15 thoughts on “Eye Of The Tiger

    1. Awesome ! Phenomenal !

      All sorts going on with the Tiger. There is a female/male vagina/phallic and chakra thing going on with it. And the lotus flower.

      Also personal links in the neural pathway. I did some counting and about eight levels to one mural.

      1. The pipe protruding above one of the eyes of the tiger kinda reminds me of a tank gun barrel…

      1. I was thinking that the gaze of the tiger is staring straight at you/me.
        Hey you!
        It’s direct eye contact and a form of communication.

        1. Something to that. Look into my eyes. The other stuff I’ve put out is very relevant. Uncharted territory beyond uncharted territory. The weirdness factor is off the scale. And it was pretty weird before.

          And the title changes to Eve of the Tiger sometimes when I look at the article.


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