Love The One You’re With

The Heart of the Matter.

It’s that wonderful day again – Valentine’s Day. It’s a mine field. For those in relationships, it can be where angels fear to tread and from my own experience of a fair number of lonely Valentine’s Day days when you are single you wonder ‘Where’s my card ?`. My approach was to try and ignore it and not give a fuck. But I did.

Maybe the hardest road less travelled.

Love The One You’re With.



‘Why The Laws of the Universe Explain Everything… Except You’ is the Mindline from the New Scientist.





Surrendering to Love.



The Only Way Is Through.




I notice the pic was taken in the Peak District.



What’s your problem ?



Love Is The Answer.


71 thoughts on “Love The One You’re With

    1. Two British MPs Self Isolate.

      Bus Summit. Or BS or sumthing.

      Alex Sobel and Lillian Greenwood

            1. Isn’t it weird that one man landing a plane is more interesting than another man landing one? Weird or what?

              Sikorsky is the helicopter brand KOBE fell to earth in. They also make an ocean model called the Sea King which may or may not be the kind Willy was in. Sikorsky has “sick” and “core” and “sky” in it. Poison rain. Poseidon reign.

              Willy and Kobe are linked.

              1. Anon

                The Sick Joke and Sikorsky. And Princess Di joke.

                For me, it’s another example that our world is stranger than we see. Large number of helicopters in the skies over here in last few weeks as well which has added to surreal feel of things.

                1. That is a sick joke. I wonder if it is at all linked to the new age assertion that “the ego has to die.” Like maybe the ego say, Eu go first to the id or superconscious or something. “You first” sort of thing.

                  Here’s the founder of the Sikorsky aviation empire as a young one. He was born in Kiev (now Ukraine) and changed his life’s work after learning of the Wright Bro’s. Wright Bros I think started in Dayton, Ohio, which is DO. And wright brothers is a bit like “right+ white brothers.”

                  Holds his hand like Harry.



    1. Roob

      This was my reply to Caroline’s comment at the start of the comments on this video. I added the Neil Diamond ‘Sweet Caroline’ vid yesterday morning. So it goes.

      ‘Hi Caroline

      Be YOU ti ful 😊

          1. I Claudius is awesome ! From my memory Derek Jacobi and John Hurt were brilliant. And the rest. Brian Blessed as well.

            That line from the series in the video has played round my mind on and off for a while which is why I’ve used it. Not surprised at a lot of stuff we’re seeing and experiencing at present.

            It Hurts. Doesn’t really. Just in this mad world do we need healing. IMO FWIW.

                    1. I gave up on a bit with Dr Who with Ashildr. Got too complicated for my taste. More monsters is my answer to falling ratings.

                      About the Radical Squirrel.

                      ‘Got to be around there somewhere’.

                    2. There is a signpost along the mad river next to Jenny that reads “be kind”. It’s painted on a kind of tiger like background and stuck in an embankment of twigs.

                    3. Anon

                      The etymology of Radical.

                      Roots 😊

                      radical (adj.) :

                      late 14c., in a medieval philosophical sense, from Late Latin radicalis “of or having roots,” from Latin radix (genitive radicis) “root” (from PIE root *wrād- “branch, root”). Meaning “going to the origin, essential” is from 1650s. Radical sign in mathematics is from 1680s.

                    4. Mad River and Jenny was yet another point where I had to say I just don’t know and opened up something new ! How can that be ?

                      Natural :

                      ‘Old English Cynd(e), gecynd(e), of Germanic origin; related to kin. The original sense was ‘nature, the natural order’, also ‘innate character, form, or condition’ (compare with kind2); hence ‘a class or race distinguished by innate characteristics’.

                      And Cynd – Sinned. Storm Dennis has made its way through here. . Extremely low pressure.

        1. Sad story. I’d never heard of her. Isn’t it interesting that you can feel the whole world is gossiping about you when the whole world doesn’t know you? She left behind a bull dog named Ruby.

          1. Anon

            She was in the spotlight and in the media over here to be fair and was involved in a slightly weird assault case where she was being prosecuted for attacking her boyfriend in the Instagram pic. Who didn’t press any charges against her and didn’t want her prosecuted and was on her side but the Crown still were going ahead with the case against her.

    1. Roob

      I think everything is coming together. It’s all connected.

      Whilst I remember. About Milking It and Moo, yesterday’s movie was Horse Girl starring Alison Brie.

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