Cars And Girls


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Bold exploring is fun. My detour into becoming a bold explorer seems very much connected to memory though. Yesterday I decided to make a visit to St Mark’s Chapel in Bletchingley which is a village in the county of Surrey, England. As the saying goes it’s the journey not the destination that is important which at times I have problems with.

Autumn is beautiful.









As part of the trip I inadvertently missed a turning. I doubt if it was an accident as I ended up at Tilburstow Hill car park which has memories from my courting days to coin a phrase with a young lady, who is probably not so young now. Or at least in the physical reality. Maybe too much information. Hot, hot, hot. The most mundane places can hold incredible emotions.





Also I noticed Tilburstow Hill car park was surrounded by a mass of horse chestnut trees. Truly staggering.






I retraced my steps back to the correct lane and made my way down past the most incredibly beautiful and awesome countryside. And then it all turned a bit religious as looking for directions to St Mark’s Chapel I walked down a path to Wychcroft Resource & Retreat Centre. Following the signs.




Wychcroft is a Church of England retreat centre for the Diocese of Southwark. I rang the bell and a very nice lady answered and gave me directions to the chapel. I asked her what was the purpose of the retreat and she said it was where top knob bishops and priests and others could come for meetings and reflection and prayer etc.




With my metaphysical eye I couldn’t help but notice the building looked my very much like the haunted house building which I found at the start of this year.



Wychwood retreat also looks after the rams which I showed in yesterday’s article : Rambo.





Moving on I went down the lane a bit further.

Through the pillars.




And eventually came to St Mark’s Chapel.












And Time loops. I returned along the same road I had walked down after leaving the chapel and the lady who I had spoken to at Wychwood Retreat drove up after finishing for the day and stopped and offered me a lift home in her car. I take it as a positive sign that a woman can trust me enough to let me in her car when she doesn’t know me. It was also a mirror of another time when a young lady stopped her car looking for directions and invited me into her car in November 2013 just before it went super crazy with MH 370 and what has happened since.

Cars and Girls.





4 thoughts on “Cars And Girls

  1. It’s a life of surprises. The universe speaks in weird ways. There maybe another loop.

    ‘Stopped into a church
    I passed along the way.’

  2. More weird reality / memory / parallel dimension / alternate dimension / Mars in the past stuff – whatever it is exactly.

    St Peter’s & St Paul’s Church, Dymchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent.


    St Peter’s & St Paul’s Church, Marsh Rd, Nutfield, Surrey.



    Hastingleigh Church, Kent.



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