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  1. Row Row Row Your Boat…
    I remember this one time in chorus while in school, at an interschool vocal function, we did not perform up to our directors’ expectations. He embarrassed us (it was junior high) and had us start the song all over again.
    I remember this episode emphatically.
    ***while it doesn’t necessarily fit in with your theme of this post… and I apologize.

    1. Kenneth

      Memories are fascinating. How do we know they are real for starters ? Over the last few years and months and even the last week or so my memory bank has been continually pinged. To say it is confusing is an understatement. As an example the boat from the Fluid article has been triggering memory and I’m trying to remember why it does.

      ‘Just a dream’ is part of it I believe and a forgotten memory related to past 3D memory as well. And also ‘normal’ concrete memories related to being on the water. What has also become apparent is that even general memories of a field or water or building end up down the neural pathway being attached to personal relationships.


      1. Of course… memories (or not), “What is real?”

        My wufe and I are binge watching old ST Voyager episodes at the moment, and the holodeck characters are much like Sims, which can be (if you lean that way), what we are.
        Memories: What are real and what are manufactured on the spot?

        1. I like this statement from Dreamstate Logic which is attached to a video and song titled Hidden Realms. The name ‘Dreamstate Logic’ neatly sums up some of the weirder stuff that is going on I believe.

          “There are realms within realms, dimensions within dimensions, and inter-dimensions within dimensions, all is inside everything else. Each dimension is vibrating at a different level; everything is one and everything is of the whole. There is no true separation between realms and universal nature. It is possible to travel across all of these barriers that are perceived in your mind, once you have moved yourself to a place of understanding that there are no barriers…” …

        1. There’s some very weird timey wimey stuff going on here. I keep on meeting a few people ‘gently down the stream’ at different times in their timelines and they are also in past lives as well. Same individuals keep showing up in different guises 🙂 . Or maybe they are my different timelines/ dimensions/realities. Having to pour out the tea from the tea cup time. Not a lot changes in any time period though. The male relationships are relatively simple – either you are in the gang or not. A case of caveat emptor with female relationships. And maybe vice versa.


      1. Frank

        I remember the flip cell phones I used to have. There was an indicator in the shape of an arrow. If the arrow pointed upward the info was outgoing. Downward it was incoming. So the traffic moves in different directions. It’s a constantly flowing two way street.
        Recall awhile back I said the war for the Ukraine was a metaphor for the war to control the brain.
        I posted this before about the AI and the ‘inner dialog’.

        The man in this video is a spiritual guy not a computer science guy. But the conversation gives you an idea of how the ‘awareness’ is shifting.

        1. With both the virus and the war in Ukraine my mind rejected them as real and I felt this is not to do with me and have concentrated on self healing. A lot of creepy crawlies have come out of the woodwork. IMO there is a definite matrix and becoming clearer by the day. This is a QI video from The Alchemist which talks about an organic matrix. And also Time doesn’t work the way the brain says it does.



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