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      1. And the Sky God is getting very worried about the border and says he is going to close it.

        Barbara and me used to play Doctors and Nurses in her caravan.

        1. I 💜 You Jenny

          I was watching this video yesterday. Joni Mitchell covers a few on Merovee Part 11.

          ‘To say I Love You right out loud’.

      1. Anon

        Got into the article and then it disappeared.

        The two images that it could be possibly were Obama with Robbie Parker’s family.

        Or pic of three children involved in Boston.

        Both pics were widely available. I won’t show them.

      1. I swear it seems like that military is being deployed to stop the exodUS, not the influx. Same with all the fires in Cali…great way to get militarized fire workers on the ground. There are theories about the true causes of the fires but I haven’t examined any yet.

      2. Nice ending/beginning, Frank. I’m not sure if I’ve ever watched that movie, at least completely, but think it’s worth a look. Daisy put my cross-border plans on hold. But oh I’m going.

  1. In the past week or so I was looking for information on the bestea neptuni, myth, and possible origins/stories of my possible family. You had some very interesting posts. When I came back, your blog was gone. I support free thinking and free speaking. Especially about synchronicity or noticing odd goings-on out in the actual world, or cyber non-reality. I am glad you have found a new space.

          1. Frankley,

            Tear gas at Ysidro. Sorry id, rosy id. Ysidro looks very close to Daisy to me. Disy or Ysidro.

            The opening image in the CNN link you posted shows children smiling at the scene. Smiling in the face of tears gas. Weird or what.

            Ysidro is derived from the Spanish “St. Isidore” also spelled Isidor, Isadore, or Isador. Nicknames for Ysidro include Izzy, Dora and Sid.

            It is a door.
            It is a port al.
            De port all.

            From wekey:

            “Isidore (/ˈɪzɪdɔːr/, sometimes spelled Isidor, Isadore, or Isador) is a male given name of Greek origin, derived from Ἰσίδωρος, Isídōros (a compound of Ἶσις, Ísis, and δῶρον, dōron: “gift of [the goddess] Isis”) and created as literal translation of Coptic ⲡⲉⲧⲉⲏⲥⲉ (Sahidic).
            Similar “gift” names include the Greek “Theodore” (“gift of God”) and “Apollodorus” (“gift of Apollo”) , the Persian “Mithradates” (“gift of Mithras”) and Datis (“gift”), and the Hebrew “Matanya” (“gift of YHWH”). The Indo-European “gift” names are ultimately derived from the *PIE root *deh₃-, “to give”.
            The fact of several prominent Christian Saints (see below) being named “Isidore” ensured the survival of the name, beyond the extinction of the worship of Isis, and up to the present.
            Isidora is the equivalent female given name.”

            We’ve got a door and a wall. Someone’s buildering.

          2. “J. Isidore is a fictional character in Philip K. Dick’s novel Confessions of a Crap Artist”
            “J.R. Isidore is a fictional character in Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

          3. “The patron saint of the internet is Isidore of Seville, who tried to record everything ever known. In 1997 Pope John Paul II declared Isidore of Seville the patron saint of the internet. Saint Isidore died in the year 636, long before the first host-to-host ARPANET connection in 1969.”

            From The Telegraph:
            Saint Isidore wrote a 20 book opus Etymologies, also known as the Origins, in which he tried to record everything that was known. Published after his death in 636, it was for a thousand years considered the encyclopedia of all human knowledge.”


            I remember St. Isidore appearing on the old Merovee, perhaps even around the time of the ”offence” for which it got archived.

            I wonder if Dream will make it over here.

  2. Extremely love Frank’s way of saying in this article that Merovee is back and think Merovee is an absolutely wonderful publication and I extremely love knowing that Merovee is once more being published and nobody would like to ban Merovee again.

  3. We will all “rise from the killing floor, like a Matador.” This was an art project of mine. Before I knew what it could mean. I run on intuition. ”


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