Dark Star


A load of Pollocks.





Dreaming in colour.





Fast as Fxxk.




Finding Beauty.



Another day, another pond.

Jogging lost memory.













England’s green and pleasant.










Only love hurts like this.




4 thoughts on “Dark Star

  1. More lovely photos of the English countryside! Thanks Frank!

    Now onto Hamas attacking and invading Israel.
    Israel is of course the apple of God’s eye so aggressors need to be very careful what they do there.
    However, the main point here is how come Israel’s expert Intelligence Services missed all the planning for this major event on the 7th October? The USA and Britain also had no inkling that this was about to happen? Really? How could that be possible? Have people lost ALL their ability to think about such matters? And none of the MSM reports I have seen are asking this question either! Are they all crazy or just following the same script?
    Well now let’s look at the connection between Russia’s (partial) invasion of Ukraine on 24/2/2023 and Hamas’s incursion into Israel on 7/10/2023.
    From Russia invading Ukraine on 24/2/2022 to Hamas invading Israel on 7/10/2023 = 9 months inclusive + 23+23 days + 9 months inclusive.
    Or 13+13+13w incl + 23D+23D + 13+13+13w incl.
    Yes, at the centre is 23+23 days exactly the same as from 30/8/2023 Aus Govt announcing that The Voice referendum would be on 14/10/2023. 23+23 days. Why? Perhaps because there are 23 pairs of Chromosomes in the human body and the wicked ones intend to own particular altered aspects of their design. A patent so to speak. A patent on the human body. God won’t want that!
    The centre day of these 591 days is Dec 16th, 2022.
    Either side are 296 days inclusive = 37×8.
    Perfect symmetry between Ukraine and Israel being invaded.
    And of course from 7/10 to 14/10 The Voice is 7 days.
    14/10/2023 also has an eclipse running down the west of the USA and central America and Brazil going right over the birth canal of Panama.
    What is going to be ‘birthed’ on 14/10/2023?
    Also –
    Hamas = 42 (Ordinal gematria) or 21+21 or (7+7+7)+(7+7+7)
    Iran = 42 ” ” ” ” ”

    Also, from 8/8/2023, the Lahaina, Maui scorching murders to 7/10/2023 = 60 days or exactly 2 months including both dates.

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