Love Is A Gunman

When all is said and done.

‘Love Is A Gunman And No Mercy Has He.’



Are you packing Amo ?

Te Ammo.



And are you feeling lucky ?


Our Unbelievable Universe and the Matter of Matter.

Expect a big surprise.




And she’s a very Sirius lady.

FAB. Thunderbirds Are Go.




Thank you for waiting.


88 thoughts on “Love Is A Gunman

    1. Roob

      Just read your article. Lisa slightly spoiled the News lockdown for me. She never talks about news and then puts it in a text. The way of life or something.

      You get dealt a hand and it’s what you do with it. Bluffing is most people’s take on it I’ve noticed.

                  1. Frank

                    Thinking this is a total sensory test.
                    Emerge and see, eye sight.
                    Herd immunity, heard ear.
                    And one of the lingering effects of covid 19 is a loss of taste and smell.
                    Touch comes under social distancing.
                    Lesser known are the vestibular, balance.
                    And proprioception the sense of body movement and position.

                    It’s the 2020 Census. ๐Ÿ˜‚

                    1. Elena

                      Thanks for posting about Golden Gate bridge.

                      Jen and I were discussing whether to have a News Lockdown on Saturday morning or not and she wrote this in an email to me. You would think she knew. Probably did.

                      You want a sign type thing. Maybe got there before Solar eclipse.

                      ‘Hope this Test flips the script and Rainbow Bridges appear on the other side of the Solar Eclipse.’

                      Awesome !

                      And about senses.

                      A woman passed me by earlier wearing a T Shirt that read ‘Can you feel it’.

                      And the Census is about numbers. How many Coronavirus victims died today ? I don’t want to know if anyone takes that literally. Senses and Numbers as in Numbness. What is your Number to numb the pain ? Again a rhetorical question.

                    2. Frank

                      And those census numbers are connected to how money is spent.
                      In other words, the debt payment.

                    3. Elena

                      Damn talking snake !

                      If you have more numbers in your bank account you feel less anxiety. Or bits of metal or paper which someone has drawn on and signed.

                    4. That talking snake is a whistleblower.

                      And also George Floyd and the ‘counterfeit bill’.
                      Like those bills I get for medical services that Medicare doesn’t fully cover. “This amount is your responsibility.”
                      No payment is due, because no debt was incurred.

                      And anyway why tie death, what ever that is, to the sensitivity of an angry offended god?
                      With a crappy comb over and orange skin. ๐Ÿ˜‚

                    1. TTN

                      He looks fun !!!

                      2020 has been a corker. Though I must admit even now I’m surprised it took so long to get here.

                      How has teaching been ? My daughter has been online teaching which seems to have worked as well as can be expected in the circumstances.

                    2. Hi TTN,

                      Lovely pics . . . . . but how did you get them published please?

                1. TTN

                  Thanks for responding.
                  I starting saying years ago in anticipation of the apocalypse, that it would be a felt experience.
                  Waking up, freeing up, new sensations and all connected to the ‘exposure’ to the love bug. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. 111 = 37+37+37. All triple numbers are divisible by triple 37’s! 222, 333, 444 etc
      37, that most sublime of all numbers as shown in the Holy Bible.
      37 degrees, that number set by our Creator as the normal temperature of the human body.
      There are pages and pages of information on the number 37 on the Internet.

      1. FRANK,

        Not a lot happening here.
        States & Territories
        NSW 3114 / 48 VIC 1685 / 19
        QLD 1062 / 6 WA 570 / 9
        SA 440 / 4 TAS 226 / 13
        ACT 107 / 3 NT 29 / 0

        Only 9 deaths officially (they say) in WA and they are still stringing out a variety of restrictions as long as they possibly can.

        A big questionnaire going through certain schools asking the kids how they are feeling about things. I opted out for my two.
        Temporary road signs advising us to download the Covid 19 tracing App which I and many others will never do.

        Some big rallies here also being in defiance of the social distancing rules.

        Clearly they are trying to bring down the USA so they can bring in their New World Order run by Satan over 10 groups of Nations.
        Some say it might happen in the first two weeks of July. We will soon see.

        1. Hi Ken,

          All the best to you and yours, and thanks most for all for waking me up to the “Mary” Goddess worship deception……

          WHY would I keep saying “Hail Marys” when Jesus taught nothing of it.!!

          Thanks bro!

    1. The “Good News” is…..

      It’s not “Cupid’s Arrow” with Satan’s “romantic triangles ” that will not be denied….

      It’s the LOVE of CHRIST that will NOT be denied.

      When you STAND WITHIN Christ’s Blue impenetrable SHIELD of HIS ARMOR …..

      It has the POWER to deflect that EVIL arrow…. from the FALLEN ANGEL.

      Dancing TOGETHER!


      So simple!

      Yet so HARD


      1. Standing TALL within the power of CHRIST-like LOVE vs. clinging to Satan’s ROMANTIC LOVE(S)…. hahaha, it’s PLURAL!!! (lol)…

        Makes ONE invincible.

        It’s pretty funny too…..

        This video makes my LAUGH


          1. And after EVERY exultation of the TRUTH……

            EVERY SINGLE ONE…..

            Satan will ATTACK.

            Like from the very beginning….

            Jesus and his teachings of the 12 Apostles?

            Was corrupted and basically DESTROYED by yup…

            “Saint” Paul.

            Haha, yeah: the 13th “Apostle”!!!!

            Satan is always BEHIND the Truth in the WORLD we “live” in…..

            If he can’t DECEIVE you ….

            then he will ATTACK you.

            1. Satan is attacking me NOW…..

              My “post” just got DELETED in what is it, real time…?

              What did it say?

              It said that…

              “Only the GOOD die young.”

              Why do “angels” like “Chris Farley” come along….

              Only to DIE young?….


              To keep us “up.”

              To keep us “laughing” and our vibration HIGH….

              To COUNTER Satan’s FORCE of GRAVITY….

              SO that when Jesus DOES come….. we’ll be ready.

              And so so HAPPY!…..

              To CATCH THE WAVE!



              1. Cuz either way…..


                I AM WHO AM….

                IS…. the WAVE.

                Be READY….

                To ride it ……

                Because OTHERWISE?….

                I dare say…..

                IT will take you DOWN.

  1. Point is….


    Well like EVERYTHING in this WORLD…..

    There are GOOD cops and there are BAD cops.

    Their “JOB” is to enforce the law.

    Whether you are black or white.


    Let’s ENFORCE the FACT that ….


    BY the Constitution….

    which says welp….

    basically what we used to “Pledge Our Allegiance” to!



    I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands:
    One Nation Under God
    With Liberty and Justice
    For ALL.”

      1. Bottom line is….

        They’re feeling us out!

        They are PROBING WHO is going to STAND against them…

        I mean, Come ON!

        “Contact Tracing”

        What a JOKE

        You can’t TRACE something that DOESN’t EXIST.

        1. I’m NOT A HERO, and I’m NOT trying.

          I DRINK BEER

          Buckets of it…..

          And if that means I’m a LOSER…..

          Well then, I’m a loser to YOU, period.

          That means?

          I can’t HELP you.

              1. “You see in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend…..

                Those with loaded guns, and those who dig…..

                You dig.”

  2. Frank,

    I’m an “American”

    And I’m just realizing that you and I…..

    We don’t SEE things the same way.

    I think “America” is the greatest nation UNDER GOD on Earth!

    I think you Brits think the very same thing about ENGLAND.

    How’s that for Satan’s deceptions, which divide and conquer us, that turn “like-minded” Children of God to turn against each other…..

    It’s quite diabolical

    When we are really ALL Soldiers of God.

    1. Trinity

      I would question whether countries truly exist but in general an imaginary line in the ground is drawn and a name is given to it. For me Borders are another sign of separation.

      I’ve travelled to a few countries in my time and all have plus and minus points. I can’t say one country is much better than another but I haven’t lived in any other country and only been to Europe and America.

      I only had a brief time in the US and only know about Detroit Airport which I got to know well ๐Ÿ™„ and Texas. The main difference to here that I picked up on was that there seemed to be a low level depression which permeated the air but again I only had a brief stay. But on the flip side I had a fxxking awesome time and apart from the Detroit Airport TSA everyone was very friendly and I can’t describe how much I enjoyed it. And not sure how different it is to the other states, but God is everywhere in Texas.

      That’s me trying to rationalise it but it was extraordinary and had nothing to do with countries or borders. In a way its difficult to explain Texas was saying Welcome Home, Frank.

      But for me the big point is wherever you are there you go.

      And the West Wind moved.

      1. Hahaha, Frank!

        I have been in a quandry: Do I stay? Or, Do I go?

        And just yeah within the last 24 hours I thought….

        Hell, wherever you GO there you ARE.


        It’s really CRAZY… trying to FIND THE WAY OUT!

        It’s HARD

        And at times…..

        WONDER -FULL

    2. Diana she will be heard she will not be silenced by the Silence.

      The greatest deception here is this is not One nation under God. It never was. Had it been, it would not have been โ€“ no โ€“ it would not have been โ€“ the Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons! They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters.

      The only god they serve is the god of money and power they have hijacked and stolen/changed the electromagnetic currency of love and EMPathy.

      Lincoln wanted to take back control of the currency which is why he was assassinated.

      “Let us control the money/currency of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws” was said to be a “maxim” of the House of Rothschilds, or, even more vaguely, of the “money lenders of the Old World”.

      “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. Abraham Lincoln

      And knowing their thoughts, Christ said to them, Any kingdom that is divided against itself is being brought to desolation and laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will last or continue to stand.

      The truth is America was created to be divided and destroyed and to be reborn as the elite’s version of the New Atlantis. To go back to slavery and bloody sacrifice and to be lost once again under the sea of memory.

      We ourselves our currently divided/splintered both within our minds and without and that means we are unstable/anxious and tossed by the waves of doubt not knowing who or what to trust.

      Aurora the goddess of the dawn is the result of the electromagnetic pole which runs through the earth being awakened. The same energy that is trapped at the base of the pole of our spine which has 33 vertebrae.

      Once awakened it flows up through our s pine into our brain and opens up our pine cone which helps us to see clearly as in 2020 vision.

      Then we can differentiate between what is currently real and what is artificial, what is true and what is false.

      Christ was baptised in the Jordan
      (going inward and down the spine,
      the past to awaken his ancestral Divine DNA)
      then once awakened he was filled with the electromagnetic currency and he became the One mind.

      So Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on a pole. And if a serpent bit anyone, he would look at the bronze serpent and live.

      โ€œWake up, O sleeper, from your dream, rise up from the dead, and Christ will shine his blinding light upon you.โ€

      1. TTN

        About reality. I’ve just added this to new article. It’s a weird place.

        ‘Still weird though. About the Turing Test. A couple of days ago two robots walked passed me. It’s the only way I can describe it. They looked just like normal human beings but their movements were robotic to the extreme. Maybe a hint from the Universe or maybe just by thinking about the Turing Test, I somehow manifested them. Whatever, it implies reality is fxxked up. ‘

      2. TTN,

        Thank you. I understand and know about the Freemasons, but I guess what I’m trying to convey is….

        “They” can’t “use” a Law of God and expect to win thereby, you get me?

        We, the sheep, hear TRUTHS and we follow them…..

        Much to the Freemasons chagrin.



        I think you and I agree…..

        “Reality” is not “Fxxked up.”

        Far from it!


          1. What Satan is doing is…..

            creating a “race” war in “America” and yes, WORLDWIDE PANTS

            “They” want US i.e. “America” to destroy ourselves from within.

            Yes, I will say it: the Jews who are not true Jews but the Serpent Seed!

            They CAN”T out and out “destroy” us …. they wish they could but….

            but they CAN use and they do DO use (the “lol” “Federal Reserve” of Zionism) the POWER of MONEY, which is the ROOT of ALL Evil ….
            to do so…..

            Get it?

            WE ARE BEING PLAYED!

            My advice?

            Don’t FALL for it!


            1. You know, learning how to “dance” takes a lot of HARD work.

              And to make it look this easy, and “fun”!

              YEARS of training.
              HOURS of rehearsal.
              And then the MINUTES of Inspiration in its PERFORMANCE.

              It’s HARD to learn how to DANCE, and even HARDER to make “DANCING TOGETHER” in sync…..


              “Let’s dance!”

              WE CAN DO IT

                1. NO MORE MASKS

                  I’m not going to wear a mask anymore because ….

                  when I wear it, out of “compliance,” I CAN’T BREATHE!

                  I don’t have much of a life now, so I’m not wearing a mask anymore….

                  (I will keep it my back pocket, because I don’t want my son’s mother to have to go to jail….)

                  NO MORE MASKS, people!!!

                  Take them off

  3. How does Neo, the “One,” DEFEAT his Enemies?

    By simply saying, “No.”

    No, no, no …. to the BULLETS of hatred from Satan!

    And he becomes BULLETPROOF

    He “WAKES UP” to REALITY and SEES:


    So, let’s follow the example of Gandhi, and what he taught:


    Non-compliance with TYRANNICAL measures intended to enslave us ALL.

    If the patriots of America simply say QUIETLY….


    I’m not wearing your SUFFOCATING mask!

    I’m not HIDING in FEAR.

    I’m refusing you to FORCE me into believing and BEHAVING like I’m a CRIMINAL.

    At this point in their One World “Agenda,” I would NOT recommend NOT complying with the requirements dictated by the State of your local “Businesses,” such as the SUPERMARKET!

    No, no…..

    Let’s have Common Sense.

    But you CANNOT tell me to WEAR a MASK out in PUBLIC, out in NATURE, no matter what!

    If everyone said NO, that is MORE POWERFUL than ANY hand-to-hand COMBAT such as in Mel’s “The Patriot” or, I love love love, his
    “We WERE Soldiers”!

    We ARE soldiers!

    God will protect us, and we don’t need to KILL anyone ….
    NOR destroy others’ PROPERTY by Soros’ so-called FAKE “peaceful” RIOTS!

    Let’s GET TOGETHER and BE SMART…..




    Stick with GOD!

    And GOD will stick with YOU.


      1. Jesus is KING

        The “Mandolorian”….

        The Man of Sorrows….

        who… OVERCAME.

        He defeated DEATH.

        He sits at the RIGHT HAND of the Father!


        Did this!


        By saying “No.”

        To whom?

        To SATAN

        Jesus wants YOU and ME to follow in His Way…..

        By Just saying…..


      2. Anon, TTN…..

        Thank you, I UNDERSTAND NOW…..

        What “MAGA” really means.

        And that my attempt at making “half-measures” work is a fail.

        Forgive me.


          1. So like I said, I’m not a hero but if God ever calls me to it, then HELL BABY!!!

            YES I AM!

            POINT IS,

            No “hero” can save you.

            YOU have to

            WAKE UP…..

            and thereby with God’s help of course….

            SAVE yourselves….


            1. So people…..


              Everything you see on the "News" is ….

              believe it or not….


              It's FAKE

              It's not REAL

              Turn the TV and the InterNET (especially CNN) OFF

              Turn it OFF

              It's quite a scary thing to REALIZE our "NEWS" is not real, in fact, those are ACTORS out there…. "Crisis Actors"

              WHO are they?

              I have NO IDEA…..

              But hmmm…..

              Just like the lady on the 9/11 "BUSTED" clip….

              I don't think they are PROUD of it?

              They're just earning a PAYCHECK


              Sad to see um, innocent people, sell out "America"


                1. First of all, I heard a rumor after 9/11…..

                  That all the Jewish people were told not to come into work that day.

                  And ten years later or so, when I recounted this bit of info to my coworker, Leslie…. who is yes, Jewish…. who was married then divorced from a Long Island Italian, and has THREE kids thereby, so I guess I thought…. she was “one of us”?


                  She visibly recoiled…..

                  And to be honest, that “private” exchange in the “workplace” was the beginning of my end.


                  1. It was their “Grand Slam”

                    Against America!

                    And SHE and all her “compadres” in crime are PROUD of it!

                    um… SANITATION….lol!


                    1. And I think it is important for you all to know.

                      I did not get FIRED from my job at “1 World Trade Center.”

                      Yes, I did NOT get FIRED from VOGUE.


                      I got tricked, by the Feathered Serpent…..

                      “They” offered for me to go “freelance.”

                      They said they would give me work at home if I left…..

                      THEY LIED

                      THEY are LIARS

                      THEY WILL FALL

                    2. It’s also kinda funny…..

                      All my “heroes”….

                      Um, Mel, Christian, and yes unbelievably…. GERARD.

                      Are all WOMEN turned MEN.

                      Haha, just like ME.

                    3. The only difference is….

                      They are Liars.


                      I renounce my own efforts to “be a man” if only to be the COMPLETE parent for my son.

                      I’m a woman.

                      Through and through…..

                      And I AM PROUD of it!

                      OK, so now I want to post some like Helen Reddy I am woman, hear me roar type vid?

                      I know better now…..

                      It doesn’t EXIST

                    4. Geez Louise!

                      Wow….. I mean the LIES and the growing WEEDS and the disinformation are just…..



                      This clever guy puts out the truth only at the end to discredit Dr. Mikovits!

                      Yes, it’s ALL ABOUT THE PEDOS who RUN the WORLD……


                      End times, that’ s all I can say……

                      This is the END.

                      Get with GOD!


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