Tangerine Dream

That was the week that was.

On Monday, I had a website titled Merovee and on Tuesday, it was closed down. And by the end of the week, I had a website called Merovee πŸ™‚ . As far as the site goes, it’s all new and over time I’m sure I will play around with it.

To be honest, it’s an absolute pain but to believe ‘God’ doesn’t know what ‘God’ is doing is a form of arrogance I believe. And looking at the end result, underneath the froth, it would seem ‘We Are Merging’ but understanding Who We Are is another matter. And may have been the point all along and what was happening in reality. I believe even the websites are a reflection or back drop for the real story.




I thought something was coming when the Phoenix in the Garden appeared and I saw a notice in ‘Martins’ about a reorganization of the NEWS. But it’s always a surprise what actually manifests and only with hindsight can you understand what it meant.




And Figures in the Tangerine Dream.



Trump said he closed the border on Tuesday which was the same day Merovee Part 1 disappeared.



The White Rabbit.



And the Mad Hatter.



The Marmalade : Reflections of my Life.




For me, the moral of the story is, and further confirmation, that the Sky God doesn’t exist. He’s a figment thingie along with everything else I believe.

The Caravan is at the border.

‘Fort Hancock, Texas, please’.



‘I hope I can make it across the border’.


48 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream

      1. And 1955

        Back to the Future 11 – Hill Valley 1955


        First Church relocation Oak Hill, Franklin Rd – 1955.

        Maybe we are back in 1955 !!! Historical.


        And the Tangerine Dream : Pleasure Paradise

        “You don’t see whats going on until you come here,” Trump says. “And what we saw in Pleasure what a name right now, what we just saw in Pleasure, Paradise is just not acceptable.”

        Back to the Future 11. Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise.


        Thanks to Lonnie . Stolen from this link. Worth reading.


        And Part 11


            1. Roob

              I think I see Brexit in a slightly different way to most.

              I see the NEWS at the moment as a backdrop/reflection to the real stuff.

              1. About 1955 and Back to the Future and Time in general. Jen and me watched a very good film yesterday titled ‘Arrival’.

                It was about aliens who showed up but they experienced Time in a non linear way. And I played around with the idea of palindromic time.


                For Interest Only.

                Here’s a link to an article about palindromic time and places Year Zero at the birth of Christ. And Second Coming.


                  1. And it’s getting more and more bizarre.

                    A letter from ‘Sincerely Terrified’ Mark Joslyn.

                    An open letter to the time traveler who keeps making President Trump look like a liar.

                    ‘Do you have a purple heart? No way. The best you probably have is a stupid blue police box.’


                    It took a bit of work to build and it has seen better days but I’ve still got it.


                    My Other Car Is A TARDIS


            2. the TOWER!
              workin in the tower. (It’s about boobs, cigars, time clocks, getting a head, or getting some head, and rats poison, or (rearranged), ‘stars poisson’, aka, the merovingians) gotta catch a fish to get a dick, or something like that…



              meow meow meow

    1. “Measuring a summer’s day, I only finds it slips away to grey,
      The hours, they bring me pain.
      Tangerine, Tangerine, Living reflection from a dream;
      I was her love, she was my queen, And now a thousand years between.
      Thinking how it used to be, Does she still remember times like these?
      To think of us again? And I do.”

  1. San Ysidro is named after San Isidro Labrador, Chalatenango

    “Isidore married Maria Torribia, known as Santa MarΓ­a de la Cabeza in Spain; she has never been canonized, pending confirmation by Pope Francis. Isidore and Maria had one son.”

    “The San Ysidro Port of Entry (aka San Ysidro Land Port of Entry and San Ysidro LPOE) is the largest land border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana, and one of the busiest land border crossings in the world”
    On the U.S. side, construction of the new east/west pedestrian bridge was completed on February 15, 2011.

    1. Rain

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      I may use a new theme in time but it’s a little bit hit and miss at the moment.

  2. hello

    i sent one you-tube of the song in the you-tube below to my sister almost 3 years ago and right now seeing that there is a different you-tube with the same song. if you watch the different you-tube (the you-tube below) the messages on paper and the words of song say the things that comments under Frank’s article are saying and i would not like to be saying anything else:



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