Deep Waters



The Darkest Dark.

Moon Satellite.






Moving the goalposts.

Whack a mole.



In the Void.




Energy Farming.



The Sands of Time.




Sandhills / Gateways.




The cavalry to the rescue just in time. How to save a life.














Fighting an illusion. The Pill Box.



Dr Feelgood and Nurse Ratched.

The bitterest pill.




Always Jam Tomorrow.



And across the planet, an elite corps of expert hoaxers preserve the lie.








And weird and wonderful.

A flying picnic basket.




Living in the past. The world was over a long time ago.

In No Sense and how it’s wise to empty the full tea cup every so often. When nothing makes sense and then it does and then it doesn’t and then it does and then it doesn’t again and so on and so forth.




Id Entity.



Letting go hurts.






9 thoughts on “Deep Waters

    1. Same message on repeat with the Apple Tree.

      After I chanced upon the apple tree I remembered a pic from a few years ago along the same lines. There is a price tag attached to the glass. Guilt and having to pay and the currency.



    1. I watched this video by Rob Ager a few days ago. In a nutshell he is saying there is a bit more to the monolith. He suggests it acts as a form of Fourth Wall. I think.

      And another reason to be wary of AI. In 3001 A Space Odyssey it is revealed Dave Bowman had been uploaded to an AI consciousness.

      1. An insight into ourselves.

        The first time I saw the I Phone one of my first thoughts was of ‘the monolith’. Still occurs to me from time to time. I think it was right around the time that all the talk about transhumanism started. And very quickly died down because there was such resistance. So now we have transgender stuff which is kind of like feelers being put out to see if we can be eased into the larger scenario.

        It’s like we’re looking down two different paths of evolution. One where the human is absorbed into the tech we created and is lost or the other where we figure out how to be better at being human, and maybe the tech can help us.

        And the aliens, the grays. The gray area of the unknown.
        Is a puzzlement! 🤔

        1. Alien is in there somewhere.

          And another thing with the pics I take. I seem to have developed a sort of photographic memory for places and people and I believe the pics I take are a form of memory as well and that is using AI. Not too sure whether I should keep the memory alive or let it go. As everything seems to be a paradox probably both.

          Deep waters. I would add there is a mechanism – the Ego, Devil, Ahriman, Great Intelligence, Magic Mirror – which has the capacity to change reality or maybe closer to the truth alter and delete memory and the past which effects the linear present and the future memory. It’s getting to the point the manipulation is becoming obvious and has turned into ‘for the purposes of demonstration’ exercise.

          And transgender is a minefield. I’ve met a transgender guy who is transitioning and I was left with the thought about how much gender is effected by chemicals. And I remember a conversation with a family member and her theory was that with some women they may turn bi or gay from heterosexual as the oestrogen levels dip with the menopause and aging and the testosterone levels stay the same so the masculine element to the self becomes more prominent. And why some all things sugar and spice girls when they were young end up as crabby old wotsits when they are older. And similar with men. As the testosterone levels change they can become softer and why the aggressive male when young can turn into the cuddly lovable grandad when they are older.

          And even deeper waters with the larger Self and anima and animus. For example as a man is Frank purely a product of the body chemicals ? One of my theories has been linked to quantum theory and how the universe when it is faced with a choice will choose both options and would mean there is a ‘Frances’ out there which maybe be true. Always felt I had a missing sister. And add the diamond Self to the mix where everything is a reflection or fragments of the whole day to day life can get very confusing.

          1. And 4G, 5G, 4D and 5D and mirror magic and as above and so below. Not that I have interest in AI technology apart from wanting it to work properly and having to learn by rote and hit and miss so I can navigate the waters. My phone normally shows 4G. When I took the pic of the Ent I noticed the phone was showing 5G.

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