The Hissing Of Summer Lawns


The Universe speaks to me in Strange Ways.




HMP Strangeways


In the Village.




It’s Hay Fever time of the year.

Psychic Pollen.



From Tardis Fandom :

The Dream Lord was a psychic manifestation of the darker parts of the Doctor’s character, given life by psychic pollen that was stuck in the time rotor of the TARDIS. Due to his nature of being created from a mind, the Dream Lord had the ability to control the dreams of others as he wished, even allowing the Doctor, Amy and Rory to share the same dream. However, he had, as the Eleventh Doctor put it, “no power over the real world.”

The Dream Lord was “awoken” by specks of psychic pollen from the Candle Meadows of Karass Don Slava that had become stuck in the time rotor of the Doctor’s TARDIS console. This pollen induced a collective dream state for the Eleventh Doctor and his companions, Amy Pond and Rory Williams when warmed. The Dream Lord trapped the Doctor, Amy, and Rory between two worlds, one in a seemingly idyllic Upper Leadworth, five years in Amy and Rory’s personal futures, and the other in a TARDIS hurtling toward a “cold star”.

He told them one of these worlds was a dream and the other was real. In each world, the three were to face “a deadly danger”, and dying in the dream world would allow them to wake up in reality. In actuality, the Dream Lord had created both worlds; all the while they remained asleep in the Doctor’s TARDIS.









Blowing in the Wind.





From :

Radioactive particles from nuclear tests that took place decades ago persist in the upper atmosphere, a study suggests. Previously, scientists believed that nuclear debris found high above the Earth would now be negligible. However this research shows that plutonium and caesium isotopes are still present at surprisingly high concentrations. At the height of the Cold War, when the nuclear arms race was in full swing, weapons were being developed and tested around the world. But more than 50 years on, their radioactive legacy remains.

While nuclear explosions initially throw material up into the air, scientists had thought that the radioactive particles would remain for a limited time. In the troposphere (the lower layer of the atmosphere that sits directly above the Earth), the isotopes are removed fairly quickly, as they are “washed out” by attaching to rain or snow or are drawn down by gravity. However, in the stratosphere (the layer that sits from about 10-50km above the Earth), the Swiss team believes that some particles become trapped.


Space Oddities.













The Hissing of Summer Lawns.

Tracks of my years. Half remembered songs and albums.




In the memory bank.










Dark City.


Dark City



On the Ocean Floor.





When Coincidence left the building.





12 thoughts on “The Hissing Of Summer Lawns

      1. The decisions we make now lead us to the road we will next travel.

        If only Secret Agent Man (haha) hadn’t resigned at that moment (or just not gone home to pack his bags)…
        He might not have woken up in The Village.

  1. The pulse

    In order to work properly must be attached to the snake in the garden.

    The swimmer

    1. Anonymous

      I’ve been mulling over what it really means or symbolises to be on the ocean floor and surrounded by water.

      A few things come to mind. First of all a memory, either past or future memory, of the sunken civilisation and the flood in Genesis – Noah’s Ark etc.

      My other theory is it is connected with the body and specifically the brain. The brain is 80% water. And also amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

      Morpheus : ‘What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.’

      1. Maybe a combination of both. A common memory of a perfect place, a paradise, literally an ‘enclosed park’, made for comfort where there is no want and all needs are continuously met. Until the water breaks and the flood flushes us out into the ‘real’ world. And it’s a universal flood because it’s common to us all. With the flood the connection to what kept us alive is severed and the realization that we’re now helpless and in need of a savior. Who comes not with bread and wine but with milk.

        The womb or the ocean?
        Do you feel safe there or do you sense that you are drowning?

        1. Sometimes there’s a sensation of being overwhelmed and at other times when I enter the Elysian Fields a sense of total awe and wonder at what I’m experiencing. As you say we keep coming back to the ‘real’ world which isn’t real. When I was recently at what I see as the Holy Tree I was saying ‘I don’t want to leave’. Maybe being pushed out of the womb and fear of death at the same time.

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