11 thoughts on “That Love Is All There Is, Is All We Know Of Love

  1. I felt there must be a link between Russia invading Ukraine and Hamas invading Israel.
    I found this out myself (after the two listed dates) –
    Russia invades Ukraine on 24/2/2022.
    Hamas invades Israel on 7/10/2023.

    If, as Time and Date says, you use the smallest numbers first in days, then weeks, then months it is exact multiples of 13.
    13 days + 13+13 weeks + 13 months.
    24/2/2022 + 13 days = 9/3/2022 + 13+13 weeks = 7/9/2022 + 13 months = 7/10/2023.

    In the Bible the number 13 stands for sin and rebellion against God.

    In the Bible the centre of attention is Israel.

    Hamas just invaded Israel.

    One report says that the Israeli forces were stood down while the invasion by Hamas took place.

    Anyone with half a brain knows full well that Israeli Intelligence would know exactly what was being planned but they clearly let it happen.

    So now we can expect it all to get worse as other nations become involved.

  2. “Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it (reason), she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels.” – Francisco Goya

    1. What Is Real ? As another example of the questions that are arising. In his comment Ken lists a lot of dates. How do we know they are the correct dates if there is such a thing as time ? Just because someone tells you this is the way it is or something has happened, is it true ?

      ‘Fantasy’ was on a cross in a church and the Love sign was in the same church. The old rugged cross. Again I believe they are subconscious manifestations rather than solid physical reality. For me to find and see. Also on the cross was a name personal to me which talks about an old relationship and a manipulated reality. And ‘She’ is very much alive.

      Also AI and the modem in the image – wired and weird. Everywhere I go in town there are either CCTV warnings which say it is watching or a lot of wires attached to some sort of AI machine which is one reason why I like getting in the countryside so much. Far from the madding cloud. Even there I keep seeing ‘Danger of Death’ signs.


      And disturbing imagery. IMO doesn’t get much more disturbing than this.


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