Who Is Number ‘-1’ ?


Maybe it was inevitable the question is asked. Who Is Number 1 ? Or is it ‘Number Minus 1’ and if so Who Is Number +1 ?

Adam is working to find out definitively who is Number ‘- 1’ .



From New York Times :

‘The report detailed a game of phone tag between the -1 phone number and Mr. Giuliani on Aug. 8. That same week, Mr. Giuliani was vigorously pressing State Department officials to persuade President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine to publicly announce investigations into the Biden family and whether Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election.

Mr. Giuliani missed calls from -1 on Aug. 8 to two of his cellphones. Mr. Giuliani then called the White House switchboard and the White House Situation Room, before connecting with -1.

Circumstantial evidence shows that some of the -1 calls involved Mr. Trump, Mr. Schiff said, adding that his committee was working “to find out definitively.”



And Us Man was responsible for the London Bridge attack last Friday.



I Am I Said.



I think we are being warmed up.




You Are Number ‘-6’.


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    1. Less Than Zero


      ‘In mathematics, a negative number is a real number that is less than zero. Negative numbers represent opposites. If positive represents a movement to the right, negative represents a movement to the left. If positive represents above sea level, then negative represents below sea level. If positive represents a deposit, negative represents a withdrawal. They are often used to represent the magnitude of a loss or deficiency. A debt that is owed may be thought of as a negative asset, a decrease in some quantity may be thought of as a negative increase. If a quantity may have either of two opposite senses, then one may choose to distinguish between those senses—perhaps arbitrarily—as positive and negative. Negative numbers are used to describe values on a scale that goes below zero, such as the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales for temperature. The laws of arithmetic for negative numbers ensure that the common sense idea of an opposite is reflected in arithmetic. For example, −(−3) = 3 because the opposite of an opposite is the original value.’

      Frozen 2.

      1. Elvis Costello’s first album is now called ‘My Aim Is True’ . Can’t remember what it was called previously and has even changed on my CD.

        Less Than Zero.

          1. Roob

            Number and number.

            Jen and me watched another WTF movie on Sunday called Lavender. Started with a Frozen in Time scene. I think the point was that there is a part of us that can get stuck in a moment in time until it is released.

            1. ‘A lavender marriage is a male–female mixed marriage, undertaken as a marriage of convenience to conceal the socially stigmatised sexual orientation of one or both partners. The term dates from the early 20th century and is used almost exclusively to characterize certain marriages of public celebrities in the first half of the 20th century, primarily before World War II, when public attitudes made it impossible for a person acknowledging homosexuality to pursue a public career, notably in the Hollywood film industry.[1] One of the earliest uses of the phrase appeared in the British press in 1895, at a time when the colour was associated with homosexuality.’


              Yin and Jung…

              Old and Young…



              1. Roob

                Thanks. A mine of information !

                The movie is on a different theme but worth watching.

                And on movies. There seems to be a Hitchcock movie theme doing the rounds.

                    1. Omg, Frank, that made my belly fat jiggle. Good laugh, thanks! Biden was an ass. He shares the entitlement of Hilary Clinton, thinks he should be a shoe-in. That man didn’t look 83 from behind. 😂 Plus I think he’s absolutely right – Biden’s got some splaining to do! His son DID get access he would never have gotten if his dad weren’t VP.

                      The last think to mention is Iowa is IA which looks like AI in the mirror

    1. Anon

      History of negative numbers.


      Brahmagupta :

      ‘A debt minus zero is a debt.
      A fortune minus zero is a fortune.
      Zero minus zero is a zero.
      A debt subtracted from zero is a fortune.
      A fortune subtracted from zero is a debt.
      The product of zero multiplied by a debt or fortune is zero.
      The product of zero multiplied by zero is zero.
      The product or quotient of two fortunes is one fortune.
      The product or quotient of two debts is one fortune.
      The product or quotient of a debt and a fortune is a debt.
      The product or quotient of a fortune and a debt is a debt.’

        1. I think the problem for mathematicians is that minus numbers are counter intuitive. How can there be a negative number? But the figures seem to show they’re there. Not that I know anything about it !

  1. Electrical polarity and AC/DC.

    In a direct current (DC) circuit, current flows in one direction only, and one pole is always negative and the other pole is always positive. In an alternating current (AC) circuit the two poles alternate between negative and positive and the direction of the current (electron flow) reverses periodically.

    1. Elena

      Good thinking. Again it helps if one has a natural understanding for physics, science and maths but from my memory A/C and D/C current is linked to the resistance and the conductor. Something like that.

      ‘The resistance offered by a conductor for both AC and DC is different, the resistance offered 2 DC by conductor is known as DC resistance while the resistance offered to AC is known as AC resistance or effective resistance. For a given conductor AC resistance is more than its DC resistance.’


      And DC is taking early retirement because of the Fire.

      BBC News – Dany Cotton: London Fire Brigade chief to quit four months early


      1. Frank

        Great stuff!
        And you know I’m not a math person. I’m on the philosophical path.
        But, everything in life has this negative, positive, resistance, acceptance dance going on.

        I recently had a conversation with a lady who is upset because her daughter’s marriage of eight years ended abruptly. Her daughter is depressed, (in negative territory) and she wants her daughter back in positive territory. So she is taking her to the doctor to see if he can prescribe something to make the negative go away.

        I said no pill is gonna solve the problem. Sooner or later she will have to acknowledge and deal with the negative energy. Which is not a bad thing, it’s a necessary thing. And if she does, she will be better for it. Which ended the conversation because it wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

        As you said, it’s counter intuitive that the negative numbers exist but all the evidence says they do. And I guess the philosophical question is, when and why did positive become good and negative become evil?

        Negative and positive permeate everything and we are polarized.
        A few nights ago I watched the France 24 debate with three Americans living in Paris. Two democrats one republican and they spent almost the entire show trying to demonize each other and shout each other down. And heaven help the moderator who couldn’t stop them. 🙂

        Like the daughter above we will just have to see this through and resist the inclination to become polarized.

        1. Elena

          I think it’s beginning to hit big time now. Fanning out.

          Like for many, Anxiety has been my constant companion over the years. First book I read when it first hit said Let It Be and the advice seems to work. The fire that burns. Again it’s counter intuitive. Why would you accept it ? But ironically, probably made me braver from a spiritual perspective than I was before.

          1. Frank

            Yes it is, the closer we get to 2020 vision.
            And the question, why would we accept it, made me think of this Borat thing.

            After it was all over, they gave him a standing ovation! 🙂

    1. The epicentre was Bridgwater.

      And Summerset.

      The square of the length of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides.

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