating on the principle all news is fake news and all news is good news. It funnels and constructs the CC toward him. The details don’t matter. Yet. He’ll tweak those later.

        1. in other words he loves the fake news! he’s constructed his entire innerchi on it. where would he be without it?

    1. Fool disclosure:

      I’d like to see all of the tv guys gone and I’d like to see a world where huemans manage themselves, their families, their neighborhoods. Who are these fakes in politricks anyway? Tick tock phonies!

  4. Someone said Stonehenge was erected in the 1500’s when England realized it had none of the grandeur of ancient Kemet and needed to make itself feel better. 😆

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