Cats And Dogs

What’s Black and White and Read all over.

A NEWS paper.




‘It’s all over the front page’.



That Lovin’ Feline.



And Looper.



Which leads into ‘The Hounds of Love’.

‘It’s in the Trees. It’s coming’.





And the Fainting of Betelgeuse. Click



Further down the Crazy River. Meet the Hounds of Love. Below are Jenny’s daughter pet dogs – Tigulus and Ace. Tigulus is the larger of the two dogs. And I believe the likeness between them and Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo from Scooby Doo is no coincidence. And begs the question how could a 50 year old cartoon series ‘predict’ Tigulus and Ace ?

Dog Stars on the Silver Screen. Siriusly.




In Fringe, one version of Olivia Dunham crosses over into the Walternate Universe and in this Universe, Cats the Musical is now Dogs the Musical.



When Two Worlds Collide.

Or Something 🙄.


21 thoughts on “Cats And Dogs

  1. Losing the Mind.

    From Road Rage – Catatonia

    ‘It’s all over the front page, you give me road rage,
    Racing through the best days,
    It’s up to you boy you’re driving me crazy,
    Thinking you may be losing your mind.’


      1. Where’s the Snow and Snowflakes ? Or alternative Universe ?

        But no snow.

        Everything is all white.

        And period of transition.

        BBC News – Queen agrees ‘transition’ for Harry and Meghan


  2. Childhood’s End.
    Scrap the fantasee.
    Castles and princes/ses and kings and queens are built on air.
    Houses of cards fall down.
    Don’t hold on. Let go.


  3. Queenie need not worry. Meghan probably had to sign NDAs (dnas/sand) up the yin yang. The only words she can probably say without being SUEd like cnn are “a” and “the”. Even those are probably too much for mummy.


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