The Rules

I hope everyone has had ‘Happy Holidays’.

It’s a been a show stopping Christmas at the Belfry.



And the New Year is upon us. Will it be 2019 or 2020 ?



We did it ! The Sight is ready to share. All the tasks have been completed.



Speaking for myself and feedback from others, everyone is shattered.

Prisoners of the Past.





Or is it Shatnered ? Weird Or What ? WOW !

“Until it reveals what is hidden”.

And Family.



I’m calling it 2019 but I’m not sure. And the first month is a mirror 911 : Jan 19 = 1/19. And 1st Jan is 1/1/19. It’s a mirror Emergency.

A problem that I think some are having is that the old rules don’t seem to apply anymore. ‘Reality’ is not manifesting in the way that according to the old rules, it should. The toys aren’t behaving as expected.

And there is a part of the Mind that likes rules I think. Someone to rule over us and tell us what to do.

But the rules for 2019 : No More Rules.



It’s an Emerging Sea and it’s bordering on Lunacy. Or is it the Lunar Sea ?


Polar Hero Louis Rudd has completed his solo crossing of the Antarctic.



From :

‘Army captain Louis Rudd said last night he was “absolutely elated” to have completed a solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica, revealing he had relied on supplies of Dairy Milk bars, Asda’s tropical mix and three biographies of Winston Churchill to see him through.’

Crossing the Channel.





And what comes first – the chicken or the egg. And I mean by that, do our reflections exist in the NEWS at all ? And I would also expand this to include people you meet and greet, and places and buildings. Every Thing really.

‘Net Closes On World’s Most Wanted Woman.’



‘White Widow Brit has new hideout in terror hotbed’!

It’s Snug.



And Adam’s Family. Thanks to Roob.

From ‘The Giver’. The Boundary Of Memory that circles the community. And the community is protected by Community Guardians.



Amy Adams : Arrival.



And Rachel McAdams : The Notebook.



De Meaning of Life.



Creating a society where no one’s left out.



And the problem with Plastics.



Baby, it’s Cold Outside.




We’re all stories in the end.



Make it a good one.


54 thoughts on “The Rules

      1. The field trying to attract the beam in its direction to be be defined. Define…definition. It’s the word of god. The part about the field is left out of babble. And United 93…the celebrate with “a tower of voices”. Babble-on.

  1. Frank
    your curtains and the cross
    this is very similar to some things from the carnival series
    more precisely – almost a copy
    behind these curtains in the film lived the Messiah
    to understand the whole important role of these curtains, you need to watch the entire series)
    Management backstory: A Russian soldier named Belyakov, he became that generation’s Avatar of Light. He tried and failed to kill the Avatar of Darkness, only to have his son pick up that mantle. Defeated, he purchased Carnivale and used it to search for the ways and the people to head off the events he foresaw.

      1. Frank

        According to the Daily Beast, special prosecutor Muller has obtained a ‘nude selfie’. What he did could be a threat to national security.

        A nude naked exposed self, is a national security risk. 🙂

          1. Apols. I’m mind rambling. I should probably be getting drunk like any normal sane human being.

            The Mushroom.


            Etymology : Mushroom.


            From Middle English musheron, musseron, from Anglo-Norman, from Old French mousseron, of Germanic origin: Old French mousse (“moss”) (—first applied to a type of fungus which grows in moss), from Low Frankish *mosa (“moss”) or Old Dutch mosa (“moss”), akin to Old High German mos (“moss, bog”), Old High German mios (“moss, mire”), Old English mēos (“moss”), Old English mōs (“bog, marsh”), Old Norse mosi (“moss”), Old Norse myrr (“bog, mire”), from Proto-Germanic *musą, *musô, *miuziz (“mosses, bog”), from Proto-Indo-European *meus- (“mosses, mold, mildew”). Displaced native Old English swamm (“mushroom”). More at mire. Alternatively, the Old French may be of pre-Roman origin.’

            Moss grows fat on a Raulston.

            Scopes Trial : 2020.


            1. Scopes Trial : The Eye Test.

              For Your Eyes Only. The Bond girl.


              Roger More.

              And the Bondage girl and Mr and Mrs Bumble. Mrs Bumble can’t get enough. She wants to Roger More 😊😊😊



              It’s an Emergency.


  2. Neil Lipken (30 Dec 2018)
    “Federal Reserve Bank Colludes with Deep State to Crash Stock Market – The Millennium Report”
    This is an excellent article! The “Federal Reserve” is neither “federal” nor “reserve”! It is a private group of banks and they run the U.S. economy, and the world’s for that matter. And they hate President Trump who is a nationalist who wants to bring America back! The FED wants a global government, and to get rid of President Trump at all costs! George H.W. Bush, Slick Willie Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obummer were all lackeys of the Deep State / New World Order / Federal Reserve. President Trump is not! And so there is a war going on within our government. The liberal mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc.) is totally controlled by the Deep State / New World Order, and they have run a hate campaign against President Trump to convince the naive American people that he should be removed from being President, and even serve prison time! The globalists want to get back to their agenda of forming a global government. President Trump is standing in their way for the time being. Once he is gone (one way or another), they will continue their aims. And make no mistake about it, there IS coming a global government after the Rapture, and it will be headed by the antichrist!


  3. Frank
    I wrote about my photo and March 23, 2019
    that’s what i’m reading now
    мarch 23, 2019 is 25 years from that day.

    Q: You mentioned before that some of us have, in a sense, come back from the future to “right a terrible wrong”. If that is so, then the regressives could also travel back to change things. Couldn’t this set up a “time loop” that could go on repeating itself?
    AC: Yes, but there is one factor. That is what occurred on March 23, 1994, when the color sound frequency began emanating from the black holes, and that changed all the games and has brought it to a focal point.

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