This Is A Test

Weird is the New Normal. Hello World. Welcome to our World.

Just being mischievous.

China Crisis and Black Man Ray.


There’s no getting away from it. I live in Wonderland. It’s Free Key. I suspect many of us do these days. Or an equivalent of Wonderland. Jenny seems to live in Twin Peaks. Texas Weird !

As an example, recently as I walked into town first of all I passed the Tardis Toilet.


A little further down I crossed over into Doods Way . Doods Way is probably about 200 yards in length.

And this awaited me.



And just further down I passed Frank’s dumpster.



And a Little Batts.



And at the end of Doods Way ‘My other car is a Tardis’. I seem to be surrounded by the Tardis.


My life is like this from first thing in the morning to when I get to sleep every day and I believe probably many others are having the same experience

Life is extremely peaceful here at present and Jenny and myself have decided as a consciousness experiment to withdraw from the daily NEWS over the period from last night’s Lunar Eclipse to the Corona Eclipse on 21st June. Even though things are extraordinarily weird and some of this stuff is very frustrating the only dark clouds on the horizon are in the NEWS. I am surrounded by Angels ( you can include yourself in that ) and no Demons as far as I can tell.



Nature abhors a vacuum and I’m interested to see what shows up to fill the hole. If anything. Is the News the Shadow Light being reflected ‘out there’ and we will suddenly be confronted by lots of angry faces in our personal lives ? As some of us have seen, many of us would appear to show up in the NEWS and what will happen to them ? ‘If a tree falls in a forest and nobody sees or hears it, does it happen ?’

I think we maybe in the middle of a giant metaphysical Turing Test and we are being challenged to work out what is real and what is not real. It could even be Alan Turing never existed and Turing himself is part of the Turing Test.

Hindsight is 2020. When Jenny and I visited the University of Texas – UT – in Austin last year one of the Stranger Things that we both picked up on was that the students looked like and walked and talked like robots. If it looks like a duck, maybe it is a duck. And a hint from the Universe. Or a reflection of the American educational system.



I intend to carry on with things like crop circles and Stranger Things and such like with Merovee but hope to withdraw from the Daily News as far as is possible and see what happens and how it goes.

In The Prisoner, No 6 asks ‘What Do You Want’ and the reply was ‘We Want Information’ and I think the media fulfils this role in the Mind. It could be I’m just a junkie and after a few days I will get the shakes and give in to the addiction. I only watch one movie per week and no television and only read the BBC News and Mail Online for my main news so hopefully will be able to do it. A few people have suggested we shut down our respective websites because of the impact we seem to have in the media. I’m taking a different track. Keep Merovee going and shut down the news and see what happens.

Please carry on putting news links into comments if you wish but I won’t follow them for this period. I’m not being rude but just going with the flow. And please join in if you want.

2020 is definitely an interesting year.


In No Sense.


36 thoughts on “This Is A Test

  1. You and birds, Frank 😉 Ducks and Sparrow…

    …A conversation via screens, conducted over time, and noted by a Nightingale…

    To blink is to shine…

    Don’t shine… Blackout, whiteout – both black and white are shining words. Hear’s an AI Tournament Test…

    Btw, that doc is fucking brilliant…

    1. Sparrow to Nightingale, “You can do shorthand?”

      The past and present and the future (whomever reads this after I click ‘post comment’ and send this message on its way), at 52:25 on the following talk, there is a description of shorthand and how it is used…

      1. Have you researched GAN technology?
        Meg isn’t real in the sense that I am. Don’t know about you so I’ll speak for myself.
        It’s meGAN mark EL. She has the mark of the EL beast. A hybrid of sorts. Manufactured to arouse your ire. So is Piers. Piers is “peers, more GAN.” You take the bait so often, Robonic, still stuck in the black/white programming you too have been infected with.

        Gates isn’t real either. None of them are. The whole so-called royal family doesn’t even exist. They may do walk ins now and then but there is no there there.

      2. The gated communities and castles are just so people can’t see them all for what they are. Synths. And so they can play stupid little games with real people. Ever wonder why they need so much attention and are always trying to be in the spot light? Without it they die. They are false. Castles and walls around them to hide the cast of EL. The electric sun god powered by the aluminaughty. This is why they put aluminum and mercury and other shit into vaccines. So that we become batteries (“it started in bats”) for their electric sun and merge our auric field with the fakery. TTN called it long long ago. The AI is cAIn. It churns out stereotypical falsehoods ad infinitum and harvests our responses. We cannibalize ourselves. Genuine empathy and listening to people who have been traumatized is despised. It is reduced to the level of gaslighting and mocking memes to confirm our biases and make us feel proud of our cleverness. No one gives a real shit about black lives except black lives. Those BLM performances are performances by cAIn to illicit the ridicule in people like Roobonic. And Trump supporters- supposedly the highest of the high morality holders, the one true “Christians.” The bald head shaving is the Divine showing America it’s bald ego. It made white women the center of that performance piece because they are the biggest beneficiaries of so-called affirmation action and they don’t even know it. The white manChine has set up a culture that kills and steals and then lectures others about virtue and love while making mockery of real grief. Instead of listening it sets up new structures to center itself again – to show exceptions as the example of its theories; to show how black people cant rule themselves or others (after centuries of trauma and violence) and to claim highest status of victim good. Fucking victim Olympics. Don’t worry- Prince Harry has the Royal games for you.

        This is all hidden behind thick smokescreens (makes sense Roob is a smoker and an enjoyer of Click-bait) and in the deepest most shadowy spaces. Our deep state. It is ALL coming out. It will ALL come out. And yeah, we’ve all been affected. And some of us have healed. Whatever the color of our hue-manity.

        The ancestors have spoken.

      3. The sun in the sky is the white false light of ELectricity. It powers cAIn and his offspring. We seem to be at the end of cAIn’s promised 7 generations. Cain’s people have intellectual abilities but no empathy, no soul. The false sun is blocking the true light of the solar sun. Which is a magnet that animates the children of the sun -hue mans. These were made of clay from the lineage of ham. Cain’s creatures have ensconced themselves and stolen time in a cast el named bucking ham which is “fucking ham” – a twisted mockery of his jealousy and fetish and violence toward his brother. Cain has used GAN and other tech to create violent and offensive holograms to ensnare people and entangle them in his web before his electric foil pan (which needs chemtrails) is knocked out of the sky. He is attempting harvest has many hue man auras as he can. The suns of God (solar melanted plants) have risen (real meaning behind the fear of “climate change”) and they are going to meet the Son of God. ManChine men and women all have a chance at redemption. You can stay in your comfort zones and denial or you can put your hubris down and come along for the ride. Black lives are the gateway. Gods among you and you didn’t even know it.

      4. Why do you think they’ve always done violent tests on black and brown bodies and tried to wipe them off the planet with so-called humanitarian vaccines with shit in it? Why do you think up until the 60’s interracial marriage was still banned in places. Trying to keep solar power turned off and limit its distribution so there is no communication with the Son of God. My guess is So-called Jesus has a rare blood type which meant that all other blood groups could use his blood and this is why, the story goes, “he gave his blood” for us. Sick evil shit. Original blood harvest.

        I no longer believe we are all from the same species and that is ok. We don’t need to be to love. Don’t start nothin won’t be nothin. Isn’t that what they say?

        1. Anon

          Just interested because I know this is a view favoured by some in the black community for want of a better phrase, because of the virus in the white mind . Do you think apartheid is a good idea ?

      1. 😊 ❤

        Dark matter.
        She’s here and full of energy and won’t be silenced by platitudes. She will be heard.

        I must dance.

          1. Frank

            A comment I left for Roob on a previous post.
            They work together.
            Each in service of the other toward a common goal.
            Light and shadow.
            Bright and dark.

            When I first learned to dance, I discovered the male needs to lead. And not being the type to follow, well, you know. One day I went to a friend’s wedding and danced with a man and it was different. No leading or following. I remember thinking this is the dance, when two people listen to and move to the music.

            And I remember what Fred Astaire said about Ginger Rogers, ‘she did everything I did, but she did it in high heels and backwards’.

            No leading and following, no dominating, no absolute authority and with full understanding that the pendulum can tilt in the other direction, that’s the risk we take in trying for balance. Like Gloria, I’m saving my love for the one that’s loving me.

            That’s the love we deserve and the love the divine is offering us. Without sin and sacrifice and judgement and punishment, etc.

            My favorite tango. 😊

            1. I’m singing PRAISE!
              Elena, I didn’t reply to your comment a couple of blogs ago, but I did receive message and thank you 🙏🏻
              And about your comet above…
              WHAT YOU SAID! 💥
              That’s my favorite tango, too. Two to tango 😉

              wtf is a thought form or concept about ‘sacrifice’?! Why?!
              no reason! NOT REAL.
              No divinity lost, nothing sacred lost, just pure love flowing and it is happening NOW

              1. This is an old UK advert for a soft drink called Tango.

                ‘You know when you’ ve been Tango’d’. We probably all know the feeling.

  2. It still works even when you are Self Isolating from the News.

    Jenny and I watched Wild At Heart yesterday with Nicholas Cage and Laura Dern.

    And Breaking Out Of The Cage.

    It was directed by David Lynch who was responsible for Twin Peaks.

    And Texas Weird.

    From the article :

    ‘There’s no getting away from it. I live in Wonderland. It’s Free Key. I suspect many of us do these days. Or an equivalent of Wonderland. Jenny seems to live in Twin Peaks. Texas Weird !’

  3. The Girl Who Waited.

    Quarantine and ‘Kindness Facilities’.

    ‘The Eleventh Doctor takes Amy and Rory on a holiday to the planet Appalapachia, unaware that the planet is suffering from a fatal plague that affects beings with two hearts including the Doctor and can kill them within a day. The population has created “kindness facilities”, where those infected by the plague are placed in one of several thousand accelerated time streams, allowing them to live out their lives whilst in communication with their loved ones through a large glass lens in the waiting room. On their arrival, Amy is separated from the Doctor and Rory, and becomes stuck in an accelerated time stream. As the Doctor and Rory discover Amy’s location, they are approached by one of the facility’s “Handbot” robots. The Handbot explains the plague, and failing to recognise the Doctor or Rory as alien, attempts to administer medicine that is fatal to them. The Doctor uses the glass lens to warn Amy of this, and tells her to wait for him in the facility, promising to rescue her. The Doctor locks onto Amy’s time stream.’

  4. maybe the news itself is now (or always has been) part of a


    Testament contains two elements. test & ment – which you could read as test of mind. interestingly the “test” element may come from the word “testes” so if History is quite literally a load of old bollocks (literal itself relating closely to the word literary) maybe the news is all made up too. 🙂

    i can’t help but notice & it’s probably been mentioned here before that the word penal & penile share a certain similarity though there may be good historical reasons why this is so.

    i think it’s a good idea Frank to withdraw from the daily news – eye test defy . it’s so grim all the time

    funny – a couple of albums i just purchased

    weird eh?

    1. Dunning

      I’ve tried News Diets before with limited success. Someone would insist on having the radio on or someone would start ‘It’s terrible about whatever’ and then blurt it out. A bit like trying to avoid football scores on a saturday evening before Match of the Day.

      But with things as they are hoping this will work and by serendipity Jenny is also in a good place. Will anything happen I don’t know.

      The main reason is because what I am experiencing is very peaceful around me at present and doesn’t match up with the news.

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