Now The Prorogue


The worst is still to come in the Amazon.



From The Independent :

“What we are experiencing is a real crisis, which can turn into a tragedy announced with fires much larger than the current ones if not stopped immediately,” said Mr Azevedo, first director general of the National Forest Service and founder of Brazil’s leading environmental certification institution, Imaflora.”




And now the Prorogue. Which means that the UK Parliament is suspended a few days more than usual so that Brexit can be completed by 31st October.



Click :

But in this case there are only a short number of parliamentary days left until we are set to leave the EU, and some MPs had expected to use that time to scrutinise or amend the new government’s Brexit policy. They have so far had no parliamentary time to scrutinise Mr Johnson’s new Brexit policy, which includes an intention to leave the EU on 31 October “come what may”—meaning an increased likelihood of a no deal Brexit.

‘The decision to prorogue parliament significantly reduces the time available to MPs to try and pass laws amending the government’s Brexit plans. Some argue the decision to prorogue parliament prevents it from properly scrutinising the government.

The Institute for Government writes: “Parliament has not been prorogued by a government as a means of circumventing parliamentary opposition to government policy since 1948”.


And now the Prologue. Which will probably only mean something to viewers of British TV comedy of a certain vintage.

Up Pompeii.




I hope this is taken in the spirit it is intended. I mean no harm by it and a further example of the ‘weirdness’.

Crossing the Roobicon.

The Die Is Cast.



‘The expression cross the Rubicon refers to a decision made by Julius Caesar. In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar was the governor of Gaul, which meant he had to give up his power in Rome. … When crossing the Rubicon, Caesar famously uttered, “The die is cast,” as he knew where this decision would inevitably take him.’


She’s Gone.



No Deal Brexit.



Making a Deal with God.



And if I only could
I’d make a deal with God’


I suspect it will be a No Deal Brexit. God doesn’t make bargains.

All Or Nothing.


87 thoughts on “Now The Prorogue

        1. Very sad. I’ve felt that the HK protests are a fight for us all -against drone-spirited tyranny. If the HKers are brave enough to protest knowing what they do about the sentimentaless Chinese state, there’s still hope for the rest of us. I’m surprised they are not sending in weaponized drones. Oh wait…I guess they are.

      1. On 31/8/2019, it will be 8096 days since the UK handed back Hong Kong to China with special conditions on 1/7/1997.
        8096 days = (88×88)+(88+88+88+88) days!
        8+9+6 = 23
        8x9x6 = 432 and 432+234 = 666.

        On 31/8/2019 it will be the 22nd anniversary of Princess Diana’s death/murder.
        22yrs = 264 months = 88+88+88 mths.

        Chapter 264 is chapter 666 counting from the end of the Old Testament!
        Pope John Paul II was the 264th pope buried in a trapezoid coffin on 8/4/2005.

  1. Crossing the Roobicon and Rubedo.

    The Lighthouse has a habit of suddenly shining a light.

    ‘Rubedo is a Latin word meaning “redness” that was adopted by alchemists to define the fourth and final major stage in their magnum opus. Both gold and the philosopher’s stone were associated with the color red, as rubedo signalled alchemical success and the end of the Great Work .

  2. Up in smoke.
    No smoke without fire.
    Smoke her out.
    Smoke and (the Dali-y) Mirror
    Smoked sol-man

    1. Oh. That’s funny. I had no idea why Julian suddenly appeared in my mind but maybe because Hurricane Dorian is in the news and Assange was holed up in a place ecua-Dorian. And with Brasil (Libras) in the news too, equa-L is on my mind.


      add Diction.

      “Carney says the BOE is keeping an ‘open mind but not an open door’ to [Facebook’s] stablecoin Libra.”

        1. Anon

          Not as far as I’m aware but then it wouldn’t be an Idden door if everyone knew about it 🙂 . I’ll have a look next time I visit. Known as Priest Holes.

          But opened padlocked door with key. Had to work for it.

          And there is another door behind the altar.

    1. Roob

      Good thinking .

      You’re probably on right track – mirrors, duality etc. I notice in the pic I’ve put R on the left and L on the right as you look at pic.

      But from behind the pic if it was hard copy, the R is on the right and L is on left.

      And also Benny Hill !

    1. Elena

      ‘Florida was named for the day on which it was discovered (April 2, 1513) by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, who called it La Florida in honor of Pascua Florida, the Spanish Feast of the Flowers (Easter.)’

      Dorian has now developed an I .

      1. Frank

        It’s what you said before about how we experience what we experience. Not just externally but internally. How I feel like the heat is being generated internally.

        And Anon posted a reference to The Picture of Dorian Gray. The painting and the human were connected on a visceral level. And Dorian was a ‘gray’.👽

        We are not alone. 🎆

              1. Frank

                It looks like Dorian is going to hit the Bahamas hard. Some folks think that’s where Atlantis rests beneath the waters. A memory of US.

                And Dorian Gray, the man and the painting. The reality and the image. In the process, both became distorted.

                Churning up the waters.

                1. Elena

                  Dorian keeps shifting. Maybe Georgia and Carolinas now or maybe won’t hit US land at all.

                  Dorian Gray. The phrase ‘doesn’t paint a pretty picture’ comes to mind.

                  And weird Burning Man news from the Vatican.

                  Pope Francis got stuck in elevator and was rescued by the fire service.

                  ‘Next time take the Stairway to Heaven’.


                  Time in a Tree. Greyworm.


                  1. Today I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to see a storm enter the Vatican? Like what would happen? God would protect the catacomb or would the Swiss guards get ugly and the whole charade show its true face? And then what would the little people do? Justify the ugliness in the name of God?

      1. Paris and Parisa. The death of Paris.

        BBC News – Funeral for artist Alison Lapper’s son Parys

        Wind Mills of your Mind Illusion.


        Trojan War.

        In the war, Paris (Achilles’ killer) was fatally wounded by one of Hercules’ arrows. Ptolemy Hephaestion (Ptolemaeus Chennus) says Menelaus killed Paris. Philoctetes died bitten by a serpent and Alexander was killed by Menelaus with a blow of the spear in his thigh.

      1. The sinus is burning today ! Not joking.

        But taking Solace / Solis. Watched Solis with Jenny.

        Sol·ace (sŏl′ĭs)

        1. Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress; consolation.
        2. A source of comfort or consolation.

        1. Saturday at the Movies.

          Cinergy Cinema shooting – West Texas.

          Synergy :
          the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

          And the Trojan War.

          The death of Paris and Odessa.

          Odessa is the feminine of Odysseus.

          In ‘Solis’ the main character is Troy Holloway. His last words are ‘Going Home’.

  3. About the comment I just posted, it’s not yet paradise of course, and that’s OK.


    Stopping comment.


  4. Actually, all comments are meaningless.

    Just saying that i think the Holy Grail is perfect.

    That really is all, and there’s nothing else I would like to be saying.

    Stopping comment

  5. Hello Frank,,

    I have a question: Suppose you are the only person in the entire world other than three other people who can’t talk to you or see you.

    Suppose you think it’s perfectly OK and understandable that the other three people can’t talk to you or see you.

    Suppose that you know that the world does not exist in any way. Suppose that everything in the world really is…nothing.

    Suppose, then, that you’re in a world that doesn’t exist and you’re in world where nothing is real, suppose you’re the only person in the non-existant, unreal world other than three people who can’t talk to you or see you right now.

    Supposed that you extremely and absolutely know that everything in the world is nothing and suppose that you really and absolutely know that everything in the world does not exist in any way.

    Suppose you extremely and absolutely know that nothing in this world exists in any way other than those three people who can’t talk to you or see you right now and who haven’t been able to talk to you or see you for more than six weeks.

    Supposing all that: What would you do with your days?

    What would you do right now, and what would you do when you wake up in the morning tomorrow?

    Asking because I really don’t know what to be doing other than writing comments like this one.


      1. Frank, thanks, but that’s not the answer to my question. To rephrase my question: Suppose you are God. Suppose you are God who is sitting in a world that doesn’t exist. Or, rather, suppose you are God and you are sitting in world that is nothing other than something in your imagination (i.e. it’s really nothing). Suppose also that there is a Goddess and two other Gods, but those two other Gods and the Goddess can’t talk to you or see you, meaning that, in effect, right now you are the only God in all of existence and you are in a non-existent, imaginary, and totally unreal world where there is nobody else.

        What would you do with your days?

        If I were that God, I really don’t know what I would be doing other than possibly writing more comments on Merovee

        1. Actually, if I were that God, I would be thinking that the only thing to do is to get together with the Goddess and begin creating a better existence.

          It really is that simple.

          1. M

            It was the answer that spoke to me.

            It’s difficult for me to give a reply to your question the way you’ve phrased it. Even though the nature of reality and the nature of who we are is very much open to question – letting it show itself is my policy – I don’t see reality in the same way.

            If God is ‘All There Is’ does God feel lonely ?

  6. Also, today is the day of the Burning Man festival (a non-existent festival in a totally unreal world), and here’s a you-tube about The Burning Man:

    Anyway, who cares and blah blah blah and think probably Rocket Man will soon figure out something to do by himself in Outer Space.

    Or I think Rocket Man will soon see Rocket Woman and that will be extremely and totally perfect.


  7. anyway, i think everything is everything and no problem about being Rocket Man or Burning Man or anything else and blah blah blah and and the world has burned and really nothing else exists and only writing this comment because there is extremely nothing else to be doing when sitting by myself in outer space

  8. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”

    — Rashīd ad-Dīn Sinān

    “Everything is actually…nothing.”

    — M

    That’s really how it is.

    Stopping comment.

  9. I’ve written probably 50 comments, all of which I thought were nice comments about nice things, and I didn’t get a response to any of them.

    That’s incredible, but so it goes.

    Stopping comments.

    1. Over the months I’ve answered several of your comments about “people of merovee” meeting up “in real life” and you’ve all but ignored them which made me aware that I’m neither among the Gods you speak of now nor could I possibly be “the” Goddess and that the meetup offer is directed only toward them. Funny because none of “them” ever seem to take you up on your offer. Lol. I guess Gods have no real time for each other.

      As for your other 50 or so other comments, I would comment on them if I knew even in the slightest what you were saying. Much of the God and Goddess stuff appears to be insider tradings. It goes over my head.

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