The Tunnel And The Light

It will be Rain’s birthday on 13th August. Getting it in early.

Happy Birthday 🙂 .

‘Across Endless Dimensions’.



The End of the Universe as we know it !




It’s creating something new. Reflections and refractions.




It’s Time.

On 6th August 2020, President Trump issued an Executive Order banning TikTok – White If an American buyer is not found or other arrangements are made TikTok will be banned after 45 days. And 6th August was the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The time that it’s always been.



And Greenwich and Sirius Dogging Days.




New Cycle Parking.




It’s getting very weird around here !



But there is good news. The Light at the End of the Tunnel showed up yesterday afternoon.



About fxxking time !


61 thoughts on “The Tunnel And The Light

            1. And is the way of things a new Dimash video turned up in my YT feed an hour or so ago.

              Qairan Elim. Holy Land according to my translator. Looks like Kazakhstan to my eyes. I maybe completely wrong. Ancient energies surfacing.

              Testing Testing.

              ‘What is the meaning of life without trials?
              Difficulties temper,
              And the tempered cannot be broken…
              But only time will heal everything…’

              1. Dimash made this video on his own
                thank you Frank, for the kind words about my home country
                with love

  1. Biden chooses Harris as running mate.
    “Kamala Harris” = 672 (English Sumerian) = 666+6
    Exactly 6+6 letters

    KAMALA 3 pyramids with capstones there.

    “Kamala” = 234 (English Sumerian) and 234+432 = 666.
    “Kamala” = 39 (English Ordinal) or 13+13+13.
    6 letters

    “Joseph Biden” = 642 (English
    Sumerian) and 642+246 = 888
    “Kamala Harris” = 672 (English Sumerian) = 666+6
    Together 642+672 = 1314 = 438+438+438.

    Putting the two surnames together –
    “Harris Biden” = 642 (English Sumerian) and 642+246 = 888

    Putting the two first names together –
    “Kamala Joseph” = 672 (English Sumerian) = 666+6
    Exactly 6+6 letters

    Putting his first name and her surname together –
    “Joseph Harris” = 876 (English Sumerian) = 438+438 or 73×12 +
    They BOTH = 438! Joseph = 438 and Harris = 438.
    Then Kamala Biden = 438 as well! (see immediately below)

    Putting her first name and his surname together –
    “Kamala Biden” = 438 (English Sumerian) = 73×12, exactly half the Joseph Harris value above.

    Full names –
    “Kamala Devi Harris” = 152 (English Ordinal) 1+5+2 = 8
    “Joseph Robinette Biden” = 215 (English Ordinal) 2+1+5 = 8
    What a coincidence that they both have the same 3 digits and thus both
    add to 8 thus forming an ’88’

    The difference between 215 and 152 = (7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7).
    16 letters plus 20 letters = 6+6+6+6+6+6 letters.

    “Kamala Devi Harris” = 912 (English Sumerian) 9+1+2 = 12
    “Joseph Robinette Biden” = 1290 (English Sumerian) 1+2+9 = 12
    Same 3 digits again 12+12 = 8+8+8
    6+6+6+6+6+6 letters

    The difference between the two full names = 1290-912 = 378 = (6+6+6)x(7+7+7)
    3+7+8 = 6+6+6.

    And now the BIG bazooka – the two middle names –
    “Devi Robinette” = 888 (English Sumerian)
    13 letters.

    Looks a lot like a Satanic ritual to me!

    Somewhere it was said that Biden does what Obama says.

    1. From her last birthday on 20/10/2019 to being named as Biden’s VP Running mate = 296 days.
      296 = 37×8
      This is of course the first number that contains the factors of 37 and 8.
      37 is a very, very important number.
      In Greek gematria all the titles of Jesus are divisible by both 37 and 8.
      Are we created by God? Well every single human being who has lived on planet earth has a normal body temperature of 37 degrees C. But many of those people living now reject God and Jesus. As time goes by they will be painted into a corner leaving themselves no option but to worship antichrist, Mr 666, and given the Mark of the Beast which will permit them to continue to buy and sell. They will be unaware that it also will ensure they do not go to Heaven but instead to Hell.
      Do you not see this looming even now with all the world being locked down and forced to wear masks because of this scamdemic?

      1. Hope you have a great day. How are all your animals? Hope they’re warm and cozy in the ark. 🌞

          1. MJ

            In the Mad House I think ! Wherever you look.

            The energies are extraordinary. All the comfort zones are going.

            What I’ve found frustrating all along is there seems to be a part of us that seems to understand but the conscious mind doesn’t. Many years ago – probably about 2010 – in my internal chatter with the Universe I frustratingly wanted to know exactly how reality worked. And the reply was it can’t be explained only experienced.


        1. Etymology of struggle.

          Ill Will.


          late 14c., of uncertain origin, probably a frequentative form with -el (compare trample, wrestle), but the first element is of uncertain origin. Skeat suggests Old Norse strugr “ill will;” others suggest a connection to Dutch struikelen, German straucheln “to stumble.” Related: Struggled; struggling.

    1. Since dems and reps are all one side, I’m guessing we’ll see a purple ticket w Harris and Pence. (PH -balance. Pence Harris -Prince Harry). It codes in dhyana.

      Current tops of tickets “retired.”

      1. In Sanskrit, Kamala means lotus which is beautiful. The lotus potus flotus all in one if she takes office. More dhyana code.

        Dream, I was watching some talks of a yoga master who holds sangham for Finns steeped in the practice and research of Indian mystics. It’s remarkable the ease to which they pronounce the names and concepts. I wonder if Finnish has related words and sounds.

    1. It is all a matter of control of the whole population by forcing everyone to wear a mask. Once that is achieved then next will be the vaccine! You WILL take the vaccine . . . or else!! You naughty people will be punished!!! Next comes the Mark of the Beast which will qualify you for Hell. Bad move! Much better to worship God through Jesus Christ. Don’t take the Mark!

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