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We dive deeper and deeper.



Even allowing for the fact ‘England’s Green and Pleasant Land’ is keen on its public footpaths, Nutfield has an extraordinary number of public footpaths. It is far bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. Possibly an infinite number of footpaths.

Very little is planned these days. My aim was to visit the village corner shop and buy my provisions and return to the White House. On the way back a footpath sign was pointing ‘This Way’ and so I went with it. Wondering where this would take me as I’ve covered most of the locality, I found yet another field. And yet another Lightning Tree called me. It’s par for the course these days.






As I was leaving the field a Lady appeared which again is par for the course and we got talking. She mentioned a derelict building and I thought she was talking about the haunted house which I found at the beginning of the year but she said there was a smaller abandoned building and my spidey senses immediately started sparking and I asked where it was and after receiving extremely vague directions I set off.

It meant crossing a road but before I got to the road I was distracted by the Pony Express. And a new member of the family. So beautiful.






Saying au revoir to the ponies, not knowing where I was going I said to my inner GPS aka Spirit ‘Take Me There’ and by a miracle after crossing the road and a long meander down a new path I found the building. As the saying goes ‘It’s the journey that matters, not the destination’ I took in some of the beautiful summer scenery along the way.




Following the dictum ‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level’ I believe the derelict or abandoned building is a subconscious manifestation.

This was the haunted house I ‘chanced’ upon at the start of the year.



From Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Jung :

I was in a house I did not know which had two storeys. It was “my house”. I found myself in the upper storey, where there was a kind of salon furnished with fine old pieces in Rococo style. On the walls hung a number of precious old paintings. I wondered that this should be my house and thought “Not bad”. But then it occurred to me that I did not know what the lower floor looked like.

Descending the stairs, I reached the ground floor. There everything was much older. I realised that this part of the house must date from about the fifteenth or sixteenth century. The furnishings were medieval, the floors were of red brick. Everywhere it was rather dark. I went from one room to another, thinking “Now I really must explore the whole house.” I came upon a heavy door and opened it. Beyond it I discovered a stone stairway that led down into a cellar.

Descending again, I found myself in a beautifully vaulted room which looked exceedingly ancient. Examining the walls I discovered layers of brick among the ordinary stone blocks and chips of brick in the mortar. As soon as I saw this I knew that the walls dated from Roman times. My interest by now was intense. I looked more closely at the floor. It was of stone slabs and in one of these I discovered a ring. When I pulled it the stone slab lifted and again I saw a stairway of narrow stone steps leading down to the depths.

These too, I descended and entered a low cave cut into rock. Thick dust lay on the floor and in the dust were scattered bones and broken pottery like remains of a primitive culture. I discovered two human skulls, obviously very old and half disintegrated. Then I awoke.

And today’s derelict building.















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          Time is the real distance.

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