Timeless Flight


Timeless Flight.






From Live Science.com :

Special relativity states that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. If something were to exceed this limit it would move backward in time according to the theory.

The new finding raises all sorts of thorny questions. If the neutrinos really are traveling faster than light then they should be time travellers. The particles could theoretically arrive somewhere before they departed. Physicists suggest such an ability if it really existed could be used to send neutrinos back in time to deliver messages.




It’s a highly unusual cosmic process to say the least.



Gift received.





Keeping the memory alive.




Shell Beach.





Every so often it is wise to empty the full tea cup.





There is a Place.

Comfort zone left behind a long long time ago.




In No Sense.


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  1. On repeat.

    Dark City. New song from Haelos.

    AI is in the mix. Is God in the Machine.

    ‘The genus Latin name Caligo means “darkness” and may refer to the active periods, as these butterflies preferentially fly in dusk.’

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