6 thoughts on “One Day

    1. Anon

      Waking up to that video for me shouldn’t be possible. I won’t go into reasons but talking about other dimensions / timelines / realities. Even that isn’t an adequate description. Different rooms in the mind.

      And this shouldn’t be possible. And fits with Eternal Sunshine and Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime. The song was playing in the Mall I visited yesterday. I’m coming to the conclusion that a lot of songs are kicks in a similar fashion to the songs in Inception. Also Dark City shenanigans. I refer to it as the Impossible Universe. It only seems impossible to the human mind IMO. There will be reasons beyond human 3D vision.



        1. Swim

          I think some of these songs are subconscious kicks. It was so weird on Saturday in The Mall or Them All. I was eating my sandwich on a seat and observing the most incredible extraordinariness – creatures of the void – around me and the song started playing.


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