The Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home

Apocalypse Wow.



The Haboob.



Last night I got one of my occasional ‘Don’t be scared Frank’ messages. Don’t Panic.

This goes back to Ilford days but expanding on it. MJ has touched on this as well in her articles. Jenny also went into a large hospital one night and there was no one in the building.

The lights are on but no one’s home. From Background People to Background Houses.

Recently, I have noticed in the houses close to where I live there is very little activity. So I took a trip in both senses of the word into Reigate. I decided to see if there were any oddities in the houses as I walked down.

I probably passed about 400 or so houses on the way down. And something very freaky jumped out at me. In none of the houses was there any activity from within. The occasional window was open and light on but I didn’t see one person or any sign of movement actually within the houses. On the way I passed a fire station and a community centre and still the same.

I didn’t see anyone opening a window or sitting on a sofa or drinking a cup of coffee in the houses. Or a cat looking out the window. Absolutely nothing. I passed a couple of workmen in a driveway and this added to the trip sensation.

Us In A Bus. Urban Space.




Once I got into town the shops had people in them but on the way back, I thought I would recheck and again in about 400 buildings absolutely no human activity. There were parked cars outside but inside nothing.

This follows on from a curiosity that I’ve pondered over. Once I get into town I pass a series of buildings which have business plaques on the outside but again no activity within. I’ve noticed this for some years. The buildings have car parks and I’ve occasionally seen people in the car parks but no activity that I would expect from business premises.




Opposite the buildings in the pics, there is a big building called The Observatory which is run by a large corporate company.

The name has always piqued my interest and I thought I would pop in on a pretext and get a feel for it. In the car park there were a few people milling round and in the reception area there were three people including the receptionist. I asked the receptionist for directions. After I left I had a good look around the building and the best way of putting it is that the activity within didn’t match up with the large size of the building.






Are the lights really on if no one sees them ?


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  1. Frank, the latest crop circle, the spinning Jenny wheel, in the comments (which I have to translate because Jonas no longer writes in anglish!), he compares it to the wheel in the sky, of Ezekiel.

    The newer translation of the Bible puts Ezekiel’s eye-opening experience at 7.31, a day before your birth day. It was the “watts before the amoeba” moment.
    And you’re saying “apocalypse WOW”?! 😃

      1. MJ

        This article was a get it out your system article.

        Totally freaky. No one within the houses. Absolutely no one . Cars in the road and people on the pavements. And when I got eventually into town and glanced at the papers, it said Apocalypse Wow !

        Heavy rain started again. Feels very similar to the energy in the UK rains before MH370.

        Here is a Christian take on the Wheel within a Wheel. Vaguely sensible. He compares it to the Nation of Is Real.

    1. Jenny

      Interesting. The article says the 103rd floor of Willis Tower.

      Roob works on the 13th floor of the Tower in Southend. Reflections or something.

      1. Willis Towers Watson also have premises in Reigate close to The Observatory.

        I think but not 100% sure. Going from the pic but I think this statue of Dame Margot Fonteyn is in the grounds of Willis Towers Watson in Reigate . May have to go for a poke around.

        Margot Fonteyn was born in Reigate.

        Deerings Rd. Very close to here. 4 mins according to Google Maps.

        This is not Deerings Rd but seems to connect with it. Just down the road.

        1. Frank I wrote about the observatory in Redhill or Raygate awhile ago the light came on and then the blackout. 160 years ago.

          A solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would cause widespread electrical disruptions, blackouts and damage due to extended outages of the electrical grid. The solar storm of 2012 was of similar magnitude, but it passed Earth’s orbit without striking the planet, missing by NINE days.

          On Saturday, September 3, 1859, the Baltimore American and Commercial Advertiser reported:

          Those who happened to be out late on Thursday night had an opportunity of witnessing another magnificent display of the auroral lights. The phenomenon was very similar to the display on Sunday night, though at times the light was, if possible, more brilliant, and the prismatic hues more varied and gorgeous.

          The light appeared to cover the whole firmament, apparently like a luminous cloud, through which the stars of the larger magnitude indistinctly shone. The light was greater than that of the moon at its full, but had an indescribable softness and delicacy that seemed to envelop everything upon which it rested.

          Between 12 and 1 o’clock, when the display was at its full brilliancy, the quiet streets of the city resting under this strange light, presented a beautiful as well as singular appearance.[

          1. TTN

            Thanks. It is an interesting story. There are a few references to the Observatory in both Redhill and Reigate.


            And it connects with yesterday. A solar storm was due to hit earth yesterday.


            Going into The Observatory was like a cross between a Black Mirror episode and 2001. There were two women and a man in reception and the women were wearing retro uniforms.

            I felt a bit like Heywood Floyd. Maybe we’re just in a movie.

            The Watch Tower. Time. Tick Tock.

        1. Roob

          You wouldn’t find me in one of those. Never ever ever !

          And Willis Towers Watson mirror is MTM. Kinda.

          Live from Times Square.

          Mary Tyler Moore.

  2. Here is a description of that feeling of apocalypse wow, which I described to someone not long ago.

    There’s a feeling I get every time I go to Costco, because of something that happened not long after zero theorem in 2014. Hard to really explain, but really stuff happening then that was beyond synchronicity and the like. But once when I went to Costco, around 4 in the afternoon, I was on a 4-lane highway that was usually a busy street at anytime during the day. I was at a stoplight to turn left onto another busy, 4-lane highway. I turned, and realized there were no other cars anywhere. At all! Looking straight ahead I-75 overpass was in front of me and that’s one of, if not the busiest interstate in the US! I thought it must be closed because of wreck. But why both sides? And where was other traffic usually on the road I was on.
    It caused distress because when you don’t see other people, cars, etc, and you don’t know why, somehow your mind will feel a distinct dread. Ambiguous, but frightened and dreadful. So, it’s been probably 4-5 minutes of not seeing another car or human and it feels like longer and I feel panicked and I pull over and just get out of my Jeep just because I didn’t know what was happening! I got out and I didn’t see or hear ANYTHING. I heard no cars in the distance. Nothing. It was silent. And tears came to my eyes because I thought I was going to be lifted up to heaven by Jesus or possibly taken by the mothership. Then, I heard a car. It went on the overpass. Then another. And then one on my street. And some nice person slowed down and said “ma’am, are you ok?” And I said yes fine and then I just carried on to Costco, like nothing weird just happened! What else do you do? Nothing happened, yet definitely something supernatural happened. It was truly odd. You know, there’s that sense of something when you get that prickly feeling on your neck and your immediately overheating. I still think it has to so with the ring of gold, whatever that means!

    And that is what I described and person said it was “shock” and I would say that is accurate. The account above is even less freaky than the first time it happened.

    1. MJ

      My big one was at the Summer Solstice in 1998. I got back from work about 6 in the evening on a Friday. TGIF.

      Normally in the summer there would have been children playing outdoors and people coming back from work. You would expect lots of activity.

      I got out of the car and there was absolutely no one in the street. The area was deserted. There was no wind and no sound. And then the fear and dread kicked in.

      In hindsight I know it was positive but at the time very scary. It was the beginning of a kundalini experience.

  3. And about the ‘urban space’ and US…and DNA… recently, M was telling me about the MElungeons, or the mixed breeds of Appalachia who are anything but Catholic. (funny, catholic means “all”). And I was thinking, the first recorded urban space was Babylon where everyone spoke (on the wheel) the same language.
    And the spinning Jenny, or the ‘spokes’ on the wheel. The crop circles are speaking to us!

    She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. Proverbs 31:19

        1. TTN

          It doesn’t go into it in the movie but in Arthur C Clarke’s book, the Monolith is guided by an alien intelligence which triggers a big leap in the consciousness of humanity.

      1. Anything about the ME is a conspiracy. When you create a world religion centered around a sky god, (and not a vulnerable, earthly creature as ourselves like a golden cow or anything of the earth), it is essential to cultivate the separation.

        “The Abrahamic religions believe in a judging, paternal, fully external god to which the individual and nature are subordinate. One seeks salvation or transcendence not by contemplating the natural world or via philosophical speculation, but by seeking to please God (such as obedience with God’s wishes or his law) and see divine revelation as outside of self, nature, and custom.”

          1. Enrico Fermi.

            Fermilab and the Fermi Paradox.

            Where is Everybody ? That rings a bell.


            Fermi’s name is linked because of a casual conversation in the summer of 1950 with fellow physicists Edward Teller, Herbert York, and Emil Konopinski. While walking to lunch, the men discussed recent UFO reports and the possibility of faster-than-light travel. The conversation moved on to other topics, until during lunch Fermi suddenly said, “Where are they?” or alternatively, “Don’t you ever wonder where everybody is?” or alternatively, “But where is everybody?”

              1. They shipped to the US on the RMS Franconia.

                You had a ‘Where is Everybody’ experience at Fermilab as well.

                The Fermi Paradox and everything at present seems to be hinting strongly.

          1. “As you can read, KMart says the Christian words were excluded because people use them as swear words. Yes folks, they and you know very well that Christian words/names are used as swear words exclusively! That says it all folks. People blaspheme profusely using Christian names/words but not Islam or other religions! Mmmmm!
            Better wake us folks! Better wake up! Otherwise you are going to find a big unpleasant surprise waiting for you round the corner!
            Don’t say I didn’t tell you!”

            Clearly, it IS a conspiracy.


          2. Roob its funny how we all replay our alter egos/roles/avatars on MV

            I have been getting the w hole dance off thingy that we held in 2015 over again that was exactly four years ago there was a lot of energy flying around then too if I recall between all of us and it still weirds me out that Billie Piper keeps popping into my ‘real life’ as her dad drinks in my local

            and I met Jon Snow at the Pie r a few weeks back he sure has grown he was interviewing remainers I told him they know nothing.

            as Frank is fond of saying mirrors everywhere

    1. ME and too much Holy Oil. Remember when they wanted to put the BP oil spill (Serpent Kundalini) out with the Son (a nuclear bomb)? There is always a war in restoring the balance between the two.

  4. About the ‘wheels within wheels’. The chakras are spinning wheels of energy.

    About twenty years ago when my kundalini experiences first started I had a dream that I was walking thru a city at night. There was no one around and all the buildings were burned out.
    Finally I saw some people and asked what had happened they replied, ‘there is no water to put out the fire, so we just let it burn’.
    Remember the curfew (cover the fire) from a few years ago when there was so much unrest?

    I haven’t noticed missing people but an invasion of stray cats. I’m not feeding them (others are) or encouraging them, but every time I step out the door, they come running to me and surround me and walk with me. Almost like an escort.

    Anyway my point is sometimes it’s hard not to get too weirded out. 🙀

      1. It’s SETI-an! Hello! Anybody out there?! 😃

        That is hilarious. Prince of Whales. Someone should show him a picture of aquaman and tell him that is prince of of whales.

      2. I’m not even sure the lights are on at Trump tower. 🙂

        But the whales reference made me think of Star Trek The Voyage Home. Where the probe showed up making whale sounds. But the whales had become extinct and when it didn’t get a response the probe started destroying the earth.

        The Enterprise traveled back in time to bring a pair of whales to the future to answer the probe. Just in the nick of time.

        Maybe we better be nicer to Charlie. 😄

          1. “The key to saving the future can only be found in the past.”

            The owner of the attacked oil tanker says the sailors saw “flying objects”.

            “Hang on lassie!”

  5. KMART slips up in Australia! or does it?
    “Kmart bans customers using religious words such as ‘Jesus’ or ‘church’ at its photo printing kiosks – but ‘Islam’ and ‘Koran’ get the all-clear”.

    As you can read, KMart says the Christian words were excluded because people use them as swear words. Yes folks, they and you know very well that Christian words/names are used as swear words exclusively! That says it all folks. People blaspheme profusely using Christian names/words but not Islam or other religions! Mmmmm!
    Better wake us folks! Better wake up! Otherwise you are going to find a big unpleasant surprise waiting for you round the corner!
    Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

  6. Frank the time loop we keep coming back as different but similar characters. We are all just stories in the end.

    Where am I? His body was transported to Maryland, where his funeral was attended by twenty or thirty people in Bethesda; among the attendees were his only child, Frances “Scottie” Fitzgerald Lanahan Smith (then aged 19), and his editor, Maxwell Perkins.

    At the time of his death, the Roman Catholic Church denied the family’s request that Fitzgerald, a non-practicing Catholic, be buried in the family plot in the Catholic Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Rockville, Maryland. Fitzgerald was instead buried at Rockville Union Cemetery.

    Am I dreaming am I already dead ah well every cloud lets make it a good one

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