See Emily Play


Starting to remember before it all went to shit.

Resuming my dream journey journal.




A new pathway.



Water, Water, Everywhere.





Moon River.






The forest of dreams.





Holding Me.





Stuck in the middle with you.




The Diamond Self is very confusing.

The only woman who made me shake rattle and roll and I needed a lie down and three pints of beer at lunch time, the first time I saw her face.





5 thoughts on “See Emily Play

  1. Hindsight can be useful. This is from an article in 2016 which anticipated what plane Earth is going through at present IMO. More perplexingly Lisa Renee may have been looking at the past through her crystal ball. How is it possible to see something that hasn’t happened yet ? You can remember what has happened though. Time doesn’t work the the way it is experienced.

    We are nearing a time of more visible and tangible changes for the planet and for the collective consciousness of humanity. For those of us who are able to participate consciously in this process these changes are very encouraging, even as the workload feels like it is increasing. For those who are not able to consciously participate, they will be participating none-the-less. As planet Earth shifts her station of identity and moves into her soul embodiment, all those who keep their bodies will make this transition with her. We may soon witness a collective Dark Night of the Soul, as humanity unknowingly moves onto a higher frequency platform, causing all that has been unseen, unhealed, and unintegrated to bubble to the surface. As chaotic as this may appear in the outer scape, the pressures being applied are essentially supportive.

  2. Diamonds are multi-faceted…

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