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      1. Frank, I’m just shooting the shit, typing whatever comes to mind. Equa-L-Dorian came to mind so I asked you if there’s a hidden door in the wind mill and you posted one that some could say is “behind” the altar but that’s too obvious so I positioned it in front since it’s all about perspective. Plus, if you’re the head hauncho, I imagine you enter through that door not the one through which all others enter and then that would place you in front not behind. And since we’ve been talking about Dorian and the “I” of the storm and also Dorian Gray, I called the door “id-den” and changed altar to “alter” since in the story Dorian’s painting is essentially his alter ego —-his other “I”.
        Dorian Gray abbreviates to DG which is the flipverse of GD which may or may not evoke “G-D”. Which leads us back to Church. Truly just shooting the shit.


        1. Plus it seemed a good way to ask you to post more photos of the windmill. To have another look.

          Btw, if you layed on your back in the center of the church and looked up at the beams, what radial pattern would they make?

      1. Frank,

        No, it’s not always Now Here.

        Here has been destroyed.

        Here does not exist.

        Now we are not Here.

        Now we are really and truly…No Where.

        Stopping comment.


    1. Roob

      Conception and Truth Aquatics.


      Ventura Name Meaning. Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, and Jewish (Sephardic): from a medieval personal name, a short form of Bonaventura or Buenaventura, meaning ‘good fortune’, or, in the case of the Italian name, a nickname from ventura ‘fortune’, ‘luck’.

      It is windy = Il fait du Vent.

                1. It’s Ova . Living in the past.

                  One of my many theories is that this reality ended with MH 370 but we haven’t realised it. Maybe even the End of the World is in a time loop.

                  The fire on the Conception mirrored the beginning of Solis. In the movie Troy is engulfed by a solar storm in his space craft and has to use May Day protocol.


                  ‘In a haunting distress call apparently made from the Conception and recorded by a Ventura County Marine radio channel, a man yells, “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!” Through the distortion and crackle of the radio call, the man’s fear is apparent. “I can’t breathe!” he screams.’

        1. Sorry, but you can NEVER “Welcome Me to the Program.”


          Maybe I’m not “Trinity” after all…..

          Maybe I’m Neo…..

          In drag.

      1. Haha, Frank!

        “Boring” lol! Thanks for an inspiring yet funny vid.

        You know, Jesus had a sense of humor? I hear the Teacher’s, um, inability to suffer fools gladly, in the gospel….. He WAS COOL.

        But the way the world depicts JESUS is just not cool. Bec they depict him as a wimp….. He’s a “loser.”

        But you HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT to be “saved”!


  1. And I will note that Hurricane what is it oh yeah, “Dorian”

    ,,,could affect, let us pray will, take out “Cape Canaveral”

    A movie set, the worst EVER

      1. Wow, thanks Frank. I’ve seen most of the James Bond movies which I loved growing up (unusual for a girl) but didn’t remember that scene, lol!

        They always put the truth in front of the sheep…. It’s either mockery or God’s spiritual requirement, not sure.


    1. That’d be interesting, Trin.
      I was wondering if Dorian hit Epstein’s island(s) too. Epstein, like Dorian, was said to have some creepy paintings on his walls.

      1. Creepy paintings of celebs, yeah I was fed that info too…..


        That’s how the Masons work.

        Guess what?

        It’s not WORKING anymore….

  2. To King and Country…. and Dolly, too!

    I think you GUYS are all right. Thank you, bec it does TOUCH me.

    But you still don’t “get” women, tho…..

    At least you’re trying.

    Women are really special…. an UNKNOWN QUANTITY….. before whom grown men QUAKE.

    A MYSTERY into which you cannot ENTER unless you KNEEL.

    And then risk EVERYTHING.

    1. In other words, a woman is a wild animal, and if you don’t earn her trust she will never be WILD with YOU! She may even MARRY you…. but will most likely always play it safe.


    1. Welcome to the Program?

      How about Welcome to Your …. END

      (It actually goes back to the BEGINNING!)


  3. Should women forgive secret trannies for 1) impersonating them and 2) stealing their men… and 3) their very GAY “slut shaming” of us, REAL women, i.e. those of us BORN THAT WAY.


    I think a higher power is looking out for us “ladies.”

    Like, maybe … a REAL man?

        1. Katy was saved by the bell…. haha!

          I love you, Katy Perry, because I think you love Jesus.

          And it SHOWS.


          1. I’m sensing that I’ve been MISUNDERSTOOD

            I DO have an ultimatum to usher:

            And mine is, I require that you approach me in some way to communicate, and make peace.

            And if you don’t?

            Well, I can and if I so choose to, can bring all hell to bear.

            1. And well, it’s all gone wrong before…..

              I don’t have to bring “hell to bear” when MEN refuse to STAND UP and face their responsibilities: to WOMEN, either GOOD or BAD.

              It’s just FATE.

    1. In my case, it’s super “tragic,” considering there was no “affair”….

      That’s what I mean about being “misunderstood.”

      And fighting you all for no “reason”…..

      I give up

          1. Frank,

            I actually thought that that vid was being inserted into my threads by “them.”

            Thank you, because I finally get it.

            “The future belongs to those who BELIEVE in the beauty of their dreams.”

            Well I have dreams, beautiful ones, and it’s time I started to believe in them.

    1. Rain

      Here’s the video. At about 14:50.

      Thanks for the pics.

      Mr MB333 image looks like a solar nuclear eruption. Even has a mushroom cloud.

    1. Reminds me of another great bank heist scene that I just LOVE.

      It never gets old…. great “cinema.”

        1. Which reminds me of…. and yes Frank, I’m going to bed soon……

          And yeah, that’s it for bank heists for tonight, otherwise we’ll be up all night……

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