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    1. Seemed easier rather than putting today in one article. The articles only scratch the surface and I decided to not include the deep weirdness which revealed itself and show the good stuff. When I went around a corner and saw the cows at the watering hole my heart leapt. So incredibly beautiful.

      Here, wherever Here is exactly, is other worldly. Reality and time and space and people and everything are totally different from how it once seemed. Known it for a long time but even so it’s the sheer scale of it which is difficult for the 3D mind to comprehend. Books and videos and movies and websites etc discuss all the weird alt reality theories – a lot of which seem to be true – as if they are easy to deal with . It’s when you are confronted with them head on it’s a different matter. Dreamstate Logic just about explains it.

      1. The area where I visited yesterday was also used as a site for a few Dr Who episodes. Used as Skaro in ‘Day of the Daleks’.

        Always seems to be a Cherchez La Femme aspect to the synchronicities. Here’s a link of the Surrey sites used in Dr Who. One of them is Kenley Aerodrome. Used to take my first girlfriend to a pub close by.


          1. The Metal Box and AI are part of it. The area with the cows and ponds was used as filming for Skaro. There seems to be a fiendish design to the Matrix which kicks in at all levels to keep the game going so the Self goes around in circles and ends up back in the same place. The Cube and Infinity Chamber movies and the Prisoner show it well.

        1. It is so weird at the moment. There is a Texas link to here as well. The hills in this pic remind me very much of the Hill Country close to Austin in Texas. There seem to be layers of reality on top or underneath or sideways to each other. I’ve seen similar weirdness with different villages in England which has been part of this week’s space oddities. I found a housing estate yesterday which looked identical to an estate in Suffolk. Also the ponds and lakes around here maybe a microcosm of the Great Lakes in North America. And a Ghost Train as a concept has also suddenly appeared . Brain can’t quite cope with that at present.



                1. Arthur Askey appears in the memory banks. I saw Ghost Train at my first boarding school. Also I was also taken as a child to see a stage version of Annie Gets Your Gun in which he appeared when he was older in Dorking.

                  Entrainment is an interesting concept. It is used in NLP. I see it at another level where the Mind is manipulated for better or worse by subtle and not so subtle means. Advertising is a good example and also how we learn belief systems as children.

                  Brain Entrainment – Powerful Waves !

                    1. I can’t remember what it was, but there was a rather tasteless joke going round school when he died.

  1. Roob

    I’ll put this here as the thread is narrowing. Arthur Askey and his legs lead into Dark City and Scream territory.

    Over the past few years I’ve seen a number of pics which show individuals – some fairly famous – with a variety of different dismemberments. Mainly fingers. Has included ears as well.

    Recently I found this pic of Squeaky Froome who was part of the Manson Family. In the pic it looks as if her arm has been dismembered. Seen something similar too many times for comfort. I also suspect Manson was a cash cow because of his song writing ability. Don’t know for sure but it does follow a pattern where creative ability is fed off by energy vampires. Maybe inter dimensional.

    And quantum reality. I also made ‘contact’ with Squeaky Froome’s doppelganger last year. That was an unexpected journey. Must have been some sort of magnetism going on. She is OK in at least one reality or dimension. Very talented young lady. Connected with the Lost Girls I think. Freaky Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on repeat.


    1. Haelos put it well. It’s alright in Another Universe. Inter dimensionality is difficult to understand as a concept let alone as a reality. Having to pour out the tea from the full tea cup continually at moment.

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