It’s Friday the 13th. Don’t Fear The Reaper.



And tomorrow is Pi Day – 3/14.



The Fire of Daath. Aka the Abyss.



From Wiki :

‘In the branch of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, Daʻat (“Knowledge”, Hebrew: דעת [ˈdaʕaθ]) is the location (the mystical state) where all ten sefirot in the Tree of Life are united as one.

In Daʻat, all sefirot exist in their perfected state of infinite sharing. The three sefirot of the left column that would receive and conceal the Divine light, instead share and reveal it. Since all sefirot radiate infinitely self-giving Divine Light, it is no longer possible to distinguish one sefira from another; thus they are one.’


And the Fear of Death.

In the UK the advice from the government is to stay home if you are Coffin.

Beware the Coffin.




Following recent discussion with Elena and Anon I thought I would go on a hunt for the 1000 Petal Lotus.

It’s All Around You.

This entailed a trip into Reigate. And some pics.

The Pan Group.



And Buddy.



The reason why I chose Reigate was that it has a very good flower shop called ‘Willows’. I went in the store but unfortunately they didn’t have a Lotus flower. They said they had Lotus seeds in the past but not at present.



I Love You Mum.



In a few articles I’ve mentioned about shops and pubs that suddenly materialise out of nowhere. A new one has appeared – Starbucks. I was only down in Reigate a few days ago and there was no Starbucks or anyone outfitting or painting a new shop. It has just suddenly appeared out of the ether.



After doing shopping, where there were big gaps where the toilet rolls are normally kept, I walked home and then I came across the 1000 petals. They may not be strictly Lotus petals but good enough for me. A rose by any other name.







The Mind would seem to have entered Room 101 which is maybe why the toilet rolls are in demand. The fear of Death and illness and disease and what will happen about the security of jobs and money are surfacing. The War on Everything. But I believe the real fear is the fear of true healing and the fear of God which I believe is totally undeserved.



It’s been a very long and very winding road.


114 thoughts on “Pan

        1. That’s interesting, Anonymous.
          When they say the corona came from “bat” and jumped to hue-mans, maybe it encodes the goddess Bat who is a deification of the celestial river, The Milky Way. Bat holds the sistrum and feather of Ma’at in her cap.
          Bat is said to come from the word for soul, b3 or ba.

          And speaking of coughin:

          “She can …be found mentioned in the Coffin Texts in Spell 334: Becoming The Sistrum Player;”…before the sun was firm on the horns, before the face of B3t was knit on.” and in Spell 441 “O B3t, my name is ‘Isis in the sealed place’.

          In the Texts, Bat states “I am Praise; I am Majesty; I am Bat with Her Two Faces; I am the One Who Is Saved, and I have saved myself from all things evil.”

          I think Bat is also connected with the solar barque (boat).

  1. Beautiful post, Buddy.
    Let’s go.
    Let go of the ill usion of ill ness.
    Alms palms balms psalms calm.
    Everything is going to be alright.

    1. Roob

      It’s a beautiful shop.

      Don’t get me onto Rose. Goes back a long way for me with Rose.

      I was thinking about this Rose earlier though and her romantic entanglements. And vid starts with Elizabeth and naked elbows.

      ‘I can’t live without Mr Hepplewhite’.

      1. And about Flowers. My mind has become attuned to seeing flowers in two ways. Firstly purely as flowers but secondly as Flower as in the flow of water.

        The River of Time.

          1. Roob

            That’s a fun movie.

            And you mentioned River Tam. The river Tamar has cropped up over the years. Basically it’s the border between Devon and Cornwall and you have to cross it to change counties.

            1. ‘The name Tamar (or Tamare) was mentioned by Ptolemy in the second century in his Geography. The name is said to mean “Great Water.” The Tamar is one of several British rivers whose ancient name is assumed by some to be derived from a prehistoric river word apparently meaning “dark flowing” and which it shares with the River Thames.’


              My whole life has been lived next to the Thames. Currently on the mouth…


              1. River Song has also followed me around. We are in total mind fuck territory. Venn diagrams I think. Along those lines.

  2. I made my usual Friday morning run to the produce store. Two blocks from my house. It’s usually full on Friday but today it was packed. A little bit of controlled Pan ic starting to surface.
    Montgomery County just outside Philly has been put on lockdown by the Governor.

    Belle and Pan
    Beauty and the Beast
    Shall we dance?

  3. US Stock Market up exactly 1,985 points last night, Friday 13th.
    ie No decimal places!
    1985+5891 = 7876 = (44+44)x(44+44)+(44+44+44)
    The elite Satanists love using mirrored numbers!

    Remember how the Light Memorial for the twin towers in NYC had 2 lots of 44 xenon light shining up into the sky.

  4. “Stock Pi Ling” is coming through and, no, that’s not the name of a Thai stripper. “Hoard of BabyLonDon“ is showing up too as is “Cover your Coffers.” Coffers are chests (back to respiratory) where treasures and funds are stashed. America, especially DC, is a baby London. Never truly cut the cords.

    Coffers coffers in the chests. Coffers is very close to coffee which may be why Star$ magically appeared in Reigate out of thin air.

    The Year of the Rat$.

    Not sure if this means the money-minded should hoard their Starbucks stock or dump it into the harbor. Or maybe you get the virus handed to you in a Starbucks cup -which might explain the statistics in Seattle.

    You can’t take it with you though they sure as hell try.

    1. pantheon designed by appollo dorus of Damascus

      coff coff
      Pan dora mask app
      Cloaking shield

            1. In his address to the nation the the lockdown, the Italian premiere said “there is no more time.” That’s curious.

              He also said “We all must give something up for the good of Italy. We have to do it now.”

              Maybe it’s time to empty the coffers and send all the loot home.


              It must be energetically heavy to have so many vaults and hoards. No judgement no retribution just observation.

              Meg and Kate represented Italy 🇮🇹 in their dresses to the nation.

  5. There’s only two contagions in the world, fear and love.
    They both will spread like wildfire when given a path.
    Ready or not, here we go. 🙂

  6. This is directed at Roob but is for everyone really as it is a good example of the many strands of the spiders web and also links with current events.

    A few years ago Roob very kindly bought and sent to me a copy of the Lost Girls which is a graphic book by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie.

    Yesterday Jen and I watched a movie called Lost Girls which was a film about the murders of 10 female sex workers in Suffolk County, NY on Long Island in US over the period of a few years.

    The movie was setting off bells and Suffolk County and sex workers seemed familiar and then I remembered about a spate of murders of prostitutes in a town called Ipswich in the County of Suffolk in England in 2010.

    Reading the Ipswich murder accounts I noticed that the police investigation was called Operation Sumac. Sumac is a mirror of Camus. Albert Camus was the author of a famous book called The Plague which is a story about quarantine in Algiers from the Plague. Both the murders in Suffolk County in US and UK were connected with water. The sea in the US and a river in England.

    The perpetrator of the murders in Ipswich, Suffolk was a man called Steve Wright.

    I’ve posted the video of The Smiths song ‘Panic’ a few times which seems to predict current events and uses the lyrics ‘Hang the DJ’. The story is that this was directed at an English BBC disc jockey called Steve Wright.

    And a Black Mirror episode titled Hang the DJ.

    1. Let’s see… 20/20 Vision… A letter ‘found’…

      20/20 Vision… A letter ‘lost’… Gilgo/gi(R)l go…

      ‘On January 16, 2020, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart released images of a belt found at the crime scene with the letters “HM” or “WH” (depending on which way the belt was looked at) embossed in the black leather. The belt was found during the initial investigation near Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach. Police believe the belt was handled by the perpetrator and did not belong to any of the victims. The police revealed few details regarding this piece of evidence, and would not comment on exactly where the belt was found.’

      20/20 Vision… A lost plane…

      MH 370/Olé HW

      Pi Day… My story solved?

      Mutt and Jeff (Deaf/Death) Wise…

      20/20 Vision… Well, published last Spring in UAVIII, but today is the Ide(A)s of March and it could be the first time you discover it – ‘Pandora’s Lost Luggage’ by Legs (his story), a story about a virus for your post called ‘Pan’, Frank. It ex-planes a lot 😉

      1. Roob

        Good thinking about MH370. Its somehow tied up with everything. Last week I passed a man who said ‘ Here comes the rain again’. Not sure if you remember this from round about time of MH 370.

        One of my theories is that was when the Old Earth and ended and we’ve been in a halfway house since then sorting out whatever needs sorting out and moving on to wherever.

        Also the main suspect in the US murders was called Dr Peter Hackett. Cough, cough. Hack it. And also Ill Ford.

        Also STDs and sex and death. . Haven’t started on that yet.

    1. Jenny

      Vaccination. That’s the principle behind them I think. Years ago I had a Flu jab and woke up with flu the next day.

      1. BS on bull shit

      2. LIE is upsidedown and backward 317 like tomorrow 17th march.
        perhaps we hear big lies from media…

        1. Dream,

          Hearing big lies from the Media all the time now I reckon!
          Maybe something special on 3/17.

      1. Pandemic bonds and having your ass handed to them on a platter. True Sodom and Gomorrah. These are the anti-Christ’s and money changers. This has nothing to do with health, freedom and well being. It’s a sleight of hand that allows certain people to wash their hands of all accountability. I know no one here will read these articles or consider what these games do to others (it’s all illusion right?) but I’m posting anyway for all the benevolent souls on earth and in the ether. May all be free.


        “The World Bank’s funding scheme for disease outbreaks drained potential resources from the Democratic Republic of the Congo”

        “ALMOST THREE years ago, Jim Yong Kim, then president of the World Bank, announced an innovative idea to use capital markets to help poor countries cope with pandemics. The bank launched a specialized pandemic bond and derivatives fund that would pay a handsome interest rate to investors, on the understanding that investors would lose money if the bonds were needed to fight a spreading disease. The pandemic bonds have yet to pay out. Now is the time.“

    1. “Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.” : Nan Lu.

  7. Check your Spam.
    A comet was sent there.
    Can you fish it out please, Frank, and erase the dupe licate.

  8. hi Frank, haven’t had a chance to read the thread properly yet but
    everything seems to be going down the pan at the mo. metaphorically at least a lot of us are going to s(h)it this one out

  9. my thoughts about coronovirus
    it was invented by China itself
    5-6 years ago
    there was a poster at the opening of their lunar rover
    on the photo card you can see how in the area of China, an explosion like a nuclear
    coronary ejection of the population from the planet Terra

      1. hi Frank! we have an extraordinary quarantine situation for a month
        but the feeling that our country is in a different reality
        as if nothing is happening in the world and children are happy for an early vacation

        1. Rain

          My daughter is a teacher. Her college is still open. I think she wants a rest and hoping they’ll close it for a while !

          It’s totally crazy. Take care.

 December 1, 2013 at 21:30 Moscow time from the Sichan cosmodrome launched a carrier rocket with the Chanye-3 spacecraft. It is already known that the launch was successful. Its goal is to deliver the Yuta rover to the moon, which is scheduled to be there by mid-December.

          This is the third mission in the history of moon exploration.
          The name of the lunar rover – “Yutu”, which means “jade hare” in Russian, was chosen according to the results of an online survey in which about 3.5 million people took part. The jade hare is a hero of ancient Chinese mythology, who lived with the immortal goddess of the moon.

  10. Corona-tion Street actor Roy Hudd has died. I used to listen to his radio show , ‘The Hudd Lines’ on Saturday lunchtime in 1980s…


        1. Roob

          I used to a have sort of ritual on Saturday morning before I went off to play football in late 80s/early 90s.

          I used to listen to Radio 4. Had Loose Ends with Ned Sherrin, Jonathan Ross and Emma Freud I remember. And Just A Minute and a few others.

          When life was relatively simple.

          1. John Lewis, Oxford Street used to shut at one o’clock, lunchtime, on Saturdays until the late 80s. Dad would pick us up (me, Juju and Mum), and we’d listen to the show on the way home 😀

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