Remember The Alamo

I suppose it was going to happen eventually. Trump is making the Wall his personal Alamo.

It’s bordering on in Sanity.



McAllen, Texas.



Crossing the Line.



3/6 1836.




And San Antonio, and the Alamo and the River of Time.




And Deep Blue. The Woman in Blue was seen in the background at the Golden Globes. Photobombing is the phrase.

Fiji Water Girl.




180° Meridian and the International Date Line.



From Wiki :

‘The 180th meridian or antimeridian is the meridian 180° both east and west of the Prime Meridian, with which it forms a great circle dividing the earth into the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. It is common to both east longitude and west longitude. It mostly passes through the open waters of the Pacific Ocean, but passes across land in Russia, Fiji and Antarctica. This meridian is used as the basis for the International Date Line, but the latter deviates from it to maintain date consistency within the territories of Russia, USA, Kiribati, Fiji and New Zealand.’


Astoria, New York.



Good News : Part 11.



And Barbie and Aqua.



Margot Robbie is set to play Barbie on the big screen.



Deep Blue. Her eyes followed me round the room.



La Mer.



It’s a big Ocean.


53 thoughts on “Remember The Alamo

  1. My view? It’s a firewall, to stop Embeke’s spam getting through. To stop Embeke from photoshopping our images of ourselves – our memories – and selling them back to us for a prophet, i.e. the ‘debt’ or ‘illegal a lien’.

    So many money shots.

    Hollywood accounting methods. If you give someone enough of your time-is-money then will they live forever? Will you come to think of them as ‘God’?

      1. What is ‘real life’? You’ll have to read this one for me, cos it’s unavailable in the UK for ‘legal reasons’. 😀

        Embeke is a name that can be applied to anyone who, like Fuckerborg, says ‘Trust me with your private information’ shortly after celebrating the ‘death of privacy’ and announcing his intention to sell your image of yourself back to yourself.

    1. Jen

      I like how the border speech was book ended by two email pleas for campaign contributions.

      She said “No”! He’s a suitor scorned. But you know a gentleman would always bring flowers too. 😊

  2. ALAMO
    Glass and M. Night Shyamalan Arrive Early at Alamo Drafthouses Across U.S.
    Alamo Drafthouse will be screening Glass a week early as part of a “Shyamalanathon,” including with an M. Night Shyamalan Q&A!
    If Jan. 18 is just too long to wait for the zenith of the Shyamalanaissance, then you’re in luck: patrons of 25 different Alamo Drafthouses across the country are about to get Glass as part of a “Shyamalanathon” that includes all three installments of his superhero trilogy—Unbreakable, Split, and Glass—plus a Q&A with the actual M. Night Shyamalan to boot!

    The news was revealed late Friday by Universal Pictures and the Alamo Drafthouse, who are partnering in what is being billed quite truthfully as the first marathon of all three films, especially considering that it will be screening nearly a week before Glass’ nationwide release. Further, audiences are only being asked to pay as little as a $5 voucher that can then be applied to food they order during the three back-to-back screenings.

    This is of course a major boon for Shyamalan fans, who by and large accepted years ago that none of the planned sequels to 2001’s Unbreakable would ever see release. That film, after all, predated the entire superhero genre boom in this century, a fact Shyamalan mused about at SDCC this year when he revealed marketers told him to hide the fact that it was about comic books. Then came the unexpected ending to Split (2016), and the collision course of Glass was set where Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson would return to their roles of David Dunn and Elijah Price (aka Mr. Glass), respectively, and crossover with James McAvoy’s Kevin Wendell Crumb from Split.

    Glass is one of our most anticipated movies of 2019, and those lucky enough to see the Shyamlanathon at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn will be ringing in the New Year right, as Shyamalan will be introducing the screening with a live Q&A. It will be live telecast to all other participating Alamo Drafthouses.

    1. Well, yeah. The ‘marathon’. Anon alluded to it yesterday. It works something like this: “Thou shalt not steal!” cries Embeke as he deftly helps himself to one of my photographs. “And in the name of Embeke thou shalt respect other people’s copyright!” he yells, even as he neatly cuts and pastes an image of me into one of your photographs, then charges us both $25,000 for the privilege of viewing ‘his’ work.

      Seems to me that the only way to deal with Embeke is beat him to death with his own rules, i.e. reverse the charges and start asking awkward questions about the ‘royalties’.

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                    1. I Dentity.

                      “ ‘All right,’ said the Cat; and this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone.”


                      And Why So Serious. Which was the article that the Community Guardians didn’t enjoy in the old Merovee 🤔


      1. The dude is a palindrome. He works any which way you want to hear him. Maybe that’s why he’s named Trump in the simulation?

        Forget the Alamo. I wonder what’s getting down in Gitmo.

    1. I do like how he reportedly walked out of the meeting saying it was “a waste of Time.” I think the GOTUS wastes a shitload of stuff. All bureaucracies induce “death-by-meeting” and this one is no exception.

  4. For those dreaming of life in the off-world colons, this spam-propelled spacecraft could explore do hemorrhoids cream of electric sleep for ever and ever and ever.

    Usual charges apply. If I’ve overlooked anything then an additional charge of $25,000 will apply for consulting The Caretaker.

    OK, quick system check on things pyramidical. We must keep that meme bouncing around the echo chamber at all costs, lest our faith begin to wane brothers and sisters!

    Visit your local temple today, but be cure to prostate yourself in alignment with the Dog Star!

  5. This might be the most frightening thing you will ever come across online or read. Just know you have been warned. If you don’t know why your here then just leave. Everything lives on though stories and even the best authors could be forgotten at a blink of an eye. So let it be known for what it is and what it isn’t – I just want you to enjoy some writing and wild imaginary ideas. I try to put everything in the open and try my best at reporting the truth and calling it fantasy when it is. Some people say it was a LARP, others choose to believe otherwise. One man’s fantasy is another man’s reality, or rather alternate reality. What you decide is the only thing that matters.

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