Living In The Past


There is a place. There was a time.

3D memory.



From Crystal Links :

In Egyptian mythology, Nut (Nuit, Darkness) also known by various other transcriptions, is the goddess of the sky, stars, cosmos, mothers, astronomy, and the universe in the ancient Egyptian religion. She was seen as a star-covered nude woman arching over the Earth, or as a cow. She was depicted wearing the water-pot sign (nw) that identifies her.

Nut is the daughter of Shu and Tefnut and was one of the Ennead. The sun god Re entered her mouth after the sun set in the evening and was reborn from her vulva the next morning. She also swallowed and rebirthed the stars. She was a goddess of death, and her image is on the inside of most sarcophagi. It was believed the pharaoh entered her body after death and was later resurrected.

Nut sometimes appears in the form of a cow whose body forms the sky and heavens. Nut in this form represents the Great Kau (Cow), the Great Lady who created all that exists – the Cow whose udder gave forth the Milky Way. In the form of a great cow her eyes represent the sun and the moon.






It’s alt reality. The movies actually gloss over how dark the darkness is.

The Overlook.







Dark City.







Total Recall.

Life On Mars.










Olympus Mons





Infinity Chamber.










8 thoughts on “Living In The Past

    1. Squirrels have an incredible defence mechanism. They never stop moving.

      Seriously nuts here. The area is a strange reality vortex. There is a dark underbelly below the surface though. The hotel takes in a few metaphysical concepts. As far as ‘current’ – currency maybe more exact – events go which aren’t really current as its old stuff on a loop IMO, the hotel is linked with the Wannsee conference. Ghosts of the past.

      I was wondering about the white stripes on the road as well.

      As an Overlook 🙂 here’s my take. I made this comment on Roob’s website.

      A lot of this is becoming very evident. In a sense it is a Shadow matrix – internal guilt, fear, anger, hate, need for control etc and essentially is a matter of clearing all that but it is not really who we are. It is more an attachment or parasite which has manifested in physical form. It doesn’t truly exist. And it saw this time coming and has created defences. This time period has been deliberately picked out for ‘ascension’ and it is fighting the ascension to the death. Has a strong survival instinct.

      There is a bit more to that. It’s also a matter of going into the past to clear old memory which takes in more than a few lives – basically going back to the beginning of time and worlds before time which is where it gets complex knowing where I am in time. Time keeps fluxing. The universe is saying I exist on Mars, Earth and Venus at same time – Three Worlds. Possibly more. – and they somehow interweave and it’s all the past. Maybe we all do. Difficult to know how others are experiencing it. Most people get to the edge of the abyss and have a quick look and turn back. I’ve fallen off the cliff without knowing. And none of it is actually real.

      Where the AI matrix comes in is that in future memory it has created a memory loop which we are experiencing now. See the Matrix. Two cats at different times walked in front of me yesterday. There are levels to it though. At one level it is making a point that it is a matrix simulation and not only but also they were two parallel experiences on the same day. Total mind fxxk at times .

      And I read Leg Iron’s story . He mentioned about new UK internet control law in his preamble. As far as I can tell the new law is based on ‘Think of the children’ which is very difficult to argue with . That is a common tactic to enforce control and then you get creepy crawly with other manufactured reasons and slowly but surely the noose is tightened.

      I’m seeing early stages with AI trying to get the public accustomed to AI control. As an example in Sainsbury’s they have introduced a system whereby in order to leave a certain area you have to scan your receipt. The excuse is to reduce shop lifting. Actually that is not the reason. It is predictive programming and the public gets brain washed into accepting the control.

      It’s a hell of a ride.

        1. I used to travel past Avebury when I used to go on holiday to the west country. Also used to pass a White Horse . Not sure which white horse it was. There are a few white horses in Wiltshire where it probably was. What seems to underlie everything are personal relationships. The Nut Field in the video led me to a white horse which is connected with a lost memory and lost love.


          This place is very strange. Having to let go of 3D reality notions completely to understand it. Doesn’t make sense if I use 3D vision. Not sure if the pyramid and it definitely is a pyramid – over the last week I have been having a good look around the area and it makes sense. I can see it – is memory rather than real in the normal sense. Looking around at the structure of the area a caldera could well be there too.

          And memory lane and view point.

          I Can See 4 Miles 🙂

          1. Yes, I know the area well. When I was a teenager I slept overnight in a field next to Silbury Hill and woke up in the morning surrounded by confused looking cows, sniffing me.

    1. I see it as part of Space Oddity.

      A couple of years ago this article popped up – ‘I am the real Nick Cave’ – which if you read it a certain way implied there was a false Nick Cave somewhere out there.


      I see so many doppelgangers of both famous people and ‘normal’ people I know who don’t actually live here – some of them are dead as far as I’m aware – and I wonder which is the real individual. Maybe it’s multi dimensional. I’m not sure. Part of the reason why I wrote this article.


      Almost People.

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