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Welcome to the Mirror Verse. And I’ve learned over the years, these titles are speaking directly to me. And I then pass them on.

Also I can’t help but notice the initials of Mirror Verse are MV.

‘Welcome to the parallel reality that’s hiding in plain sight.’



The article states that the first experiments to go through the Looking Glass are about to get underway.

Again, I would say it is a personal statement. Bee Prepared.




Through the Looking Glass came up for me yesterday. I sent Jen a selfie. Poor woman 🙂 but it struck me about the mirror effect in the pic. In the pic it shows the light switch on the left and the door on the right when from my perspective it is the reverse.

I’ve wondered from time to time about when we look in the mirror are we actually looking into a Mirror Universe. I think we maybe about to find out.



And the International Date Line and the Prime Meridian in Fiji showed for me yesterday. The Date Line is 180° from Greenwich. I presumed that it kept going and would mean Greenwich is both 0° and also 360°.



It would seem that it doesn’t and it reverses itself. There is 180° East and West which flows to and from Greenwich and both positive and negative degrees. Again to me, it suggests some form of Mirror Verse.



From Wiki :

‘The IDL is roughly based on the meridian of 180° longitude, roughly down the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and halfway around the world from the Greenwich meridian. In many places, the IDL follows the 180° meridian exactly. In other places, however, the IDL deviates east or west away from that meridian. These various deviations generally accommodate the political and/or economic affiliations of the affected areas.’


TTN has written an article about the links with the connected individuals which patrol these areas. Click ‘Dr. Cooper’s Lab’ which is along the same lines as this.

And it’s a Big Rack. I had a recent conversation with M from V who comes from France. The tentacles would seem to cross the Universe.

Inside Out Elf. I maybe a Man in Black and like the scene from the movie I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people revealed themselves to be more than they seem. And again there maybe a Mirror aspect to it.

Star Link.





Keep Watching The Skis.



Many of these concepts have been Theory for a long time but I think we maybe coming to a point where Theory becomes Fact. A lot of them are totally different to how reality appears.

I’ve taken the view for a long time now It’s Happening and Let It Happen. Do what I’m asked to do and go with it.

On the previous Merovee incarnation I included a Mission Statement which started with ‘There is only One Mind’.



Be Prepared :-). Or don’t. Still going to happen either way I think.


77 thoughts on “Welcome To The Mirror Universe

        1. TTN

          Interesting you posted September. My Elf friend told me a month or so ago, the green light is for September.

    1. Frank

      All I can think is, how would you like to have to clean all that? 🙂

      And this one for Rev Graham…
      For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known…1 Cor. 13:12.

      1. Elena

        Whoever has that contract has got a job for life. Once you finish the final section of glass, you have to clean the first section of glass again it would take so long.

    1. Rain

      That cloud pic is awesome. The other thing I notice is The Shimmer on the lake. I’m getting all sorts of ET signs at present.

      From yesterday. Alien Shimmer.


      And the aliens worked at the Post Office in Truro, Massachusets in Men in Black. Truro is the main county town in Cornwall in England. The Lighthouse.


      And Annihilation and the Shimmer. It was the Alien wot dunnit.

      Southern Reach.


      And link to Lake Baikal. Have you visited it ?


      1. Frank
        I once read that all the lakes on earth are associated with some kind of nebula
        I think the sea and the ocean too
        Riddles of Lake Baikal and the Andromeda Nebula …
        Recent studies have allowed geophysicists to express the hypothesis that Baikal is a nascent ocean and is connected by an underground channel with the Arctic Ocean.
        One of the most mysterious parts of Baikal is called the Shaman Rock. It is located on Cape Burkhan and consists of granite, white marble and quartz. Inside the rock there is a cave associated with the name of Khan Guta-Babai. So, according to the Buryat legends, they called the leader of the people of the celestials – the Tengriys. In times immemorial, he descended from heaven to earth and, according to the custom of all the heavenly beings, took the most beautiful of the local girls as wives. But for some reason he set up a palace for himself in the Shamanka Cave. The union of an earthly woman and a stranger from unknown cosmic depths gave rise to a clan of Great Shamans who was destined to tell the whole world about the sacral knowledge accumulated by the Tengrias.The energy pillar, which does not allow penetration into the holy of holies, is in fact the sacred center of Baikal – the source of the most powerful energy and the purest information. The anomalies that were once recorded on the territory of the reservoir are primarily related to its geographical location – the Baikal water basin is an active geological fault zone, the threads of which really lead to the shores of the Arctic Ocean, and even more – are directly related to the fall of the Tungus meteorite.
        Actually, under Baikal there is a huge light tunnel leading to the center of the Earth, and then ascending … to the Andromeda Nebula. Through this tunnel, Andromeda civilization influences the inhabitants and nature of our planet. In the future, when favorable circumstances develop, Andromeda envoys will arrive on Earth. In this case, Baikal will be for them that favorable habitat and adaptation to the conditions of the Earth.
        The energies of the spiritual level of a very rare, violet (purple) spectrum come to us from this region of Cosmos. The Andromedans call themselves the Madara civilization – that is, humanoids. This is the civilization of the Light Forces, the Keepers of the Light. This civilization has long been cooperating with the earthly Shambhala on the problems of human evolution. It can be said that they are the Curators of the Curators (the leading guide). They monitor the general situation on Earth, without going into details, and follow the work of the immediate Curators (Sirians, Orions and Lebedyants), helping in difficult situations.

        The Andromedans also call themselves LЕЕ(LYA). (“LЕЕA” – translated “Life” (LЕЕ) and “aspiration” (A) – that is, life-aspirated). Civilization lives in the system of double stars. System A is the main one, System B is subordinate to it. System A is a lilac star (Alamak), system B is a red fading star.

        1. Rain

          This section from the article is similar to Annihilation. Who knows if the article is correct or not.

          ‘Over the past years, several expeditions tried to unravel the mystery of the anomalous zone of Baikal, but they went missing. After that, the Baikal zone was unofficially called anomalous .. In recent years, three more international expeditions did not return, and in 2005, 40 km from this place, the Mi-2 helicopter with the Emergency Situations Ministry on board, flying to the task of extinguishing forest wrecks, crashed fires. Those who were lucky enough to return claim that anomalous winds prevent them from crossing the airspace above the lake.’

          1. Frank
            I think it’s true
            in our homeland in the hollow of Karagie( black maw), 132 meters below sea level, very strong anomalous winds always blow.
            and in the steppe they do not exist.
              only in gusts.
            but at the bottom of Tethys there are very strong winds
            as if knocked down
            I think this is the memory of the earth \ ocean bottom
            it’s called the voice of the sea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5wABsmQtJ4

            1. Rain

              In the video, at about 2-37 a yacht appears. I don’t understand what is being said.

              Is the yacht added to the video on purpose or something else. Do you know ?

              The place looks amazing.

          2. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%93%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%BE%D1%81_%D0%BC%D0%BE%D1%80%D1%8F In acoustics, microbaroms, also known as the “voice of the sea”,[1][2] are a class of atmospheric infrasonic waves generated in marine storms[3][4] by a non-linear interaction of ocean surface waves with the atmosphere.[5][6] They typically have narrow-band, nearly sinusoidal waveforms with amplitudes up to a few microbars,[7][8] and wave periods near 5 seconds (0.2 hertz).[9][10] Due to low atmospheric absorption at these low frequencies, microbaroms can propagate thousands of kilometers in the atmosphere, and can be readily detected by widely separated instruments on the Earth’s surface.[5][11]

            Microbaroms are a significant noise source that can potentially interfere with the detection of infrasound from nuclear explosions that is a goal of the International Monitoring System organized under the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (which has not entered into force).[12] It is a particular problem for detecting low-yield tests in the one-kiloton range because the frequency spectra overlap.[11]The reason for the discovery of this phenomenon was an accident: the aerologists working at the marine hydrometeorological stations and watercrafts drew attention to the strange pain that a person experiences when approaching the surface of a standard meteorological probe (a balloon filled with hydrogen). During one of the expeditions, this effect was demonstrated to the Soviet academician V. V. Shuleikin by the chief meteorologist V. A. Berezkin. This phenomenon drew genuine interest among scientists; in order to study it, special equipment was designed to record powerful but low-frequency vibrations that are not audible to human ears.

            As a result of several series of experiments, the physical essence of this phenomenon was clarified and in 1935 when V.V. Shuleikin published his first work entirely devoted to the infrasonic nature of the “voice of the sea”. However, a little later, N.N. Andreev published a more detailed explanation of the formation of the “voice of the sea” based on the mathematical theory of vortex formation behind streamlined bodies, and V. V. Shuleikin in his book “Physics of the Sea” recognized this approach as more accurate.[13]

            Microbaroms were first described in United States in 1939 by American seismologists Hugo Benioff and Beno Gutenberg at the California Institute of Technology at Pasadena, based on observations from an electromagnetic microbarograph,[11] consisting of a wooden box with a low-frequency loudspeaker mounted on top.[14] They noted their similarity to microseisms observed on seismographs,[9] and correctly hypothesized that these signals were the result of low pressure systems in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.[11] In 1945, Swiss geoscientist L. Saxer showed the first relationship of microbaroms with wave height in ocean storms and microbarom amplitudes.[9] Eric S. Posmentier published his “theory of microbaroms” in 1967 based on the oscillations of the center of gravity of the air above the Ocean surface on which the standing waves appear, which fits well with observed data, including the doubling of the ocean wave frequency in the observed microbarom frequency.[15]Isolated traveling ocean surface gravity waves radiate only evanescent acoustic waves,[7] and don’t generate microbaroms.[16] Microbaroms are generated by nonlinear interactions of ocean surface waves traveling in nearly opposite directions with similar frequencies in the lee of a storm,[17] which produce the required standing wave conditions,[16] also known as the clapotis.[18] When the ocean storm is a tropical cyclone, the microbaroms are not produced near the eye wall where wind speeds are greatest, but originate from the trailing edge of the storm where the storm generated waves interact with the ambient ocean swells.[19]

            Microbaroms may also be produced by standing waves created between two storms,[17] or when an ocean swell is reflected at the shore.[20] Waves with approximately 10-second periods are abundant in the open oceans, and correspond to the observed 0.2 Hz infrasonic spectral peak of microbaroms, because microbaroms exhibit frequencies twice that of the individual ocean waves.[17] Studies have shown that the coupling produces propagating atmospheric waves only when non-linear terms are considered.[9]

            Microbaroms are a form of persistent low-level atmospheric infrasound,[21] generally between 0.1 and 0.5 Hz, that may be detected as coherent energy bursts or as a continuous oscillation.[11] When the plane wave arrivals from a microbarom source are analyzed from a phased array of closely spaced microbarographs, the source azimuth is found to point toward the low-pressure center of the originating storm.[22] When the waves are received at multiple distant sites from the same source, triangulation can confirm the source is near the center of an ocean storm.[4]

            Microbaroms that propagate up to the lower thermosphere may be carried in an atmospheric waveguide,[23] refracted back toward the surface from below 120 km and above 150 km altitudes,[17][24] or dissipated at altitudes between 110 and 140 km.[25] They may also be trapped near the surface in the lower troposphere by planetary boundary layer effects and surface winds, or they may by ducted in the stratosphere by upper level winds and returned to the surface through refraction, diffraction or scattering.[26] These tropospheric and stratospheric ducts are only generated along the dominant wind directions,[24] may vary by time of day and season,[26] and will not return the sound rays to the ground when the upper winds are light.[17]

            The angle of incidence of the microbarom ray determines which of these propagation modes it experiences. Rays directed vertically toward the zenith are dissipated in the thermosphere, and are a significant source of heating in that layer of the upper atmosphere.[25] At mid latitudes in typical summer conditions, rays between approximately 30 and 60 degrees from the vertical are reflected from altitudes above 125 km where the return signals are strongly attenuated first.[27] Rays launched at shallower angles may be reflected from the upper stratosphere at approximately 45 km above the surface in mid latitudes,[27] or from 60–70 km in low latitudes.[17]

            Atmospheric scientists have used these effects for inverse remote sensing of the upper atmosphere using microbaroms.[23][28][29][30] Measuring the trace velocity of the reflected microbarom signal at the surface gives the propagation velocity at the reflection height, as long as the assumption that the speed of sound only varies along the vertical, and not over the horizontal, is valid.[27] If the temperature at the reflection height can be estimated with sufficient precision, the speed of sound can be determined and subtracted from the trace velocity, giving the upper level wind speed.[27] One advantage of this method is the ability to measure continuously – other methods that can only take instantaneous measurements may have their results distorted by short-term effects.[8]
            Additional atmospheric information can be deduced from microbarom amplitude if the source intensity is known. Microbaroms are produced by upward directed energy transmitted from the ocean surface through the atmosphere. The downward directed energy is transmitted through the ocean to the sea floor, where it is coupled to the Earth’s crust and transmitted as microseisms with the same frequency spectrum.[8] However, unlike microbaroms, where the near vertical rays are not returned to the surface, only the near vertical rays in the ocean are coupled to the sea floor.[26] By monitoring the amplitude of received microseisms from the same source using seismographs, information on the source amplitude can be derived. Because the solid earth provides a fixed reference frame,[31] the transit time of the microseisms from the source is constant, and this provides a control for the variable transit time of the microbaroms through the moving atmosphere.[8]

    1. Frank, to further confuse things…😄

      See this list of names?

      Not really wanting to confuse, I just think the rabbit hole could go on forever in complexity. I think it is that the “one” thing is all the complexities. It’s still just one thing. And there is illusion in this physical world. Period! There. Is. Illusion.
      Do you ever feel like any subtle thought or notion will provide a deluge of anti-thought or anti-notion to squash your ‘little’ voice of truth?
      How to deal that?! Anybody have ideas? I’m past the point of caring if I seem crazy.

      1. MJ

        It is further confused for me by the ET angle. Reflections in the universal kaleidoscope. Is any of it real ?

        I tend to only to speak people about these sort of things only if they appear interested apart from here. I take the view I’m not here to change anyone’s mind. Its my mind that needs changing but at the same time we need to compare notes I think and connect as best we can.

        And about the Mirror weirdness. Who could you talk to and try and explain this ?

        Tre Da Kid in Annapolis, Maryland.


        And the Universe communicates in all sorts of ways.

        It’s a Mask. And ears.


        1. Frank, the ET stuff…I have wondered if EXTRA-earth means extra HEART energy and it feels strange and foreign, or alien.
          IDK! It’s nuts.

      1. MJ

        That mirrors a recent experience. This is a copy and paste of a comment I put on TTN’S site. Just comparing notes.

        ‘That chimes with me. Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying to make a ‘jump’. Someone put up barriers and blocks to try and stop it totally out of proportion to what the situation deserved. And my answer was ‘Its my life’ and I’m going to do it.

        ‘Someone’ went to HQ and was told it’s not normal but he can do it. It’s his choice.

        I made the ‘jump’ on Friday and I was told HQ said we shouldn’t text. And again we said fxxk it to that as well. We’re friends.

        As soon as I finished the ‘shift’ on Friday I was confronted with Welcome to the Mirror Verse. How it will play out I don’t know. What happens in our ‘experience’ doesn’t seem to the real story.’

        1. Sunglasses are mandatory if you don’t want to get stoned with Medusa


          Our colleague and friend, Meduza correspondent Ivan Golunov, has been arrested in Moscow. Police supposedly found illegal drugs on his person and in his home, and detectives have claimed there was an “intent to distribute.” Golunov managed to say through friends that the officers planted two packages containing some unknown substance. He also stated that he wasn’t allowed to use a telephone and call a lawyer.


          she wants to take a snake peek at your lightning bolt 🙂


          1. TTN

            This was Freud’s take on Medusa. But my big question is Why Us ?

            Why would a relatively small number of people be continually reflected or projected in the media and movies etc? Are any of the stories real, etc ? When you’ve worked it out 🙂

            ‘In 1940, Sigmund Freud’s “Das Medusenhaupt (Medusa’s Head)” was published posthumously. In Freud’s interpretation: “To decapitate = to castrate. The terror of Medusa is thus a terror of castration that is linked to the sight of something. Numerous analyses have made us familiar with the occasion for this: it occurs when a boy, who has hitherto been unwilling to believe the threat of castration, catches sight of the female genitals, probably those of an adult, surrounded by hair, and essentially those of his mother.” In this perspective the “ravishingly beautiful” Medusa (see above) is the mother remembered in innocence; before the mythic truth of castration dawns on the subject. Classic Medusa, in contrast, is an Oedipal/libidinous symptom. Looking at forbidden mother (in her hair-covered genitals, so to speak) stiffens the subject in illicit desire and freezes him in terror of the Father’s retribution. There are no recorded instances of Medusa turning a woman to stone.’

            1. Frank, that reminds me of something I read recently. (you can guess which book from comets 😉 taking kid gloves off astrology), anyway. Neptune is the planet of dreams/reality. It is the desire to want to return to the maternal womb/waters. It creates a false sense of threat and feelings of usurping your father to be with your mother. It desires for more connectedness, yet more entanglement.
              But Uranus has the same desire, but without the confusion. It is the feeling of wanting to be reconnected with mother/innocence, before Uranus/Ouranos was castrated.
              And that is what is happening. There was never castration.
              If you look at it from a creation myth, and Pluto rising is (what is before an amoeba?), and Isis ‘resurrects’ Osiris (Ouranos, meaning ‘heaven’), then…it feels like something new is on the horizon!
              The ‘threat’ of climate change is about the threat of the mood of Mother Earth! EARTH = HEART.

              1. I would concur. Personally, the last six years or so has been directed by Mother ( Or Sister or Daughter ) if you like.

                I’m getting Mother Universe as well which raises the bar on ‘Who We Are’ and WTF we are doing. Who the hell are we ?

                But I think this is part of the journey. Understanding and accepting or remembering our divine nature which is the true Me / We.

                I was talking to Jen last night about how difficult it is to let go. I haven’t been in the material world for a long time and I and we are still here somehow. But there is still a part of me that says it’s all about money, survival etc and to my eyes I can see there is an alternative but it hangs on .

        2. It feels like we are thinking, and deciding to do this or that, but really, aren’t we just observing a movie playing out? Even if you think you are feeling lots of power behind a feeling you have to do something, aren’t you still just watching energies of the universe play out?
          While that can have devastating effects on the ego, it can really temper massively uncomfortable feelings too! And you’ve said this ever since I started reading merovee, but the only “real” feelings are love. And I think (or feel, rather :), that that is the only real thought, notion and feeling there is.

          1. ‘Love is all there is’ for me is logical as well as emotional. Which is an indication that our reality isn’t real. Or we are wearing the wrong glasses.

            Again, logic says to me our reality is a past that keeps repeating so a movie is a good metaphor. Rewatching the same movie.

            But it is also confused by we don’t really seem to be where we think are. At present every door seems to be a portal into an internal process which doesn’t have a lot to do with what you think you are doing or where you think you are.

            And I think we are the Universe but that is positive because it means we can effect it.

            Apols. I’m just rambling 🙂

    1. Pluto rising. Pluto, maligned planet of miracles.

      “Pluto is representative of First Cause. Every one of us at some time or other pretends to understand the riddle, “Before the amoeba, what?” but this introspective speculation we all do occasionally is simply the ergie of the planet Pluto exercising within our souls. Hence, we rightly say that Pluto is appurtenant to the inexplicable, the miraculous, the mysterious, the Protean, and the “what’s” which precede birth and succeed death.
      Strange, how the planet ruling “the collective” and “group activity” should actually prove to be the most individualistic of all the planets.” -Garth Allen, ‘Taking the Kid Gloves Off Astrology”

      In French Lick, InDiana, I saw this



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