Aladdin’s Cave


Memory is flooding back.











Another unexpected journey. This time to Aladdin’s Cave. My inner GPS suggested I should take a trip to Redhill Aerodrome.

It involved a detour to have a look at the cows in a field.






Firstly a few pics of the aerodrome.







Following the signs.






Aladdin’s Cave.




Personal cellular memory.

The camera as a mirror of the past. See the theory of relativity and speed of light.





Aladdin’s Cave leads to Deep Waters.



Opening the box.

Very quickly I went straight to a picnic hamper which came home with me. The picnic hamper concerns a parallel life or memory or timeline. A lot of my past life or parallel life memory has involved some unpleasantness and this life is very beautiful and for some reason it has been blotted out. The question I have is whether it is manipulation or a natural process and I’m not sure why I would not remember it. Uncharted territory with memory at present.








This follows on from another ‘Opening the box’ a few years ago with a silver box which appeared out of Now Here. Again it is connected to a parallel life which I have partly remembered.





Nemesis is here. No sympathy for the devil.



22 thoughts on “Aladdin’s Cave

            1. I received a few messages about Brand through the ether a year or so ago. None of which were very complimentary. Opposames is a good description. I don’t really trust Brand, Icke, Rogan or Alex Jones and a few others even though a lot of what they say is on the right lines. Basically I see the mindlines as a giant illusion which is designed to keep the duality matrix going and it needs opposites. I focus on the answer I believe which in a nutshell is none of it is real but it is sensible to be aware of the problem and the outer inner demons. A fine line to tread. And there is some incredibly nasty stuff which the universe keeps pointing out. I’m hoping at the core it’s a Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors episode and monsters under the bed seemingly come to life.

              There is an AI element to this as well. Tomorrow maybe the birthday of Ava from Ex Machina. Even has her own passport. Life is weirder than I ever could have imagined. At the same time I believe it is essentially imagination.

              Happy birthday Ava.

              1. In a nut shell. It’s bollocks.

                And merrily, merrily. Load of rowlocks. Very cleverly the boat speaks about the deleted memory in the article and the cruelty of the mind that would do such a thing. Absolutely no sympathy. It’s not going to change. That’s its programming.


                Frozen in time.

                1. What’s it doing now ? Done deliberately to annoy IMO. Whatever is behind this keeps moving the goal posts. A form of metaphysical gaslighting. One element in its modus operandi. I said no sympathy. Actually I have sympathy for the madness. It is a demented mind. Not really about sympathy. It’s similar to a rabid dog and sooner it’s put down the better IMO.

                  These ‘messages’ showed up for me in May 2021. Seem to have been true. If it was just aimed at me probably wouldn’t bother me too much apart from having to go through the pain barrier. Part of why I have incarnated at this time for the ascension along with others. Having to go through the crap is part of the job. It effects others as well who may not have the same understanding which really aggravates.



                    1. Life is extraordinarily weird at present. I saw a teenage doppelganger of Moss in Red Pill a few weeks ago. When we were young or something.

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