The Crystal Ship

Yesterday, on impulse I decided to make a video of ‘The Great Pyramid of Reigate’.

Here is the video.




And in order for me to reach the pyramid, I had to pass through an arch.



Towards the end of the video, you will see in the distance ‘The White House’ overlooking the Great Pyramid.



The Arch and the Great Pyramid and The White House are all within the grounds of Reigate Castle.



So, in about half an hour I visited the Great Pyramid and The White House. Not bad for a Sunday morning.

What I’m seeing is that the greater Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Washington White House are one and the same with Reigate. In short what I think they are, is an external manifestation of an internal process within ‘consciousness’. And find it interesting they are within ‘Castle Grounds’ which again I feel is a symbolic representation of the inner Self.

And I think the same applies to many things in this reality. Or maybe even everything.

On 15/12/2018 – ISIS Day 15/12 – at 11:01 a Stargate appeared over Southern California.





The Crystal Ship.



Elon Musk has unveiled a new prototype Spaceship of the ‘Big Fxxking Rocket’ which is intended to fly to Mars. The BFR is being renamed as ‘Starship’. It is being built in Texas, USA in Boca Chica, Cameron County, near the border with Mexico and the Rio Grande.




An illustration of the finished product.



And a Time River Song.



We are part of something far bigger.



It’s a big River.


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      1. Someone in the comments of MrMBB333 said…

        “Portals/stargates always open starting around 3 or so days prior to new moons/full moons/eclipses and significant transits w the lunar nodes. (Mayan cycles speak of these) ”

        It’s an incredible capture to be sure.

        1. Jenny

          It’s an awesome pic ! I’ve been seeing something similar with the strong suns. Another circular object seemed to be behind the sun or next to it. Vague but it’s there.

  1. I already saw it
    about 5 years ago
    Sunday, April 27, 2014 18:51 LEO_WHITE_13
    I’ve never seen through the clouds before. For the first time yesterday, when I was under a drip, my eyes went through the clouds and I saw this ship very clearly. The sky was blue yesterday, and the feeling was that there was no roof. I returned my gaze to him again, thinking that it seemed to me, and the lights were on it. You can say, shimmered with lights. Then I understood exactly that I SEE THIS.
    so Musk stole the model from the Pleiadians

    How to recognize the ships of the Pleiadians?

    Learn to recognize what flies in our skies.

  2. “In short what I think they are, is an external manifestation of an internal process within ‘consciousness’.”

    Or to put it another way, that everything ‘out there’ is information, i.e. memory stored in a seemingly tangible 3D form. It’s like what Brand said in Interstellar: what we think of as ‘space-time’ stored as memory and displayed to as the physical world. Imagine yourself as a character in a game taking a walk through a city. Are the buildings you see actually buildings, or merely structured patterns of information, i.e. memory, presented to you as objects that you can interact with?

    As for the pyramids, what are they? They are merely symbols of wealth and power. Ever heard of a Pyramid Scam? You know how they work – send me a certain sum of money now, and in return I will send you a much larger sum of money in the future.

    The Pyramid Scam and the Pyramid Spam: because that’s what the pyramids really are. They’re like those phoney spam emails that clog up your inbox. Specifically, they’re like those spam emails from Nigeria:

    “Hello, my name is Embeke and I have discovered a hidden fortune worth one hundred million dollars. If you send me $25,000 then I will be able to smuggle this fortune out of the country and give you $1,000,000 in return, etc., etc.”

    Are the pyramids anything more than a meme that has been repeated often enough to become engrained ‘in memory’? Almost to the point that they’ve become ‘system constants’ rather than temporary variables? If we keep retrieving data about them then should we be surprised if they persist in memory? It reminds me of a team of programmers in a meeting, talking over new ideas for their game: “OK, the sim people in the game seem to like these pyramid thingies, so let’s keep flogging them that meme. We’ll keep serving up pyramid spam and have a good giggle as they gorge themselves until they puke and practically worship the damn things. Tell you what, we’ll get a bunch of sim people to built a pyramid in Las Vegas. We’ll call it a ‘casino’ and make it all about money and power, which seems appropriate ‘cos that’s all the originals were about anyway. Then we’ll create a sim character called Bernie Madoff and have him set up another pyramid scam. Hell, we can even get a bunch of sim people to produce a film called ‘Casino’ and put a Jew in charge of ripping people off. That way we can combine the Pyramid Scam with the ‘Exodus from slavery’ meme AND create a useful symbolic link to that other meme they seem determined to turn into a system constant. You know, that thing about Hitler and the Nazis?”

    It’s like Ultima Thule (yeah, another Nazi link). A visit to the most ‘primitive object’ that is one of the most ‘basic building blocks’. Seems to me that it’s really about the storage and retrieval of information or ‘memory’. This from Wikipedia.

    “In computer science, a primitive data type is either of the following: 1. A basic type is a data type provided by a programming language as a basic building block. Most languages allow more complicated composite types to be recursively constructed starting from basic types. 2. A built-in type is a data type for which the programming language provides built-in support. Depending on the language and its implementation, primitive data types may or may not have a one-to-one correspondence with objects in the computer’s memory.”

    And of course today we have a story about space rocks, the DNA code and the ‘building blocks’. Lots and lots of of blocks in pyramids, yeah?

    If we keep selecting the same items from the ‘menu’ then we’re gonna get what we select, aren’t we?

    1. the guy from the cabin in the woods
      the only one they could not influence
      because he was always under marijuana. blurred consciousness beyond control of puppeteers

      1. That depends entirely on whether there’s an exit door, Frank. If we are ‘merely’ electro-chemical computers inhabiting a simulated reality then there may be no exit and you might be completely mistaken in identifying 3D as a ‘prison’. Do you have anything ‘tangible’ to offer by way of demonstrating that there’s a way out? ‘Cos if I’m honest I’ve been reading your posts for years now, and all I see is the same stuff repeating itself. Not saying that isn’t true of all of us, but it has to be said.

        What do they say about time? Time is money, yeah? Do you not think there’s a sense in which investing time in looking for answers and meaning in this is the equivalent of sending $25,000 to Embeke every time he sends you a slightly different version of the same spam email? Have you ever received your $1,000,000 ‘reward’, Frank? Has anything that you or I (or anyone else involved in this) has ever said or thought or written made the slightest difference whatsoever? How many times have you written about the pyramids? How many times have you written about the phoenix? How many times will you continue to write about them? How much more are you willing to ‘invest’?

          1. Anon

            Making personal digs at those who hold different opinions to yourself is not one of your most endearing features.

            And a lot more than twice 🙂 How about yourself ?

            1. That wasn’t a dig though, Frank, and yes, I wasn’t sure about the number of times. Believe it or not, I actually meant what I said in a good way though I know it was risky to write. The internet has its limitations.

              About myself: no I haven’t fallen in love in the time I’ve been on here and that’s very sad don’t you think?

            2. and to continue since blabbing is what I do best, I think the fact that you fell in love makes everything else irrelevant…or rather pale. But that’s my opinion.

              maybe I have fallen more in love -with myself and this life- by being here. Like when I saw the merman and dolphins. Or when on the day of Aretha Franklin’s (AF) (Aethar) send off I took my mother to the airport on her way to the motor city (ford) and at the delta counter an agent named sofia from sudan helped her board and gave me a free pass through the gates and on the plane she sat next to an artist who makes celestial mechanical sculptures and such.

              Events like that have been my take away. Maybe if I hadn’t met Merovee, I would have less of these little laughs and many big ones too. This space makes me laugh.

              Love or laugh. LoL. It’s all good.

        1. Hugo

          I’ve asked is it purely a Program to enslave it.

          Strangely I’m very practical and go with the evidence of my own personal life and experiences. I could still be working in the Bank with a nice pension and big house etc but learned it was a road to nowhere. Feel I’m on a road to somewhere.

          Even though it has been tortuous at times, it has followed a logical process. For me it’s when rather than if .

          I see the roof coming off which indicates to me I’m on the right track.

          1. Frank, I don’t see it as anything more than a hybrid version of Zoo Tycoon run like a social media platform, with us as the ‘social media’. I call it a variety of things: the ‘Primate Change Simulation’, the ‘Google Glasshouse’, the ‘Truman Zoo’. We watch and point at the animals, and most seem unaware that they too are one of the animals, one of the ‘exhibits’. And of course, we get to ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ one another, offer our opinion, find fault, criticise, sometimes even empathise and encourage. You know, root around in one another’s fur to find a nice juicy flea. That sort of thing.

            If I thought there was an exit door then I would never give up searching for it. In my experience, what it does is suggest that there **might** be an escape route just around the next corner, leads you round and round in circles until you realise you’re right back where you started, then laughs and says, in effect, “Look at you! You’re a ‘system addict’ – drunk as a lord on my Holy Spirit! Why don’t you stop being a pisshead and do something with you life instead of playing my game-without-an-ending?”

              1. I don’t think you ever stopped hearing from me. I mean, the number of people who are the subject of all this ‘information’ or ‘intelligence gathering’ seems to be very small. Read enough of this stuff and it’ll tell you what someone’s just eaten for breakfast.


                How you like your fleas? Fried or grilled? 🙂


            1. Course, immediately after saying this it sends another spam email from ‘Embeke’ offering the possibility of yet another ‘escape route’. So we get back on the sauce and set off down the road to nowhere. It’s like trying to find the end of a rainbow, isn’t it? There’s no actual end, because it’s all a matter of perspective. A person standing on hill A will swear that he can see it at point C, whereas a person on hill B will bet his mother’s life that it ends at point D.

              1. IDK. Maybe you should listen to Embeke !

                I met God. He was Nigerian . Slightly less grizzled version of Idris Elba.

                Most amazing white in his eyes. One of the most bizarre days of my life.

                You say it’s the Program. I see it otherwise.

                I have read some of your articles and do understand your antipathy to Preacher man. I’m not trying to convert anyone but just writing my blog. And if anyone cares to join me that’s great.

    2. One does wonder about third eye programming of the internet religion- like is it predictive program for “the chip”.

      “It can be yours too for 19.99. But wait, there’s more!” And who knows maybe countless generations before us ended up the same way -hence the recurring symbols. The data pool has walls.

    3. I’ve started feeding my dog honey to help with issues that manifest through his voice. He doesn’t like it so most of it ends up in his hair. Today he resembles a honey pot.

      That phrase reminds me of most of the news stories. Honey pots.

            1. I think the shut down may be to run out the time on the clock on the statute of limitations (sol) for his business and other crimes. also I wonder if the shutdown includes border patrol.

              1. Anon

                Going to be interesting speech.

                Good one about SOL.

                I’ve just added two pics of an enormous Sol in a reply to Rain. Which is bit strange. A comment about the Sun to Rain.

                1. I just watched it, along with the demoncrats’ response. I wish it was juicier. Trump called the state in US ”a crisis of heart and sol.” The demoncrats said we can have security without bricks – they prefer scans and chips and the like.

                  I guess it’s about the solstice.

                  Statute of Limitations – Trump ‘s Criminal Enterprise.

                  (and I’m not taking sides. Lock em all up as far as I care.)

                  1. It looks like something from the Dark Knight movie.

                    Pelosi and Schumer just as weird as Trump. Schumer looked like he walked off the set of a vampire movie to me.

                    And to add to the sense of unreality. Kim Jong Un visited China on his birthday : 8/1.

                    Year of the Pig.

                    1. I totally agree about Schumer and Pelosi. Strange things. They remind me of Ruth Bader Ginsberg: gremlins.

  3. Mysterious hole opened in the Kaylas Tibetan mountain
    The picture presented was taken on Sunday, January 6, by a Tibetan named Zohur Uddin
    It is noteworthy that among the locals Kaylas since ancient times is considered the most sacred place in the world. The mountain with the height of 6666 meters has the shape of a four-sided pyramid, the edges of which are oriented strictly along the cardinal points, as if someone had created it artificially. At the moment, no one has managed to conquer this peak. According to the legends, on Kailas there is a so-called “stairway to heaven”, by which one can climb into paradise or get into mysterious Shambhala, but so far the mountain has not allowed any mortal to make such a journey.

    1. I think it would be interesting to climb that mountain, but I suspect it’d just be a hole with a sign next to it saying “Thank you for sending $25,000 to Embeke in Nigeria.”

      This hot off the press from the Gremlin: KGB visits the Ancient Encryptions and discovers bizarre simulation!

      Damn pesky Gremlin! Where is he? There he is! Get him!

      Thankfully, Embeke has a cure! To claim your **free** sample of his patented Gremlin Eradiction Elixir please send $25,000 and watch the below YouTube in its entirety.

  4. “It almost looks like a big, semi-transparent planet, or some sort of a large black hole. I have no idea what we’re dealing with, if anything at all. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, and I look at the International Space Station quite a bit. Every once and a while you’ll see something unusual out in the vastness of space, but this time it takes on an entirely new meaning”, the blogger said.

    1. The KGB pyramid article (see above) refers to a ‘prophecy’ and a magnetic force emanating from ‘the rock’. Oddly enough, I live at the bottom of a road called ‘The Rock. I watched this film last night. It’s produced by a company called ‘Magnet’, and the action starts with an astronaut falling into a deep, dark hole.

      The Last Days: don’t miss The Rapture, don’t get Left Behind.

      Give your heart to Embeke, and don’t forget to send $25,000!

  5. The phones are investing the hairways again. I think somebody needs to be groomed. Prepare for flea extraction!

    Funny, I was reading this earlier…

    …and it was the best $25,000 I ever spent!

        1. Or until it tells you what you want to hear? It’s been telling me that it’s a simulation for years now, and I’ve always resisted that interpretation – precisely because accepting that it’s a simulation means accepting that there’s no exit door.

          The social media: “Sign up to my channel ‘cos I speak the truth!” cries one. “No, that guy’s a phoney!” cries another. “Sign up to my channel instead!” “Don’t listen to them – they’re both phonies!” cries a third. “Give ’em up a ‘thumbs down’ and troll the hell out of these False Prophets!”

          Of course, only those who own ‘the social media’ get to ‘make a prophet’ out of all these ‘truth tellers’. Hence, the ‘In-formation Age’ – we volunteer to stand in neat little lines and ‘inform’ on ourselves and others, and all this information gets reprocessed and fed back to us in modifed form. You know, like an astronaut forced to drink his own reprocessed pee.

          Take ‘Gremins’ for example: Is Jo Dante’s Inferno really Jesus Christ? Is there a ‘prophet’ to be made here? At $25,000 a pop you just know there is!

          That’s what I think anyway. Bon appetit!

      1. Haven’t read it myself to be honest. Just flicked through now and seen this: “All the things we were preaching, we weren’t doing enough of them. We weren’t having enough hard conversations. They need to realize that. They need to reflect and ask if they’re having hard conversations or just being echo chambers of themselves.”

        Should keep Kenneth Copeland’s private jet in the air for a few more hours, dontcha think?

  6. July 29, 2016
    “The very last end of the world” was supposed to happen 3 months ago. A group of Christians who call themselves the “Prophets of the end of time” released a video stating that the magnetic poles of the Earth had to suddenly change places. This would supposedly create a vacuum instead of atmosphere. In fact, according to NASA, the change of poles occurs constantly from the very formation of the Earth, but this process lasts hundreds of years.

  7. “This scenario is apparently what is beginning to happen now in our Universe, 21 trillion years after its Creation. Everything in our Universe, including us, came from a Black Hole. The Andromedans say there is no age to us. We truly are infinite. You can take that any way you want. According to Vasais and Moraney, on March 23rd of 1994 a specific (Aquamarine) colour and sound frequency began to emanate from all the Black Holes in the known (this Old) Universe. In terms of their science, which goes back a long way, this is the first time this has ever happened. What this energy and frequency is doing is that it is creating a holographic impression throughout all dimensional levels, of which they say there are ELEVEN CREATIONAL DENSITIES. This new holographic impression has become a 12th density (the 12th LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. LM). They say, that this new holographic impression has one frequency – that it does not carry a duality within it (It is White Sparkling Sun Energy of Balance! LM). What this frequency (Balance, LM) is doing is that it is pulling up all the dimensional levels below it. They say, that by December 2013, third density, as we know it here, will cease to exist – it is imploding in on itself as everything is being drawn up. Those on the 11th are going to 12th. We are supposed to go to 4th and then to 5th density. From the Andromedan perspective, 4th density is a consciousness. It is where an entire raceis telepathic with each other, they are aware of each other, they feel each other – they are of one mind, separate individuals, but still one. Fifth density is where we would be considered from the third density as being Light. They say, that this is what is going to happen to us, no later than 2013, based on their science. Do I know if this is right? I will know when you know, but they have not been wrong yet. Now, there are individual consciousness’, which have appeared in this 12th density Holographic Consciousness. They apparently are like nothing, that has ever been seen before. The Andromedans don’t know who they are, what they are, and don’t know even how to describe them. But, apparently, these 12th dimensional Beings have the capability to gaze down through all of the dimensions and see everything, that is going on there. That is all I know about that…” Alex Collier

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