The Horn

Yesterday, I got a shock. In my experience Herb Albert has always been Herb Albert. Herb Albert is a Trumpeter and singer who was famous in the 1960s and 70s.



After I watched a You Tube video I glanced at random suggestions below and it showed ‘This Guy’s In Love With You’ by Herb Alpert. I thought this cannot be happening. He is Herb Albert and not Herb Alpert and never ever ever has been.

I googled Herb Alpert and he showed as Herb Alpert but this is where it got even stranger. As I looked at the wiki page this is how it read.

‘Herb Alpert (born March 31, 1935) is an American jazz musician most associated with the group variously known as Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass, Herb Albert’s Tijuana Brass, or TJB.’

It showed Herb Alpert as his name but the band’s name as ‘Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass’ and I thought that explains it. I blinked and looked again and it showed Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. And still does today.

‘Herb Alpert (born March 31, 1935) is an American jazz musician most associated with the group variously known as Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass, or TJB.’

Herb Albert changed to Herb Alpert in front of my eyes. Subtle shifts in reality or parallel realities or moving timelines. And whose reality changes and the Observer Effect. And converging realities but which one is chosen ? Who knows.

Project Human Angel.



The Trumpet in the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill.



And at present a Unicorn meteor shower is in the night sky. Click Science Alert.






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          1. Jenny

            ‘Remembering Lost Pieces of Time’. Hopefully unlocking the memory bank.

            And as you said where did Kyiv appear from ?


            ‘President Donald Trump has pilloried an envoy who testified in the impeachment inquiry, claiming she refused to hang his photo in the US embassy in Ukraine.

            Mr Trump told Fox News’ morning show former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch “didn’t want to hang my picture in the embassy” in Kyiv.’

            1. It’s possible the deep state sounds thinks out differently. It’s also possible Trump USA false idol.

  1. I’m not sure if this fits, but it resonated with me.

    The Coal Miner’s Daughter.
    Singing like a canary.
    The canary in the coal mine. A warning sign.

    A voice rising.
    A memory of who we are and where we came from.

    Not much left here but the floors,
    And nothing lives here anymore,
    Except the memories of a coal miner’s daughter.

      1. Frank

        It’s the same face. 🙂
        Irregardless of gender, race, ethnicity, etc.
        I kept thinking of the facial similarity between Fiona and Loretta.

        Last night, I was looking at a young white male with a military cut and an older black woman with a cornrow braid and they had the same face.
        I keep having this bizarre sensation on a par with your Albert/Alpert, Kiev/Kyiv. But for me things are not switching, so much as they are blending, at least facially.

        And about Breaking Bad. Just as I was logging on to Merovee, some kids ran up the alley behind my home cursing and yelling and one pitched a pipe and ‘broke’ my window. BANG!!!

        Maybe I am a fascist at heart as someone here once suggested, but…
        I’m melding. I’m melding! 🙂

        1. Elena

          I have many theories for Why?. I feel we’re being warmed up. Frogs in a pot.

          And Dr F. Hill

          Ukrainian Orphan Natalia Grace with Dr Phil.

          And Lykke Li

  2. I always preferred Eddie Calvert, a.k.a. The Man with the Golden Trumpet.

    Mine is silver and made by a family-owned company whose name was first recorded in the Rhineland…

    “1939: The Getzen Company, Inc. is born in a converted dairy barn behind the Getzen family residence at 329 East Geneva Street, Elkhorn, Wisconsin.”

  3. Anyway, a little after 1pm this afternoon I was in Welshpool and saw Rolf Harris’ doppelgänger in Morrisons car park. I waited impatiently as he gently manoeuvred his way past a line of shopping trollies, as if afraid of touching them with his car. My annoyance quickly dissipated as he drew level. I had a sudden flash of insight and it all made perfect sense.

    You know, about him being great with other people’s kids but very hard on his own?

    1. Anon

      ‘Walter Hartwell White Sr., also known by his clandestine alias Heisenberg, is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Breaking Bad.’

        1. Now when I see those Amazon Prime vans moving stealthily through the neighborhoods at all hours, I wonder if they’ll morph into something more nefarious in the future- like organ harvesting vans or vans to whisk away the dissidents. They look like things out of 451 and the Handmaids Tale. Delivering books and babies. Harvesting books and babies. Burning books and babies?

    When learning how car horns work, you might have to suspend disbelief. I had to anyway. A tiny vibrating membrane makes all that noise? Two horns that resonate differently are better than one? And what’s with that Doppler business?

    Anyway, if anyone is up for chasing rabbits off the standard Donnie Darko and Alice IW tracks, maybe check this out.

    Gummo –

    Great flick.
    Feels almost like home.
    Cept not.

    ^Depeche Mode – Here Is The House (1986)^

    1. Cade

      I’m sure there are very good scientific reasons but a question I’ve asked myself is how something as intangible as wind can make a noise.

      1. Woke up this morning pondering the concept of an infinitely powerful being creating a something so heavy that they cannot lift it. I guess it’s kindof an old philosophical question/exercise in determining the scope of “deity”.and/or “a deity” and their power. Came up with an affirmative some time back, but came up with a new/different affirmative answer this morning.

        Q: Can an infinitely powerful being creating a something so heavy that they cannot lift it?
        A: Yes: Create a something that only someone else can lift.

        That may not seem to be related to the subject of “intangibles making noise”, but it kinda is. Wind is pretty much just a shearing of air/a current, and air is a fluid that is actually heavy as fuck. Not much intangible about gasses except for the fact that they tend to be clear from our general perspective(s). And what I was originally thinking is that most fluids (like air and water) seem to tend to pass along sound instead of singing their own tune in perceptible ways that we’re aware of all the time. Were that to happen, we’d likely all go mad. That said, “outside” has a different resonance than “inside” even tho both spaces are typically flooded with air.

        Active Noise Control –
        Storm Surge –
        P-Wave –
        Dionysian Mysteries –
        Avicenna –
        Cave Of The Crystals –
        Plate Tectonics –
        Omnipotence Paradox –
        World’s Largest Horn Shatters Glass –
        TARDIS sounds –

        A transmission of intent, intentions.and/or a current operating modality in “natural things” shouldn’t be that much of a stretch seeing as how we ourselves do the same or similar all the time.

        Transponder (Aeronautics) –
        Station Identification –
        Battle Cry –
        “Can I Wear White After Labor Day?”: A Definitive Answer –
        Handkerchief Code –
        Virtue Signalling –
        SOS –
        The Shop Around The Corner –
        Papal Conclave –
        Smoke Signal –

        In thinking of waves and the transference of energy, perhaps tasking someone or something else with doing a work that only they/it can do is qualitative enough to answer that “omnipitence paradox” question in a small way. Perfect strength + perfect weakness? /me shrugs
        (Ref: 2 Corinthians Chapter 12, Verse 9)

        ^Geoffrey Oryema – Makambo^

        P.S. – I used a “gifv” image in this because the file size is smaller than a regular “gif”, but I don’t know if WordPress is accommodating that new-ish file format yet. Was just weird that I had just seen that image before dropping by here, and was thinking about the vibration(s) that automobiles and other vehicles create + how that effects the ground and soil(s) over time. Everything is pretty much a fluid in various states of solidity, and all these vehicles are likely creating a shitload of instability in our environment(s) in ways that are being overlooked, and possibly even ignored. Potentially anyway. /again I shrug

  5. Hot on the heils of Trumplestealskin, Andrew is banished from the Loyal Guarden and Beatrice doesn’t get her horse drawn carriage. Talk about letting down your heir.

    Rude-y jeweliani may also surrender his Loyalty and collect on his “insurance”.

    hard reign’s gonna fall

    oh what a wicked web they weave

  6. Remember how film used to be manually edited on the “cutting room floor”? Sliced and diced? Maybe that’s similar to how the AI changes things up in the machine. Albert be Alpert. Hey isn’t there an Albert in the Loyal family?

  7. Time Crystals.

    Multi faceted.

    Lady Victoria Hervey on Ghislaine Maxwell and She’s Gone Far Away.

    ‘I haven’t seen her since September last year at a friend’s baby shower. I don’t think anyone is going to find her. She’s gone far away. She’s a bit like a James Bond character. She’s quite a unique person and I don’t believe anyone is going to find her. I don’t think we will ever see her again, it’s going to be like Robert Maxwell continued; she will continue that family mystery.’

    And Cryptoqueen, One Coin and She’s Gone.

      1. Jen

        The first cryogen

        ‘In physics, cryogenics is the production and behaviour of materials at very low temperatures.

        It is not well defined at what point on the temperature scale refrigeration ends and cryogenics begins, but scientists assume a gas to be cryogenic if it can be liquefied at or below −150 °C (123 K; −238 °F). The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology considers the field of cryogenics as that involving temperatures below −180 °C (93 K; −292 °F). This is a logical dividing line, since the normal boiling points of the so-called permanent gases (such as helium, hydrogen, neon, nitrogen, oxygen, and normal air) lie below −180 °C while the Freon refrigerants, hydrocarbons, and other common refrigerants have boiling points above −180 °C.’

        IDK. Very weird. Back to life.

      1. By Max Burns 🤔. Its a paradox.

        “Mike Pence powered down to save electricity,” said Max Burns, the communications director for Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights.

        And Herb Albert and Herb Alpert. b is an upside down p or d. Close enough. Topsy turvy.

        1. Roob

          Just came across this tweet by Register to Vote.

          There is an Emergency on Tower Bridge but chanced on Register to Vote.

          Twin Towers.

          And UT Tower, Tower of Babel, Grenfell Tower etc.

  8. Hell-O all


    I just have to share this video that popped up for me on YouTube.

    You see, after the Devil “took notice of me” here in my Blue Heron House via the black cat that came sauntering down my driveway eyeing me as I stared at it “crossing my path,” i.e. my driveway, with its very dead look in its eyes…

    The message was relayed to me soon after that on Metro North heading in to the Big City from two old Crackers (i.e. white, racist, old, “mountain” men) “chatting” with each other loudly, but directed at me:

    “You’re gonna wish you’d never been born.”

    “Hah! Oh yeah? RIGHT!!!……


    That was um, like 19 YEARS ago.

    Since then, I “woke up” and realized that the Bible and the Book of Genesis are the TRUTH about our “world’: i.e. it’s a “flat” earth built on pillars, it’s “immovable”; it has a celestial DOME over it; and JAH’s throne sits above the Arctic CIRCLE, from which He watches us as one would watch “grasshoppers”

    And now?

    I’m STANDING by the Truth and with THIS scientist, who announced to the WORLD before “Apollo 11” that the Moon is not a rock you can land on…. that as he described it, it’s “plasma.”

    And don’t you know? Read the material about this man below the vid, this Speaker of Truth, a “scientist.”

    And you will see: he has of a matter of course “passed on,” yet his work has since been “lost,” and it’s as if….

    He never existed.

    As if the “world” never “knew” he existed.

    Just like that “poor Lady” that so touched “C.F. Apollyon” and “Anonymous.”


    I’d rather that, to be unknown in this world, having left it to be “known” in Heaven….

    As I am SURE this man is.


    1. Perfect.

      On YouTube search

      “1965 scientist claims the moon is plasma”

      and you will see, this “man”….


            1. OK, gotta make you work for it!

              You have to SEARCH! for the TRUTH!


              Here you go: On You Tube, search for

              “Shocking Discovery in SODOM & GOMORRAH (R$E)”

              Good luck!


              No, no, no…..

              JAH Be With You….

              And then you will no longer need so-called “luck”

              1. Frank,

                Just noticed your last line was


                This man’s vid about Sodom and Gomorrah I decided to end with, well I’ve known and noticed again his sign-off is “R$E.”

                I’ve watched his stuff before, like his vid in Washington DC at the “National Cathedral” which is a monument to the “Virgin Mary”,,,,


                Just thought I’d point out to you the sync.


                1. The other incredible “sync” is the the town just south of mine was formerly known as “Sodom.”

                  So… my town is Paw-ling (Paw of the Dog?)… IS IT Somehow related to “Gomorrah”? Is sodomy prevalent here? Are there secret sodomy rituals, like among the fire (hose) dept “men,” that are required for initiation into their “secret societies” i.e. “families”?

                  Pawling, the “Hometown of Positive Thinking,” hometown of 33 degree Master Mason Norman Vincent Peale?

                  If so, townies?

                  Or rather, “locals”?

                  Prepare yourselves for JUDGMENT.

                  Because you need to WAKE UP and realize you live in today’s SODOM AND GOMORRAH!

                  The two wickedest “cities” in the Bible!

                  That were destroyed by Father Yahuweh.

                  JUST say’in…..


                  1. Like I asked myself 19 years ago when I moved in, that whenever I stepped out onto my back deck, a motor (a who knows what, like a RV) would start up on cue in the woods beyond, and I laughed cynically, like, “What the h— is this? “Deliverance”?

                    Um yes. Yes indeed. Exactly.


                    And you all admonish me to “RESPECT!!” up there in Dover?

                    When you have never afforded ME a shred of it……

                    “God Loves ALL His Children Unconditionally”
                    “Wouldn’t It Be Wise for Us to Be Friends?”

                    I think so!

                    And I think you need to ponder it as well…..

                    That maybe….just maybe….

                    I’m NOT your enemy!

                    1. Also what goes with believing in the “flat earth” is the last Psalm, Number 150, which refers to the “dome”


                      Praise God in his holy sanctuary;
                      give praise in the mighty DOME of heaven.
                      Give praise for his mighty deeds,
                      praise him for his great majesty.
                      Give praise with blasts upon the horn,
                      praise him with harp and lyre.
                      Give praise with tambourines and dance,
                      praise him with strings and pipes.
                      Give praise with crashing cymbals,
                      praise him with sounding cymbals.
                      Let everything that has breath
                      give praise to the LORD!


                      * [150:1] His holy sanctuary: God’s Temple on earth. The mighty dome of heaven: lit., “[God’s] strong vault”; heaven is here imagined as a giant plate separating the inhabited world from the waters of the heavens.

                      What can I say anymore?

                      Please turn to God and His salvation. Ponder His Creation! Reflect on the fact that the Earth is flat and immovable…..

                      And then SEE all the LIES around you.

                      Wake up.

                      Love JAH, the Father, with all your heart mind and soul… and thus love your “neighbor” as YOURSELF.

                  1. Frank,


                    Here’s the link to the shorter 2 min excerpt of the man who never existed!

                    But before I wanted to relay ANOTHER sync to your “Rise” today, and it was from the thoughts I’m having (but of course!) as I am suffering from Candida these days and knowing that “they” want me to FEAR that it’s “Cancer” (69)…. And that I laughed Ha, Why do you think “they” have never found the “cure” for cancer? The creepy sideways walking crab that was the only thing of “life” I spotted when I paddled, or rather dragged myself barely clear of the mud in “Constitution Marsh” after surviving the rapids around West Point???

                    Welp, for one, there’s no such thing as “Cancer”! It’s symbol is the 69? The yin/yang of JOINING of dark and light?

                    It’s a LIE.

                    There is no UNION between the two.

                    It’s ONE or the OTHER.

                    So there’s no “cure” for cancer because there is no such thing as “cancer.”

                    And for two…. we already HAVE the cure for “cancer”!

                    So I sang to my Self the lyrics that I believe are the Way to Happiness and True Health! Freedom from sickness and dis-ease!

                    it was one of my favorite girlhood camp songs from the Catholic Camp Bernadette near Lake Winnepesaki in New Hampshire….

                    “Rise and shine and give God your glory glory
                    “Rise and shine and give God your glory glory
                    “RISE and SHINE and GIVE God your glory, glory….
                    Children of the LORD!”

                    Lately, it’s the only song in my MIND that gets me outta bed in the morning.


                    1. So I’m eating a lot of kale lately, and it really seems to help!

                      It’s been proven to help stop the growth of cancer, I mean “candida,” because it’s a “crucifer,” which in Botany means a “cruciferous plant,” like broccoli, but in “real life” means “a person who carries a cross, as in ecclesiastical processions”….

                      You mean, like Jesus?


                    2. Trinity

                      Thanks for video. I hope your candida systems improve. People are experiencing all sorts of physical discomfort at present.

                    3. Thank you, Frank

                      It’s all a matter of perspective! I would agree with you on that.

                      Sort of sorry you don’t have our cherished American Holiday but anyway,

                      Happy Thanks Giving, EVERYBODY!

                      I LOVE YOU ALL!


                      “Gratitude Is an Attitude!”

                      Serve it with a side of Forgiveness, and you’ve got your Self a
                      Grand Feast!

                      Dig in!

                    4. And well, hey….

                      I CAN laugh at myself!

                      But now I can also BELIEVE in myself…..

                      I believe in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Who LOVES ME.

                      It’s the color of cranberry!

                      Sweet and Sour at the same time…..

                      Soft and Strong

                      The color of yes, my front door.

                      Sorta like Will Ferrell’s shirt here….

                      Will I Am … “Ferrell”?

                      “Feral”? As in “angry”?…. as in Ire-ish much?
                      You Irish! You know how to hold a grudge….like, forever!

                      But nope!

                      Yes, “Ferrell” is “Irish” but look what I found:

                      “Ferrell is a surname of Irish origin which comes from the Irish Ó Fearghail. Although there is some speculation of the exact definition, the original Irish Gaelic spelling is Ó Fearghail, and is most commonly believed to mean “Man of Valor.”

                      Man of Valor


                    5. I keep wondering, Where is the best place to post and then disappear?

                      How ’bout here.

                    6. “I’ma make it by any means, I got a pocketful of dreams baby I’m from New York!”

                      Yes! Yes, indeed!…..

                      But I am not a RAT in order to do it!

                      And I REFUSE to play “musical chairs” against other women in order to lay claim to a “man.”


                      I hated that game at my kindergarten birthday party and I hate it now!

                      It felt beneath me, and that’s probably why I lost.

                      Yep, I’m a “loser.”


                    7. I’ll just sign off with….

                      “You can’t have it all.”

                      It’s SO TRUE!

                      So yes, I’m a “loser” in the category of “true love”….

                      Never found my “soul mate”….

                      Oh, and sorry Pawling for being bait for unhappy “marrrieds” but hey, I’m just living my LIFE.

                      I never tried to steal any man, and that’s the TRUTH.

                      And it’s OK I never “caught one.”

                      I realize now that for ALL OF US it takes a lot of COMPROMISE and FORGIVENESS to find “romantic” love in later years, ESPECIALLY with children, and I will also give you that I do not believe in divorce either … unless for extreme situations….. like mine.

                      No, I lucked out with MOTHERHOOD.

                      And that’s ALWAYS been what I value unto my deathbed.

                      I’m blessed with my son, and he’s what I value, and he’s the only reason for which I live……

                      So yeah!

                      As any mother would say to anyone, you mess with him?

                      You’re dead!


                      If I did not get a very real “death threat” ….

                      But I did.

                      A headless pack of Parliaments to go with the cigarette butt I found beneath my bedroom window…. after a night of smelling cigarette smoke.

                      You know, my dad died a dog’s death, because he was left on his deathbed, by his own son, after an honorable life, gasping for breath while the doctors up there in Boston all looked on smiling and said it was “completely normal” for “end of life.”

                      That was not normal, and luckily my sister got a nurse to agree, and give my father a death in peace.

                      My dad smoked Parliaments.

                      And you, Jake, yes you, or any of your mob family?

                      Harm John?….

                      I’ll come after you.

                      And it may not be as “John Wick.”

                      And it most likely will not be with a gun….

                      But it will sure as HELL be as ME.

                      I’m not actually sure how it would turn out…..

                      But I would advise you against taking your chances….

                    8. I apologize for delivering a huge injection of hate and vengeance into the Christ mind with the “Club Scene” from John Wick.

                      I’m posting this to help raise not only MY vibration but the Christ’s.

                      Meaning, the Mind we all share.

                      God BLESS “YOU” (meaning ME)

                      Why “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF?”

                      Because THAT IS WHO YOU ARE

                    9. You see, I love me my Marlon, my Al, my “Bob,” my Mel, my Christian, my Keanu!

                      These guyz are welp, innocent….

                      Hmm… but….

                      Is it innocent to become a “celebrity” by playing real-life criminals who rape women and rob men and are the dirt and yes, scum, of the earth?

                      For “Bob” to become famous and thus feels loyalty to the real-life FAMILY of a murderous gangster like Jimmy Burke?

                      People who are threatening me and my son with dismemberment and death?

                      The scene that just came to mind is of Jimmy Burke in “Good Fellas” kicking a fellow mobster on the floor in the head to death in a bar……

                      But I’d RATHER post this… AGAIN.

                      And you know I love you, Bob.

                      Could you please put in a good word for me and my son?

                    10. Because you are just GLORIFYING truly ugly people…..

                      People who people like me are tested with…..

                    11. “The whole situation is beyond understanding.”



                      I love you Bob!


                    12. “I feel that Bloomberg is the one.”

                      I mean, really…..

                      And I cannot OFFEND one of the TOP OFFICERS of the “fraternity” my young, uninformed, innocent 19-yr-old son pledged to at Binghamton University and is now… within the yup, “Mount Sinai” medical community….


                      And all I can say is?

                      HOLD THE LINE….!

                    13. And I’m not “from New York!”….

                      I’m from Boston


                      So people, let’s go long

                      Let’s go strong…..

                      Because look:

                      “Bloomberg” already has his name on this….. look at the bottom of the screen to see his NAME.

                      You think he’s not the One?


                      He seems to already be LARGE and in CHARGE….

                      Without you even knowing it!

                      You probably don’t even KNOW his name!

                      Ha ha ha!

                      You ARE sheep, after all!

                    14. But you can be sure he’s known MY name for quite a long time now….

                      YEARS even….


  9. Forgiveness

    “Do not avenge yourselves, Beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: ‘Vengeance is Mine; I will repay,’ says Jah, the Most High God EVEEER!!!”



              1. So here’s the question now:

                If our president gets “impeached,” does that mean he can’t run in 2020 for president?


                I’m thinking, “they” HAVE to honor the American “Constitution” and our “Bill of Rights” facade… the CHARADE of our “democracy”….. that means…

                If we WANT to re-elect an “impeached “president”?

                We CAN!

                And we will!


                1. CAVEAT:

                  And we will reelect President Trump, as long as he pledges to do the Will of the People.

                  As Our servant….

                  And … as long as WE believe in him.

                  1. You know, President Trump….

                    It wouldn’t take much….

                    To just “say”….

                    F— “NASA”

                    Create your own “exploratory arm” of “space exploration” to the NORTH POLE!

                    NASA sucks!

                    So let’s get a cooler govmnt agency up there in Shangri-la!

                    Before you break the real TRUTH!

                    As shown to you by your own exploratory scientific agencies!!

                    That the earth is…. welp,not “flat” but … a disc.

                    And the sun revolves ABOVE it.

                    And WE LIVE UNDER A DOME.


                      (Republicans vs Democrats; I was born and raised a Democrat)

                      No, this is a matter of AMERICAN EVOLUTION.

                      So why “President Trump”?

                      Because he CONNECTS to the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

                      I don’t LOVE ME “President Trump”……

                      I just know HE KNOWS the deal.

                      Why he CARES?

                      Not sure…..

                      All I KNOW IS ….

                      He makes me laugh….


                      This man has balls.

                    2. But the first priority right now is to discredit NASA.

                      In any way we CAN.

                      NASA = LIARS

  10. You want a “New World Order”?



    The closest I can imagine was given us by “Michael Jackson”:

    Before he died, he told his loving crowd:

    “Do not believe what THEY SAY in your science books…. YOU MUST KNOW THE TRUTH!”

    And then he DIED.

        1. Thank you, Michael Jackson

          Welcome to the New Kingdom!

          No “kings” or “queens” there!

          God Bless You!

          1. I just need to point out that Satan is the Master Manipulator.

            And Michael was…. a Master Performer, his ENTERTAINER!

            His moral code was: Entertain the audience. That’s was his purpose.

            But if you listen to the Earth Song lyrics, he’s REBELLING against his “God!”

            But who WAS MJ’s god?

            The Angel of Music, the one who GAVE him all his songs, which he fully admits, all his songs and music just “landed” in his lap.


            Yes, Satan.

            And I think MJ rebelled at the end, wanted to tell the TRUTH…. wanted to “come clean.”

            He WASN’T clean, and all his public grabbing of his genitals in concert was, hmmm…. a very public rebellion against Yah, the Most High. It’s really hard to watch when you LOVE like I do his dancing and his music, and then he sticks his hand on his thing, and does the FU thrust and it’s like…. hmm. No, no thanks, Michael…. You lost me as a fan right there…. You are LOST.

            It’s a lesson for believers, because you can’t “want” to tell the Truth and be Free… You can’t bargain with Satan and tell him you just want a place in the country to live with your children…. if you do this one LAST THING.

            You think Satan is going to hand you that after your “long life of service”?


            You HAVE TO LEAVE! You have to drop it all, risk homelessness….

            You have to take your chances with the Almighty.

            You just have to do it.

            And it’s a hard hard lesson….

            “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”
            Matthew 19:24

              1. And I had pledged to my self that I wouldn’t post, but hey, this is important.

                The New Age philosophy, that I got sucked into via “The Course in Miracles” teaches us to just “forgive” and “love.”

                It’s all “LOVE” and that will, what, make it go away?


                This is Satan’s greatest deception: that you SHOULD just “BE” LOVE!


                You CAN”T “Be LOVE” when you are just a sinner like me.

                The point is, God the Father, Jahuweh, taught us to first and foremost LOVE ONLY HIM.

                You know why?????

                Because HE’S the ONLY ONE who LOVES us!


                1. AND….?

                  He’s the ONLY ONE who CAN save us.

                  “Our Father Who art in heaven…

                  Hallowed be thy name:”


                  (“Yah” for short” it’s better than “Oh god!”)


                    1. “The World Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams”?

                      Welp what if all your dreams are bad?

                      What if it’s all a NIGHTMARE.

                      What then, Frank?

                    2. Trinity

                      My take on it.

                      I believe the first step is to know its a dream. Pleasant dream or nightmare it’s a dream. Still in the loop.

                      And then hand the waking up part over to spirit, Jesus or whoever suits you.

                    3. So I’m making a “go” of it AGAIN!

                      Don’t know when you will hear of me going forward….

                      Haha, it could be tomorrow, or it could be….. yeah, haha.

                      In the obituaries.


                    4. Thank you, Frank!

                      Thank you, “Friend”!…..

                      “Brother in Christ”

                      So I’ve been erecting “shields” around my house to prevent prying eyes from shooting me with “looks that could kill.”….

                      And tonight, looking up at the lovely moonlight reflected on the snow and ice around my gently flowing mountain stream… so beautiful, I realized that 1) all the trees on that end have died. And I want to prevent them from falling on my house and damaging it, but then realizing too that 2) the biggest dead tree was somehow miraculously blown down into the stream away from my house the last big “storm” and 3) realizing that all the barriers to the morning sun are gradually being removed!

                      And I can’t think or find anything else to erect to “shield” the house anymore on that end …. and I realized wow, I can now plant a whole “shield” of elderberry bushes there…. and I’ve started with one. I got it in the ground before it completely froze, and covered the young thing with that brown fabric to help protect it until spring. I’ve also planted some wild elderberry seeds from the Wild Seed Project in pots out there, because they actually need to go through a frozen winter before they can… sprout. Grow.

                      And the song that came to mind as I looked out over the stream in the moonlight and over into the park looking back at me…. spying? watching me? …. was this one: “Let the sun shine in.”

                      And it goes with the email I received this morning from a Friend:

                      “Dearest Caroline,

                      “Trust would settle every problem now.”
                      A Course in Miracles T-26.VIII.2:3

                      A Course in Miracles describes Ten Characteristics of a Teacher of God. One builds upon another. There is a reason why 1 is 1 and 10 is 10. The first characteristics a teacher of God develops is trust.

                      All other traits of God’s teachers rest on trust.
                      Once that has been achieved the other cannot fail to follow.
                      Manual for Teachers 4:II.1:1-3

                      God really is in charge—always has been and always will be. Lesson 47 from the Workbook states, “God is the strength in which I trust.” This is the first principle by which we must rule our lives. If there is no God, then, indeed, we have reason for despair. Then, indeed, all is chaos, all is lost. Lesson 200 from the Workbook says, “There is no peace except the peace of God.” Thankfully, we need not trust in our own strength because we have God’s Voice the Holy Spirit, as our guide.”

                      Thank you, Friend!

                      Tonight I’m choosing “Happy.” It’s the collection of essential oils to go in my Now diffuser (NOW = WON)…. instead of the stringent “Wellness” blends of eucalyptus etc meant to “kill” all the “germs” invading the house….

                      It’s from “Woolzies” with their emblem of a lamb on it: “Soft by Nature”

                      “CHOOSE HAPPY”

                      1. Surround yourself with people you love.
                      2. Give yourself the care you deserve.
                      3. Breathe in beautiful scents.

                      So I’m “breathing in” their Blissful Magic blend as I post:
                      Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, White Lotus, and Vetiver.

                      To all my “friends” out there:


                      And thank you.


                    5. You must become AWARE of the fact that there IS a yes, “evil” force that wants to hide FROM YOU our Creator, “GOD”.

                      It’s CONSTANT, it’s like gravity, and it’s BEHIND the “globe” conspiracy.

                      No, we do NOT live on a “globe” that SPINS through SPACE…..

                      Pretty morbid situation, don’t you think?

                      Pretty HORRIFIC, like the heroine in Gravity experiences!

                      “I hate space.” she says…. It’s a NIGHTMARE.

                      The insight I wanted to share, is I feel a RESPONSIBILITY to share whatever insights I may have to get us closer to God.

                      To get us Back to the Garden!

                      I think the reason “Yahweh” never took off with any of us as God’s “true name” is tribute to His own Creation: “Yahweh” has only TWO syllables…

                      “Yahuweh” has THREE.

                      Yes, the number of COMPLETION.

                      1, 2, 3!!!!

                      Weeee, and AWAY WE GO!

                      GOD BLESS, ALL!

                      Time to SEE this “world” for what it is: a nightmare.

                      One we CAN wake up from, and we WILL.


                    6. So what does “Gravity” show us?

                      It shows us landing from “space.” [hmm, “Holly Wood” And it’s magic spells and deception…..]

                      Back to solid ground.

                      The Way God created it.

                      It’s immovable.

                      It’s like a ROCK.

                      It’s our Earth.

                      We’re all coming down together now…..

                      Coming down to earth.

                    7. The Horn


                      a ram’s-horn trumpet used by ancient Jews in religious ceremonies and as a battle signal, now sounded at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.”

                      You hear it in the Jacksons video “The Triumph”

                      It sounds so….


                      Ha, and it’s a “ram’s” horn too!


                    8. I apologize because this latest clip of the Jacksons’ “Triumph” was not as good a sound quality as the one I posted above, which has much more shofar trumpet sounds in the credits at the end….

                      Secondly, the image of the One Eye in the peacock feather is the One that brings unity?

                      Don’t “the people” all look a little “mesmerized” by it?

                      Unity by hypnosis? Hypnotized by the One Eye?

                      I’m just saying, and I always ask for “discernment” because Satan’s “one eye” is encoded in EVERYTHING.

                      I lately always also remind myself, “No celebration” when you make a touchdown… or a knockout.

                      Because the FIGHT AIN”T OVER…..


                    9. So, again, what is a “shofar”?

                      A ram’s horn made into a trumpet.

                      A DEAD ram’s majestic horns cut off as it was dismembered by its yes, “ancient Jewish” BUTCHERS, to be blown as a trumpet blown in victory.

                      Victory? Ah, yes indeed!

                      Over another “endangered sheep’s” death.


                    10. Frank,
                      Yes! My “man” was a Jew!
                      And it’s pretty clear in this “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” clip that “Jesus” had a lot of compassion toward his Brothers, the “Jew”!
                      Please see that!
                      It’s a fight between Good and Evil, but Jesus is fighting it FOR his “Brothers.”
                      He LOVES them!
                      Do you not see this in the beautiful Clint Eastwood’s expressions of smiling and love toward his ugly brother, Eli Wallach?

                    11. Trinity

                      Its the Eye of the Beholder I think. I don’t believe God sees ugliness.

                      Actually I think it’s an internal projection outwards. What we see in the mirror projected externally. That’s my take. Our vision is mistaken.

                    12. “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

                      Welp I never “decoded” this until NOW.

                      The “Good” = Jesus Christ

                      The “Bad” = Satan

                      The “Ugly” = the Jews


                      Don’t kill the messenger!


                    13. And it’s all in the name!

                      Clint “East” Wood….. (vs. “Holly” Wood?)

                      The sun rises on my house and your house just the same:

                      from the east.

                      Let that sun shine in!

                      Rise and shine and give God your glory glory
                      Rise and shine and give God your glory glory
                      Rise and shine and….

                      Give God your glory, Children of the Lord!

                      Because it’s GOD (Yahuweh!)

                      WHO MAKES EVERY DAY A NEW DAY.

                      Praise Be to God, Hallelu JAH!

                      And to Kanye:

                      You’re OK, brother!

                      You are a saved Son of God!

                      And so is MY son, your “Brother!”

                    14. Jesus, a Jew, loved his Brothers, Jews, and still does…..!

                      I think He’s trying to teach “them” a lesson!

                      For their “greater Good.”

                      i.e,. Jesus wants to SAVE his Brothers…..

                      From Satan.

                      From the “love” of money!

                      Which is the root of all Evil…..and “THEIR” enslavement….

                      Meaning, their “loyalty,” to Satan.

                    15. Frank,

                      Yes I agree, that it’s all in the eye of the beholder!

                      I really really do!

                      But….what is it I “see”?

                      I see now that it is Satan who is the master of making me “guilty” for what I “see.”


                    16. Michael Jackson was sexually abused/aroused before he even reached puberty.

                      That’s why all the grabbing of the crotch…..

                      That’s WHY.

                      And he is quite the HERO in my mind to have RISEN above it.

                      Quite the MAN.

                      Thank you, Michael.

                    17. Michael Jackson was a VICTIM….

                      And a SURVIVOR…..

                      of Holly Wood’s music industry’s SEXUAL ABUSE

                    18. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
                      Michael Jackson
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      I took my baby to the doctor
                      With a fever, but nothing he found
                      By the time this hit the street
                      They said she had a breakdown
                      Someone’s always tryin’ to start my baby cryin’
                      Talkin’, squealin’, lyin’
                      Sayin’ you just wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      You love to pretend that you’re good
                      When you’re always up to no good
                      You really can’t make him hate her
                      So your tongue became a razor
                      Someone’s always tryin’ to keep my baby cryin’
                      Treacherous, cunnin’, declinin’
                      You got my baby cryin’
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re a vegetable, you’re a vegetable
                      Still they hate you, you’re a vegetable
                      You’re just a buffet, you’re a vegetable
                      They eat off of you, you’re a vegetable
                      Billie jean is always talkin’
                      When nobody else is talkin’
                      Tellin’ lies and rubbin’ shoulders
                      So they called her mouth a motor
                      Someone’s always tryin’ to start my baby cryin’
                      Talkin’, squealin’, spyin’
                      Sayin’ you just wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re a vegetable, you’re a vegetable
                      Still they hate you, you’re a vegetable
                      You’re just a buffet, you’re a vegetable
                      They eat off of you, you’re a vegetable
                      If you cant feed your baby (yeah, yeah)
                      Then don’t have a baby (yeah, yeah)
                      And don’t think maybe (yeah, yeah)
                      If you can’t feed your baby (yeah, yeah)
                      You’ll be always tryin’
                      To stop that child from cryin’
                      Hustlin’, stealin’, lyin’
                      Now baby’s slowly dyin’
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
                      You got to be startin’ somethin’
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)
                      Too low to get under (yeah, yeah)
                      You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)
                      And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)
                      Lift your head up high
                      And scream out to the world
                      I know I am someone
                      And let the truth unfurl
                      No one can hurt you now
                      Because you know what’s true
                      Yes, I believe in me
                      So you believe in you
                      Help me sing it, ma ma se
                      Ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa
                      Ma ma se, ma ma sa
                      Ma ma coo sa

                    19. Psalm 37[a]
                      Of David.
                      1 Do not fret because of those who are evil
                      or be envious of those who do wrong;
                      2 for like the grass they will soon wither,
                      like green plants they will soon die away.

                      3 Trust in the Lord and do good;
                      dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
                      4 Take delight in the Lord,
                      and he will give you the desires of your heart.

                      5 Commit your way to the Lord;
                      trust in him and he will do this:
                      6 He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,
                      your vindication like the noonday sun.

                      7 Be still before the Lord
                      and wait patiently for him;
                      do not fret when people succeed in their ways,
                      when they carry out their wicked schemes.

                      8 Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;
                      do not fret—it leads only to evil.
                      9 For those who are evil will be destroyed,
                      but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.

                      10 A little while, and the wicked will be no more;
                      though you look for them, they will not be found.
                      11 But the meek will inherit the land
                      and enjoy peace and prosperity.

                      12 The wicked plot against the righteous
                      and gnash their teeth at them;
                      13 but the Lord laughs at the wicked,
                      for he knows their day is coming.

                      14 The wicked draw the sword
                      and bend the bow
                      to bring down the poor and needy,
                      to slay those whose ways are upright.
                      15 But their swords will pierce their own hearts,
                      and their bows will be broken.

                      16 Better the little that the righteous have
                      than the wealth of many wicked;
                      17 for the power of the wicked will be broken,
                      but the Lord upholds the righteous.

                      18 The blameless spend their days under the Lord’s care,
                      and their inheritance will endure forever.
                      19 In times of disaster they will not wither;
                      in days of famine they will enjoy plenty.

                      20 But the wicked will perish:
                      Though the Lord’s enemies are like the flowers of the field,
                      they will be consumed, they will go up in smoke.

                      21 The wicked borrow and do not repay,
                      but the righteous give generously;
                      22 those the Lord blesses will inherit the land,
                      but those he curses will be destroyed.

                      23 The Lord makes firm the steps
                      of the one who delights in him;
                      24 though he may stumble, he will not fall,
                      for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

                      25 I was young and now I am old,
                      yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
                      or their children begging bread.
                      26 They are always generous and lend freely;
                      their children will be a blessing.[b]

                      27 Turn from evil and do good;
                      then you will dwell in the land forever.
                      28 For the Lord loves the just
                      and will not forsake his faithful ones.

                      Wrongdoers will be completely destroyed[c];
                      the offspring of the wicked will perish.
                      29 The righteous will inherit the land
                      and dwell in it forever.

                      30 The mouths of the righteous utter wisdom,
                      and their tongues speak what is just.
                      31 The law of their God is in their hearts;
                      their feet do not slip.

                      32 The wicked lie in wait for the righteous,
                      intent on putting them to death;
                      33 but the Lord will not leave them in the power of the wicked
                      or let them be condemned when brought to trial.

                      34 Hope in the Lord
                      and keep his way.
                      He will exalt you to inherit the land;
                      when the wicked are destroyed, you will see it.

                      35 I have seen a wicked and ruthless man
                      flourishing like a luxuriant native tree,
                      36 but he soon passed away and was no more;
                      though I looked for him, he could not be found.

                      37 Consider the blameless, observe the upright;
                      a future awaits those who seek peace.[d]
                      38 But all sinners will be destroyed;
                      there will be no future[e] for the wicked.

                      39 The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord;
                      he is their stronghold in time of trouble.
                      40 The Lord helps them and delivers them;
                      he delivers them from the wicked and saves them,
                      because they take refuge in him.

                    20. And this was the most shocking death scene I, “Carrie,” have ever “SEEN”….


                      Because there was no Hollywood rescue…. no “happy ending”…

                      for the “good guy.”

                      Not was there EVER.


                      You Holly Wood SCUM

                    21. They Don’t Care About Us
                      Michael Jackson
                      Skin head, dead head
                      Everybody gone bad
                      Situation, aggravation
                      Everybody allegation
                      In the suite, on the news
                      Everybody dog food
                      Bang bang, shot dead
                      Everybody’s gone mad
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      Beat me, hate me
                      You can never break me
                      Will me, thrill me
                      You can never kill me
                      Sue me, Sue me
                      Everybody do me
                      Kick me, kick me
                      Don’t you black or white me
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      Tell me what has become of my life
                      I have a wife and two children who love me
                      I am the victim of police brutality, now
                      I’m tired of bein’ the victim of hate
                      You’re rapin’ me of my pride oh, for God’s sake
                      I look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy
                      Set me free
                      Skin head, dead head
                      Everybody gone bad
                      Trepidation, speculation
                      Everybody allegation
                      In the suite, on the news
                      Everybody dog food
                      Black man, black mail
                      Throw your brother in jail
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      Tell me what has become of my rights
                      Am I invisible because you ignore me?
                      Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now
                      I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame
                      They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name
                      I can’t believe this is the land from which I came
                      You know I do really hate to say it
                      The government don’t want to see
                      But if Roosevelt was livin’
                      He wouldn’t let this be, no, no
                      Skin head, dead head
                      Everybody gone bad
                      Situation, speculation
                      Everybody litigation
                      Beat me, bash me
                      You can never trash me
                      Hit me, kick me
                      You can never get me
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      Some things in life they just don’t want to see
                      But if Martin Luther was livin’
                      He wouldn’t let this be, no, no
                      Skin head, dead head
                      Everybody gone bad
                      Situation, segregation
                      Everybody allegation
                      In the suite, on the news
                      Everybody dog food
                      Kick me, kick me
                      Don’t you wrong or right me
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about
                      All I want to say is that
                      They don’t really care about us

                    22. I’m so blessed!

                      I am so blessed…. you wouldn’t know it from my rants and raves….

                      I am so blessed.

                      Praise be to God!

                      I’m sorry for …..


                      Please forgive me my own ugliness in judging you “people”….

                      I don’t want to be UGLY…..

                      I also know deep down, haha, under the shit?…. haha

                      You are not ugly either.

                      You are beautiful.

                      In your love…..

                      You are beautiful.


                    23. Bottom line:

                      “Brody” as far as I know, duh, still lives…..

                      “Carrie” is me, and, duh, is still alive…..

                      As far as I know…..


                    24. Merry Christmas, all!

                      Ten days til Christmas…..

                      I just heard a song on Christian radio singing we were saved by “a baby boy.”

                      No, no, no.

                      We were saved by a MAN.

                    25. I think Satan’s great trick?

                      Is the fact that it is he who “LEADS US INTO TEMPTATION.”

                      As I myself WAS, all the while cherishing “images” of Jesus! I had the WWII Jesus Christ image, his “sacred heart” emanating the great rays of blue and red…on my mirror!

                      Similar to the beautiful actor (and he is Jewish 🙂 ) who portrayed “Jesus of Nazareth” in what I believe has been the greatest depiction, but no…. the great strength of the “mini-series” is that it was scripted only on the spoken word of Jesus….. It’s quite a miracle in my mind, how perfectly “Franco (Hi, Frank!) Zeffirelli” depicted the Man!


                      Back to why I wanted to post:

                      And it’s MAJOR, or I wouldn’t.

                      It’s the Second Commandment.

                      “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness [of any thing] that [is] in heaven above, or that [is] in the earth beneath, or that [is] in the water under the earth: 5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God [am] a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation] of them that hate me; 6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.”

                      — Exodus 20:4-6 (KJV)

                      But recognize: God (Yahuweh) is your Father, and if you want to be “reborn” as a “Son of God” in the “New Kingdom”?

                      You DO WHAT HE SAYS.


                      We can’t figure out WHY and that’s when we need to just TRUST, that it’s for our own “good” (i.e “godhood”) and that HE LOVE US.

                      The “idea” that sparked this post was REALIZING!

                      BEHIND every image YOU HAVE of “Jesus Christ” is the DEVIL.


      1. I just have to comment on this vid, it’s the “Beat It LIVE in Munich” vid, often our comments don’t fall under exactly the post we’re commenting on….

        And this is out of TOTAL LOVE for Michael!

        I think he did this DRUNK.

        And he was still able to pull it off for his fans.


        How much PAIN does a child of God have to take?

        I love you Michael!


        You are the only one who asked, “Are you Okay, Annie?”

              1. I wore my hair differently today, not with “Anna” bangs…but with my high forehead exposed! My “dome,” heheh, yup.

                I’m ready to show the world!

                I’m beautiful.

                1. I just have to say….


                  That I now SEE that I have been deceived by Satan my entire life, from the “beginning.”

                  And when a yes, “child of God,” wakes up to the deception and all the multitude of ways he has “ruined” your “life”?

                  Um, you’re in the crucible, and . . .

                  Satan will be out to “get you.”

                  And there really ain’t no way out!


                  Except through the WAY of Yeshua Hamachiach! (sp?)…..


                  By WAY of my Lord and Savior, who I know by the name of JESUS CHRIST.


                  1. So what is the “Way”?

                    Well the days I get up and “Give God my Glory” and FIRST ASK:
                    What should I do?

                    “Just have fun!”

                    And when I “do” that, asking for, hmm, what’s fun to do next? instead of following my “To Do” list…..

                    I become a whirlwind!

                    I get so much “work” done, it’s a miracle!

                    Instead of plodding thru tasks I have set for myself that day (i.e. listening to Satan as to what I SHOULD do….)

                    I “let go,” and “let God!”

                    And it’s fun! It’s more than fun, it’s…

                    my “salvation.”

                    “Be happy!”

                    Yes, a brother on Youtube sent me this message (“motivationaldoc”)

                    “A happy mind is a strong mind
                    “The mental strength comes from letting go of unhappy thoughts
                    and thoughts of those toxic individuals who should be forgotten.”


                    And the ONLY WAY to do that?

                    Is by calling out to God for help…..

                    Give me YOUR THOUGHTS, Father!

                    And when I DO that one single thing?

                    PRAY to “Our Father”?

                    I’m HAPPY.



                    Praise BE to God!

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