Big Sis


A lot of this won’t make any sense as it’s all In No Sense.

The Big Us and the Dashboard.


Crossing The Dash Boarder or something along those lines.

1:18 Lotus 1966 : Sun Star.



Beginning of an Era. Multiples.



Sis 18 and the Bicameral Mind.



Brad loves Jen, Jen Garner and Lisa Marie’s Secret Sister.




Who am I ? Who are You ? Who are We ?

Luckily enough, throughout my life I have connected with some insanely beautiful people. Thank you Insanely Beautiful People.



I’m waiting for the Punchline.


49 thoughts on “Big Sis

  1. It’s her.

    I am, that, I am.

    אֵם eym
    “In the original pictographic script, the first letter is a picture of an ox. As the ox is strong, the letter also has the meaning of strong. The second letter represents water. The two letters give us the meaning of “strong water.” The Hebrews made glue by boiling animal skins in water. As the skin broke down, a sticky thick liquid formed at the surface of the water. This thick liquid was removed and used as a binding agent-“strong water”. This is the Hebrew word meaning “mother”, the one who “binds” the family together. ”

  2. “This child cannot speak. He is mute. But he can communicate,” the pope told hundreds of pilgrims. “And he has something that got me thinking: he is free. Unruly … but he is free,” he added to laughter.

    free (adj.)
    Old English freo “exempt from; not in bondage, acting of one’s own will,” also “noble; joyful,” from Proto-Germanic *friaz “beloved; not in bondage” (source also of Old Frisian fri, Old Saxon vri, Old High German vri, German frei, Dutch vrij, Gothic freis “free”), from PIE *priy-a- “dear, beloved,” from root *pri- “to love.”
    The sense evolution from “to love” to “free” is perhaps from the terms “beloved” or “friend” being applied to the free members of one’s clan (as opposed to slaves; compare Latin liberi, meaning both “free persons” and “children of a family”).

    1. A few days ago in a store a mother shopped with her mute teenage daughter. The daughter wanted something immediately but either the mother said she could not have it or she could not have it yet and the teenager started a tantrum that ended in her beating her mother repeatedly in the face and head, smashing the ceramic Tupperware she wanted against her mouth while trying to tell (futilely) the cashier to ring the shit up, four security guards circling round her, threats of a 5150 psychiatric hold and a lady jumping out of line to scold the daughter for hitting her mother. It was a clusterfuck and it shook me to watch. It was the day after Daisy’s attack and I wanted to sob at all the pain in this world. That child didn’t seem free. She could not use our scriptures and spells but she was bound by her frustration and inability to communicate. I feel like communication is an innate desire. People want to be heard. Isn’t it interesting that ‘heard’ is an homonym to ‘herd’? I’ve been thinking about my doggie and how he wants to go where I go and do what I do because he’s made me a member of his pack and how I do feel like a pack animal because I now have my own little pack. Hewn, lit, pack herd. A good friend of mine recently argued the sheer uniqueness of humans who she said are the only species who can adapt to any environment and are not confined to the highly specialized one in which they were born. She believes humans to be the only species with culture and I told her that IMO that depends on your definition of cult—ure which to me is the same as pacts communicated within the pack.
      This little babble while I drink my coffee and reflect on my daze.

      Frank, yesterday my cat was supposed to fly the friendly skies. It would be his first time up in the air. It was a trip to imagine him up there, out of his specialized environment and wondering where the f*** did she put me now and how do I adapt? The cargo terminal was hidden at the end of an urban maze toward the end of which we kept being directed by a street called “Redhill”. I thought of you and Melania and her main red trees. I like the fact she did something different and graffitied the usual signs and symbols but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a sin-ical move. That family is tone deaf and their creative output appeals to a mute teenage psyche imo.

      1. Anon

        Your experience mirrors what I’ve been seeing. People totally losing it at times.

        About Red Trees. This keeps coming up for me. Can’t find out the reason why it’s called Red Trees.

        Who did win WW2 ?

            1. Yeah we might not really know anything about her other than she used to like to show her Knav-El and pussee to men. A real Puss ‘n Boobs.

              Some people say “The Ukrainian language word for ‘wormwood’ is чорнобиль or “chornobyl”, the Ukrainian name of the town of Chernobyl.” I haven’t seen if there’s a counter argument but wormwood rings a little like wombword or something like that when I pair it with melania in front of her blood red trees. Maybe when the dems get in the white house next they’ll install blue trees for xmas.

              blue states, red states.

              “The Red State” – I wonder what is really mean by that.

  3. Great title. 🙂

    The question now is, what’s on the recording? The one made in the embassy/sanctuary in Turkey, at the exact moment the death wish kicked in.

    Sky God won’t listen to the ‘suffering tape’. His adviser says you won’t understand what you hear anyway.
    The reporter says we’ll get an interpreter.

    Either way get ready, we’re about to hear what’s on the infamous disc. 🙂

    1. Interesting. I haven’t been following that but wouldn’t be surprised if it is analyzed to contain ”incomprehensible babble”. Hearing and watching suffering is horrible. It’s had to ration all lies it away. For me at least.

      1. Anon

        Babble…like baby talk? 🙂

        I’m wondering if there is a connection to the Insight probe which just landed on Mars/War, after a high speed descent dubbed ‘seven minutes of terror’.

        Insight will probe deep under the surface of Mars/War to understand how it formed.

        War…suffering…terror…death wish.
        Childhood’s end. No more babble. 🙂

      1. Frank

        As always just follow the yellow brick road. 🙂

        And not to lose the subject. Just read on Google…the Dead Sea is dying. The ressurection is under way, but a great debt will be paid. So it goes. 🙂

    1. Jenny

      The song is not bad.

      God knows where this going. Not sure if she has tongue in cheek or she is OK with machine/mind upload. I met someone who said he would be fine with it .

      1. Thank you for licking the Christmas card envelope. We can now fax your DNA to distant planets so you can be waiting on yourself to arrive when you get there. Derp. Merry Christmas and Happy New You. <3

      1. Roob 🙂 <3

        You have to wonder about these incidents that take place on social media and then lead to Go Fund Me accounts. Almost like the whole thing was staged that way. Hmm…

    1. Roob

      And about Uranus. Mark Jackson knows these things.

      It does indeed. Just been walking through Sainsburys and had to release some hot wind.

      Not in a food aisle though ! Going up an escalator. Nobody around. I’m good like that 🙂

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