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Heath Robinson lives on. Copenhagen Interpretation quadruple slit experiment.

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From Wondrium Daily.com :

Common Questions about Copenhagen Interpretation.

Q: What is the Copenhagen interpretation in simple terms?
A: The Copenhagen interpretation explains that a quantum particle does not exist in one state or another, but in all of its possible states at the same time. Observation is needed to collapse the wave function and see the reality of the state.

Q: What is Schrodinger’s cat?
A: Schrodinger Cat is a hypothetical experiment that, using the Copenhagen interpretation, shows how quantum mechanics works in terms of realities and probabilities. The probabilities remain probable until an observation is made, and the situation turns real.

Q: Does the Copenhagen interpretation say things do not exist when not observed?
A: No. The Copenhagen interpretation describes the role of observation in reality, not the existence of things. All probabilities that the wave function determines remain valid until an observation reveals the reality.

Q: Is the wave function real?
A: According to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, the wave function is not real as it does not meet the requirements of being real. It is categorized as knowledge, not reality.



About Time.




From Energetic Synthesis.com :

Clearing Personal Timelines.

Although time does not exist and is a construct located within the layers of dimensional bands of frequency that make up the Universal Time Matrix, our accumulated memories are recorded in our mental bodies and that content functions in space as timelines. Therefore our accumulated consciousness memories are holographic light images that appear in the dimensional frequency band our identity is located in and are recalled in a linear sequence like watching a movie.

The constructs of timelines throughout our stream of consciousness are organized in these holographic images that record memories. The images of our memories will be unique to the way we each experience them, relative to our feelings, sensations and perceptions of that moment in time. Thus timelines are extremely relative to understanding that the causal events recorded in our memories can either trigger expansion or contraction of our consciousness bodies which can alter or change the timeline we are on.

The earth has a problem with dark entities implanting false memories in people’s timelines in order to exert control over the person’s belief systems and to emotionally manipulate that person. We call this phenomena of implanting false memories and false images a holographic insert. These inserts can be cleared easily from one’s consciousness record when they are identified and understood as falsified records.








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