The Sun

Thanks to Jen and MJ.

Happy New Year to all. 2018 was a Monster year. Personally, every day had a ‘Let Me Be Frank’ moment. Probably my most used phrase was WTF.

Aside from personal relationships, I think my highlights and lowlights were meeting God, making Contact ( actually I had already made Contact but didn’t know it ) and a Phoenix landing in the garden, and then ‘Merovee Part I’ going up in smoke and then ‘Merovee Part 2’ rising from the Ashes, as I see it. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The other main element for me has been the action in the skies. The Tau Star and crazy Suns and everything else

And DNA mysteries. And all the rest of it.

It is not easy. We are being boiled in the pot and enormous spiritual energies have been released and we are having experiences and gaining new understandings way beyond the limited scope of our programming as ‘reality’ is turned inside out. Or maybe more accurately, how we see reality and ourselves is transformed.



We are now in 2019. That’s what 3D says but I’m not sure.

Ringing in the new in London and Oz. Maybe it’s 2018 or 2020.

Sydney yesterday : 2018.



London is Open in 2018. Brexit will be in 2018.



And in Reigate it was 2019 yesterday, so today I’m in 2020.



But the numbers for the year will show 2019.

And the 19 card in the Tarot is The Sun.

The Year of the Sun.



And New Horizons has reached the farthest and most primitive object in the Solar System – Ultima Thule.

‘Ultima is going to a real world’.



And between now and 3/1/19, Chang’E 4 will, if everything goes to plan, land on the Dark Side of the Moon.




And for Jan 2019, we have entered a mirror 911 : 119. It’s an Emergency in the Mirror.

Last night when everyone else was getting drunk, I went on a bit of a mad mind ramble which was given a further jolt, when in the middle of it the death of Ray Sawyer who was the singer with the eyepatch for ‘Dr Hook and the Medicine Show’ was announced. At the age of 81 and the final day of ’18. Maybe.

Here is the mind ramble. I believe it shows the ‘Interconnectedness of all Things’ but also I think ‘Mind rambles’ can open doors within consciousness.

The Mushroom.


Etymology : Mushroom.


‘From Middle English musheron, musseron, from Anglo-Norman, from Old French mousseron, of Germanic origin: Old French mousse (“moss”) (—first applied to a type of fungus which grows in moss), from Low Frankish *mosa (“moss”) or Old Dutch mosa (“moss”), akin to Old High German mos (“moss, bog”), Old High German mios (“moss, mire”), Old English mēos (“moss”), Old English mōs (“bog, marsh”), Old Norse mosi (“moss”), Old Norse myrr (“bog, mire”), from Proto-Germanic *musą, *musô, *miuziz (“mosses, bog”), from Proto-Indo-European *meus- (“mosses, mold, mildew”). Displaced native Old English swamm (“mushroom”). More at mire. Alternatively, the Old French may be of pre-Roman origin.’

Moss grows fat on a Rolling Stone ( Judge Raulston who presided over the Scopes Trial was Jenny’s Uncle ).



Scopes Trial : 2020.


Scopes Trial : The Eye Test.

For Your Eyes Only. The Bond girl.


Roger More ( Roger in British slang means Fxxk ).



And the Bondage girl and Mr and Mrs Bumble. Mrs Bumble can’t get enough. She wants to Roger More.


It’s an Emergency.


Snug Snug rather than Guns Guns.

Lost in Translation. Mirror Mirror. Something along those lines.


The Snuggle Schedule.



I See You. For Your Eyes Only.

Saw You.

Ray Sawyer of Dr Hook and the Medicine Show has died aged 81.



A Little Bit More. And 2020. He wore an eye patch. Saw You .



And Jimmy Osmond and Captain Hook, from yesterday as well.

Jimmy Osmond suffered a stroke whilst playing Captain Hook.


What is the sound of One Hand clapping ?

Twin Peaks.



Understanding the Language.

Swords and Words.



Weapon Opens Time.




Shaken Not Stirred.


62 thoughts on “The Sun

  1. Within about two minutes of hitting the publish button, my notification bar told me signals from New Horizons confirmed it had survived the FLY By.

    BBC News – New Horizons: Nasa probe survives flyby of Ultima Thule

    ‘Signals from the Nasa probe confirm it has survived a flyby of Ultima Thule, the most distant object ever explored in the Solar System.

    Scientist at the American space agency confirmed New Horizons was in a “healthy” condition after passing the icy space rock some hours ago.’

    1. Frank and everyone

      Happy 2020 vision. 😊

      Remember, in 5D time is no longer linear, it fans out. 360 degrees. Take a good look around you. 🙂

  2. The Sun tarot card, 19


    911 is IXXI

    So when you compare the symbols…


    It sort of implies the hidden space between the pillars becoming revealed.

    1. MJ

      Not sure if this shows it properly but if you give X1X a shift to the right it becomes X over X or in Latin 10 over 10.

      Eggs over Eggs. Ten out of Ten.

      The angle of the mirror.

      Don’t know if that helps much ! Maybe I should get 10/10 for seeing it. IDK.

      X/X 10/10

      1. You get a 10 out of 10 for seeing it! 😃
        I always thought something mysterious about the 9/11 code because it skipped over the 10, or that is what is mysterious, the 10. The ONE and the “O”. Same thing!

        1. MJ

          I see the 1 and 0 connected with infinity.

          Let’s say for the sake of argument everything is God. So there is One God but this means God is limited to being One and has a limit.

          But God is infinite so there must be more of God or more Gods which is where the 0 comes in. Maybe. Unless God is not infinite but seems unlikely to me. But they are still One.

          Limited but limitless.

          It’s a Paradox.

            1. About words and numbers. Numbers are unlimited. In theory because no one has ever done it. If you start at 0 and then I and then 2 and keep going , you can keep going ad infinitum.

              A lot of theoretical scientists don’t like that because infinity mucks up a lot of calculations. I’m told. I have no idea.

              Our Latin alphabet and others are restricted. With the Latin alphabet it’s 26 letters or symbols.

              No Words .

              Roger More. It’s wooden.


  3. Guccifer is a Romanian hacker (I didn’t know probably everybody already does), but Wikipedia says “Lehel has said that his pseudonym Guccifer is a portmanteau of “Gucci” and “Lucifer” (a reference, he says, to “the style of Gucci and the light of Lucifer”).”

    1. About Gucci.

      Yesterday I was described as looking smart. Not sure why. Wasn’t wearing anything special.

      In business, SMART is an acronym but I suspect in our world it has a different meaning. Again, the angle I think. Understanding the language.

      Specific (Goals must be clear and unambiguous)

      Measurable (Results must be able to be measured in some way, for example, the number of products sold each week, or the percent completion)

      Attainable (Goals must be realistic and attainable by the average employee)

      Relevant (Goals must relate to your organization’s vision and mission)

      Time-bound (Goals must have definite starting and ending points, and a fixed duration)

      1. Because of the sun, Frank. Or the SOL, Speed of Light (measurement).
        Rei is reign, or rule. Rule of measurement for SEEING.
        186,400 in the tribe of Judah (the East).
        Y? Bee cause.
        In the Bible, the tribe of Judah was positioned in the desert
        at the East, at the point of the rising Sun. ( Numbers 2:2).

        They were the tribe of light. ( 2 Kings 8:19).

        The Bible states the number of people in that tribe.
        (Numbers 2:9) The number is 186,400.

        The SOL constant is one speed of light is 186000 miles per second.

        The mystery…how did they know? Because of what soft eyes is saying up there.

  4. Sudan
    da Sun

    Still burning. Interesting it doesn’t make it in the news though it’s real. I’m real and I love and what I see is not only a product or reflection of me, it’s a product and reflection of all so I get curious about the blinders we wear.

      1. Seven Seas of Rhye / Rye Gate

        ‘Coming thro the Rye’. Robbie Burns and Jenny.

        O, Jenny’s a’ weet,[A] poor body,
        Jenny’s seldom dry:
        She draigl’t[B] a’ her petticoatie,
        Comin thro’ the rye!

        Comin thro’ the rye, poor body,
        Comin thro’ the rye,
        She draigl’t a’ her petticoatie,
        Comin thro’ the rye!

        Gin[C] a body meet a body
        Comin thro’ the rye,
        Gin a body kiss a body,
        Need a body cry?[D]


        Gin a body meet a body
        Comin thro’ the glen
        Gin a body kiss a body,
        Need the warl'[E] ken?[F]


        Gin a body meet a body
        Comin thro’ the grain;
        Gin a body kiss a body,
        The thing’s a body’s ain.[G]

        Jeanette MacDonald.

                    1. The First Picture of You.

                      Chang’E 4 has landed on the Dark Side of the Moon in the South Pole – Aitken ( 8 ken) – Basin in the Von Karman crater.

                      Looks like a big sinkhole in first pic.




  5. I want you to look at this crater. Look at these illuminated objects in the crater and this object here. I want you to pay close attention to this area. Look at this. A structure here. A bridge here. All lit up. How is it that a crater which is supposed to be created by a meteorite impact has a flat-topped structure in the center? The moon is full of these. I will tell you why. Because these are old bases that were destroyed in a war. I asked Moraney who destroyed these, and he told me it was during a war between the Pleiadians and the Orion Group, who won.
    Audience Question: Is there any air on the moon?
    Alex: Yes, there is. The far side has vegetation, lakes. It is everything we’ve been told it isn’t.
    (Slide 5 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    I want you to look very carefully at this crater right here. I have been told that this is a mining crater. I want you to look at the way this bridge spans the crater. This bridge is 21 miles long. You will see this same structure on Venus. What I was told is that craft would land on top of this structure, lower some kind of device and literally pull the minerals right out of the ground.
    (Slide 6 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Here’s another crater. For something supposedly created by a meteor, it’s pretty flat.
    What I really wanted to show you is this, a dome that is very much intact. This is what Richard Hoagland has been looking for, and its on the far side of the moon. It’s the far side where all the good stuff is.
    (Slide 7 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    In this crater I want you to look at this structure here. See these structures that look like hangars? I am told that this base is German. The Nazi’s have been here for a long long time. There is machinery right here. Look at the octagonal “crater” to the north.
    (Slide 8 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    I want you to focus on this area right here. See these structures. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where the New World Order is on the moon. This complex has 35,000 human beings from Earth in it, right now. These are living compounds. The Andromedans are very clear about this, because they want you to wake up.
    (Slide 9 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Here’s a square crater. I asked Moraney how many “square meteors” that he’s seen, and he said he’s never seen one.
    (Slide 10 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Here’s another crater with another structure inside that is all lit up. They’re not supposed to be there.
    chapter2.html (8 of 12)
    (Slide 11 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Look at this area right here. See how it is terraced? See this large structure? This is a monument, folks. A monument. It is seven miles high. Are you going to tell me our astronauts “missed” this? The monument, since the moon came from Ursa Minor, is Orion in origin. Now, our moon used to share an orbit with Phobos. Both of them are artificial satellites.
    (Slide 12 of the Far Side of the Moon)
    Look in this crater. Now, this crater is 14 miles long. Right in the middle of the crater we see a ship parked there that is at least 4 miles in length. That’s not supposed to be there.
    (Slide 13 General Picture of Mars)
    Ladies and gentlemen, if the truth ever comes out, you will discover that Mars has had a very similar history to Earth. The human physical form was first created on Mars and brought to Earth. Extraterrestrials created and manipulated our physical form. They didn’t create your soul. You did (as a part of the Creator) by your intent. The Creator gave you the right to go off and experience on your own. You were not “cast out of heaven”. Nobody buys that. The Andromedans find it hard to believe that anyone buys that. They ask me about this and I get really embarrassed because I have no “come-back” on it. I just shrug my shoulders.

              1. Rain

                There’s two additional things as well and it’s difficult to describe.

                First I’m seeing the Sun pulsing. Tried to video it but doesn’t show properly.

                And I’m also seeing a sun hiding behind another. It’s shows it a bit in this pic and the other one I included. People will tell me it’s the sun’s rays. Probably is. I’m not sure. I’ve seen two suns next to each other.


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