The Memory Bank







World Before Time.



















It hurts.





Until it doesn’t.







6 thoughts on “The Memory Bank

  1. Chronologically, the Magicians Nephew is book 1, but my collection has the book as number 6.
    I remember it was third grade for me when I was introduced to the series.
    I love it and have read the series a number of times over the years.

    1. Kenneth

      Awesome books. The book suddenly appeared in the Village library which is a home for old books. I’ve got all sorts of memory triggers going on at the moment which is why I included the black and white LW&W video in the article. And the Prisoner – Number 1, Number 2 and Number 6.


      And old TV series which feed into reality questions – Robinson Crusoe. Did Robinson Crusoe somehow manifest Man Friday because he was lonely on the island or did Man Friday manifest Robinson Crusoe because he was lonely ?

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