And The Banned Played On

Whom R US ? Apols about this !

From ‘The Last Waltz’ : The Band.



It’s Inside Out Pain Tears. Ha Ha said the clown.



Whom R Us ?

Well We’re The Band.

A new restaurant has opened in Reigate called Lebnani. It’s Beirut Soul Food.

And the Banned Played On. Glug Glug.




And at Reigate Methodist Church on the 8th March, the service was conducted by Rev Jennifer Potter. And Messy Church in the afternoon.




In Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley eventually becomes Ginny Potter.



Whom R Us at the core ?

I keep coming back to ‘I Am Your Mother, Your Daughter And Your Sister’.



That’s the way God planned it.


104 thoughts on “And The Banned Played On

  1. This made me smile! Too good. I love you all. Thanks for putting up with me over the years. 🌞❤️

    1. Anon

      When I saw Lebnani I thought this is one for Anon.

      And thanks for previous comment 🧡.

      Also the Universe is saying its a lot longer than just a few years.

      1. I downloaded a space app and peaked into the MLKey way last night. It is fascinating. I saw it while in a tent in the middle of now here in cRoss and it was unbelievable. I laughed in awe and joy. There were no lights on the ground so I could see everything and it had layer upon layer upon layer. I felt like I was giving it no privacy by peering further and further into it. Someone said that when we breathe we have no privacy because we take in the whole universe and it sees us. I can see that. Our clothes are niceties.
        In Arabic if you want tea with MLK you say “chai leben”. As I drive I am taking every MLK Street I see even if it takes me out of my way. Maybe have a cup of milk tea in that new joint! ☺️

  2. Hospital ity

    Comes from the word host.
    Hospitality is the relationship between a guest and a host, wherein the host receives the guest with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers. – wiki

    Make music. 🙂

      1. Elena

        You’re onto something with that. At my hospital the Wi Fi log in is ‘Guest’.

        And something with Nazis and aliens and Lost Girls. Some of this is so bizarre.

        Hints !

        Anyhoo. We’re the Band.

        1. Frank

          I’m always looking for the alien angle. So when I see these people out on their balconies singing, ‘play the five tones’ came to mind.

          The other angle is that medically speaking when a virus enters the body, the body is referred to as the host.

          And Pres Trump yesterday, ‘we’re fighting an invisible enemy’. Interesting how he will tie this to the ‘deep state’.
          And I was thinking yesterday, that the storming of Area 51 may have been a success. 🙂

  3. I think koronavirus was something to take us from reality and now very big changes will come. Central banks flood money everywone. Whoel world saved with money to ewreone!


      1. I wonder if that includes the liens on all non-Western countries and people’s. When I see the West “let go” off all the hoarding of people’s water, land, gold, minerals, art, etc…when I see the generational beneficiaries of the Magna Carta, the Berlin Conference, etc let go of all the mining contracts it hoards, then I will know this is not just another sleight of hands whereby the “light workers” can wash their hands of anything that gives them discomfort. Then I’ll know that this “change” is not again being floated on the backs of others. Hell, when that Pope walks naked through the streets with no guards guarding his non-body, then I’ll know.

          1. Doh!
            You’ll get a kick of this, Roob. Yesterday I drove to a new town to hunker down for a bit- my 40days/nights.
            Signs popped up everywhere including one that read “AVOID in town”. I chuckled. I don’t read billboards anymore and am staying away from the Dailysmell and checking headliens.

            Thanks for the tip

          2. Utah is a misunderstanding and misnaming of an indigenous people who were misnamed as “The Ute”.

            The people themselves call themselves “Noochee” – meaning “the people”.

            New chi.

            No faux chi. There is no financial or medical replacement for real chi.

        1. And when Billie Gates opens the doors of his seed hoard hidden in a bunker in Norway and people in the countryside can turn on their taps without getting burnt by fracking fire and when “Whole Foods” owned by Jeff Bezos and Amazon shuts down rather than becoming the only source of food for people and the poor neighborhoods are allowed to grow their own gardens and bare fruit that is not seedless and all of the West’s patents and playjurist hoards of “intellectual property” and claims of Arthurship are “let go”….then I will know we’ve gotten somewhere. Otherwise I will know this is more Uncle Samsara. It would not be the first time Unc flooded the streets with opiates.

          The band played and the people cheered band aids.

          1. They create the hoards that help them build their moats that create scarcity and illness and debt and then they brew up atomic and microbial and ele-mental violence and inject it into the earth and pay themselves to conduct “research” on faux cures for which they secure more patents and claims of ownership and authorship and thereby erect even more moats after which they inject “sol”utions into the arms of the broken and faux currency into the banks of the broke.

            And a new generation of demigods is born unto Samsara.

    1. I went to purchase citrus fruits and fresh veggies for the weeks ahead and nodded when all the packages said “seedless”.

      I’ve seen this all before.

      “ Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food. ” Gen 1:29-30

      The Hoards of Babylon

  4. When you change the names of living beings, it’s an attempt to own them. An attempt to define them and order them into your world for your liking and comfort. Roob does this well. Her determination has been consistent -the master avoider renaming another as herself.

    There is much ill will and mean spirited juju surrounding renaming. The English know this well. Perhaps the Hoard of Babylon really started in earnest with Darwin and his obsession with classifying and naming every single thing.

    Indigenous cultures do not pee on names the way you do. They do not throw them around and wipe their ass with them. That is someone else’s disease.

    1. When you hoard the seeds and fruit and names of living beings…how is that “love”?

      The Spirit can not be bought or sold.

  5. We have naming ceremonies that are sacred and not willy nilly. We hold our names dear. That has infuriated people as evidenced in Roob and all the misnaming, wrong naming, shame naming of English. The language and techniques of demigods

  6. Enough people write and utter the words the demigods are hoping they write and utter and a reality is made. You become a host for their illagenda.

  7. 10 in whose hands are evil devices,
    and whose right hands are full of bribes.

    Psalms 26:10

    Has the Pope walked naked and alone yet?

      1. Soon they’ll announce it’s too hard to deliver by check and then they’ll over injection through chip. I’m not saying this will happen I’m saying Uncle Samsara and Dr. FauxChi will make the offer for full protection -theirs not yours. Get your money as a shot in your arm.

        Broke? Broken record!

        What is in the news is also the illusion. The illusion of a fix is just a fix.

        Who is taking the money that suddenly appeared “out of thin air”? Welcome to the res.

        1. The illusion of roaming free (embroidered pope surrounded by body guards while the people are locked behind walls) is still illusion. For people who have never been locked in a refugee camp or confined to a reservation I suppose the newest bribe looks promising. I myself will not be taking it.

  8. “ … the labyrinth of invisible pathways which meander all over Australia and are known to Europeans as “Dreaming-tracks” or “Songlines”; to the Aboriginals as the “Footprints of the Ancestors” or the “Way of the Lore”.

    Aboriginal Creation myths tell of the legendary totemic being who wandered over the continent in the Dreamtime, singing out the name of everything that crossed their path – birds, animals, plants, rocks, waterholes – and so singing the world into existence.”

    Don’t fuck with people’s names.

  9. “Only love is real”

    Does money exist? Does money matter? Is money real?

    If you answered no to any of those questions, then why take the latest bribe? Walk the talk and don’t take it.

    If you answered yes to any of those questions then take the bribe and include “money” in your premise. “Only love and money are real.” Better yet, “only the love of money is real.”

  10. Do you believe Bowes-Lyon ayes?
    I wonder if Trump is related.

    “ The story of the Queen Mother’s curse runs as follows. Born Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother was not Royal by birth. Instead, she was a member of an ancient Scottish aristocratic dynasty, whose family seat was Glamis Castle. That name might sound familiar, given its appearance in the Shakespeare play Macbeth. Anyone who is familiar with this play will know that witchcraft, ghosts and murder abound in it, so even in the early 17th Century, Glamis was associated with darkness, rather than light.”

    1. I have that same quote in my bunker here.
      So, Frank, are you like Roob and naming me yourself for your own ends?

      Will you take the money?

        1. A Void doesn’t like me, Frank. She’s made bones about that; it’s the same old diatribe, the same old shtick to beat me with…

          *I dunno, Clicky… /shrugs… my motto has always been live and let live…*

              1. I ain’t going anywhere; I‘m practically the only one in at work. You think it’ll be okay to smoke at my desk? 😉

            1. Same old diamond tribe, dear.
              Don’t fuck with names.
              And shall we talk about your broken records? If it comes from people like you, it’s a clever “sync”. If it comes from other places and kinds it’s something negative. Why did DDNA leave because of you? She read you way before I did. Or was she again the person who was “unloving” and “in the wrong.” Have you looked at your passive aggression in the mirror? You reak.

              And feeling uncozy? suck it up. Welcome to the res.

              1. And your “diatribe” about those who’d rather not have you blow smoke in their faces? You’ve made a career of it. You constantly post links to others who have made a careee of it. Now that’s a “legitimate” issue because it’s yours, innit?

                Fuck outta here

              2. You don’t half sound like her these days, A Void – pompous, humorless…


                *Nah, bitta’s all on Anonniponny, Clicky.. /lights up and smokes… *


                *I mean, DDNA’s ego was big but it’s nuffin’ like the size of A Void’s chip… /shrugs… poor mare, the weight must be killin’ ah…*


                * Yeah, like a multi pack but, you know, fuckin’ YUGE!…*

                …It’s extremely dull and quite beneath you. You always were more original in your thinking than DDNA ever was. Maybe that’s why she latched on to you. Or maybe it was the colour of your skin. I dunno, you’re the expert on that sort of thing. Who knows, maybe you’re sinking with her still…

                If I understand you correctly, I must agree with you that “fucking with names” is typically a bad idea. Its something I wrestle with quite a bit. Especially since I use the concept a great deal in my own writing. The question is, do you know why
                1) I fucking HATE when people bastardize names/words
                2) Why I myself do it.
                Do you care?
                Better yet, should you care.

                We’re all at different levels on different paths learning same, similar and sometimes even different things. We grow, we morph, we observe, we participate (or not), we learn, we change, things change, ad-infinitum.

                Can only speak for myself, but lots of things that I’d like to understand,
                I want to understand others.
                I want to understand you.
                I do not expect you nor anyone else to reciprocate.

                ^I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat^

              1. Jenny

                And the Invisible Enemy and Cloak of Invisibility.

                Boris Johnson and Trump.

                BJ :

                He adds: “The enemy is invisible and the answer is to remove the cloak of invisibility to know which of us is carrying it.”

                Trump :

                Trump has repeatedly referred to U.S. attempts to battle the virus — which has sickened thousands across the U.S. and killed more than 100 — as a “war” against an “invisible enemy.”


                1. Frank

                  “And the man and woman (Adam and Eve) (masculine and feminine)
                  (+ and – energy) looked and saw they were naked (exposed) and they were ashamed.”

                  We’re almost at the point of ‘exposure’.
                  Uncovering ‘the core’.
                  Which is the ‘China’ (coronavirus) Syndrome.
                  Hope you got all of that. 🙂

              2. Jen

                I went for a walk this morning. At one point I looked up at the sky and a short ways off in the distance I saw six red heart shaped balloons float by one after the other.

                Hope floats. <3

                  1. Jenny

                    Bizarre day but what’s new. Every day these daze. As Dave was doing the electrical rewiring I was doing my exercises to rewire my arm. Scar City.

                    Looking like I got there early with Rear Mirror.

                    The Green Goddess is returning.




              Mormoni dropped the mic y0.

              I guess they been waiting all this time for the drop

              ^Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway – Wizard (Official Music Video)^

              I was thinking that a horn is pretty much just a microphone for amplifying the sound of blowing raspberries,

              And many horns have spit valves.

              ^Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters – Destination Calabria [Explicit Version] [Official Video]^

      1. Hal is made of Dave parts and Dave is made of Hal parts.
        Like a flower is made of non-flower parts (sun, water, air, earth) and all of those also container the flower.
        The body is full of non body and the non body is full of body.
        Denying it is pretending.

        No money is ever “free”. The very fact that it exists is evidence of bondage.
        UBI and IBU.

        Go ahead take the money and run.

      2. Have you seen the follow-up movie to 2001? 2010: The Year We Make Contact?

        Not saying I disagree with your observation because actually, you’re right on track. But the movie 2010 (which is a great flick btw) gets specific as to how Dave and HAL are kinda eachother.

        ^Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)^

        1. Cade

          Not seen 2010. If it shows up I’ll make sure to watch it.

          But it’s something I have long observed in myself. Sometimes I have to give it a day to ‘process’ . Can take a lot time to mend fences. Plato’s Cave.

          And these lyrics in Clocks. ‘Am I part of the Cure or part of the Disease’. But hoping letting the disease go is not far around the corner.

          And Contact is something that keeps showing up.

            Seeing as how we are unary(singular) instantiations of somewhat binary(dual) concepts, being one or the other depends on the time.

            I was great…I am shit,
            I was found…I am lost.
            I knew nothing…I know everything.
            I was lost…I am found,
            I was shit…I am…erm,..still only mediocre at best. 😉

            Kilt –
            Toque –
            Ewer (Disambiguation) –

            Kilt, Touqe, Ewer
            Skirt, Hat, Pitcher.
            Kill to cure.

            ^Skinny Puppy – “Kill to Cure” (unreleased song)^

            Oh and along those lines, watched a really good doc last night on nurses in Germany during the period of 1933 to 1945 if you (or anyone else) is interested in exploring both duality and flip-flopping of concepts. Lots of flipping and flopping of positive and negative traits.

            Pole shift?

            Con-Sin-Trick Cer-Kools?

            Cer –

            But yeah, 2010 really is a great flick. You mentioned Contact, and if you like the movie Contact, you’ll probably like 2010.

            ^CARING CORRUPTED – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich^

            And I’m with you on taking contemplative time out for oneself. Many times difficult to know what in the flying fuck to make of things that are going on. Being thoughful or attempting to be thoughtful has its own negatives tho. When “now” becomes a fixation, nothing else will seem to do. (jmo)

            ^FLIP-FLOP – Kuta^

                Have not seen that. Have seen Traci Lords in a movie called Cry Baby tho. She plays Wanda. Musical. John Waters. Cult movie. Great flick. Johnny Depp plays a “king”. Inoculations against disease feature.

                ^Cry baby^

                In the video that follows, across from El Capitan, one can catch a glimpse of “Pluto” near the Hard Rock @ 0:09, St. Vincent and Diamonds @ 0:20, Graffiti @ 0:27, Playland takes center stage @ 0:37, and The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company comes into full view bottom right @ 1:00,

                St. Vincent Medical Center (Los Angeles) –

                I looked for The Cecil Hotel in the video, but didn’t see it.
                The Great Western Arms Blockley –
                Great Western Building –
                Great Western Building –
                Great Western Arms Company –
                Cecil Hotel (Los Angeles) –
                Cecil Hotel (Alexandria) –
                Death Of Elisa Lam –
                Triangulation Station –
                I would think that weird things happen in strange places because of the unusual individuals with varied interests who gather at these places. Or in this case, because of the individuals who do not gather there.

                ^Watch drone video of Los Angeles as coronavirus shuts down the city^

  11. News stories
    New stories
    Spirit comin’ through!
    Funny that it doesn’t only look like you, boo-r!
    You’ve centered yourself for so long you forgot how to share.
    I always said it’ll be funny if when Jesus comes back he’s black!

    Now Jesus may or may not be black and he may or not be white and he may be both or no color at all. Or all the pretty little colors. But gawd dayum! With some much variety in the world, why do we condone ourselves to the same cultural reference points over and over and over. Have we no room for more? Or does spirit only watch English Tv/movies and only play in English sandbox?

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