Indeed I Do

A few unashamed messages from the Army of Franks.

Do I Love You ? Indeed I Do.



Big Time.



Pour Out Your Heart And Watch It Bloom.



It’s Blooming Time.

The 1000 petal lotus tree. The pics don’t do it justice. It is beauty from an insane core of beauty.



And this town is coming like a Ghost Town.



Pope Francis has walked through the deserted streets of Rome to pray for an end to Coronavirus and given a blessing to an empty St. Peter’s Square.

Free to Rome.




There’s a Ghost in the House.

The past and guilt.



From ‘The Light Between Oceans’ :

Frank Roennfeldt:

‘You only have to forgive once. To resent, you have to do it all day, every day, all the time. You have to keep remembering the bad things. It’s too much work.’



Collapsing the Dream.



Love is Free. Not Freeish.




i love you so much.


102 thoughts on “Indeed I Do

  1. Frank, I fractured my funny bone and I don’t find it humerus. Siriusly. My arm is in a sling. I’m “FRACTURED”.

    1. MJ

      OMG !!!!!! This is crazy.

      It fxxking hurts doesn’t it. Mine is the shoulder. Be gentle with yourself.

      Speechless and that doesn’t happen too often 🙂

      Did you fall ?

      1. When I was waiting for results from x-ray, the name of the nurse who would come if I called for assistance was John Mark (it was written on the board). I don’t know that I have ever felt a more ‘Truman Show’ moment.

          1. Frank, in the series Dark, this boy Mikkel is a time traveler who is wearing a skeleton outfit. It has to do with something nuclear.
            Stones and bones. The structure. It’s breaking.

            1. MJ

              I’m reading it in same sort of way.

              And Healing and the break ( separation) . I go to the Fractures Clinic which I’m reading as the Fractal Clinic.

                1. My dauther with horses fell very badly half years ago. Very badly, but perhaps can work again

              1. Do not center one’s “guilt” in the Spirit’s Story. Let the Spirit be whole.
                Wholey Spirit

                    1. Oh no absolutely not, Dream!
                      I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. The last messages were not directed at you. You have been consistently amazing.

                      As far as the first message I meant imo the dream is not collapsing-the nightmare is.

                    2. No problem. I am very strong woman from countryside. I am not with fear. I am good.

          1. Do you think all the falls were pushes to remind you you have a body so you can reunite with it and that it is a necessary part of the whole at the mo?

            1. Anon

              Whom R Us ?

              What I’ve been seeing more and more is that our physical experiences are really the subconscious playing itself out. This is the screen and we are the audience and the actors.Plato’s Cave.

              I remember MJ saying she lived in two states at once. Because she did but was she just talking about her physical location ?

              Is Frank the body all there is of Frank ? Probably not IMO. Microcosms and macrocosms. But to get done whatever we have to get done in this reality we require a body. At some point this body that was supposedly born and will die, will be let go. All things must pass. Quo Vadis then ? And before ?

              In ‘reality’ do we have a body ? Not in a dense way we experience it here IMO.

              People can’t say they weren’t told.

    1. Thank you, MJ. 🙂
      And a fractured funny bone is no laughing matter! Ouch!! This is how 2020 is Falling into the Sling of things. I didn’t see it coming. Did you? Now for the process of healing begin. Hope you mend soon.

      1. The Sling of Things! 😂
        That made me laugh.
        Thank you, Jenny. I don’t think it will take long to heal. And I certainly didn’t see it coming!

  2. “Welcome to the gateway to the multiverse,” says Dr. Josef Mengele, greeting visitors to the tunnel deep within a Pennsylvania coal mine. In the world of The Man in the High Castle, this gateway — a quantum tunneling device — is the center of Projekt 701, aka Die Nebenwelt (The Other World), and it is meant to enable travel between alternate worlds — ideally, to conquer them for the Third Reich. The underground facility, near a mysterious portal called The Anomaly, is meant to contain energy from a blast; when activated, it emits a blinding light and an unusually intense electromagnetic field. (And if it malfunctions, its destructive force would be equivalent to that of a small atomic bomb.)”

    and (a montaulk chair, another tunnel (cave), and electro-magnetic/atomic)


    watt is happening?

    1. MJ

      About Montauk. I’m following the rabbit to the Lost Girls and Suffolk County. Montauk is in Suffolk County, Long Island. . I made this reply to Roob yesterday. Stranger Things territory.

      Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

      Maybe about memory and remembering whatever it is.

      ‘This is directed at Roob but is for everyone really as it is a good example of the many strands of the spiders web and also links with current events.

      A few years ago Roob very kindly bought and sent to me a copy of the Lost Girls which is a graphic book by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie.

      Yesterday Jen and I watched a movie called Lost Girls which was a film about the murders of 10 female sex workers in Suffolk County, NY on Long Island in US over the period of a few years.

      The movie was setting off bells and Suffolk County and sex workers seemed familiar and then I remembered about a spate of murders of prostitutes in a town called Ipswich in the County of Suffolk in England in 2010.

      Reading the Ipswich murder accounts I noticed that the police investigation was called Operation Sumac. Sumac is a mirror of Camus. Albert Camus was the author of a famous book called The Plague which is a story about quarantine in Algiers from the Plague. Both the murders in Suffolk County in US and UK were connected with water. The sea in the US and a river in England.

      The perpetrator of the murders in Ipswich, Suffolk was a man called Steve Wright.

      I’ve posted the video of The Smiths song ‘Panic’ a few times which seems to predict current events and uses the lyrics ‘Hang the DJ’. The story is that this was directed at an English BBC disc jockey called Steve Wright.

      And a Black Mirror episode titled Hang the DJ.

      1. Connected with water? Wormwood, bitter waters, and the scarlet woman.
        Remember in Eyes Wide Shut when Bill is reading the newspaper and beside the story about his encounter with the secret society and their “sacrifice”? It says something about Wyandanch…(remember, lots of themes of sex workers in this movie).


        Look at what is near Wyandanch and is part of the LIRR mentioned in EWS newspaper. Babylon, Montaulk, Wyandanch.

        “The Long Island Rail Road’s Babylon Branch is the primary railroad line in the town running from the Nassau County Line and terminating in the Village of Babylon with stations from Amityville to Babylon. Rail freight service also exists along the Central Branch which also uses some Montauk Branch trains running from the Main Line in Bethpage. East of Babylon station, the Montauk Branch continues across the Babylon-Islip Town Line. Additionally, the Main Line runs through the northern part of the town with stations in Pinelawn, Wyandanch and Deer Park.”

        “Babylon is a village in Suffolk County, New York, United States. The population was 12,166 at the 2010 census. Its location is approximately 25 miles (40 km) from New York City at the Queens border, and approximately 33 miles (53 km) from Manhattan.”
        33 MILES!

        To me, 33 is a reference to a human spine and the “structure”.

        The hypnosis of Abrahamic religion and its virgin/whore dichotomy and the sorrow it has caused this world…

        1. MJ

          Babylon does jumps out . Agreed about 1:1. But it seems there are a lot of weird and complicated systems keeping it going. And is it just a thought form or conscious intelligence ?

          1. I don’t know. Something wanting to burst through. Remember, the Virgin cruise ship called the Scarlett Lady? That’s when coronavirus happened and hasn’t stopped since! No touching!

            1. I’m wearing a loose sling outdoors. Don’t need it but wearing it to deter people from bashing into my right shoulder.

              And on a tangent about alternate realities. I’ve wondered about places in UK and US and Australia and Canada with same names. Are they the same towns which overlay each other ?

            2. MJ

              Don’t know if you recall back during the 2016 Pres election, when Hillary got the ‘virus’ and collapsed getting into her car and Trump mocked her. Remember, ‘lock her up’ ?

              I was talking then about the ‘white male sky god’ (Trump) and the ‘fallen woman’ (Clinton) as mental concepts which have a strangle hold on our collective mind. They’re the foundations of the patriarchy, and by no means originated with Bible.

              And I continue to believe that a lot of what’s happened since and is happening now, is to force us to see those two concepts for the deceptions they are.

              1. Very good. That makes sense, Elena. Apocalypse does mean “unveiling”.
                Something else I have noticed, is this “what did she get herself into?” kind of thing. Take Tracy Twyman for example, I kind of think she was trying to get herself out of something.

          2. It’s a tension rod. The ♋️ Is the “key”stone. And Pennsylvania is the keystone state. Penn and NY are right there at the 40th parallel.

  3. I am in a city on streets with interesting names. Just passed Rose tta on my way to the Ark with puppy. If we truly touch the past we touch eternity.

  4. MJ, I have been getting “Harriet Tubman” who was also called Moses not only in terms of “black history” but perhaps something larger.

    If parallel uni-verses run on parallel tracks, can the divine bend rails to change course the course of the train. From a scary space to one more benevolent?

    The news is like watching a train crash happening but who says fear and fright is inevitable?

    1. The Underground Railroad and escape to freedom. It’s the same theme again and again. And that is also along the 40th parallel.
      The Philadelphia Experiment.

          1. It actually must be a big relief for him.
            Imagine if the agents weren’t there- even greater relief.

          2. “All the babies conceived these days will soon be quaranteens”.

            Mecca was emptied out too but last day or so was visited by spirit birds.

            The Roman clergy reminds me of pigeons. Rome has an over abundance of pi geons. I wonder where they went.

  5. Dow Jones down 2,997.10 or -12.93% for March 16th or down -30.37% since 21/2.
    2,997/3 = 999.
    2+9+9+7 = 9+9+9.
    2997 = 37 x(9×9)
    2x9x9x7 = 1134+4311 = 5445
    5445 = 1089+1089+1089+1089+1089
    or (33×33)+(33×33)+33×33)+(33×33)+(33×33)
    12.93% = 2x9x3 = 54 and 54+45 = 99 = 33+33.
    33 degrees in Freemasonry.

    1. I’ve been thinking about the sic-ness spreading through the internet via autotext and short hand speech and how it causes and effects spelling errors in this spelling era.

      The new arrival (will not write the name) is the name of a thing (will not rite it) and a beer. Just like “ail” and “ale” have the same sounds but mean different things. No wonder the “Mind” is &$@):)3.

      Anyhow, Ken, it’s all started to make me think about the “holy grAIL”. Is it lost or found? Good or bad? Or neither.

      Maybe ultimate reality, as Frank has discovered, has no letter and no numbers. And English and math is Spirit binding.

  6. Someone said that the new arrival has three cell walls rather than one or two, making it more robust and harder to treat (if it even exists). This is unusual if not unheard of. I’m not an exspurt on such so don’t quote me. Anyway if it’s true I wonder about the correspondence between the viral chants “build the wall, build the wall” of the trump campaign and the emergence of the extra wall in this new matter. Law of Correspondence. It was so clear no brick wall was being built yet the chants kept going. All that test-osterone has to go somewhere. Come to think of it maybe he did get a BRIC wall after all- Straight outta Brazil, russia, Iran and China….delivered on the Jair.

    1. And all that TP people are hoarding …?
      TP is toilet paper and Trump-Pence.
      Maybe people expect to be shitting BRICs.

    1. Interesting that man with the red/green folders is Indian is it? UK also shitting BRICS? This is why the West does regime change and appoints token “change agents” to the “common wealth”.

      Meanwhile Trump feels the Bern and in another clever sleight of hands, promises Universal Basic Income. Bye bye Bernie. Biden: bye Felicia! Trump just rigged the erection -with Xi, Putin, Jair and Modi’s help of course.

      Putin faux Xi in the Jair in regular Modi operandi.

    1. Frank, English is a double bind, as is much of the language/s from which it came. The “Mind” now constantly bounces around the walls of its programming…making sure the Pope and the Queen and the Banks and the “stars” and “US” don’t rock the boat.

      When the earth loses its mother tongues, we’re all coughing to the coffins while the coffers stay dry.

    2. “ A double bind is a dilemma in communication in which an individual (or group) receives two or more conflicting messages, with one negating the other. In some circumstances (particularly families and relationships) this might be emotionally distressing. This creates a situation in which a successful response to one message results in a failed response to the other (and vice versa), so that the person will automatically be wrong regardless of response. The double bind occurs when the person cannot confront the inherent dilemma, and therefore can neither resolve it nor opt out of the situation.

      Double bind theory was first described by Gregory Bateson and his colleagues in the 1950s.[1]

      Double binds are often utilized as a form of control without open coercion—the use of confusion makes them both difficult to respond to as well as to resist.[2]:271-278.

      A double bind generally includes different levels of abstraction in the order of messages and these messages can either be stated explicitly or implicitly within the context of the situation, or they can be conveyed by tone of voice or body language. Further complications arise when frequent double binds are part of an ongoing relationship to which the person or group is committed.[1][2]

      Double binds can be extremely stressful and become destructive when one is trapped in a dilemma and punished for finding a way out. But making the effort to find the way out of the trap can lead to emotional growth.“

  7. We have centered our rejection of “being made to feel quilty” in the story. But we are either all one and inter-are or we are not”. Can’t have it both ways.

  8. if the body is a temple, the spirit is the bell

    invite the bell to sing

    The real rift should you ask me is the split between mind and body.

  9. “ Aramaic is a sound-based, rather than meaning-based, language. When spoken or chanted, it carries the spirit we send forth to accomplish absolutely that which we intend. Above all, it sends our word before us to clear the path upon which we are about to embark of all the clutter of yesterday’s successes and failures. It literally makes the path new.

    The invocation itself creates sacred space for the Great Spirit of the Father and Mother God to enter and be with us as we initiate this new cycle.

    Praying this particular Prayer of Jesus helps us to enter his shem, or vibration, which is the vibration of love itself. Love is, after all, the path we have chosen to walk. We hereby set our direction and receive the energy we will need to travel and serve upon this path. I invite you to listen to this video recording and simply be with the Aramaic words as they flow through your mind and body.”


    So many ways to sing real!

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