Happy Birthday


Firstly, there are very extreme energies in the ether at present. FWIW, I’m taking the course of accepting the energies and letting it go wherever it goes as best I can.

And another example of ‘Stranger Things’ with the new Democratic choice as Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris, if Joe Biden wins the US election later in the year.



Wrestling with demons.

A few days earlier on 9th August prior to the announcement of Kamala Harris as the choice of VP in the election race, WWE wrestler James Kamala Harris died.



9th August was the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. And another wrestler famous in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s – Kendo Nagasaki. And the Mask and Big Daddy.



Mein Kampf.



Recently, I’ve been examining my past and childhood. It is possible that I’ve had two childhoods and maybe two lives. Maybe more. The most likely scenario and explanation to me was that my memories are a mix of the two childhoods. And I would be surprised if this didn’t apply to others as well. ‘Tell me about your weird childhood’.

Yesterday, someone suggested I examine my Birth Certificate. I lost my original birth certificate probably sometime in the 2000s, probably around 2006 when I first noticed that it had gone. A few years later, I need a birth certificate for something or other. And so I applied for a new certificate in 2009 and a new certificate was sent to me.

Here is a copy of the birth certificate d/d 22/10/2009.



In 2018, I applied for a passport and as part of the process I included my birth certificate in the application. A while later I received a letter saying the copy I sent wasn’t adequate as Identity as it didn’t have a proper watermark, frank or seal. The copy I sent was the form I received from Folkestone council.

I then had to apply again and this time a Certificate adequate for the passport was sent to me.

Below is the certificate sent to me in 2018. There’s a lot of weird stuff going on with it anyway . It is dated 911/2018, and is numbered code 404 and also I was born in a house called Gateways but that’s not the main point of this article. It could be there is a good reason for the anomalies between the two certificates but a quick Google about UK birth certificates suggests both copies should be the same.



When I dug out my birth certificate to have a look at it yesterday I compared the two documents and there are differences which I cannot explain.

Firstly the numbering. One copy shows the number 404 as type written and the second as hand written.

Next in Section 4, my father’s surname is in lower case in 2009 doc but is in capitals in the 2018 doc. In Section 5, the same process can be seen with my mother’s name.

And in Section 7 my father’s name has changed. In the 2009 doc he signed it as stated. In 2018 doc he has not signed it and his initials have changed from DC to GE Tremayne it looks like but in the handwriting of whoever wrote the document. In Section 8, 1960 is written totally by hand in one doc and in the other 19 is already included and 60 has been added by hand.

I’m no expert on Birth certificates and the process so maybe duplicates were made but the handwriting and where it is placed in the docs look identical.

It’s very Peter Bishopish from Fringe and the Walternate Universe. See also ‘Dark City’ movie. And looking for a Peter Bishop pic I came across this image – ‘The Answers Are The Question’.



There’s more than one of everything.



We seem to be coming to a point where metaphysical theory such as alternate timelines and the Mandela Effect and all the rest maybe becoming fact or at the least very possible. As things stand it is difficult to have incontrovertible proof for much of this but personal experience is showing reality is very different to how it actually shows itself.

I also noticed in the birth certificate that my father’s occupation is listed as Quarry Manager. And The Beatles were originally known as The Quarrymen.



The Long and Winding Road.


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      1. Is that the last line in the Bible, Frank?

        I once read only the last page in a loved one’s Bible and wept and one of last sentences. It was so beautiful and the only bit that ever needed to be said. Imo. Summed it all up.

            1. Planck Time

              ‘Planck Time

              The Planck time is the fundamental unit of time in the system of Planck Units. It has the value:

              tp = 5.39 × 10-44 s

              In SI units, measurements of time are made in seconds (usually given the symbol s). Although using seconds is convenient for everyday life, such as measuring the time it takes for an athlete to sprint 100 metres or the duration of a phone call, it becomes less practical when we discuss the sequence of events that happened in the very early Universe (such as the onset of inflation that occurred 10-35s after the Big Bang).’


  1. Kamala Devi Harris
    James ‘Kamala’ Harris
    Their names differ as such – “James Devi”.
    “James Devi” = 88 (English Ordinal)
    3+3+3 letters
    James Kamala Harris died on the 9th (3+3+3).
    “James” = 48 (English Ordinal) = 8+8+8+8+8+8
    “Devi” = 40 (English Ordinal) = 8+8+8+8+8
    So their two names differ by only 8.
    The elite Satanists use the number 8 to signify THEIR New Beginning.

    However, his real name was James Arthur Harris and Kamala was only his ring name.
    He was 70 when he died, the exact same number of days remaining in the year after Kamala Devi Harris was announced as VP running mate for Biden.

      1. Kamala means also pale red.
        Another reference to Prence Haris.
        Isn’t his son’s name Harris-son?
        Messin with our chi.

        1. Here’s a link about Glastonbury and an oak tree called Gog. And there’s a Magog as well.


          I’ve been to Glastonbury a few times. End of 1990s and early 2000s. When I was at the Stone warehouse we had some customers in Glastonbury and I went down there. To be honest I wasn’t that impressed with the area as I thought I would be but I didn’t visit the Tor. The town was too commercial for my taste. Down that way I prefer Cornwall.

          This tree stuff started again for me – and Jen – on 18/7 according to pic date. Jenny has her own Oak tree link as well. And Harris. I went out for walk and came across ‘Oaklands 1-2-3’ and then Jen and I watched Castle in the Sky which has a giant tree at the centre of it and been all trees since. Took these pics at time.



            1. The strangest ‘spiritual’ area I’ve been to in England is Walsingham in Norfolk where the virgin Mary made an appearance. There’s a pilgrimage every May bank holiday. My brother lived up that way and we went along on the bank holiday sometime in 1980s.

              It was insane. Full of all the denominations you can imagine. And lots of incense and chanting. Totally freaked me out.


  2. https://meroveushome.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/ryan.jpg

    ‘Ryan Breaux, the younger brother of singer Frank Ocean, died on August 2, 2020, according to a close friend, Charlotte Rose, who shared a tribute post on Instagram. He was 18. Breaux would’ve turned 19 on September 1, 2020.’


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