Following on from Welcome to the Mirror Verse, it’s now Welcome to Thermomix.

It’s All About You. How it works I have no idea. Mind Stuff is my best description.





Big News.

‘All About You’ is moving.



Don’t Panic !



Adams Family.



Who Are U ?

And an interesting sign. Which covers a multitude of sins.


And in the mirror U R Me and Me R U.



The Multi Dimensional Self.



Here is a video which goes into Multi Dimensionality in detail. I have no idea about the exact details but for me all the evidence is pointing to Multi Dimensionality.



So who is the WE that R U in the message ? Maybe, possibly.

We’ll Come.




Keep watching the skies.


17 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I can’t wait to meet US. ❤

    …face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

    1. Elena

      All the signs are we’re due something amazing.

      WE R U works at lots of different levels which I suppose is the idea of multi dimensionality. Pointing out the obvious . Apols.

      But from what I’m experiencing we’re looking at Beyond the Stars.

      And would a human self meeting it’s alien self create a paradox a bit like the Grandfather Paradox.

      Who knows ? It all maybe something or nothing.

      But it’s quite a statement. A form of confirmation for me. And also nice to know I’m not entirely insane. Got my attention for sure !


      1. And Meru also ties in with here.


        ‘Mount Meru (also Sumeru (Sanskrit) or Sineru (Pāli) or Kangrinboqe) is the name of the central world-mountain in Buddhist cosmology. Etymologically, the proper name of the mountain is Meru (Pāli Meru), to which is added the approbatory prefix su-, resulting in the meaning “excellent Meru” or “wonderful Meru”.

        The Meru Verse.


        And a good movie.

      2. Frank

        Idk, I guess I think of it as finding a part of US that’s been missing or hidden and therefore has left us incomplete.

        Sort of playing without the full deck. 🙂

      3. On the subject of grandfathers. Boston Strong is back in the mindlines after Big Papi was shot.

    1. It’s earth shaking lose the Dark matter?

      We’ve had a few unexplained power outages in my neighborhood this morning.

      Don’t panic. 😎

    1. “I’ve seen things that you won’t believe. I’ve got a one-way ticket to a galaxy full of STARS.”

      sTAR coming up from the seismic activity…looks like the spinning Jenny (spinning en-jen is going to fly off the axel!)

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