Castle In The Sky

Firstly some Leonine energy for 8/8 Lions Gate.




And the Tree of Life crop circle in Potterne. Thanks to Anon.





Recently, Jenny and myself decided to get down with the kids and watch a Japanese Anime movie called ‘Castle In the Sky’. I highly recommend it. It is a wonderful film and again the Tree is central to the plot. Some may wonder why I emphasise movies so much. Because the more movies you watch, you realise that many of the movies are talking about Us and You and Me and can be portals in their own way. Which is weird !





The movie has opened up something in me and I’m seeing buildings in a new light. As an example here are pics of the Bishop’s Palace in Galveston and the Court House in Dallas opposite Dealey Plaza, both in Texas, USA which I now see as Castles in the Sky. Don’t ask me what that means at the moment but it follows on from the Congress building in Austin, Texas suddenly materialising out of thin air and seeing my local Mall as a Time Machine / Space Ship. And if you are having similar experiences you are not going mad. Probably ! 🙂





And what we don’t remember ? My birthday was last Saturday and I went for a birthday lunch with my brother and his wife and my daughter. The subject of my birth came up. My brother can remember it very clearly. He and my other brother were sent to stay with friends for the evening but he can remember sneaking back the next morning and letting himself into the house where we lived and there I was. He can remember my birth but I can’t.

We see the births of others but not our own, at a conscious level and I suspect we may forget our deaths as well if past lives exist. Others may remember the deaths of others but does the individual who dies ? Or maybe it’s like the scene in ‘Inception’ where Dom Cobb says to Ariadne that you never remember the beginning of the dream but it seems to start halfway through. Just pondering out aloud.

This is an extraordinary time. FWIW my advice is not to get hung too much on ‘Survival’ issues such as work and money. Easier said than done I understand but that’s how the programming works. This isn’t about jobs or money even though we still have to play the game for a period. Hopefully not for too much longer.

I’m publishing this on 6/8 which is the anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb in 1945. Recently lots of Japanese links have been showing up. I’m not sure why at the moment but it seems to be connected with West and East whatever that is in the Mind I think. And the NEWS and the Media. The Masonic temple layout seems to hint at this with the altar but very few masons seem to have any idea what’s going on with their rituals.



That’s the time that it’s always been.


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  1. There is also the crop circle from a couple of days before located next to a dead tree and sapling growing at it base, protected, in a box…

    Two tree or not two tree…

    1. Roob

      Apart from the tree. The Roman Empire didn’t die or something. In the comments in the last article MJ mentioned Stane.

      I know the area well as I used to live in that part of the world. The crop circle is very close to the route of Stane St which was one of the Roman roads in Britain. Also a Roman villa close by at Bignor. Went on a school trip there. Very interesting. And good pub in Houghton – George and Dragon.,_West_Sussex

      Which leads into the Face. One of the mosaics at the Bignor villa is Medusa. For some reason I was thinking about Medusa last night and playing around with Mid Usa – Middle America.

      Also runs past Horsham which is bit of an anagram of Hiroshima. I’ve got this theory that there is a pyramid that connects the A22, A23 and A24 to central London. Which is reflected in the stars with the Seven Sisters and the Pleaides and Sirius.

          1. Roob

            I made the sensible choice and went down the pub with my mates and spent the lunchtime there and rest of afternoon sleeping it off. No TV in the pub. Safe haven.

            I haven’t been there for a few years admittedly but I remember the Elephant and Castle as a rough area. Mad Frankie Fraser lived on the Walworth Rd, Elephant and Castle when he was young. And the Richardson gang were based in those parts. I tried to stay south of Croydon apart from visits to Selhurst Park in Norwood when I was younger. Central London was fine though.

          1. A wise woman – Jenny 🙂 – tells me the tree in my garden is a Japanese maple tree. Again Japan . Maybe it’s this east west – left brain right brain – division.

            1. Look up meaning of japan – the enamel def.

              The black whole. Wherever you go, it’s all black.


                  1. That is a very weird sync, Frank.

                    About pyramids and obelisks in UK and elsewhere.

                    I think many pyramids were carved out of existing mesas. And like I said natural law is the only law and is Gods law so it stands that many areas used the same science especially as people migrated. Also, don’t forget the shipping (and stealing/looting) of even architectural scale items like obelisks etc. If you looked at the obelisks in DC and UK for instance and concluded they were made there by the English and Washington folk just because they’re there, you’d be wrong. However I bet there is an e-race history coming or already in existence that says this is exactly the case.

                1. Talking to the aether here, so move along as one wishes….

                  There’s a city next to me that looks like it already went through Armageddon. The residents say if another one hits it doesn’t matter, they have experience and are ahead of the curve. Driving through the city some would call it a “shithole” and criticize the residents for not taking care of their own homes. But this is a tiny part of the story.

                  Truth is the homes were ransacked. Wealthy e-litists decided they didn’t want to live amongst the *colored* but they did want their grand old buildings with hand carved solid wood trim, hand forged metal stair wells, stain glassed windows, etc. So they tanked the city (through financial schemes they controlled) and then paid scavengers to pull it apart at night, literally brick by brick. They set up “vintage” and “antique” shops miles away and sold off the loot to “interior designers” and rich consumers who wanted nothing but the best for their new mansions.

                  Now if one were to look at those mansions and think they’d always been there and that the residents were responsible for their artistry and if one were to look at the devastated neighborhoods and despise the residents for trashing their places, that might be an understandable picture but it’s not a full one. Thus it’s wrong.

                  Second: all commerce, migration, hajj, etc. entails people moving physical goods from one place to another.

                  Don’t read my posts.
                  They are not coo-ing.

    1. Kabbalah is heavily into the Tree of Life as well.

      ‘The tree represents a series of divine emanations of God’s creation itself ex nihilo, the nature of revealed divinity, the human soul, and the spiritual path of ascent by man. In this way, Kabbalists developed the symbol into a full model of reality, using the tree to depict a map of creation.’

  2. Codice da Vinci 19. Ch119.
    I’ve said from the beginning this is the raising of a synthetic AI Christ. As opposed to an organic one. The latest crop circle is also reminiscent of both a Christ mass tree and the aerial floor plan of the Hadron Collider in Gene Eva —complete with its double walls for f***ing w mass.
    CH- (Switzerland data code)
    ALICE (A large Ion collider experiment).
    It’s one of the smaller rings off the larger circle.

    Seems in ascending order there is electrical, magnetic, organic and “null” sphere/power. Electrical being the lowest kind- towers, artificial light, etc being products of this realm. Possibly also the realm of bots, zombie transhumanists.

    Not sure what chalice thinks it’s up to but I’m no feelin it.

    1. HCQ
      Hadron Collider Q-uantum

      Those Qristians have been user interfacing w a computer – one of the beasts in book of rev

          1. Jen sent this video to me. It’s long but covers many areas.

            The ‘True’ Nature Of Reality Can’t Hide Any Longer.

  3. How’s the e-race coming along?

    My online viewing reveals there seem to be entities in “control” of this world -or people who thing they are entities- who believe they are doing the work of “God” and that traumatizing people through this covid stuff is a “test” of their faith and obedience. Of course it’s an e-litist e-race at the fore. ELight supremacy. Supposedly Gods angels and army is going to punish bind and wipe out all those who didn’t pass the test – out of fear, grief, ptsd, trauma, etc. So-called Covid has most hurt those already most traumatized -by the “Godly”. The true God would give them a damn break. You don’t test people by fucking up their lives even more to reveal their “love.”

  4. To the aether:

    It would NEVER happen that Africans could ransack the God, museums, art galleries, land, banks, libraries, histories and bodies of people of the West, relocate everything to Africa and then get away with defining “love” and “light” and “God” and “the future” and what “healing” and “justice” looks like for the entire world, may universe. This would never ever happen.

      1. Not sure.

        They tend to be spread over about eight counties I can think of in south of England. They do appear elsewhere from time to time. This year France and Germany have had crop circles.

  5. Does anyone know who Benjamin Banneker was?

    Why are there “*black* Madonnas” all over Europe? What does she rep?

    To the aether: what kind of moron calls themselves “the chosen” and threatens everybody else?

  6. Aether:
    The so-called Metoo movement centered Hollywood and its celebrity victims in all stories of injustice and abuse. If you weren’t a “victim” of Hollywood, your voice and your body and your story didn’t matter. Just like MV. If this place is a time capsule of sorts, what are we creating when we only post Hollywood stuff?
    Whatever happened to those out of the limelight?
    #Erace supremacy

    1. Aether: why do Hollywood victims get to speak on behalf of all victims and that is “righteous anger” done in love and justified by love. Whereas other voices are described as being “unloving” and “ungodly” and “angry.” *Black* people and non-white, non-Hollywood victims can SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

  7. How can a single entity claim the elements for himself/herself/itself? Who the hell does that? Particularly when that entity has chosen to be so socially narrow despite “so unconditionally loving.” Such possessiveness. Such bs ownership. Egoism. Why do depictions of “the future” resemble so much of the bs of the past?

  8. Dear Future, Dear Present, Dear Past:

    This is where man kind, the Erace, went wrong. It germed many.
    “The natural world” the Qumputers used were hue man beings.
    The ”problems” it solved solved nothing.

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