Tik Tok


WHO says there is no Silver Bullet. Who says ?

Fangs for the memory.





Reflections in the mirror.



For Whom The Bell Tolls.

In the Weird or Wotan mirror Trump announces the end of Tik Tok in US.



And the App All fire in California. It’s wild fire.



On Saturday I went to The Bell in Godstone for a birthday meal.

Ding Dong.




Some time ago I wrote that I saw 2020 in three waves. The first wave from the beginning of the year and the second wave from 25/5 up to 8/8 and the Lions Gate. Bang on queue the 25/5 coincided with the death of George Floyd and I anticipate the third wave will begin after going through the Lions Gate portal on 8/8 and then I think it will get seriously, seriously weird up to the end of 2020. If you can imagine anything weirder than at present.

And this magnificent Lion showed up for me at the end of last week.



Tik Tok.


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    1. Rain

      Good to hear from you. How are things with you and in Kazakhstan ?

      I didn’t know this but there was an Oz book by Frank Baum titled ‘Tik Tok of Oz’.

      ‘Tik-Tok of Oz is the eighth Land of Oz book written by L. Frank Baum, published on June 19, 1914. The book actually has little to do with Tik-Tok and is primarily the quest of the Shaggy Man (introduced in The Road to Oz) to rescue his brother, and his resulting conflict with the Nome King.’


      And this on Reddit :

      ‘One of the maps in L. Frank Baum’s eighth Oz book, Tik-Tok of Oz, had east and west reversed. The Wizard of Oz is an inspiration for The Dark Tower, so I think your first explanation is possible.’ Source: https://oz.fandom.com/wiki/Maps_of_Oz.

      Reminds me of your map with Kazakhstan being north of America.

      1. hello Frank!
        I’m glad to hear you)
        in the TV series darkness everything is twisted on travels to different worlds
        it all started in 1974 and ended with a nuclear explosion in June or July 2020
        during the explosion, antimatter was formed, which made it possible to move between the past, present and future https://sun2.beeline-kz.userapi.com/IrnM8Ts1JQK9BRZNtxEMD0uMnaxMKX1Oe3XnzQ/KTY4EVSUVVY.jpg https://sun1.beeline-kz.userapi.com/pzqlxA-paGP8vz7UKHEQKrIeI-bee3EXwIViIA/GKLaRGkaUOc.jpg

      2. I was wrong.
        the very first explosion in 1986 is played out there.
        I suppose Chernobyl is the prototype of the plot
        this antimatter was hidden until 2020.

    1. May I ask: what is the point of crop circles, their meaning? Why are they linked to “spirituality”?

      1. Many look machine made with mechanistic patterns. Makes the universe feel like nothing more than a mechanism. What happened to flowy lines and random shapes?

      1. Funny Elena. Was just thinking those doctored videos are prob made by a greasy teen in a basement in Corea.
        My guess is that’s where core servers are.
        Just writing sci fi for fun of course

      2. Elena, thank you. Another weird Simpsons prophecy. Down here in the south, the traffic message reads “SLOW DOWN, Y’ALL”
        What if there were no signs telling us what not to do?!

      1. Your comets are always a rabbit hole.
        I looked up Chalkwell Park, which led to The Crow Stone, that used to be ‘STANE’, that led to this…

        Holy shift! I didn’t know about this.

        Charlie will be so happy to know about this

        SPELLing and CURSive is not his cup of tea.

        And it makes me think of the story of Zaccheaus, the tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus and Jesus said “C’mon down! Party at your house!”


    1. Ok sorry. Forgot it’s 2020. No NOTHING allowed. Just trying to be more floofy and heart-ish rather than thoughts-ish. I thought you’d lauph at the lisp. 😖
      Why are you saying Frank! MJ! and showing crop circle? IDK why they look so geometric, if it were up to me, I’d sprout something edible and different every crop circle. Why don’t they grow bananas? That would be a better miracle but wtf do I know. And why they look that way sometimes seems to be for the cause of communicating about something calculable, like alignments in the heavens. The communication does look mechanical. But if you live in a world where a total freak-out happens if there’s any discussion about anything, a simple way would be to show a reflection of the heavens, as to say “some cosmic sh*t is happening here” because wavy lines get ignored. They SINe.

      1. MJ

        I was thinking about a phrase yesterday – There is no law apart from God’s. Which in a nutshell is you have unlimited freedom.

        1. I agree, Frank. The things that pop up around us that seem intrusive and imposing must be some deep-rooted stuff in the subconscious. The tree of life is in the middle of that crop circle. I don’t think I have ever seen one like that. I think its beautiful.

      2. What? My comet wasn’t meant in a bad way at all. I was expressing excitement because finally something organic in the crop circle! And yes the lisp and etymology you shared and everything about your post gave me tingles and sparkles. What did you read otherwise in it?
        Anyway, thank you again for sharing it.

    2. Anon

      That is Wow!!!!!

      The Family Tree.


      Had all sorts come up with trees over last few weeks. Took this pic yesterday.

      Down Orchard Rd. And Apple Fire as well in California. Back to the Garden or something.


      And Hogwarts, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. The World of Magic.

  1. What kind of tree do you think this is?


    Maybe an Ash tree?

    “The ash tree was thought to have medicinal and mystical properties and the wood was burned to ward off evil spirits. In Norse mythology, ash was the ‘Tree of Life’ and the first man on Earth was said to have come from an ash tree. Even today it is sometimes known as the ‘Venus of the woods’. In Britain, druids regarded the ash as sacred and their wands were often made of ash because of its straight grain.”

  2. The explosion is the Lion’s Gate and full moon in Aquarius. The celestial alignments forming squares and oppositions makes a tension that was bound to snap (or explode). Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, which is now in Taurus (fixed earth sign). Uranus (Ouranos, meaning Heaven) meets Earth (Gaia). Ka-POW! ⚡️
    Beirut is an ancient Phoenician port and is on the 33rd parallel. There is something I have been seeing that alludes to the Earth’s magnetic field, the seemingly lock-down of free energy, and 33 being a number that also has meaning about this control and lockdown of natural resources.
    August 4 is the 216th day of the year.
    216 = 6 x 6 x 6
    It’s the number of the Sun and the number of man. The Sun (or Son) is the transformer of energy and how the biological part manifests. I think its safe to say that a transformation is happening?
    Here’s more what I mean about energy, the Sun, and nuclear energy.
    In 2007 on August 4, NASA launched the Phoenix rover to Mars from Arizona (where Phoenix is) on the 33rd parallel with a pop. of approx. 1,680,000. Phoenix is also called the “Valley of the Sun” and was founded on Feb. 25, 1881, 2.25 or 25.2.
    Back to the Phoenix rover. It landed on Mars on Roob’s bday 5.25 in 2008.
    In Phoenix, there is the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station which is the largest power plant in the United States by net generation. Its average electric power production is about 3.3 gigawatts.

  3. We were driving back from Charliestown, South Carolina and there is a massive power plant on the SC/Georgia border called the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, which is on the 33rd parallel, very close to AUGUSTA, Georgia. Construction of the plant began on August 1, 1976.
    And there’s this…
    “Hephzibah is a city in southern Richmond County, in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is part of the AUGUSTA metropolitan area. The population was 4,011 at the 2010 census. The name was taken from the Bible, where Hephzibah is a poetic name used by the Prophet Isaiah to refer to the City of Jerusalem in the Old Testament. In The Old Covenant, Ancient Paleo-Hebrew language, which was spoken during the time of The Messiah, the name means “My delight is in Her.””
    Back to Augusta, “Augusta was established in 1736 and is named for Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha (1719–1772), the bride of Frederick, Prince of Wales and the mother of the British monarch George III.”

    Hmmm. Interesting. Because in Phoenix, Arizona…
    Winsor (solar wind), who is Saxe-Gotha.

    In Phoenix, there is a neighborhood called “Biltmore” and there is also a Biltmore resort.

    Which brings us to The Biltmore Estate in ASHEVILLE, North Carolina!

    Phoenix rising from the ASHES.

    “wedding bells rang as Cornelia married the Honorable John Francis Amherst Cecil at All Souls Church in Biltmore Village on April 27, 1924. It was a joyous occasion as guests from around the world descended upon the quiet little town of Asheville. Mr. Cecil was a British diplomat and a descendant of Lord Burghley, who was High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I.”


    ‘survive virus’ of the CORONA (crown), which isn’t real but big shift happening and lots of things happening.


    1. That puppet story is hilariously absurd.
      (Not a comet against you, MJ.)
      I see guiffre as guiFFre (false flag) and GUIffre (graphic user interface). The voyeuristic, digital (digits-fingers) probing of her story by Q people+ is kind of like a rape. And they may be said to be Andrew’s “puppets”. Maybe he is the mastermind of this line of the rabbit hunt and they’ve all taken the master bait.

    1. MJ

      Isaias…I’ve heard a bunch of different pronunciations of the name, but when I read the word Isaias I read Isis.

      She was passing over Philae yesterday morning as my clock radio woke me up to…’didn’t I blow your mind this time, didn’t I ?’.
      And she flooded the land with her tears.
      Who controls the water? Who has power?

      And because of the tie to Isaiah, The Prophet, maybe prophetic.

  4. People are mad at me because I don’t believe in the characters of Musk or Tesla as I’m supposed to.

    Frank, you say there is only Gods law. In same way, there is only Natural Law and that is knowable to everyone. We are born knowing this. It’s the false idol worship, abuse and propaganda that distances us from it. We don’t need individual “discoverers” (disc coverers) anymore. It’s like saying so and so discovered how to drink water or breathe air…

  5. I do believe crop circles are man made tho.
    Directed energy laser “cutting”- a tech thing

    1. Any perfect squares, perfectly straight lines, perfect triangles? Plato shapes are abstractions (thus removed).

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