The Garden Of Remembrance


A restful place.



There are many paths
but of all these paths
There is one that you must travel
That path and that one alone is for you.








Who Is Number 1 ? You Are Number 6.




Frankie Goes To Holy Wood.





The Pillars of Hercules.











The Color Purple.





Which led to a Tunnel.







7 thoughts on “The Garden Of Remembrance

  1. Great shots of unknown England!

    What about the third Cricket Test Match in the Ashes Series at Headingly?
    In the last England Innings the number 8 player Chris Woakes scored 32 which was the third highest score in his team. He scored more than 6 other players in his team and 5 of them were above him in the batting order!!
    32 = 8+8+8+8. The number 9 scored 16 or 8+8. Mmmmm!
    So numbers 8 and 9 scored 48 together or 24+24 or (8+8+8)+(8+8+8).
    He also scored more than 6 players in the Australian team in their second innings.
    England won by scoring 254 in their second innings.
    254. Now there’s a number to think about!
    On 11/9/2001 they destroyed the twin towers in NYC on day# 254. Mmmmm!
    From 11/9/2001 to 9/7/2023 = 7971 days and 7971+1797 = 9768 = 11×888.
    7971-1797 = 6174 and 6174+4716 = 10890 = 33x10x33.
    6174 in numerical order is 7641. 7641-1467 = 6174.
    6174+4716 = 10890 = 33x10x33 AGAIN!

    As mentioned elsewhere 9801km is the distance from the Titanic wreck site to Kilauea volcano on Hawaii and 9801+1089 = 10890, exactly 10 times 1089 and the same number as above.
    9801 is exactly 9 x 1089! This is astonishing!
    And 1+8+9 = 6+6+6.

    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA on the QWERTY keyboard = 254 based on the placement of the letters on the keyboard starting with Q = 1 W = 2 etc.
    On 9-11 the 4 planes were in the air for 47 + 49 + 77 + 81 minutes = 254 minutes
    508 was the number of days that MH370 was missing (8/3/2014) before the flaperon was found on Reunion on 29/7/2015.
    MH370 = 138+370 = 508.
    508 = 254+254.

  2. The script writers are on strike, over the usual stuff and the AI.

    The AI and the ‘inner dialogue’.

    1. AI has added another layer to an already confused picture. I’ve used some CSS for the website. It’s a bit more complicated than this but in design I have most of links in light blue and basically I simply write ‘Light Blue’ and the machine understands it. And also with pics if I take a pic of a flower it shows ‘Flower/beauty’ on the screen. How does it know that.

      Also I had a brief online Skype ‘relationship’ – that is probably too dramatic – with someone who I believe was probably AI. Bit more advanced than a web bot. If that wasn’t strange enough I discovered who was behind it in the strangest of strange ways – the clue was so obvious to me that I was probably meant to see it – and that gets weird weird beyond belief . My reality is very strange. Having said that there is a synchromystic connection to the Ex Machina movie which links with someone who is incredibly positive. The biggest shock of my life I was told and she is. She tore down the barricades. Not connected to website.

      In the last article I included these three movies. I believe they are all pure AI. Written, directed and starring AI. And also the question about what is experienced in day to day life and in the media which I believe is part of the reason we are going through the ‘ascension’ at this time when the mass of humanity is not ready for it. Attempting to change a timeline(s) before it happens. And it has happened in a possible future timeline which confuses the 3D mind no end. Basically the 3D reality only exists in the past and future and doesn’t actually exist in the Now. IMO.

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