It’s been another Sonny day. The Sun is giving off something very powerful. Or is the Sun just an external reflection of internal consciousness ?

Here is a video from this afternoon. The Sol was pulsating is my best description. The video doesn’t really show it but some of this is extraordinary.



And from this morning. Across the Bridge.





Flying through the Clouds of Guilt.


Battle of Britain fighter flies again.




And the Grandfather Paradox or something similar.

Meeting Yourself. From the ‘Echo Park Time Travel Mart’.



Echo Beach.



What does it mean ? I’m not sure.

Time will tell.


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        1. The good news is, his best friend Fin is going to deliver a birthday breakfast of donuts in the morning, and another friend asked if they could deliver a present tomorrow! He will be so surprised and will turn his frown upside down! 😃

  1. The Anchor Age

    I had a follow up appointment at the hospital this morning and as I waited in the lobby for my ride a lady handed me a tract. On the front was a pic of the earth and a glowing light in the distance and the words…Are You 100% Sure? Also a reference to Hebrews 6:19.

    The back was about going to heaven when you die. I didn’t realize what HEB 6:19 was until I got home and turned on CNN and heard there had been an earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska.

    “We have this hope as an ‘anchor’ for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,”

    Welcome to the anchorage. 🙂

      1. MJ <3

        Hope Charlie is feeling better.

        Totally spot on about the relationship to gender balance and how Christianity neutralizes every ancient symbol.

        In the script Jesus Christ the male is the anchor but the Christos is male and female. The Tru man and woman who lives in all of us, is the anchor.

        Think of the boat floating on the surface tethered to the anchor in the seabed under the surface, the deep state, the sanctuary. It's why I think in the long run we will be okay. Because the Tru man/woman is still there in the sanctuary, has not succumbed to the death wish and will keep us from drifting away. 🙂

        1. Thank you, Soft Eyes 🙂

          Speaking of drifting…possibly to where we are supposed to be! MrMBB333 has discovered a path from Anchorage that suggests a pole shift! I posted a video that says North Pole is paradise. And somehow I think South Pole is. And I think both are and both are true and the end of duality is near!

          If you don’t feel like watching the video, basically he shows screen shots where the earthquake reverberates really strongly in Antarctica, stronger than anywhere else.

          1. MJ

            Over the last few years, one of the running jokes for me and at me has been Hot Poles. And big poles.

            Takes in nuclear rods . Same old story.

            Pole Shift happening I think. 180 degrees or 360 degrees or whatever. God knows how this is going to play out.

            I wrote an article called Big Pole Shift in October . I would link to it but it disappeared but found it.

            Occasionally an article suddenly shows up if I’m lucky in my app and disappears quickly. No idea how that works.

            ‘Reality’ is getting very strange in many aspects of life at present. But for me, the big picture is within the Shiva Shakti energy imbalance and I believe we are experiencing a form of correction within the Mind.

            Included this pic. The Silver Lining.



                1. I’ve been thinking about previous Merovee. Merovee was suspended but I don’t think it is deleted and I presume hangs in a WP AI prison somewhere.

                  To cut a long story short WP say it is their property by ‘LAW’. I broke the rules which I assume is covered by Contract Law. A ‘Community Guardian’ suspends the site with no appeal and claim they ‘own’ virtually ten years of Merovee. Presumably a Community Guardian could say my copy and paste is a copyright infringement.

                  But always seems to be another level and got me thinking about Copy Right and the Right Copy and DNA. And also the Copenhagen Intrepretation of Quantum Physics. And DNA, the Danish Girl and Eddie Redmayne.



                  But the good news. Due to a technological breakdown at my grocery store, I came away with a free banana. My banana is free .

                  Here is my free banana. From Ecuador.


                  1. Reminds me of the Akashic Records, their accessibility, where they’re stored and whether or not they even exist. I guess the WP guardians put a kind of firewall around the old MV. Maybe we can tunnel our way through.

                    1. Anon

                      In the beginning was the WordPress and the WordPress was with God and the WordPress was God.

                      John 1:1 is the first verse in theopening chapter of the Gospel ofJohn. In the Douay–Rheims, King James, New International, and other versions of the Bible, the verse reads: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

                    2. Frank,

                      The word “word” is Greek “Logos” and in Greek gematria = 373.
                      37 forwards and backwards.
                      37, that most sublime of all numbers!

                    3. WordPress
                      Pre-word SS

                      There had to be something before the word hadn’t there? Pre-God. God as in “God”.

                      Speaking of prenouns and no names, many people I’m encountering are mad that my puppy has no name. Well he does have a name, just not one people want to heard. His name is Puppy. I figured that’s all I call him anyway so why confuse him with an addage. I thought to call him Puppino, amongst other things, because he’s small and cute and I’m often saying “puppy, no!” so again why confuse him. But if the human subconscious doesn’t comprehend “not” just think about a dog’s subconscious. Thou shall not bArk. Puppino bark!” Talk about confusion.

                      Since Jesus went to Egypt and learned there as an initiate and since he is both Sonny of man and God of man, do you thing he read anything at the libraries there or were there no words in Egypt?maybe just wordkinds? not ofgod? Also does anyone know how Adam and Eve and Mary and Jospeh are related? I know I’ve heard it a million times but it hasn’t sunk in yet.

                    4. Anon

                      I’m not sure myself but something keeps pointing out links between the two couples. On the male side I see Adam as the Son of God who is asleep and Jesus as the Son of God who is awake. Maybe it’s the same with the feminine. Or maybe not.

                      And talking yesterday about the Universe being created by sound – the Word. 1/1 is always welcomed with a clock going dong.

                      Big Ben. Was there a Time before God or is God eternal / infinite ? I met God. Good company !


                      And France is burning.


          2. MJ

            Makes sense. The poles are trapped under the ice. But the climate is warming and and the ice is melting. The consuming fire is erupting everywhere.

            Love will overflow every sanctuary given it. 🔥

          1. That’s just too weird.
            And I was thinkin’…mono is like moon. Monday is Moonday and that is the day my Sun was born.
            My Sun has Moon, or Mono.
            And eclipse triggers earthquakes. An eclipse is ONE, or MONO.

            1. Monday is a good day to be born !

              Whilst I was writing the article there was a ring on my buzzer. When I went to front door, there was no one there but two parcels for Number 41. For One or 441.

              1. Not sure if this is what you were referring to but Number 41 has died.

                I was sure I felt an earthquake yesterday and the day before. I wonder if it was ripples through ankh rage.

                1. Anon

                  Death of George Bush Snr : 41st President.

                  Think he died in Houston. Texas again. The Michelle Shocked ‘Anchorage’ song is about a woman who moves from Texas to Alaska. Hot and Cold.


                  Seems linked. The parcels were for Number 41 !

                  The first ring I ignored but checked on second ring. No one there but the parcels for Number 41. I had no knowledge of death of Bush Snr until this morning. Whom does the bell toll for ? It tolls for Number 41 .

                  The Postman always rings twice.


                  All 41 and 14 All.

                  En Garde


                    1. And about Alaska and Texas. Maybe wrong but two biggest states of Us.

                      I talked about this with Jenny a week or so ago . Oil and mirror States and State of Mined. I was just playing with ideas.

                      Jewel moved from Alaska to Texas.


  2. I was just reading yours and Roob’s Conversation about blowing hot air, and it is hilarious synchronicity because Charlie wanted to give everyone at his birthday party unicorn farts, and M went on a mission to find unicorn farts and he found them at a place called World Sales.

      1. Jenny, it was hilarious. Because every time you talk about it, it’s funny.
        Charlie: “I want to give everybody unicorn farts at my party.”
        M: “I’m going to go find some unicorn farts.”

            1. She’s the funniest character ever!
              I noticed Terry Prachett wrote 41 books in the Discworld series.
              And Reaper Man is the 11th one, published by Viktor.
              “The Auditors of Reality are beings who watch the Discworld to ensure everything obeys The Rules. As Death starts developing a personality the Auditors feel that he does not perform his Duty in the right way. “

              1. ‘In 2016, Pratchett fans petitioned the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) to name chemical element 117, temporarily called ununseptium, as octarine with the proposed symbol Oc (pronounced “ook”).[99] The final name chosen for element 117 was tennessine with the symbol Ts.’


                ‘In June 2016, the IUPAC published a declaration stating that the discoverers had suggested the name tennessine after Tennessee, United States. In November 2016, they officially adopted the name “tennessine”.


                  1. Xi is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabey. 14 or 41

                    I wonder if Dream will find us again. I miss the Danish Dream. (She’s Dan-ish, right?)

                    I wonder if Dennis will pass through too.

                    1. Anon

                      Im hoping Dennis and Dream will someone find us. I had Trinity’s email and I have emailed her but she hasn’t replied. Old email address so I don’t know if she got it.

                      Dennis sometimes comments on other websites and if I see a comment I will tell him new URL.

                      And Dream is from Finland

                      About XI JinPing. I see XI as Eleven – 11. I thought I would check 11th President of US .

                      James Polk. Same initials as Jin Ping.


                    2. Anon

                      And I maybe being incredibly racist and saying all Chinese look alike but to my eyes Xi Jinping looks very similar to General Shang in movie ‘Arrival’ where he was a pivotal character in avoiding a war with aliens in a Time Loop fashion.

                      But seems to connect with Order of the Dolphin and Drake Equation. The aliens were marine Aliens called Heptapods.

                      The movie hinged on understanding their language which was non linear.

                      Anyway, the Order of the Dolphin was connected with a theory that if we understood the language of the dolphins, we maybe able to communicate with alien species.


                    3. If one is dyslexic and speaks roman numberals, I guess XI is IX which is 9. So 11 or 9 or 911. Maybe someone already said this before. No need to prod Dennis. I irritate him so spare him the upset because even though the place has changed, me not so much. Ah, yes, Dream is Finish! Which is Dan-ish. All Scanned in Avians (Thanks, Ax), look alike. Just kidding! I do look forward to her turning up. Or would that be continuing the dream?

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