Something Something Something Dark Side

‘Run, Rabbit Run
Dig that hole, forget the sun
And when at last the work is done
Don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one’.


Something Something Something Dark Side. The Family Guy saga continues.



The Change.

Chang’E 4 has landed on the Dark Side of the Moon.

It’s a new era in Moon exploration.

It landed at the South Pole Aitken ( 8 Ken ) Basin.



And the first picture shows what looks like a big rabbit hole.




And ‘The First Picture Of You’ from New Horizons of the farthest and most primitive object in the Solar System, Ultima Thule is a Snowman and also an 8.



It’s Cold.

Let It Go.



The Universe tells me it’s All Black and everything is All White. It’s OK.

And a Paradox.



It’s all Us. What a trip !


20 thoughts on “Something Something Something Dark Side

  1. From Rain on previous article.

    ‘I want you to look at this crater. Look at these illuminated objects in the crater and this object here. I want you to pay close attention to this area. Look at this. A structure here. A bridge here. All lit up. How is it that a crater which is supposed to be created by a meteorite impact has a flat-topped structure in the center? The moon is full of these. I will tell you why. Because these are old bases that were destroyed in a war. I asked Moraney who destroyed these, and he told me it was during a war between the Pleiadians and the Orion Group, who won.
    Audience Question: Is there any air on the moon?
    Alex: Yes, there is. The far side has vegetation, lakes. It is everything we’ve been told it isn’t.
    (Slide 5 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    I want you to look very carefully at this crater right here. I have been told that this is a mining crater. I want you to look at the way this bridge spans the crater. This bridge is 21 miles long. You will see this same structure on Venus. What I was told is that craft would land on top of this structure, lower some kind of device and literally pull the minerals right out of the ground.
    (Slide 6 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Here’s another crater. For something supposedly created by a meteor, it’s pretty flat.
    What I really wanted to show you is this, a dome that is very much intact. This is what Richard Hoagland has been looking for, and its on the far side of the moon. It’s the far side where all the good stuff is.
    (Slide 7 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    In this crater I want you to look at this structure here. See these structures that look like hangars? I am told that this base is German. The Nazi’s have been here for a long long time. There is machinery right here. Look at the octagonal “crater” to the north.
    (Slide 8 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    I want you to focus on this area right here. See these structures. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where the New World Order is on the moon. This complex has 35,000 human beings from Earth in it, right now. These are living compounds. The Andromedans are very clear about this, because they want you to wake up.
    (Slide 9 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Here’s a square crater. I asked Moraney how many “square meteors” that he’s seen, and he said he’s never seen one.
    (Slide 10 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Here’s another crater with another structure inside that is all lit up. They’re not supposed to be there.
    chapter2.html (8 of 12)
    (Slide 11 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Look at this area right here. See how it is terraced? See this large structure? This is a monument, folks. A monument. It is seven miles high. Are you going to tell me our astronauts “missed” this? The monument, since the moon came from Ursa Minor, is Orion in origin. Now, our moon used to share an orbit with Phobos. Both of them are artificial satellites.
    (Slide 12 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Look in this crater. Now, this crater is 14 miles long. Right in the middle of the crater we see a ship parked there that is at least 4 miles in length. That’s not supposed to be there.
    (Slide 13 General Picture of Mars)
    Ladies and gentlemen, if the truth ever comes out, you will discover that Mars has had a very similar history to Earth. The human physical form was first created on Mars and brought to Earth. Extraterrestrials created and manipulated our physical form. They didn’t create your soul. You did (as a part of the Creator) by your intent. The Creator gave you the right to go off and experience on your own. You were not “cast out of heaven”. Nobody buys that. The Andromedans find it hard to believe that anyone buys that. They ask me about this and I get really embarrassed because I have no “come-back” on it. I just shrug my shoulders.’

  2. No longer unclean.

    Women of child bearing age in India are attempting to reenter the temple. If you are not of child bearing age and therefore not carrying the ‘sacred blood’ you have always been allowed.

    They have been granted legal permission, but are being met with resistance, from India’s ruler who is rallying his fundamentalist Hindu base to stop them. Wtf ? I mean they’re fighting in the streets.

    Yesterday women formed a wall that extended for miles.

    The feminine menstrual blood is sacred, and returning to the sanctuary.

    Piercing the darkness. 😃

  3. Last night Jan 3rd, the Dow Jones closed down 660.02 points to 22,686.22!!!!
    See the symmetry??? 22,686.22??
    1134311 + 1134311
    343 in the centre = 7x7x7, twice!
    1+1+3+4+3+1+1 = 7+7, twice!!!
    6+6+2 = 7+7!!!
    2+2+6+8+6+2+2 = 7+7+7+7!!!
    2x2x6x8x6x2x2 = (8+8+8+8+8+8)x(8+8+8+8+8+8) + (8+8+8+8+8+8)x(8+8+8+8+8+8)
    Or, 8x(8+8+8)x(8+8+8)
    The volume traded was 424,240,000, also symmetrical and 4+2+4+2+4 = 8+8.
    4x2x4x2x4 = (8+8)x(8+8)
    7 is God’s perfect number.
    8 stands for a new beginning in the Bible.
    Perfect symmetry is evidence of God’s creative power with nearly every bird or animal or fish being a perfectly symmetrical creation.

  4. FRANK,

    Yes, our bodies are perfectly made but God has given us free choice.
    Our choices are ours and we have to face the consequences of those choices and actions. Just like we teach our children – if they do the wrong thing then they have to face the consequences.

    1. Hi Ken

      Not sure where the concept of a perfect creation comes from. The script says God looked at everything he had made and it was ‘good’.

      Good does not imply perfection. Good is proper, beneficial, excellent in quality, satisfactory etc. But not flawless.

      And just a personal opinion. Perfection is pointless. We are far better off because we are flawed. It gives us room to learn and grow. Perhaps that was the intention when God looked around and saw that it was good. 🙂

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