A Knight In Shining Amour


One of these knights.




The second Big Bang.

It’s good to see top boffins are catching up or are the mindlines simply reflections ? : Another Universe.




Knights Of Cydonia.



The Face On Mars – Cydonia.






Olympus Mons.




Olympus Mons






Battle of Mons – 1914
‘Our Little Contemptibles’ – William Barnes Wollen




9 thoughts on “A Knight In Shining Amour

    1. Under the surface there’s more to it than meets the eye. This was in the shop opposite. How I’m reading it is there is a dystopian future at least in one timeline – time is a many splendoured thing. Surrounded by metal and the metal box. I watched a Pete Seeger video of ‘Where have all the flowers gone’ yesterday. Again I see it as a message from a possible future in a similar fashion to the Joni Mitchell song ‘They paved over paradise.’


      A few personal revelations have come to the surface. Talking about two personal timelines which is why the second Big Bang NS mindline didn’t really surprise me showing up now. And there are probably more but they seem to be the two main timelines. My memory has been fxxked with. Probably everyone’s memory has been. I seem to have access to my fxxked up memories though. And the universe is saying this is really the memory of Mars. WW1 and WW2 took place on Mars and they were a lot longer ago than the 20th century. The dates we are given are made up – see The Matrix. I believe current timeline plane Earth to be the whole Universe from beginning to end in a microcosm. Definitely Mars.

      And what personally gets my goat. You may remember I talked about The Beatles not being the real writers of their songs – Hey Judy. The universe is saying that can be extended to an ever growing number of songs and not just The Beatles. One of them being The Impossible Dream which is partly why I included it in the article. There are layers to some of this stuff that shows up. Inter dimensional theft on a massive scale.

      And on a happier note with Knights and Monty’s.

      1. Jude or Judy?

        Weird that I noticed the hashtag #ForJudeForEveryone in a tweet from today’s LoL post …

        CLICK5: A Dolt & Adulteration….

        And that made me think of the song, my mum and current events. Did you know the Anne Frank kindergarten in Germany was going to be renamed to make it more ‘diverse’?

        ‘fact of difference between two or more things or kinds’. Including futures?


        1. That’s why I mentioned Judy. I was referring to your mum. Talking about another place / reality / dimension.

          Very deep waters with the Frank Family and Amsterdam, Room 101 and secret annex and other dimensions / universes. The name is meant to be seen. The universe has been pointing it out for a number of years now. In my past life memory banks is Bergen Belsen which is why I’ve mentioned it a number of times. Talking about an indescribable consciousness beyond belief. It’s not even angry or hate filled or emotional in any sense. On another level of hate to ‘normal’ hate. Has no passion. Just a job and the ‘victims’ are purely numbers. And the sisters. My girl wasn’t Anne but her sister Margot and I’m in contact with both of them in this life time but they have ‘manifested’ in the second wave of Ascension so they are considerably younger than I am at least in physical body terms – Doppler Effect – which I have been reminded about today. Like a bolt out from the blue.

          What is real cannot be threatened or hurt or damaged in any way . Even so the consciousness which has controlled the ‘matrix’ really is something nasty beyond belief. Has zero power over reality though and it doesn’t truly exist which is a mind fxxk in itself.

    1. Swim

      Every day is an adventure. It’s brilliant. The image makes it a look a bit bigger than it actually is. Got a good pic which I am pleased with.


      The Knight covers a very wide range of subjects and wordplay with the Night.

      And tracks of our years.

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